Gundam 00 Episode 18 Thoughts

Whaaaa, no summary?  Well…  Sorry, but I leave for Montreal in less than 3 hours and just had to go through hell tonight at work.  That doesn’t mean I won’t try to give the episode a little food for thought though.

Well, with this episode Gundam 00 brings the franchise back to a level of soul crushing agony for it’s characters not seen since the days of Victory Gundam and Yoshiyuki Tomino.  Seriously, they were so cruel to Louise in killing what appears to be her whole extended family and ruining her life by making it impossible to enjoy an important moment such as being presented a ring to put on her finger by Saji.  Saji takes it pretty hard to.  I can only imagine what was going through his mind from the moment when he lost contact with Louise, to the moment when he learned of her accident, to the very minute he saw the normally vibrant Louise sitting quietely in a hospital bed in tears with her arm missing.  It all seems so so surreal in just how the whole hospital room sequence is presented.  Everything is so eerily quite as if these two characters are the sole focus of the often very broad Gundam 00.  The whole scene is very powerful and I like that they are focusing more on individual characters per episode now.

In all of this Nena I think even edges out Katejina Loos as the most cruel and heartless female Gundam character of all time.  It’s like Woowig all over again if Katejina had been the one blowing it up instead of trying to escape it’s destruction.  A lot of people seem to be blaming Rie Kugimiya for something that I can’t seem to see the root of.  What exactly did she do wrong again?  Other than being the voice of Louise?  Well I thought she was amazing.  I’ve told people she can do characters other than Tsundere Loli, and sure enough she pulls off cold and meticulous very well.  Her “Just Die” line was especially chilling as was her laughing at the beginning.  So cold, so cold.  See that’s why I love her as a Seiyuu.  We’ll have to see though if Nena Trinity can redeem herself from the spoiled girl with too much power and yet a total restract of estraint or empathy.  I don’t think it needs to be said that “With great power comes great responsibility” but she either has to learn that soon or she will pay the price.  Whatever the case the Ptolemy crew is certainly appalled by her actions (Setsuna most of all who can’t seem to stand that a Gundam, the symbol of justice and righteousness in the world to him, is attacking helpless civilians.  So much so in his case that he actually goes out to try to prevent them from carrying out any more of their independent missions all on his own, and without any hesitation), yet all she can do is stick out her tongue and act cutesy.  I don’t know…..

We also have the mystery of where they got their Gundam’s from.  Sumeragi and the chief seem to indicate that their solar furnaces are imperfect imitations of the Celestial Being Gundam’s in that they have a much slower reaction time.  The crew also considers somebody in the organization is a traitor, but I think it’s almost a given by now that it’s Alejandro Corner.  We see him constantly talking with Ribbons about some mission they are cooperating together on, always saying he’s biding his time for something.  For what?  What secret is he keeping and when will we know.  Either way, things are getting worse for the CB as somebody has also locked Tieria out of Veda and he’s seemingly supposed to have more access to it than anyone.  This doesn’t bode well for the world as the Trinity continue to go on a rampage and Celestial Being as a whole is going to be blamed for it, even if it isn’t them.  Could somebody be trying to ruin their overall mixed image and turn the world against them deliberately, or is this in fact Celestial Beings true goal, and Veda itself has discarded the Meister’s as pawns.  And who or what is this Lagna that Kinue now knows about and Nena even mentioned they weres supposed to report too.  It becomes harder and harder to believe they have any sort of allegiance to Veda as they continue to ignore it’s plans.  So many new questions as always with Sunrise and Gundam.

On the other side of things is the Graham Acre storyline.  Fed up with the Gundam’s making a mockery of his name and positively furious over the death of Howard, Graham makes his stand.  His scuffle with Johann is short, but incredibly hot blooded and get’s the blood pumping.  It all happens so fast and with his conviction he takes complete charge of the battle and even manages to cripple the Eins.  Though it’s looking like this style of fighting can’t be abused by him as he starts coughing up blood from all the G’s he’s forced to endure.

To top it all of the animation has returned back to it’s usual top notch quality after a really inconsistent episode last time.  The difference is almost immediately noticeable in just how the characters faces look, but also in the presentation of the episode.  One particular shot of Ribbons standing on top of a building facing a city full of neon lights is particularly breathtaking.  I’m left with nothing to complain about concerning this episode, it went of with nary a hitch and was really well written and acted to boot.  As such…

Rating: Ten Out Of Ten

And now I am officially on vacation.  I’ll have to wait till Tuesday to figure out what happened in the episode that airs this Saturday.  Somewhat annoying but acceptable.


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  1. 1 Jakinbandw February 15, 2008 at 5:56 pm

    Please. for the love of all that is good, put up a summery when you come back. I love your humour and style that you put in it.

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