Castlevania Anyone?


From The Left, Richter Belmont, Alucard (Adrian Fahrenheit Tepes), Simon Belmont and Leon Belmont

Does anyone still play these games?  Hello?  Hmmmmm….oh well I hope so.  Anyway, I wanted to talk about something a little less weighty today, and since I’ve been playing Castlevania games a lot this past week, I thought it would be the perfect subject.  Being one of Lolikonami’s oldest and most classic franchises. Castlevania has undergone quite the transformation over the years.  Join me (maybe?) as I wax philosophical about a franchise who’s history is almost as epic as the story it tells.

I actually only played my first Castlevania game when I was around 17 (It was a very good year….no really, it was), and that game happened to be Harmony of Dissonance for the GBA.  It all started when I saw a review of it on X-Play.  Having not payed attention to the franchise much in recent years it immediately caught my eye with it’s action RPG/Exploration mechanic and great 2D presentation.  I had seen pictures and commericals of the old style 2D platformer Castlevania’s in my youth (we’re talking late 80’s early 90’s here.  Yes I’m kind of old) and was never really interested in getting knocked off a platform by a flying bat only to have to restart the level, or for having like 5-6 hits before dying.  What set it apart….well nothing.  And yes I was considering such things as a 6 year old.


Laugh At Me, But It Think Juste Belmont Has One Of The Coolest Character Designs I’ve Ever Seen In A Game.  Just Look At The Level Of Detail And Intracacies Of His Costume

So along comes Harmony of Dissonance and I decide to pick it up and WOW!  First thing I’m doing is getting chased into a castle by a giant golem monster and the whole presentation and style of the game just pulls me right in.  Juste Belmont is this pretty slick and dapper fellow who does reverse pelvic thrusts as a dash and then I level up.  It really was a new style of game for me, one I really liked.  Before I knew it I was exploring a rather large castle, collecting power ups and items, defeating bosses,  getting some story dialogue every now and then, “Putting Some Furniture” as the game described it, in a room of my own.  I also really liked the storyline going on with his best friend Maxime Kischine.  Sure it seems typical of the franchise now, but back then it was pretty intriguing for me.  As it stands the game still contains my favourite Castlevania song of all time in Juste’s Theme Successor Of Fate.  Going into that first area and hearing that theme suddenly come into play went a long way in immersing me in the game.  As it stands my favourite part about the franchise is still how well it frequently goes about creating atmosphere via the presentation.

From there I decided I might as well go back and try some of the earlier games in the franchise to get more of the stories epic timeline.  For those who haven’t played the games, they are about the millenium long battle between the Belmont Clan, keepers of the Vampire Killer whip and warriors of justice and virtue, against their sworn enemy Count Dracula (Mathias Cronqvist), the dark lord who seeks the destruction of all humanity for the death of his beloved wife Lisa who was unjustly convicted of being a witch and burned at the stake.  For this act he has never been able to forgive or coexist with the race he is no longer a part of, and one can’t help but sympathesize with him slightly.  I think Castlevania was one of the first games to really try to create a tragic villain character and it really goes a long way in furthering the epicness of the saga.  Anyway, the franchise takes you all the through the 2nd millenium, from the beginning of the saga with Leon Belmont who was Mathias’ best friend before he became dracula, all the way down through many generations of the Belmont family until Julius Belmont finally succeed in destroying Dracula forever in 1999.  More on that later.

So the way the franchise usually works is Dracula is ressurected either by the end of a 100 year death cycle or usually by some form of evil (usually this ties in with something that is happening during the period the game is set in, such as pagan ritualists and cults in the 14th-18th century games and the counts own niece in some of the early 20th century games.  The Belmont who is currently the keeper of the Vampire Killer then has to fulfill his families creed and destiny to venture into Castlevania in order to kill Dracula before he spread his horde of demons and such throughout the world and succeed in his revenge.

Now the old games I found to be an honest to god piss off in most cases.  They are in every sense of the word “typical platformers”, albeit usually with good storylines.  Take the original for example where you play as Simon Belmont.  Apparently this Belmont has something wrong with his centre of gravity because whenever you have him jump he feels compelled to complete the entire pre-determined length of the jump and there is nothing you can do to stop him from doing this.  Just try it, try to press backward and see if Simon deigns to halt his furious long jump.  Not gonna happen.  Now why is this the biggest problem the game has.  Well let me try to do a diagram of this to show why.


Okay the Red block represents Simon and the rest I hope is obvious.  Basically if you jump from spots one or three you are fine, but if you jump from spot two you might as well just be committing suicide.  This is quite possibly the reason why Captain N interpreted Simon as a mindless bumbling idiot who can’t seem to do anything right instead of the musclebound warrior he’s supposed to be.

