Kodomo No Jikan Period 34


Yeah, I skipped a lot of chapter summaries in order to get caught up so I can do this monthly so inside I’ll briefly recap what has happened to all the characters sense then.

Aoki Daisuke: Seeing his relationship with Hoin gradually become even closer it keeps looking like they are going to hit it off for real, but Aoki is to dense to realize her advances.  His experience with handling intense situations has also increased such as when Kagami slapped and bit him and he merely took her to the guidance counselor and told the class to study quietly.  He’s grown quite concerned about Rin’s home life after noticing a hicky on her neck and has confronted her about what Reiji is doing.  He desperately wants to help his favourite student (by this point I think it’s safe to say she is) overcome her personal demons, but Kagami says he won’t be able to do that and only she can.

Kokonoe Rin:  Rin still the problem child recently become class president and taking Hoin’s advice to try to do nice things for Aoki, used her position and influence with the students to calm the class and make them obedient in their studies.  She is still upset that Aoki has been ignoring her advances though, and considering Aoki Reiji is borderline hurting her at home with his increasingly sexual advances she slowly starts to develop emotional trauma that results in her fainting and becoming very weak for quite a few chapters.  Let’s hope she’s going to be okay.

Kagami Kuro: She hasn’t changed much and has even gotten more violent towards Aoki, actually striking out at Aoki and saying she didn’t care when Rin became ill because her relationship was increasingly with Aoki and less with her.  During this more rebellious period she formed a relationship with Shirai the head teacher by beating the heck out of a student who made fun of her and showing that she legitimately thought Shirai was cool and likeable (Shirai had throughout her whole life been seen by others and plain and unpleasant) and now wears a white earing on her ear (symbolizing Shiro or White.  Shirai kind of sounds like Shirai) while Shirai wears a black one (symbolizing Kuro or Black).  Recently she confronted Aoki againwhile wearing a ninetails mask saying he wouldn’t be able to heal her pain.  As of the most recent chapters she’s been cutting him a little more slack though and has decided to let him proceed if only for an experiment.

Mimi Usa: Mimi has dealt mostly with the mockery she often receives at home from her mother and at school for being very weak physically.  She has come to feel that all she as good at is studying and not wanting that to define her has tried taking on some of Kagami’s more expressive traits to get noticed a little more.  This still doesn’t work though as she fails to complete her part of the Relay Race in the school festival, forcing Rin to pick up the slack while still recovering.  Feeling incredibly bad and more useless than ever, Mimi ultimately breaks down crying, wishing more or less for her father to be there who always treated her like “daddy’s little girl”.  Poor Mimi.  Last time we saw her she had bought a rather ecchi novel (by accident) which greatly confused her and Rin and Kagami have been trying to teach her about adult topics.

Sae Shirai: Shirai has gradually become less confrontational over time after forming her relationship with Kagami.  She has come to realize that she has essentially turned into her mother whom she despises and become more plain and unlikeable then ever, which was always her greatest regret as a child.  Following this she has warmed up to Aoki and even helped Hoin deal with a really obnoxious PTA leader.

Kokonoe Reiji:  Not going the crazy Sugita Tomokazu route (because you’re a manga character and thus aren’t voice by him on paper, your character doesn’t have to start screaming at the top of his lungs at the slightest provocation) Reiji has gone more of the obsessed guardian route.  Becoming more and more obsessed with Rin by the chapter and seeing her as something of his personal property and worship object, Reiji has been making borderline sexual advances on her as of late, causing Rin much emotional trauma and uncomfortableness at home.  He seems to be grooming her to become a replacement for Aki, which is borderline evil CLAMP villain behaviour if you ask me.  Time will tell whether he gets stabbed with a pair of safety scissors by Rin and has an out of body surrealist experience with Aki in a meadow (Okay if you haven’t seen the ending of the anime then go watch it to see what I’m mocking here).

Kyoko Hoin:  See Aoki and Rin for her latest developments.

And thus that brings us pretty much up to date on the goings on of Kodomo No Jikan.  Let’s start the summary then.


The chapter starts off right in the heat of Aoki confronting Rin about Reiji’s advances, asking her what she’s done to him.  She says all he’s done is take bath’s with her, but Aoki presses on, asking a question he feels he has to, whether Rin is still a virgin.  She scratches his hand and pushes him away in response saying that the one Reiji loves is his mother not her and that he would never do something like “that” with Rin.  Never having realized all this, Aoki gives Rin a hug saying he will find her a safe place to live (You get the sense he doesn’t buy that everything is honky dory still).  Rin asks if that means he’s going to take Reiji’s place and look care of her by making her breakfast, washing her hair, letting her sleep in the same bed with him and take her as his bride (!), but then she retracts it all saying she loves Reiji and not to take him away from her and runs off.  Realizing that he is slowly becoming like a father to Rin, Reiji realizes he can’t afford to go any further down that road as her teacher, but that he still has to do something.

