H2O- Episode 9 – Hozumi…

With Otoha out of the picture now all that is left is to solve Takuma’s problems, and boy do they seem like big news with the revelation of Takuma’s mother revealed…

In a Nutshell: The episode starts off with Takuma wondering around town where he noticed that there were a lot of bells being hung up. He opens a drawer when he got home and pulls out a bell where his uncle then tells him that the bell he had was a special item which tied his parents together. Takuma then flashes back to a scene where he remembers her mother wearing a bell.

On their way to school the trio stop to look at the bells. Hotaru and Hayami then notice Takuma carrying one himself, and both look away in embarrassment. Hotaru tries to escape thinking that it would be better to leave Takiuma and Hayami alone but Hayami stops her and runs off instead. Hotaru follows her leaving Takuma.

At school Hamaji is spreading the news that Takuma is carrying a bell coming to school and that maybe he will be confessing to someone. Hayami seems to be the favourite but Hotaru is also a strong contender. We then see Yui wandering off down the stairs where she meets with Takuma. She is then shocked at the new accessory on his bad and becomes embarrassed, telling him that she has never thought about being with him. Takuma remains confused but Hamaji later reveals to him that the bell in this village is an item given as a form of confession. They tease Takuma on who he is going to pick but he tells them that it is not like that. Hamaji feels sorry for the poor girl’s feelings about to be played around with and looks behind Takuma, where Yui was standing with her hair down and trying to look dazzling.

After lesson Takuma is still in deep thought what to do with the bell. He looks at Hayami but she tries to hurry off. Takuma then breaks the string on the bell by accident and the beads scatter everywhere. He apologises to Hayami and Hotaru who was helping and tells them that they misunderstood him seen as this bell belonged to his mother. Walking home together Hotaru comments on how her mother would have liked it that he was carrying the bell but Takuma hesitates in his response. He then leaves Hayami and Hotaru.

In the distance, the bullies’ fathers are having a nice bitch about Hayami even though the bullies have stopped their nasty acts together with Yui.

That night, silhouettes of people carrying “something” can be seen near Hayami’s home.

Hayami at the meantime is bathing in the waterfall where Hotaru appears to join her, extra moe moment for Hotaru as she nearly drowns. Hayami talks to Hotaru about Takuma. Hotaru feels that Takuma is being far and perhaps he doesn’t trust them enough to reveal his past yet. Hotaru requests that Hayami listen to what Takuma has to say because she is the only one able to do it. Hayami believes that Hotaru should be better at doing this but she refuses saying that she has deceived him one before. They then hear a loud explosion from somewhere nearby and it turns out that Hayami’s home is up in flames.

Hayami is then taking residence in Takuma’s home. Hayami is scared that she may be a bother but uncle insists. He then leaves Takuma and wishes him luck.

We then see a meeting in the village church. The people responsible for setting tells granddad that Hayami shouldn’t be living there in the first place; however, granddad cannot accept this anything other than arson. The people is annoyed about Hayami being in the village but granddad says that there is no harm and they should look forward to the festival.

Hayami is taking a bath in a proper bath tub since a long time. She plays with the shower but accidentally turns it on full hot water. Being unable to shut the shower off, she screams help to Takuma who comes running in but slips on a bar of soap and ends up in the bath tub.

After that dramatic scene we see Hayami and Takuma enjoying the breeze outside. He rubs his sore cheek and moans though Hayami tells him that he deserved it for peeking. He replies that he wasn’t and she realises her mistake. Hayami tells Takuma that he is being insensitive though and he apologises for the bell incident.

Hayami then asks him about his mother but he doesn’t seem to want to tell her. Hayami tells him that he knows nothing about him and so can’t help. She asks if he doesn’t need her and after a short pause, he replies to Hayami’s wishes and tells her that his mother committed suicide.

The festival starts and Yui is busy selling choco-banana err I mean choco-yam O.o

Hayami goes into the church where Hotaru was waiting to start the festival. She tries to give the bell to Hotaru and tells her that it is because she has hurt Takuma by forcing him to tell her something against his wishes. However, Hotaru responds that Hayami managed to touch his heart by telling the truth about his past. Hayami then runs out of the church.

A short flashback then reveals Hotaru telling Hayami that Takuma told her to tell Hayami that he will be waiting on the hill.
The festival begins and Hotaru dances on stage. Hayami is running to Takuma whilst all the time Hotaru’s words of encouragement echo through her mind.

She reaches the hill and presents him with the bell. Takuma tells Hayami to keep a hold of the bell and says that he wants her to be by his side and know more about him. Hayami jumps into his arms and replies “yes”. They then kiss.

Thoughts: The story is now in fully swing and the final pairing is set, Takuma X Hayami! (Who would have thought ).

Exellent misunderstanding scenes at the start where Takuma takes a bell to school which is a momento of her later mother. But in reality, the tradition for the village is that the bell is given from a guy to a girl as a form of confession (just like how chocolates are given from girls to guy during valentine’s day) and it so happens that the festival is approaching, making the misunderstanding even more real.

Well, that was soon cleared up when Takuma accidentally breaks the bell string and reveals to Hayami and Hotaru that it belonged to his mother (Yui remained deceived until the end ).

The adults of the village still harbors hate for Hayami (dam them! why won’t they just grow up already…) and this leads to the burning of Hayami’s home. Where this is fate or not, it works for her and Takuma seen as this puts them under one roof.

Hayami has never used a shower before.

She needed saving from the shower head which was pouring out boiling water but this got Takuma a slap.

The next shocking revelation was then revealed as Hayami pestered Takuma into telling him about his mother. Apparently, Takuma’s mother commited suicide. The scene was quite well done and the angst certainly came across pretty strongly. Takuma was rather reluctant to tell her but seen as she was asking so hard…

Anyone can tell that this is going to be the main reason to Takuma’s problems and his mysterious past…

The ending part of the episode gave another shock. Hotaru is now officially our of the love circle as she “gives” Hayami her happiness. Another touching scene but I guess the “love-war” wasn’t present there in the first place (whaaa great BGM!).

Hayami had fixed the bell and gives it to Takuma, but he then tells her to keep it…I guess this counts as a confession. The final scene is of them kissing under the moonlight *____*

Preview: Hotaru is sadistic O.o


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