Gundam 00 Episode 20 (Blade Of Revolution)


Hmmm…..*Scratches Head* No That Can’t Be Right

Hey everyone, it’s GM/Nemo/Jegan/Heavygun/Gunblastor/Gundam Head/Virgo/Serpent/Daughtress/Dom/Strike Dagger/Windam time.  That’s right, it’s time to showcase the terror of mass production.  And what is up with this text spacing?  Oh well, here we go.




Louise Takes A Cue From Tsukasa Hiiragi


Did You Also Know That Balsamic Vinegar Is An Intrinsically Funny Compound To Discuss?  I Bet Louise Does


Louise *Smirk*: I Was Your Dream Girl And You Let Me Break Up With Nary A Protest.  I Laugh In Your General Direction.  By The Way, Would You Like Some Toast Dipped In Milk?


The teaser portion is actually just kind of depressing.  Saji is in an airport looking over old cell phone messages from Louise and the music is about as melancholy as you can get (think toybox).  As we are taken through a flashback we learn that Louise’s hand cannot be replaced because of the effects of the Gundam’s beam weaponry particles, which may cause a rejection.  Back in the present Saji remains visually distraught (bordering on catatonic) as he opens more of Louise’s old e-mails and an image of Louise smirks and laughs (almost mockingly) at him repeating the break up speech she gave last episode.  You get the sense the guy realizes he’s basically letting life run him rather than grabbing it by the balls and making lemonade out of lemons.  Still all he can do is cry and whisper “Louise” in an agonized tone.  In other news, apparently Clannad didn’t get postponed last week after all, it just tagged along with a Gundam 00 subplot for a little while.


Hooray For Flags That Actually Flap In The Wind Instead Of Being Static Objects In The Background 


Alejandro: “I Made This Happen You Know.  Hello?! A Little Credit Maybe?!”

After the break we take a trip to the UN where the HRL, Union and AEU announce formal alliance as a method to counter the activites of Celestial Being.  The speaker proclaims the alliances commitment to the new goal of destroying the organization and is met with thunderous applauses from the gallery.  This moment has been a long time coming if you ask me.  Back in Azadistan Marina and Shirin watch this unfold on the evening news and Marina is fretting about Celestial Being’s goal appearing to be the unification of the world through force.  She seems to frown on the ideal of punishing war with war for the sake of peace, wondering if this is the kind of war Setsuna wished for.  Of course we the clever viewer know this not to be his preferred method as we are privvy to what Marina cannot see.  Not that it didn’t work nor is it an inherently bad goal mind you.  Your goal which is a good one however, is to decide whether the ends justify the means.  You have 30 minutes and 2000 words to state your case.  Begin!


In Other Word They’re Not Out Of The Woods Yet

University Exam style pressure aside (ah the memories) we now head over to Setsuna and crew on the Lone Island Base with Lockon lamenting that it was the Trinity’s actions that brought an end to the first phase of their mission.  Tieria sees something more sinister in all this as he points out that even united the 3 powers are in no condition to mount a real assault after the damage the Throne’s have done to their collective military infrastructure.  Such a pact he claims would only result in antagonism in the general public who had no part in the sudden alliance between the rival powers.  Setsuna is on the same wavelength and suspects there is something else going on that the Meister crew has not been privy too.  Tieria seems to be the most disturbed by all this as he has both his sudden cutoff from Veda and the activities of Celestial Being on his mind.  He even uses the term “Boku” again signifying his identity crisis, which Lockon picks up on.  Whatver, at least it’s making the guy more human and likeable so I’m cool with it.  Their talk is interrupted however when Sumeragi contacts them requesting the Meister’s to rendezvous with the Ptolemy.


The Ptolemy Even Has It’s Own Shuttle?  Is Their Anything CB Isn’t Prepared For?

