Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de – Episode 8

Here is the late screen capping of episode 8 (thanks to Klash for lending me his help becuase my dump ISP keeps crapping out on me *rolleyes*). Exellent comedy as usual with all the trimmings. Kojuuro gains some serious love points here as well.

In a Nutshell: The morning starts like any other with Ageha complimenting on oh skilful the butlers and maids are in the household over breakfast, whilst completely missing out Benisu who taks her anger on Haru for being ignored. Kojuurou in the meantime, is still being harassed by the nurses at the hospital. He craves to be beaten up by Ageha.

Miyu personally goes to wake Shinra up from a lay in where she finds her dear sister naked and hugging baby pandas in bed. Shinra teases Miyu that perhaps she is jealous of the pandas causing her to leave in a mood. Shinra thinks that she is cute for being angry.

At school kojuurou is waiting outside the gates and greet Ageha that he will pick up his duties again after having healed. Ageha thanks Ren and tells him that she will meet her after school, whilst ignoring a mentally shocked Kojuurou.
At home, Hato nee shows her special cooking to Benisu. She is going to prepare puffer fish for Ageha but it is obvious that she has no license to remove the poison. Beni ends up pulling her away.

In the garden, Miyu tells shinra about Ageha stealing Ren’s first kiss. She fears that this will throw the house morals in turmoil but Shinra jokes about the situation and teases Miyu. She asks Ren to give him some coffee milk but the colonel tells her that he is with Ageha.

We then see Ren returning to school where Kojuurou is still waiting outside. Kojuurou tells Ren that he feels that Ageha has changed which puts pressure on him. He tells Kojuurou that Ageha has been training all day which makes him happy. We then see a flashback of Ageha’s strictness. Ren has felt the bitter taste of her training but this pleases Kojuurou which kills Ren on the inside seen as he considers him a friend. School ends and Ageha comes out with Yume. She tells Kojuurou that he can go home and takes Ren away…Kojuurou is left behind in shock that he hasn’t been punched yet.

At home Ren is being trained. He soon becomes better at punching after some instructions from Ageha and she tries to kiss him, but he avoids contact. Natose looks at the two from a distance and feels say that she hasn’t been able to talk to Ren for a while. Ren asks Ageha if there is anything she would like to eat for dinner and she replies that she wants to taste his cooking. Ren objects but the end result is that he is forced to do it.

At the dinner table we can see what a disaster this experiment has turned into and it definitely didn’t impress Benisu. Miyu sends out signals to Shinra that they have to do something.

Later than night, Hato is in Miyu’s room drinking wine and being consulted. Miyu understands full well how she feels and looks over at the whip.

Ren enters Ageha’s room and she is in a suggestive position. She tells her that there are different types of training at night and points to a pile of books. Ren tells her that he isn’t good with reading but she replies that he should get a good start then. She then asks for his proof of loyalty and Ren nearly falls in the trap of kissing her when he then manages to escape. Kojuurou is outside looking up at the window.

The next day, Ageha is early up breaking boulders whereas Ren breaks tiles. Ageha is impressed with his improvement and he thanks her. They then look into each other’s eyes and she asks for the loyalty proof again. Ren goes to kiss her but hesitates thinking about the rest of the family but Ageha forces her lips onto him. Kojuurou sees this and goes berserk. He burns up and launches a punch at Ren. Ren then retaliate saying that he isn’t taking away his love but Kojuurou does not believe him. They were about to clash head on when the colonel takes them both out instead.

Kojuurou was waiting to get punched but instead Ageha gives it to Ren instead. She then tells Kojuurou that he is not worth of her fists for doing such an act such as sneaking into another’s home and causing trouble. Ageha then tells him that she will stay here for longer because she is interested in Ren. Kojuurou then challenges Ageha that what if he can prove himself to be the better butler. Shinra then appears, saying that she accepts that challenge. The colonel then decides that there will be a best out of 3 matches.

The first challenge is to carry heavy luggage from the house, outside. Surprisingly Ren manages to win this match because Kojuurou decides to carry two luggages at the same time but at slower speed.

Ren is happy but the rest of the crowd boos Ren for wining (because they really want Ageha to leave).
The next match is politeness towards you master. Ren fails at this for being rude but Kojuurou sacrifices his hip for a fallen napkin. Ageha notices this…

The final is a quiz round however, Kojuurou is showing extreme pain. The first question is of her scar but Kojuurou faints before giving the answer. The colonel breaks the 4th wall by telling the viewers that the answer is in the game.

It turns out that Kojuurou still isn’t healed yet but he still wants to be by Ageha’s side. Ageha realises his determination and tells him that she will return home and for him to get healed before she can punch him. Kojuurou is happy and complies.

Ah home everyone is working Ren like a dog. We then see Ageha in hospital looking after Kojuurou. However, she still hasn’t given up on Ren yet which causes him to sneeze.

Thoughts: Lots and lots of WWWW and AAAAAAAAHHHHHs in this episode (yea, due to lack of RAW I was watching on Nico), not to mention the usual cute, funny and touching moments.

(Shinra sleeps naked with the pandas…hahaha ~~).

Well kojuuro leaves hospital prematurely because he wanted to serve Ageha. But it turns out that his efforts were wasted because Ageha is deeply infatuated by Ren, to the point where she out right rejects Kojuuro, telling him that his services are no longer needed.

This of course spawns off the fight between the two but the colonel stops them before they can do some serious harm (after powering up ).

In the end loyalty wins over as Kojuuro became injured again during one of the contests. A quite touching moment between Ageha and Kojuuro and she finally decides to leave and she is even visiting Kojuuro in hospital. Such a touching scene indeed but Ageha hasn’t given up on Ren yet, causing him to sneeze.

Lovely episode and quite a few cracks.

Hato nee’s secret tool this time:

“Puffer fish!”

And she guts it, School days style.


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