Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de – Episode 7

Ageha gets alot of character development this week as well as the usual parodies. Still surprising and fresh. Extra special moment with Shinra when she get the “things” she has always wanted.

In a Nutshell: The episode starts with Ren going into Shinra’s room to wake her up but soon finds himself being used as a pushie as she was still half asleep. Beni glares at Ren and during breakfast he gets his just desserts for being too close to Shinra. Natose then alerts everyone that there is an intruder near the mansion.

The family goes outside to meet a whole army parking up on the front yard and leading from the back, we have Ageha on her throne. She orders her men to move into the mansion and before long a guest room was modified fit for a king.

Ageha announces that she will be staying here for a while which shocks both Beni and Ren. Colonel then gives an explination for this. In a flashback we see Kojuurou training to become the next super saiyan but is ultimately defeated by Ageha’s pantsu flash and ends up getting severely injured. According to Ageha it will take three months for Kojuurou to recover and she expresses her disappointment in him for being so weak. So the decision was taken for her to live at Shinra’s mansion where she can learn to be less destructive.

Miyu and Beni expresses their dislike to this situation but then Ageha brings out the bribes. For Beni, she receives some season baseball tickets, Natose gets some mammoth meat and Yume receives some ice cream. Shinra gets a real surprise when she is presented with three highly adorable baby pandas. The colonel gets a sack of gold, but Miyu is still unimpressed saying that she cannot be bribed this way. She was proven wrong when presented with some teen idols.

Hato nee is called away and Ageha tells Ren that Shinra has already accepted that he becomes her servant. Ren heads over to Shinra’s room andasks if this is true, and (un)fortunately it is, whilst Shinra is still preoccupied with the pandas.
And so, Ren ends up serving Ageha and his first job is to make tea. However, such a simple act soon turned into pain for him as his brewing skills are not up to standards (no I know how Kojuurou feels). Meanwhile all the other members of the family are having fun with their new toys.

Outside the mansion we see two suspicious guys saying that it should be easier to get to Ageha now that she has left her mansion but the colonel is still a man they shouldn’t take on.
The next day, Ren accidently walks into Ageha changing and is stabbed in the eyes. She jumps out of the window and tells him to follow.

Meanwhile, Kojuurou is being pampered by three nurses but he still longs for Ageha’s fists.

Back to Ren, he has just fallen out of the second floor of the mansion and Ageha is calling him worthless. But nonetheless, she is going to offer training to him where he will be able to fly by the end of it. She first teaches him how to throw punches and it isn’t pretty.

Later, Hato is treating Ren’s wounds whilst moaning about how bad it is that no one else is seeing Ren’s getting hurt. He tells her that it is alright and flashes back to where times were even harder. Hato nee the offers comfort for Ren on her bosoms.
The training continues the following day as Ren is taken to jog in various testing conditions.

During their final walk home, Ren comments on how kind to the elderly Ageha is, having saved an old lady earlier on. Ageha tells him that the elderly are the nation’s treasure which moves him to asking what kind of household she was brought up in. Ageha then reveals that her family is one of the top three organisations in the world and thus has been training since a young age. Ren is impressed with her toughness and she becomes embarrassed.

That night, the colonel is going away and leaves everything to Natose’s care. The suspicious people then realises that this is their chance. They move towards the gate but hesitate when seeing Natose’s mysterious aura. Ageha notices their presence and leaves through the open window. Ren realises and gives chase.

Ageha runs all the way to the front gates and beats the crap out of the intruders with ease. Ren soon arrives and Ageha shows him her victory by taking out her back but then her towel falls, earning Ren another kick. She then reveals that they are assassins from a rival company. Suddenly one of them uses a blow dart at Ageha but Ren jumps in the way. But it turns out that she was able to catch it in time and flicks it back at the assassin. Ren is left stunned.

Ageha apologises to Ren and tells him that he can quit being her attendant. Ren is angry but at the fact that she is being targeted despite being as old as Yume. Ageha is surprised but deeply touched. She thanks him and allows him to kiss her hand. However, she then grabs him and kisses him on the lips. Hato nee looking the windows and Ren becomes in pieces that she took his first kiss. However, it turns out to be her first as well as she hurries away.

Inside, Hato is crying. Miyu appears from the shadows and offers comfort.

Thoughts: Wow, another very good episode. Less attempt on the comedy but more focus on the development and what makes it better? Awesome ageha goodness!

She was sent to Shinra’s mansion for a while because of what she did to kojuro amongst other things where her main target was obviously Ren.

Perhaps as master and servent, her opinion of him isn’t as cracked up as it is to be as she does point out lots of faults in his service on top of being rather weak, time for Ageha to whip out the cane and turn him into the next combat butler.

Yet despite all of these obvious faults, she just can’t keep her attention off him. This development is certainly leading towards her expressing some sort of feelings towards him. Another sign is how she becomes easily embarrassed by him seeing her naked flesh…unlike Shinra or Miyu. She is such the shy type but rough type.

And something shocking happens…she steals Ren’s first kiss which not only shocks him but Hato nee as well. But it turns out that this was her first kiss as well so you just know that Ren is a special person to her.

On ther surface we get a lot of Ageha development but also Hato nee. Her pain in seeing Ren drifting away from her maybe too much to bare and now that she has witnessed their kiss…I wonder what story Hato will get?

Also…Miyu doesn’t seem as oblivious to the bigger picture as she seems. Not to mention Natose having a deeper side as well. With so much topics to cover and what is left of 4 or 5 episodes I am really beginning to wish that this series will last longer.

PS. Shinra gets pandas!!! Zomg she is MOE in that scene.


2 Responses to “Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de – Episode 7”

  1. 1 Mentar February 16, 2008 at 9:34 pm

    The best comedy of the season by far, absolutely wonderful 😉

    Small trivia: The assassins were sent by Kiriya company. Who was behind all this? Cookies for the winner.

  2. 2 deathkillz February 17, 2008 at 12:44 pm

    I have to agree…the comedy in this series just hits all the right cords for me but it is a rather love-hate thing (some people just don’t like this kind of comedy – harthen! *rolleyes*).

    I’ve already been spoilered by that so cookie goes to the next person, heh.

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