If that weren’t annoying enough, the way the programming is done results in you not taking damage based on the monster attacking you, but by the stage you are on.  This means the future stages often become pointlessly hard for no reason other than they are.  There’s not difference in the sprites of most enemies, you just take more damage.  Usually it was 1 damage for the first stage, 2 for the next two and 3 for the rest of the game.  Really, don’t get hit past stage 4 because it won’t be fun when you do.  For this and some other reasons I tend to write off most of the earlier games as not that good.  Plus the series had yet to hit the stage when it really started to convey atmosphere and depth.  Castlevania 3 was pretty decent though, although for some reason Alucard looks more like Johnny Unitas in that one then the awkardly bishonen version later seen in….oh just about every other game.  I believe this was one of the first games that ever allowed you to switch characters on the fly.  This tends to be a bad idea though as Syphia and Grant kind of suck and Alucard just looks ridiculous.  Hold on let me see if I can find a screenshot of him.


Alucard from Castlevania 3 on the left, Alucard from every other Castlevania game on the right.


Legendary American Football Player Johnny Unitas

There were others of course like the unplayable Castlevania adventure with Chris Belmont who moves like he’s walking through mollasses.  Imagine taking like 10 second to cross the screen of a Gameboy to make it scroll.  I’m sure there are 100 year old grandmother’s who could outrun this guy blindfolded.  Also there was the very excellent Castlevania Bloodlines on the Sega Genesis which featured one of my favourite characters to play as in the series in Eric Lecarde who uses a spear that allows him to jump around like he’s on a pogo stick to reach some pretty impressive heights.  Actually I kind of lied, when I was about 10 or 11 I got away with renting the game so it was my first Castlevania before Dissonance.  Still Dissonance is the first game I remember playing quite vividly so I still consider it to be my first experience with the franchise.

After that came the Sorrow series for the GBA.  This was the new Castlevania development team head Igarashi’s attempt to give the saga an end and a new beginning.  This is I think how the series truly became an epic.  Don’t quote me, but I don’t think a saga can be epic if it doesn’t have a definitive end.  Igarashi did just that with the game.  Set some time into the 21st century, Aria of Sorrow begins with the story of how the legendary hero Julius Belmont (manly as hell name) finally succeeded in defeating Dracula by first killing him with the Vampire Killer, and then sealing his castle in a Solar Eclipse thereby cutting off Dracula’s ability to be reborn within the castle.  How did they seal a castle in Solar Eclipse?  Who cares, it’s a video game, they can do whatever they want.  The point is Dracula died 36 years ago and when this happened a power void was left and a new dark lord needed to be created in order to keep the balance between good and evil. 

Enter Graham Jones, a crazy guy that dresses like a televangelist and thinks he is that new Dark Lord.  Graham was born on the very day that Dracula died and has come to believe that when that happened Dracula’s soul was reincarnated in him.  In this game our hero is Soma Cruz, who actually kind of looks a little bit like Soma Peris from Gundam 00 in his latest animeish incarnation.  No I’m just kidding, but they do have the same hair colour causing me to think of Castlevania every time I see her.  I also find it interesting that two of the most important supporting pilot characters in 00 share the same first names as the main hero and villain of Aria of Sorrow.  Coincidence? 

Anyway, one day Soma and his friend Mina Hakuba fall asleep during the ever of the next solar eclipse and find themselves in…..Castlevania.  Mina has disappeared and a strange man named Genya Arikado approaches Soma explaining to him that he has the power to dominate the souls of enemies he defeats in the castle.  Yeah, it turns out our pretty boy is pretty powerful and he sets out to use this power to find Mina and get the hell out of their.  Along the way he runs into Graham and learns of his ambition to become the next Dark Lord.  In order to get out of the castle he is going to have to team up with Yoko Belnades, a descendant of Syphia Belnades from Castlevania 3 and of the family that had become the Belmont Clan’s closest allies, and an aged Julius Belmont himself in order to put a stop to Graham (It’s creepy referring to myself in the third person.  So few people share my name).  At the climax of the game Soma defeats Graham and finds that the true inheritor of Dracula’s powers is none other than himself (which explains how he is able to dominate the souls of the monsters in the castle.  They are after all his own minions).  Absorbing Graham’s power, Soma becomes the new Dark Lord for the remainder of the game, resulting in a massive power increase, some excellent new abilites and a really creepy looking new portrait.