Back in space with Sumeragi and crew the Ptolemy crew is debating their next course of action.  Not surprisingly they don’t really have one to make until the U.N makes it’s move (remember they have no interventions to make any more and don’t have their second phase orders from Veda.  As far as they’re concerned their mission is effectively over).  None the less Sumeragi orders Ian to go receive the GN Arms (of which we learn from Ian there is currently only one) which have just been rolled out.  Where is this factory located I wonder…


Billy: “Yeah So Like Thanks For Bringing That Beam Saber Back And All, But In The Time It Would Take To Reverse Engineer The Technology We Could Just Use These Things Some Traitor Gave Us.  Sorry :(“

Meanwhile, back in the Union a still bandaged Billy is payed a visit by one Graham Acre and one Darryl Dutch who wants to know about the research results they’ve received from the Ein’s beam saber he brought back.  Billy informs him that’s no longer necessary as a traitor from Celestial Being has already brought them a GN Drive (Yes it seem for all of Graham’s efforts if he had just waited a little while longer they would have had the secret of GN Drive technology handed to them anyway without him having to go through that G-Force experience.  All for naught).  This of course is the answer Tieria’s question of suspicion behind the UN announcement, but I hope most people had already figured that out by now.  The Meister’s will probably have to figure it out the hard way unlike us.

Billy also shares the news that the Union has received a share of the thirty mobile suits built from the GN Drives and that the pilots for them are likely to be chosen from the Overflags with Graham as their captain.  However, being a Gar flag fighter through and through Graham flat out refuses as he wants to defeat the Gundam’s with his Union Flag as he swore he would do at Howard Mason’s grave (see how this guy continues to have an influence on the characters even 3 episodes after he died.  Irrelevant side character my ass.  All the people who wrote off Howard after his death can go sit in the corner now).  You see the Flag is also a symbol of a warriors pride to Graham as well as being his method of fighting.  Graham’s a patriot and if people still want to claim that Gundam 00 has no Gar characters then they just aren’t looking into the characters enough.  Anyway, Darryl tries to protest the impossibility of doing this without a flag, but Billy understands his old comrade and his unwillingness to “alter a man’s vow”.


Goddamn Soma Is Tiny In This Shot…And That Guy Beside Sergei Is Freaking Dolph Lundgren Huge


Your Brand New GN-X W/ Batteries Included, Just Plug In The GN Drive And She’s Ready To Go Right Out Of The Box.  Warning: Product May Cause Mass Destruction Ages 15 And Up

We take a trip to the HRL now where one of the HRL’s ten GN Drive driven mobile suits is being unveiled.  A person who appears to be Sergei’s commanding officer says he is being given the opportunity to chose the pilots and Sergei gladly accepts.  Soma suddenly steps forward and immediately asks to be considered to Sergei’s surprise and the commanding officer says she will of course be piloting one (You just said Sergei get’s to decide!  What a jerk!).  His reason for the default decision is sound though in Soma’s ability to cripple the Kyrios’ pilot.  Sergei still seems uneasy at both Soma’s haste to get in on the action and the military’s willingness to use this impressionable young girl.


There’s A Lot To Be Said For Good Old Fashioned Flowers As A Pick Up Method.  Also I Have To Admire Patrick For Having No Reservations About Courting His Desired Woman Rather Than Bumbling Around And Running Away Terrified Like 99% Of Anime Males In This Day And Age


Take A Note From Patrick Dating Sim Game Leads, Often Times Good Old Fashioned Straightforwardness Is Rewarded

Do I even need to say where we are going now.  It’s Katie’s decision to assemble the AEU’s pilots, when one should happen to arrive at her door (Oh God not him.  Do you want to keep this thing intact or what).  Actually Patrick just want to invite her to dinner and isn’t worried about getting his hands on the new suit, which Katie even tries to point out to him should be his priority given the revolution the world is about to undergo.  Well he’s not interested, which seems to intrigue Katie somewhat since she accepts his invention (YATTA!).  Patrick Corlasawar, you are the JFK of your era.


