Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de – Episode 9

And another week comes and goes again. This time the story is centered around Miyu but with an overall positive push for the plot as a whole. (Just be prepared to see some mind numbing scenes along the way *cough*).

In a Nutshell: It’s the morning and Ren is being Miyu’s personal assistant for a while along with Hato nee. She continues to show her unaware side by allowing Ren to enter her room whilst she was still naked. Luckily for her, Ren is a decent man and turns away whilst Hato nee help Miyu to dress up (how old is she again?). Ren admired how much in sync these two where.

Yume is in a hurry and runs out to school. Shinra pats miyu’s head and greets her goodbye as she is also about to leave for the “battlefield”. Ren does his part as a butler and gives Miyu some coffee, he is complimented by his attentiveness but giving her “grown-up” black coffee.

Later, Miyu orders Ren to hand wash her underwear but before that, he is treated to giving her a back scrum in bath. Miyu tells Ren that he shouldn’t be embarrassed at taking care of her like this and allows him to go to bed. She then continues to indulge into her “book” *cough*. Ren falls asleep as soon as he lands on his bed so Hato nee kindly tucked him in.

The next day Ren helps Miyu get ready in the morning, and the day soon passes like any other. At bed time, Miyu requested Ren to fetch Hato nee and the three of them ended sleeping in the same bed (no, not in that way! ^^’). Miyu wanted to test Ren’s arm as a pillow. She asks Ren to tell her about himself but he decided that it wasn’t anything special. She then asks for him

dream and he replies that his dream is to be living with everyone. Miyu assures him that his dream will be protected. Ren tries to ask her about her dream but she falls asleep. Ren wasn’t so lucky and begins to have thoughts about sleeping with a naked girl. He pokes her chest which made her let out a cute sound. But then Hato nee asked Ren what he was doing…

Ren is then outside, apologising to Hato nee. She was kind at first but she soon turned into a devil…

The next day, yume is leaving for school again. Miyu tells Yume that she will be able to look over her homework which she is grateful for. Shinra then commented on miyu being rather adult today. