H2O- Episode 8 – Otoha…

Watch out for the randomness! Magical shoujo Otoha is present! O.o

In a Nutshell: It is morning, and Takuma greets Hayami good morning. Hotaru comes running in and is flustered that Hayami one chan didn’t wake her up. Takuma is embarrassed at the way she is showing her chest which only annoys Hayami. Hotaru realises the situation after taking a look at Hayami’s smaller chest and lets out a giggle. Hayami vows that she won’t be standing soon and they begin to fight. Takuma stops them but then realises that he has two sisters out of the blue, which becomes devastating to the girls. Uncle mama comes in crying and forces Takuma to accept her sisters…

Running to school Takuma wonders what that was but soon collides with Otoha and gets a face full of pantsu. Otoha tells Takuma that promise must be kept and warns him that strange events will be following.

At school Hamaji talks to Takuma about her sisters. Right on queue the sisters appear and we get some random squabble from Hotaru. The teachers announces that a transfer student will be joining the class but Yui appears from the ceiling instead, but not for long as Otoha comes running in and knocks her out of the window. Otoha becomes an instant hit with the student after her introduction.

Suddenly, it turns out that Otoha will become Takuma’s bride and everyone goes crazy cheering. Takuma on the other hand is still too shocked to say anything. However, Otoha tells Takuma that he needs to take charge and change things otherwise it will become normal.

Later that night, Takuma remembers what Otoha said to him. Apparently the Spirit world is in chaos and it is directly influencing on the real world. She tells Takuma that only he can stop this from becoming the norm. Sitting in the bath, Takuma is confused at what he should be doing but looking outside he sees the shadow of someone taking their clothes off. After some wild fantasy, it turns out to be uncle mama and Takuma freaks, throwing the tub at him. Otoha jumps out and tells him that his act of taking charge has given her magic stick some energy and this will return the world to normal.

The next day at school, everyone is shocked that it turned into a farm. Yui stands on the top of the school and introduces herself as the magical farmer Yui. She then turns everyone into farming slaves and when Takuma asks where the school trip is, she says that it will be farming. Hotaru and Hayami rebels saying that their food will go to waste and Hamaji…

Otoha presents Takuma with a harisen and he uses it to knock some sense into everyone. This fills the magical stick with enough energy and Otoha transforms. Otoha clashes with Yui and she wins with ease…the school turns back to normal and Otoha thanks Takuma…

[Insert OP song for Magical Otoha]

Takuma wakes up to find himself sleeping with Otoha. He was close to kissing her but was interrupted by Hotaru and Hayami, even uncle mama joined in but Takuma knocked him through the door. Takuma dreams about this happening over and over again but it seem that the world is slowly turning back to normal, even at the expense of Takuma’s energy.

Otoha suggests something to get him back on his feet again and at home presents him with maids, and again, uncle mama is _____.

Takuma is taking a bath but another silhouette at the door makes him perk up. This time it is Otoha and she gives him a ride of his life.

Otoha later apologises to Takuma about having too much fun but Takuma believes that there is no need for that. He likes how fun this world is but Otoha reminds him that he can’t forget about the important things and so it is time to end this. The next thing he knows he is thrown into to sea where he swims onto the beach. He then flashes back to the scene where Hayami was first taken away, but now being blind this time he saves her.

He takes her to another room but it changes and before him is magical Otoha beaten on the floor. A demon appears and tells Takuma than the spirit world shall become his. Otoha gives Takuma her magic stick before fainting and so Takuma has no choice but to fight.

The demon taunts him but Takuma transforms the stick into a mass off sword through which he slices into the demon, and from inside Otoha appears. Takuma offers her a hand out.

Back on the beach Otoha apologises again but takuma says that he didn’t mind. He had fun and doesn’t see the problem. Otoha asks when he found out that this was the story and Takuma reveals that it was when Hotaru finished her book, though there wasn’t any magical girl. However, even though the story ends with the spirit staying with the promised one, Otoha changed it and now she has to leave.

She gives Takuma a kiss and tells him that he will be fine on his own. She then disappears.

The next day, it seems that everything has returned to normal and everyone is walking to school like usual. Takuma looks back and smiles then chases after Hotaru and Hayami.

Thoughts: For once, the preview was just as it was stated from last episode but this time I had a huge “WTF” hanging over my head all the way through the episode.

In terms of randomness this definitely takes the cake, but soon I realised it was all a crazy fantasy set by Otoha yet the end is something that still gets my head scratching.

Magical girl Otoha comes as a transfer student and somehow Hotaru and Hayami became Takuma’s sister whilst his uncle became his mother. The randomness was just horrible for the start part but it soon got better as I realised that this episode is only meant to be a huge laugh, shame that some of the scenes were a bit hit and miss.

The fanservice was top notch though, and Takuma gets his fair share of teasing.

Though all in all, the ending proves to be most important. Otoha is now “gone” (back to the spirit world) and leaves Takuma with a final word of encouragement. Yet he still hasn’t returned to being blind again.

Though the farewell from Otoha was depressing, it was beautiful at the same time. Ther journey has come so far and now she has to go, brings a tear to my eye.

Well it was fun if you are willing to turn off your brain but for the most part it was just horribly confusing what was happening.

Edit: After the second watch, I felt that the ending was horribly emotional…dam you *shakes fist*



4 Responses to “H2O- Episode 8 – Otoha…”

  1. 1 jaja February 24, 2008 at 6:46 am

    I disagree, I found this episode to be excellently confusing. I think the confusion adds onto the storyline a layer of “wanting to see how it will end”. And boy did I want to see the ending which was just as you said “horribly [horribly good] emotional”. Btw, props to the anime for breaking the fourth wall and still retaining storyline.

  2. 2 deathkillz February 24, 2008 at 10:38 am

    I think that is probably what kept the episode interesting after the first 5 minutes of head scratching. I had to accept that this was a crazy dream and did put my hopes into it having a nice ending, thank god it didn’t disappoint hehe~

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