Nothing Like A Resort Sitting Right Next To An Orbital Elevator.  These Two Things Go Hand In Hand After All

We now head over to a previously unseen location, the villa of Lagna Harvey.  The man, the mystery.  What does he look like, and who is he talking to?


Plain For Such A Key Figure


This Is A Statement To Keep In Mind When We Consider Ali’s Characters.  For All Of The Comparison’s People Have Made Of Ali to Gauron I Don’t Recall Gauron Ever Holding An Ideal Other Than “MRAAAAAAAAR KILL PSYCHO EVIL!”  If You Want To Keep Comparing Ali To Gauron After The Events Of This Episode Then You Are Probably Jason Miao, Really Desperate Or Both

He’s talking to none other than Ali Al Sarshes (Man this guy is involved in every conspiracy known to man.  He’s the new Pius Augustus) about the distribution of the GN Drives and refusing to answer any questions from JNN.  The reason Ali is visiting is because he wants one of the units he is being instructed to move (Man Lagna’s influence reaches deep if he happens to be behind PMC Trust as well).  Yes it seems Lagna is Ali’s boss and he refuses to give him one of the units.  Ali isn’t giving up that easy though and he asks Lagna to assign him to one of the 3 powers militaries so he can get his hands on one.  Lagna seemingly wanting to know more about Ali asks him to share his experience with the Foreign Legion.  Ali shares with him the story of the Gundam pilot he wishes to fight again as well as his fears that the world is heading to a state where mercenaries will no longer be needed (no war, no mercenaries, Ali’s way of life disappears forever.  Ali Al Sarshes=Big Boss).  Apparently Ali is on to something he shouldn’t be as Lagna asks him how much he knows, but Ali says it’s an honest gut feeling.  We get the feeling he was unsuccessful despite this as he walks out of Lagna’s study mumbling that everything is Celestial Whatever’s fault.


A Chance Meeting?  Yes Actually…


Kinue’s On A Highway To Hell!


That’s The Smile My Friend Gives Me Whenever He Decides To Pull A Wild Maneuver In His Car.  As Such It’s About Ten Times Less Freaky On Ali Then It Probably Should Be


And That’s Why Ali Is The Most Honest Character In The Show


Kinue: “Let Me Out Now Please.  I Don’t Want To Be A Journalist Anymore!”

Who should he run into on his way out but none other than Kinue Crossroad looking for an interview with Lagna.  Seeing Ali leave Kinue approachs him and introduces herself as a JNN reporter and wants to know if she can ask him a few questions.  Ali asks if the cars alright and before you can say “Goodbye Kinue” they’re off.  In the car and addressing Ali as Mr. Biage (his assumed name if we recall) she asks him about his meeting with Harvey.  His answer of a discussion over distribution of goods isn’t entirely dishonest either if a bit newspeakish.  When she asks him what the goods were though the facade come to an end and Ali states flat out that they were GN Drives.  He’s not even going to humour Kinue anymore when he asks if they are Linear train components.  It’s intimidation territory now.  Yes Kinue, the truth is often the most frightening thing of all, and you have found it just as you wanted.  He starts talking to her about the “Boy from Kurdish” (Setsuna) and even about what he did to him.  Poor Kinue, you really have bitten off more than you can chew.


Sort Of


Your Also A Bastard, But Still An Honest One


Come On Reach It Go Kinue


The Symbolism Of Kinue Trying Not To Lose Physical Contact With The Picture Of Her Family Isn’t Lost On Me.  Is This The End Of The Crossroad Family Ties?  Will Saji Be The Last One Left?


Will You Cry For Kinue Like You Cried For Kanata, Ayu, Makoto etc?