Normal On The Left, Final Portrait On The Right


Julius “Freaking Overkill” Belmont

After this he still manages to maintain his focus (unless you don’t have the right souls equipped when you kill Graham in which case you never become the new Dark Lord.  That is not the Canon ending however) and journey’s to the chaotic realm in the hopes of destroying the power source of Castlevania once and for all thereby rejecting the title of Dark Lord.  On the way he has to fight an incredibly stubborn Julius Belmont who insists on fulfilling the Belmont Creed by killing Soma, the new Dark Lord, even though it’s blatantly obvious that Soma doesn’t want the title nor intend any harm for the time being.  Despite that he feels Soma will succumb to his destiny, and thus chooses to end it now.  This touches off a complete reversal of the usual ending game battle of Belmont versus Dracula and a second climax with you in control of the Dark Lord fighting a Belmont instead of the other way around.  The programmers seemingly desperate to fulfill the usual destiny of Dracula to die horribly at the hands of a Belmont incidentally made this quite possibly the hardest battle in the history of the franchise.  Julius is quick, uses all the weapons that the Belmonts usually get (Cross, Knife, Holy Water and an Item Crash that will kill you in one hit if you so much as think of touching it).  Why is this battle so hard?  Well first of all as if Julius didn’t already hit hard enough being a Belmont and all, all of his attacks from his regular whip right down to his sub weapons do Holy Elemental damage, which Soma is now weak to at this point in the game.  Thus, whereas most enemies in the game do about 30-50 damage per hit, topping out at 70 for most bosses, Julius does about 120 with a single attack.  It doesn’t help that they cranked his HP gauge and made him a small target.  All I can say is you really really want to come into this fight with the maximum possible number of healing items and quick reflexes to get to that status screen the second you are about to take a fatal attack (which is often).

After that you go and defeat Chaos the soul of the castle (which is seriously a bloody cake boss next to Julius) and Soma ceases to be Dracula and Castlevania is destroyed forever.  Everyone is happy The End.  That’s pretty much the end of the saga as it stands.  Sure there is a game after this one wear Soma ventures into a replica Castlevania and kills a bunch of other Dark Lord candidates, but the games story fails to achieve the climactic feel of the previous game and just feels like a minor after story.  That was the last game I actually completed.

Would you believe though that I have yet to complete the game that is said to be the peak of the series, and one of the single greatest games to ever be made.  I’m talking about Castlevania Symphony of the Night, which I am currently playing right now.  The only thing I knew about it previously is that it has an amazing opener stage that is actually a recreation of the tail end of Castlvania Rondo of Blood for the PC Engine, a game that never came out here.  In a way the game starts off epic with you playing as Richter Belmont who is about to slay Dracula in less than 5 minutes from the moment you see the words Final Stage: Bloodlines, appear on the screen.  It’s also an experience I must try to share with people.  So here’s a video of it:

Quite possibly the most infamous part of this game is the little back and forth dialogue between Richter and Dracula you see in this that plays out like some sort of internal monologue of a bipolar mental patient.  Aside from the monotone Richter and completely frothing at the mouth over the top Dracula voice acting it all still manages to be pretty damn cool.  Especially the part where the game freeze frames into a snapshot that then burns, symbolizing the tainted victory of Richter Belmont

The battle is actually absurdly easy and you can pretty much item crash your way to victory in under a minute.  This stage is pretty popular for speed runs where people try to see how fast they can put an end to Dracula.  I’ve seen some where they time it so he doesn’t even get to move.  Still even if you suck badly enough to run out of life, Maria Renard will waltz in and grant you invincibility.  Let me talk a second about this character.  Maria Renard is something of god incarnate in the Castlevania universe.  Easily the most overpowered and hax character to ever exist in the franchise, I am convince she could easily take on Dracula, Alucard, Death, Soma and the combined Belmont family without even breaking a sweat.  Such is the power of a 12 year old girl.

So why is Maria so overpowered.  Well in her loli form seen in Rondo of Blood, she has these animal familiars who completely overwhelm any enemy that tries to move.  Her standard attack is a double dove that acts like the Cross subweapons of the Belmonts with not cost or delay to speak of, and her familiars all do multi-hit damage.  They include a cat that runs off and keeps bashing into enemies until it eventually runs of the screen, usually resulting in the entire screen being cleared of any threat.  The dragon pretty much covers the screen doing good multi-hit damage.  The Phoenix is about the same as the dragon with a little less area, and the Turtle makes her freaking invincible for a short period of time.  On top of that she can sing the enemy to death with a sub weapon that shoots out musical notes causing a rapid succession of five hits.  Maria is the very definition of broken, but what can one expect from a loli character. 

