Paradise Lost? (A Plea With Some Fury)

Okay this sort of ties into the title of my last article, but really what I’m here to talk about is a feeling that is just that.  Also the reason this is on the front page is when it’s a musing I think is especially relevant, and/or one I really want everyone to see and not just a random thought, I use the Kaio’s Corner tag instead of my own sub page.  Anyway, it seems some time while I was in Montreal the last bastion for decent discussion on my current favourite series has gone….shall we say south.

Yes I’m talking about the Animesuki Gundam Forums unfortunate as it is to admit, which are starting to look more and more like 2ch anti-threads everyday now, or at least some people seem to be trying to transform them into such a thing.  This has happened before (4 or so times actually), but nowhere near to the extent that it is happening right now.  The topic has ultimately been changed to “What do you hate about Gundam 00’s plot progression” seemingly as fast as people’s avatars have changed to that Caramel Dansen thing I don’t like. 

What I don’t get is that there are currently so many channels for discussion on bashing the series.  You can go to so many blogs and delight in the nitpicking to death of all things Gundam 00, but some people insist on flooding every avenue for reasonable discussion possible with their mind-numbing (and they really are in most cases) talks about how the series is a mess when really they just don’t even seem to understand it or are going with the flow set out by certain memes or speculation. 

I mean do they even consider that maybe the people on there really like mecha series, and are experienced viewers of the genre, and that they don’t care at all about some of the things that some people nitpick about that really are hardly a sign of poor scripting at all.  Maybe they are a problem if your only experience is in 13 episode Romance or Slice of Life series and you think for some reason that the series should be taking an approach common in those genres or something, but let me tell you, coming from a fan of the mecha genre who has experienced well in excess of 50+ mecha anime/manga/game series, as well as the entire back catalogue of Gundam TV Series, Movies and OVA’s (That means I have watched every single piece of media in the franchise to date from 0079 as it’s popularly known, right up until 00 Episode 19), half the nitpicks against this franchise are utterly irrelevant from a mecha standpoint.  On this point people are going to just have to trust me, but let’s back to my main point and what seems like the obvious solution that is best for everybody.

In this day and age people can start their own blogs where they can bash the series to heck all they want.  Hell it’s a more than a welcome pass time in the animeblogger community as of late, so why ruin my discussion of the series with it all.  For all that is good and holy in the world, start a topic of your own and don’t try to turn general episode discussions in subforums such as Animesuki into your own personal channel.

And you know go ahead and parody me for this folks, it won’t bother me, but don’t try to tell me it’s not true without a very very good reason and evidence to the contrary.  I think I’m very much allowed a talking point every now and then on this subject on my own blog by now considering what other people get away with on a daily basis when complaining about this series (and I don’t mean constructive criticism which is always always fine by me, I mean the targetted, deliberate, pulled out of people’s ass criticism because they have nothing better to do with their time then take up a “trainwreck” meme started by some very bored people), and especially when it escalates to the degree that it has this week.  Even call me a drama whore if you can’t think of anything productive to say about my commentary, but again don’t try to tell me it’s not true that their are those who have set out to make the viewership and discussion of Gundam 00 fans a living hell.

And if people feel they detect a little more venom in my words this time then they aren’t mistaken.


5 Responses to “Paradise Lost? (A Plea With Some Fury)”

  1. 1 Gravmech February 21, 2008 at 11:10 pm

    You can actually compare this situation to H20’s story, we have an ‘evil’ community, a lone hero (You!) and a spirit of a drowned girl (???). All we are missing is a trap and a harem.

    As for the topic itself, I believe that this is a case of the ‘mob’ mentality happening here. A good portion of Gundam bashers out there are just absorbing other people’s opinion instead making their own. Just keep on doing what you’ve always been doing and soon enough thing s will change. You’ve actually saved me from going down the bashing path with you’re ‘interventions’.

    As for a choice of forums may I recommend, there is a lot of intelligent discussion going on there and illogical ranting gets quickly shot down.

  2. 2 Kaioshin Sama February 22, 2008 at 4:22 am

    Oh I think that’s exactly it. The mob mentality part that is. A lot of the people take the same approach with the same criticism at pretty much the same time with this series to the point where you have to wonder, do they even really think this on their own accord or are they just adopting it to try to “fit in” with some groups.

    Harmless in theory, but the unfortunate part of it is that it’s pretty much become a flood tactic of late (dare I say possibly even a meme. Do people understand why I tend to dislike memes by the way? If not, the answer is buried in the final paragraph) as some people seem desperate to get the thought process out there and that’s one of the reasons I frequently visit other blogs and try to counter some of the more unwarranted criticisms at their sources. This has pretty much netted me the distinction of being something of a vigilante, but I don’t really feel I have ever gone overboard.

    Really though, I just have an intense dislike of factual distortion, the kind that tries to ram everything that is given to someone into a very narrow predetermined viewpoint, often losing any real meaning in the process. As I said on Animesuki regarding an Al Franken musing, “If you repeat a lie or misrepresentation often enough and in doing so convince yourself that it is the absolute truth, eventually it will come to be seen as the truth because there is no other alternative”. That’s a paraphrase by the way as I don’t have the book on me right now. I hopefully intend to be that “alternative”. I don’t really feel I’m worthy of the term hero so I’d rather stick with that.

  3. 3 RmX February 23, 2008 at 10:25 am

    In the case of Animesuki, the one in question is what he is – a simple troll that gets an ego boost from leading everyone into arguments and debates that are severely lacking in sensibility. He enjoys what he does: proving any points through his nitpicking of things that don’t matter are not his objective. Even those who are actually sincere in their criticism of the show, either constructively or simply to bash the series as usual, recognize that there is no logic to his approach. Points that are refuted by respondents are effectively ignored, there is no progression of the discussion at all, and the circular flow of the troll mechanism propagates itself with the attention that it is given.

    In other words, I don’t think interventions will do us any good here, Kaioshin-dono.

    I assess the enemy as something akin to a harmless low level slime that reforms itself with every attempt to counter it. We must recognize its pitiful attempts to do damage given the skills it has. The best course would be non-intervention, as suggested by many, to allow the troll to disappear on its own accord.

  4. 4 anonymous February 27, 2008 at 10:08 pm

    >> coming from a fan of the mecha genre who has experienced well in excess of 50+ mecha anime/manga/game series, as well as the entire back catalogue of Gundam TV Series, Movies and OVA’s (That means I have watched every single piece of media in the franchise to date from 0079 as it’s popularly known, right up until 00 Episode 19)

    Great good boy. U want a cookie?

  5. 5 Kaioshin Sama February 28, 2008 at 2:34 am

    No, but I’d like to know what exactly you’re getting at though.

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