Back to Saji now (as if the guy hasn’t already suffered enough) briefly he arrives home to an empty house and wonders if his sister is on another trip.  Back to Ali again at night time he reports to Lagna that he has disposed of a rat and back to Saji again we see him mulling over the ring he planned to give to Louise.  Meanwhile, in a gutter somewhere Kinue lies in a pool of blood desperately trying to reach a picture of the Crossroad family as a melancholy tune plays in the background.  You’re allowed to feel depressed here even though it’s not Clannad or True Tears folks.


These Colonies Continue To Sport Insanely Detailed Designs


Ribbons Might Be Alejandro’s Angel, But Like Hell He’s Going To Get To Sit Down

After the Eyecatch it’s back to space and for some reason Alejandro and Ribbons are on a ship leaving a Union controlled space colony.  They talk about the Corner families ambitions and how Veda got in the way of them, but Alejandro also mentions that they are about to reach fruition thanks to his angel, Ribbons Almark (As gay is this line sounds he’s referring to how Ribbons neutralized Veda’s link to Tieria and essentially helped him hijack Celestial Being’s mission to further his own ambitions).  Apparently Ribbons has also located the main body of Veda.  As always the duo leaves us with new questions and few answers about what their goals might be.


Yeah No Shit


You’re Asking For It Though


What’s All This Then


Michael Could Easily Have Been  A Slasher Film Villain In Another Life.  Ever Notice How The Zwei’s Weapons Seem To Completely Fit His Personality Too?


Didn’t I Tell You To Stop Looking So Pleased With Yourself About 10 Episodes Ago?


Sunrise Knows The Score

Meanwhile at the Trinities hideout in the North African wilderness Neena and her Haro are making fun of Michael for being dumb and impulsive (Good going Neena).  Michael is about ready to cut Haro up when Johann comes in saying they have a mission from Lagna to be carried out in three days.  This is all interrupted by an unexpected figure in Wang Liu-Min who waltzs right into their base like she owns the place.  Michael wants to cut her (Jeez can this guy just put away the damn knife already), but as always Johann wants to listen.  Wang introduces herself and Hong Long (Neena thinks he’s handsome).  As for why she’s with them, she’s scoping them out to see if she wants to defect to the Trinities side.  That is if she feels they are the most worthy to carry out Aeolia Schenberg’s ideals.  Johann says he’s willing to accept her help should the chance arise and Wang takes her leave.  As a side note Haro starts babbling about how pretty Wang was and Neena kicks it away with an “URUSAI!” (An obvious fanservice treat to Rie Kugimiya fans). 


I’m Curious To Learn What Could Have Possibly Happened To This Girl To Make So Bitter And Cold Hearted

Meanwhile back on Wang’s plane Hong Long questions whether Wang just made a mistake and she replies that the Trinities managed to trigger the worlds revolution while the Meister’s couldn’t.  When Hong Long asks her if she hates the current world so much she replies that if it won’t change she feels it should be broken.


Why That’s……

Back in space Exia has docked with the Ptolemaios (so there goes my theory about them being trapped on Earth).  Allelujah seems to note Tieria change in demeanor as Lockon asks for a status report and before long Chris reports that the Thrones are on the move.  Cue the BGM Unknown as Felt reports that they are headed to a base belonging to the HRL.


Neither Is Shooting Defenseless Civilian’s, But You Know Whatever Floats Your Bucket There




This Formation Shot Of The GN-X’s Just Can’t Stop Reminding Me Of The GX Bits In The Opening Prologue Of Gundam X.  A Series Which If You Believe Jason Miao Was Last The Gundam Series To Not Feature A Midseries Gundam Upgrade For The Lead Character (It wasn’t and it did feature one)


Metal Cooler’s Long Lost Brother


Particularly Pretty Particle Based Parry (Sorry If I Just Spit On Anyone)




This Angle Kind Of Symbolizes The Utter Dominance Of Soma This Episode


Oh My God, Are You Advertising Directly To Me Soma?!