In her teenager form Maria is debatably more or less broken depending on how you view the change of the games mechanics.  She now fights barehanded, is a pretty small target being a still petite girl (that doesn’t mean she doesn’t pack a killer punch though with her uppercuts, backflips, roundhouses and straight punches), can plow through enemies with her running animation, has an infinite high jump, and has absurd subweapons that again completely break the game.  Rather than waste time describing it, why don’t I just show people again:

Maria “Cute You To Death” Renard From Rondo Of Blood

Maria “Unstoppable Goddess” Renard.  And Yes That’s FFIX Music.  Don’t Ask Me, I Rarely Make The Videos, I Just Find Em’ And Post Em’

This character has become famous for two other things as well.  One is for her risque romance with Alucard (She’s still only 17 when it happens when he’s well over 300 years old) and other is that people who play as her are now almost endlessly ridiculed by most Castlevania players for playing as a little girl.  And by that I don’t mean they are ridiculed for playing as a little girl, but for playing as a “little girl”.  And by that I really mean that they are ridiculed for taking the easy way out by playing as a little girl, which almost always means broken easy gameplay since lolis are unstoppable death machines of cuteness that can kill with ease.

Anyway, so after you do defeat Dracula is where I currently am in the franchise.  Richter has disappeared and Maria sets off to Castlevania to try and find him.  Enter Alucard fresh from his 300+ year sleep who sensing the eminent revival of his father (Alucard is of course Dracula’s own sone, sired with Lisa, who rejected his fathers ways and adopted his mothers pacifist wish for him to not hate humans for what they did to her.  To bad Dracula himself could never abide by his wifes dying wishes.  That’s probably the ultimate tragedy of his character and one that ultimately leads to his eventual downfall as we all know now.  By the way if you didn’t already notice it somehow, Alucard is Dracula spelled backwards) set’s out to Castlevania as well since there is currently no Belmont to do the job (why he doesn’t just let Maria handle it I don’t know.  Considering they end up in a duel with each other that is pretty damn hard since she does bonus holy damage to Alucard he might as well just have stayed in bed for this one).

And that’s the end of this little topic.  If people haven’t played a Castlevania before I highly recommend it.  A Good game to play might be Lament of Innocence, the game that chronicles the birth of Dracula and gives the saga it’s beginning.  It should be rather cheap and it’s for the PS2.  Until then I’m heading off right this very moment to play some more Symphony of The Night.  In the meantime people can listen to my all time favourite Castlevania song if they want:

Juste Belmont’s Theme ~ Successor Of Fate ~

86 Responses to “Castlevania Anyone?”

  1. 1 Setsukyie February 22, 2008 at 12:26 pm

    Nice post..
    My first Castlevania game was Symphony Of The Night for the PS1..(good times..)
    It was very enjoyable but I didn’t finish it..
    The last boss was too hard..

    The second one was Curse Of Darkness for the PS2..
    Fun..but didn’t finish this one either..
    The last boss..was to hard…

    I really miss those days…
    Good times…

  2. 2 StarCreator February 22, 2008 at 6:22 pm

    Wow, completely out of order. x_x

    Rondo of Blood did come out here… in remake form on the PSP, along with a port of Symphony of the Night that features a refined, less broken Maria mode. (We’re all happy to pretend the Saturn version’s Maria mode didn’t exist.)

    The games in the series I’ve played and completed include, in this order: Portrait of Ruin, Dawn of Sorrow, Symphony of the Night, Aria of Sorrow, Harmony of Dissonance. I’ve had brief attempts at other games in the series, but nothing worth mentioning really. Portrait of Ruin remains my favorite of these five though, followed by Symphony of the Night.

  3. 3 Mathias October 3, 2008 at 12:56 am

    Ha, Symphony of the night was the first Castlevania i played when i was a kid, but i didnt beat it 200% till just yesterday, iv only done in this order, Lament of Innocence, Curse of darkness, and now Symphony of the Night. im wondering to Setsukyie when she said the last boss, did she meen Richter or Dracula, because Richter, without trying to kill shaft insted, is Unbelievably hard, although Dracula at 200% was pitifully easy, IF you had the MournBlade… and to the writter, if u havnt yet, make sure u dont just beat the game, make sure u beat it 200% which includes the Inverted castle to get the good ending. to get there, beat scussubus and get the silver (or gold, i forget) ring, then find the spike breaker armor, find maria, and get the other ring, and got to the clock place where u first met maria, wearing both rings. she gives u holy glasses, when u get them, go to the highest point in the Castle and wear them. fight richter, but dont attack him, kill the green globe thing insted..