This results in him calling child services, who of course can’t do anything without any evidence, so he ask Hoin for advice by stumbling over his words causing her to think he just wants to go out to a Karaoke Bar or something.  Aoki just doesn’t know what to do now about Reiji.  Meanwhile back at the Kokonoe Residence Reiji is looking in a magazine for ideas one what to cook for Rin to keep her flawless in her appearance as she ages, picturing her as an angelic figure as he does this (creepy much?).  That’s when the phone rings with some unexpected news.  Reiji flips out as he here’s from a child services official that Rin’s father wants to meet with her (Remember? The one who wanted to have her aborted.  Reiji can’t have the idea of no Rin in his life).  Of course Reiji doesn’t want to have any of this, but the official says she’ll just go to Aoki to arrange the meeting if she has to as it’s the father’s right. 

Rin ends up overhearing all of this and tells Kagami and Mimi about it the next day in school.  Being a daddy’s girl, Mimi gets all bubbly and thinks its all sweet that Rin’s father wants to meet her, which earns her a head clonking from Kagami.  She has to explain to Mimi that this is the same guy that neglected Rin all her life and calls Mimi on her father-complex.  She also adds that if he gets custody of Rin then she’ll have to transfer schools, which causes both of them to burst into tears at the prospect (and to appear as an SD Rabbit and Cat for a frame.  See if you can guess what animal represents which character).  Rin greets this outburst with a level head, saying she’s the one that’s going to have the hardest time and that she’s not going anywhere.  She then gives them both a hug, which also causes Kagami to go all red with a look of utter satisfaction on her face.

Back at the Kokonoe Residence, Aoki and Reiji are arguing over Reiji’s inability to settle down and just wait patiently for the father to arrive when the doorbell rings and they go to answer the door.  End of Chapter.  Though there are the bonus manga’s from Comifest Comiket included where Rin is pictured as what she might look like as an older teenager and one where the characters genders are reversed.

Thoughts:  A quickie but intensely dramatic chapter with a little comedy.  I honestly never thought Rin’s father was going to come back into the picture, and we still don’t even know what he looks like, let alone his personality (I wonder if even Watashiya-san knows).  I can’t imagine him being that upstanding a guy if he ditched Aki and wanted to have Rin aborted.  He’s essentially the root of all of Rin’s troubles right now, and one has to wonder if she even wants him back in her life.  What’s going to happen, is Rin going to end up in an even more traumatic position.  Judging by how this is Kodomo No Jikan, which is starting to have an almost Tominoesque hatred for the sanity of it’s characters, I’m going to say probably.  One small problem I have with the chapter though is that it looks like the art was done rather quickly.  There isn’t as much detail in the character art as there usually is in Kodomo No Jikan, which was kind of unfortunate, which results in Rin not looking quite right half the time.  Other than that I’m satisified with this chapter even if it’s a cliffhanger (She must think she’s a Gundam 00 writer now or something).  Until next time.

Rating: Eight Out Of Ten


12 Responses to “Kodomo No Jikan Period 34”

  1. 1 FireChick February 22, 2008 at 8:28 pm

    Which chapter explains Mimi’s past with her parents and teacher who made fun of her? Just wondering.

  2. 2 deathkillz February 22, 2008 at 9:45 pm

    Which chapter? That would be chapter 1 if I’m not mistaken O.o

  3. 3 anon February 22, 2008 at 10:25 pm

    Kokonoe Rin:
    “…and considering *Aoki* is borderline hurting her at home with his increasingly sexual advances”

    Did you mean Renji?

  4. 4 Kaioshin Sama February 22, 2008 at 10:31 pm

    Yes I did. Thanks for the correction.

  5. 5 *shrug* February 23, 2008 at 10:26 am

    Comifes, eh?

    Sounds like someone’s been reading too much Genshiken.

  6. 6 Kaioshin Sama February 23, 2008 at 10:29 am

    This article is quickly turning against me as it’s creator. Sigh….

  7. 7 gratefuldead68 February 23, 2008 at 6:05 pm

    Where can I find a torrent to download this chapter? I’ve looked all over and can’t find anything 😦

  8. 8 ro be grateful March 6, 2008 at 5:45 am

    search for Kodomo no jikan
    It will give the most recent release.

  9. 9 Kaioshin Sama March 6, 2008 at 7:36 am

    This is the best source I find:


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