Settle Down Boys


The Taste Of Victory In Two Panels


The Thrones waste no time in opening fire as an anti-air style response from the HRL begins as the new HRL “Gundam’s” are ordered to launch.  This results in some Tieren’s putting up a surprisingly strong defence against the Thrones (One of them even does the classic Zaku Monoeye twitch).  Johann wants to end the battle quick and orders the standard docking for the base destroying GN Mega Launcher when an unexpected red beam shot breaks up the formation.  Sergei is leading these new GN-X’s and he orders a full on attack as he charges for Neena while both of them marvel at the new suits maneuverability.  The difference in his and Neena’s piloting ability is made brutality clear as he proceeds to mop the floor with her now that she has lost the technology advantage. This is the equivalent of the original Gundam being given magnetic coating so Amuro could use his full potential as a pilot.  See Soma’s comment when she engages Michael for what I mean by this.  Johann does what he knows he too do best and orders a retreat.  Soma wants to pursue but Sergei holds her back telling her merely to look at the cheering solidiers on the ground and savour the taste of victory.


Ribbons Goes All Midwich Horror On Us Complete With Sound Effects

Back on the Ptolemaios the crew catches word of the Trinities defeat.  Sumeragi states that it’s going to be a fight between Gundam’s from this point on (I’m sure a lot of people aren’t going to be happy about this.  I hope it’s not entirely true myself).  Meanwhile elsewhere in space Ribbons opens the door to Veda’s hub for Alejandro as the episode draws to a close.


Well this is certainly one hell of a revolution.  The tables turn on so many levels you’d almost think you were watching an episode of Survivor.  Only this show is actually interesting instead of predictable and overproduced.  There’s something to be said when a fictional television program feels less scripted then a “Reality Based Program”, but I digress.  This episode continues the trend of the creators turning Saji’s life into a Key story.  First his girlfriend was almost killed in an accident and ended up an amputee.  Then she cuts herself out of his life telling him to follow his dreams and now it’s looking like his sister is going to die as well.  All of this is tied together by the common thread of Celestial Beings action.  This poor guy who never seemed to understand the significance of what was going on in the world around him as he witnessed the majority of the series tragic events at arms length along with Louise (no pun intended), and in a virtual paradise no less, has had the reprecussions of Celestial Being’s activities close in on him at a pass that would knock any normal man off of his feet.  Could he ever forgive Setsuna if he found out his involvement in all of this. 

Seeing Kinue lying in that dark alley trying to reach out to grab the picture of her family as if refusing to let herself be seperated from Saji and leave him all alone was as depressing as anything I’ve seen in a story like Kanon or Clannad.  It’s made all the more so though by how Kinue is not just a moe archetype, but one of the most realistic and tragic characters in this show or any anime right now that I’ve seen.  She’s a newsreporter who takes pride in her work and is willing to take risks to see her job done right so she can have the money to provide for Saji in her other capacity as a loving older sister.  In trying to balance both of these she also shows that she is ultimately flawed in a human way as well as she makes the poor judgement call to get in the car with Ali to get the scoop, which of course leads her to her current situation.  This is tragedy done right in my opinion, the ideal human figure brought down by the very traits for which we admire them.  That’s what makes her story so utterly depressing in comparsion to other anime I have checked out this season.

Ali certainly can’t seem to and blames Setsuna and the Meister’s for bringing about the creation of a world where he can’t even get a unit to fight in.  The whole guy’s world is based around fighting (kind of like Gym Ghingnham from Turn A Gundam) so he basically has no reason to exist anymore as far as he’s concerned.  He seems to take this out on poor Kinue as well.  It’s amazing how this one guy manages to be at the root of so many characters personal misery in this show and how He, Setsuna, Lockon and now Saji all tie together in one complex web of making each others lives as horrible as they possibly can, whether they mean to or not.  Everybody’s involved now, the whole worlds involved, and now there’s an odd bit of alliance making and betrayal (again much like an episode of Survivor only not retarded).  Obviously the HRL, Union and AEU have decided to band together to collectively punish the Celestial Being’s for what honestly amount to war crimes.  The weapons build up I have predicted would happen has now come to pass with the advent of the GN-X.  That’s 30 Mass Produced Gundam’s with ace pilots versus 7 Gundam’s with so-so pilots.  We’re talking about a massive power shift here.

And speaking of power shifts, it looks like Wang Liu-Min has decided to throw in with the Thrones.  This girl continues to be much like a parasite, latching onto and leeching off of whatever organization she can use to further her goals, which seems to be the complete destruction of the current status quo and/or world, and moving on when they cease to be useful by her standards.  What gives with this girl?  I can’t believe she can possibly be so cold without a good reason.  Obviously we’ll have to wait to see that revealed.  In turn Lagna Harvey seems to have betrayed the Thrones and hooked up with the 3 powers in that he helped get the GN Drives to 3 powers and then ordered the Thrones into what amounted to an ambush.

There’s so many competing idealogies in this show right now (The Meister’s, The Thrones, Aeolia Schenberg/Veda, Lagna Harvey, Ali Al Sarshes, Wang Liu Min, The 3 Powers, Alejandro and Ribbons, the list just goes on) and it’s getting complex on so many levels I just love it.  If people are able to just peel back even a single layer and give this a real look there’s so much going on it’s unbelievable.  I can’t even believe some people still feel this show is going nowhere, has nothing happening and/or is a mess right now.  Okay Jason Miao I can believe does, but then again there’s no doubt where his priorities lie in blogging this series.  Hint: It’s not to actually think about or pay attention to what is going on it to any sort of degree that doesn’t involve talking about “Emo Facial Distortions” and “Sunrise Trainwrecks” and “These Are My Readers”….yeah Jason needs a priority fix for sure.

On my own personal note, and this is probably going to sound like one of the nitpicks I speak about a lot, I didn’t like how Soma seemed to be deliberately advocating the Gundam’s power to the camera.  It wasn’t like Setsuna where the Gundam is part of his personal religion, but just really felt like a plug for the GN-X.  I’m probably just imagining conspiracies again and such, but the thought still irks me.  As it stands this was a solid episode, but I’m kept from giving it a perfect since the battle segment just didn’t fall in to all the other interesting things going on.  It did however serve to highlight the HRL’s jubilance at their first victory over the Gundams as well as the first in what is sure to be a number of revenge attacks against them for all the havoc the Trinities have caused (and I doubt the 3 powers are going to discriminate between them and the Meister’s either.  The enemy is Celestial Being as stated by the UN speaker).  Still I would have preferred to see the time go to any of the interesting character subplots going on in this episode.  We also still need to find out more about Allelujah who’s screentime has been almost minimal over the past few episodes.  I hope we’ll get that before the season is up.

Until next time folks, remember, if you’re going to start a war, be sure to prepare for any reprecussions should you end up losing it.  War Crime trials tend to be swift and the penalty equally so.

Rating: Nine And A Half Out Of Ten


11 Responses to “Gundam 00 Episode 20 (Blade Of Revolution)”

  1. 1 Myssa Rei February 29, 2008 at 12:47 pm

    *shrugs* Jason is Jason, and while there may be some kernel of truth to his predictions of doom, plot rollercoasters do not a trainwreck make. However, several in a row, like bolts from the blue, do. *remembers My-Otome and shudders*

    Gundam 00 is nowhere even near that level though, but after one revelation after another, well… Not surprising for Jason to be reactionary (which is funny, since he loves Keroro Gunso — a Sunrise anime — to death).

    I’m surprised you pinpointed Jason though, since I’d think that DarkMirage or Crusader would be more predictable targets of your ire.

    I’m still suitably impressed how things are handled so far in the series, but the fact that the Three Factions seemed to have decided to field their brand-new toys EN MASSE strikes me as reckless. You’d think that they’d keep at least one for research, and the other as a possible production template.