  4. 4 Chris Draper November 6, 2008 at 6:44 am

    My first Castlevania was Circle of the Moon for GBA.*aside from the nes ones I hated when I was a kid, cuz I sucked at em… got them on VC on WII owned em all after my experiences with the later games* I was hooked right off the get-go from the music, then I wound up LUCKILY finding a copy of Symphony. THAT one is my all time favourite besides Dawn of Sorrow and Chronicles *heh SotN, 2 copies…* Currently I’m playing Order of Ecclesia… and after power levelling in the Bone chambers… 20 level ups later I finally continue! Gotta love how in the ones that need xp, they always have a few rooms to power level with stupid enemies that you can kill easily!

    Keep goin on SotN, see all the endings man!!
    If you don’t have the glasses you get the bad ending 😉 That castle is a 200 percenter ;p

  5. 5 Cat February 25, 2009 at 5:39 pm

    Awesome topic! I just started the epic game and your post help me with some of my questions I had in mind.

  6. 6 BrendaMonarrez July 26, 2010 at 5:09 am

    I love Castlevania. I’m no prodigy, I usually get about 95% on the maps and then get bored. Plus, it’s seems like their is always ONE part of the castle I just can’t get into, no matter how many magic items or relics I collect.
    Anyway, I grew up watching my brother play Castlevania games, but he gave them to me, so now I play them. I don’t have any recent ones becuase our game systems are pretty old. I’ve played Harmony of Dissonance, Aria of Sorrow, and Circle of the Moon for the Gameboy Advance . I’ve only beat Aria of Sorrow, but that’s because I stink at games that only have the whip as a weapon.
    And I have Dracula X Chronicles for the PSP, which also has the original Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night in it, Symphony of the Night is my favorite. (typical, I know)
    I’ve never played Curse of Darkness, but I used to watch my brother play it. But again, I’m not an awesome gamer girl. 3D games are not my forte!
    Castlevania games always have such amazing music, I’ll probably play some of the soundtracks at my own funeral…that probably sounded creepy.
    Okay, this is a long comment, so I should just shut up…

  7. 7 Viviana August 16, 2010 at 4:33 pm

    O my god!!!!!!!! -hehe… throughout playing it… i kept staring at Belmomnt.. an Alucard ❤ so cute… ^^

  8. 8 Yamcha March 25, 2011 at 5:40 am

    Yeah, my first Castlevania was in fact the first Castlevania on NES. I never played any of the handheld Castlevanias and didn’t play anything past Symphony of the Night. from Castlevania I – Castlevania “Symphony of the Night”, I’d say that they were good within this order:

    Castlevania “Symphony of the Night”
    Castlevania III
    Castlevania II
    Castlevania I

    So, in all, the game evolved to be better and better after each release. Not sure of th rest of them, but I stopped playing console games after that. Maybe if they started making the games on PC, i might of played some of them. 🙂

  9. 9 X-Treme Carpet Cleaning June 7, 2011 at 2:50 am

    Maybe if they started making the games on PC

  10. 10 frans June 15, 2011 at 5:35 pm

    Hello my name Frans. And i’ve played many Castlevania games. Even the reboot version. Castlevania SotN is still the best over all Castlevania’s. Best music, best voice acting, best story best atmosferic stages ect. But with this comment i leave out how smooth the stages are. Because Aria of Sorrow, Dawn of Sorrow, Portret of Ruin en Order of Eclessia are smoother. But all these mentioned gameboy titles are the result of the success of Castlevania Sotn. Alle the basics are enspired bij Sotn. Without Sotn there would’t be any of the previous mentioned gameboy titles. They may be better in 2d graphics. But if it comes to everything else. None Castlevania can mache Sotn. Mail Only Cod comes close to mache sotn.

  11. 11 Krad Art December 11, 2012 at 1:47 pm

    I don´t know how many I’ve played but what I can say is that I didn´t finished SOTN yet but I’m on it, after what I have acomplished on it, its the best… I think, but the others, If you can download an emulator for the GBA, there are like 3 or 4 Castlevania games available. For rondo of blood I got 100% but dracula X Chronicles is harder cuz there are 2 ways of finishing at least 9 of 12 levels and on those ways 2 diferent bosses that if you bet them great, but even then there is the music tracks you have to find, the game rondo of blood and SOTN, if you play boss rush mode you get a game that is like a joke… Demonjyo Dracula X Peke… Or something like that, its just one stage, the most weird I’ve ever seen…

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