CLANNAD, Episode 19

After so much efforts, the drama club is finally revived! Nagisa gets her dream within her reach, but soon, Tomoya’s misfortune torments him again.


CLANNAD, Episode 19:

New Lifestyle

After much deliberations within the student council, Tomoyo was able to declare the situation between the drama club and the choir club as eligible. Everyone is celebrating this victory in the drama club room. Tomoya is cheering Nagisa for the School Festival day.

    Tomoya is called by his homeroom teacher, talking about career conceling. Of course, Tomoya is very reluctant because it involves his father and tries to use some excuses about his father being unpredictable to talk with, but it is no good as his teacher insists. As he is leaving the staff room, he bumps on Nagisa who would like to have more practice with Koumura. Tomoya decides to go home, but Nagisa follows him, saying it has nothing to do with what they talked earlier, when he cheered her to do anything for her dream.
    Nagisa is very persistent and Tomoya tries to run away, but she doesn’t give up the chase. As they are taking back their breath, a staff announcement is broadcasted for Tomoya and Nagisa looks angry at Tomoya’s attempt to ditch this.

      Nagisa was able to force him to talk back with his homeroom teacher. The later is quite impressed that Tomoya would be “interested” in girls, and asks her if she couldn’t tag with them so it will prevent Tomoya to run away. Nagisa accepts instantly, but Tomoya outwit them, saying she has some drama practice to do with koumura after all.
      On their way to Tomoya’s house, his homeroom teacher talks about his past and feels empathic to his hard childhood, being alone with his father. As they reached his house, Naoyuki is obviously absent. The teacher can’t help it and will wait for him until tomorrow, which doesn’t please Tomoya much. Hence, he uses his father’s absence as an excuse, “going to look for him”, running away as fast as possible.

        As he could get away, Tomoya believes he should shelter himself at youhei’s room, but he is spotted by Nagisa. Tomoya wonders why she is there, and she answers that Koumura was absent and so, practice was cancelled. She was also going to bring him his bag he forgot.
        Then, she forces him to go back to his house, but they eavesdrop the discussion between his teacher and his father from afar. Despite Tomoya’s teacher’s concern, Naoyuki says he can’t decide about Tomoya’s future, saying “Tomoya-kun is Tomoya-kun”. His teacher still tries to say that Tomoya is still only a high schooler, and so he needs guidance, but it is uneffective.
        Tomoya has a very pained expression while Nagisa is worried and feels his pain as well.

          As they walk a bit, Tomoya explains about their relationship and claims they weren’t a family from a very long time anyway.
          Nagisa is decided and asks if he wouldn’t like to live at her house for a while. She believes they are a family and they will definitely mis each other after a certain amount of time. Tomoya is very affected his relationship with his father and nods in agreement with this idea.

            Tomoya is back home and packs his stuff. He tries to wake his father up, but it is no good. As he is leaving, the TV is turned off, and his father is walking towards him. Still on this “distant acquaintance” tone, Naoyuki asks what this big bag is for. Tomoya says he will move out to a friend house for a while and can’t tell when he will be back.
            Naoyuki feels it will be lonely from there but he doesn’t try to stop Tomoya.
            As Tomoya already departed from his house, he greets his farewell to his father.

              Tomoya tries to gather his courage and enters in the bakery, but Akio is in a “bad mood” and rants about why he is there at this time. Tomoya is surprised and wonders if Nagisa didn’t tell him yet.
              Sanae then arrives and use the usual greetings for such occasion. Tomoya is relieved while Akio is puzzled about that and Sanae explains he will stay here for a while. Obviously, he isn’t exactly pleased, but Sanae reminds him that Nagisa told them before and he obviously knew.
              Nagisa arrives and greets Tomoya as well.

                Nagisa leads Tomoya to his bedroom and explains where they put the futons etc. A little later, Tomoya is already inserted in this “family lifestyle”, not without trouble, obviously.
                Ownards, Tomoya goes to school with Nagisa, after the (un)usual “itekimasu/itterashai” greetings, which is of course not natural with him.

                  At the drama club room, the club, along with Tomoyo and Koumura are assisting Nagisa. Koumura explains about various stuff such like lightning and the sound/music requirements etc.
                  As Ryou is trying out the synthesizer for the SFX sound, Youhei is completely overboard with this stuff and begins to perform some antics which grant him a dual punch from both “violent” girls. As Tomoya is putting order some stuff with Nagisa and the rest, he asks her what kind of play she will perform, but weirdly, Nagisa doesn’t have much idea about it.

                    Back home, Tomoya and Nagisa bump of bunch of kids in his room. Tomoya is quite puzzled. Sanae enters and explains about her tutoring lessons she is giving to the kids.
                    Tomoya leaves out and Akio asks him to help him out for the bakery.He then asks him if Sanae is alright with this job and Akio explains that Sanae will be alright as she was a grade school teacher before. Tomoya is impressed and wonders why she stopped being a teacher, but Akio vaguely answers that many things happened.

                      Tomoya is a bit tired and rests a bit in his room. Nagisa enters and wants to discuss a bit.
                      As they talk about his “new life”, Tomoya feels it is kinda weird/new. He then explains his mother died quite early and his father became what he is soon after so he didn’t have such family.
                      Nagisa understands how she is blessed by her parents, but then bears a sad expression and says that something happened in the past, as her parents were quite worried or so. Nagisa wanted to know, but she couldn’t get a glimpse about, and she feels like there is something she has to apologize for but she can’t, as she doesn’t know. Tomoya assures her it is her imagination, but still, she is concerned.

                      Then, Tomoya believes he should pays a visit to Youhei, as he might turn lonely if he doesn’t.

                        Tomoya spends some time with Youhei, feeling better in such mood. But the later noticed something strange about Tomoya coming without anything to eat, which he obviously figures that it is from Nagisa. Tomoya is impressed by that and begins to say some things about that, blurting the fact he is staying at Nagisa’s house. Of course, this mere mention puts Youhei in his jealous mode at 100%.
                        Tomoya can’t help but try to clear the “misunderstanding” but Youhei is very displeased and goes quite sore.

                          Illusionary world sequence: The robot is trying to create another one. The girl noticed that and asks him if he wants a friend, and she agrees it is lonely as it is, so she apologizes. The boy however didn’t think like that, hoping it might bring more fun if another robot like him is born. Both of them are then working on another pile of scrap metal, though the girl is unsure if it will work.


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