  2. 2 RmX February 29, 2008 at 5:07 pm

    “Goddamn Soma Is Tiny In This Shot…And That Guy Beside Sergei Is Freaking Dolph Lundgren Huge”

    – I only noticed that because of your screenshot.

    “Take A Note From Patrick Dating Sim Game Leads, Often Times Good Old Fashioned Straightforwardness Is Rewarded”

    -Patrick Corlasawar should write a book.

    “Will You Cry For Kinue Like You Cried For Kanata, Ayu, Makoto etc?”

    I might have if I didn’t read spoilers. But those also got me at least a bit depressed. 😦

    I’m surprised at the amount of comparisons to Key in this post though. Pleasantly of course. And your impressions section is impressive(ly long today). =D

  3. 3 Kaioshin Sama February 29, 2008 at 10:46 pm

    @Myssa: With Darkmirage and Crusader I’ve found that they are probably just watching the wrong series for them by chance (Crusader seems more at home with True Tears then he does with Gundam), but Jason is something of a repeat offender for deliberately going after Sunrise for god knows what reason (maybe he feels his own favourite shows are somehow threatened if their’s are ever seen as successful). That wouldn’t really be a huge problem if he weren’t also a repeat offender for using the same tired criticisms whether they apply to the subject or not and for just making stuff up completely out of thin air to cram the series events into his viewpoint.

    My point is Darkmirage is a translator and just happens to not like the show very much (even if he also tends to misrepresent the series on his blog sometimes), which I’m cool with, Crusader I have seen trying to discuss the series reasonably and his articles on the series have long ceased being mere Jason Miaoism’s as he’s followed the series. In other words I completely disagree with much of what they say about the series, but I acknowledge their reasons for saying them as personal opinion on this particular series for the most part.

    Jason however came in with the completely wrong attitude, has brought us the same tired “Sunrise Trainwreck” routine since day one, has never had the intention of giving the series a chance since it doesn’t fit into his predetermined viewpoint, and will ignore or eject elements from the equation that don’t fit into that viewpoint as well. In other words people like me who highlight his logical fallacies are not welcome, but thugs like Tyrenol who agree with him constantly and utter death threats to people like me are.

    Jason has the Actus Rea and Mens Rea to misrepresent this series in the worst light he possibly can, whereas Crusader and Darkmirage are just voicing their honest opinions. And you know I don’t care if Jason has Sunrise listed as his 3rd favourite studio, he still misrepresents them constantly. That is the issue here.

    Although now that I think of it there was one thing Darkmirage said about episode 20 that seems completely out of sync with what actually happened:

    “…and also because he kills her after that. That’s right, with no build-up whatsoever, Ali randomly decides to stab/shoot Kinue in the stomach and leave her to die.” – Referring to Ali

    I’m sorry, but his mind game with her, playing the nice guy, getting her in the car and then eventually revealing the truth (as he always intended too) seems like premeditated intent to intimidate. There was also quite a bit of build up as Ali and Kinue’s dialogue eventually went from a pleasant facade to frightening truth. That’s also not an opinion but a statement that he made so I can’t let that one pass without countering it. Sorry Darkmirage, but that is just not true at all. People can go watch the scene, it takes place between 10:19 and ends at around 12:25 (making it more than two minutes long and one of the longest scenes in the episode) and judge for themselves.

    @RmX: Soma, Sergei and the superior officer reminded me of a Daruma in that shot. I kept thinking to myself “Soma goes into Sergei and Sergei goes into Dolph Lundgren there”.

  4. 4 Veneficus March 3, 2008 at 8:33 am

    I still have hope that Billy is going to reverse engineer one of those Solar Drives, and install it in Graham’s Custom SVMS-01E Flag. The fact that Graham is determined to only use his Flag suggests that is still going to happen.

    Personally I like the flags, they remind me of Veritechs. ^_^

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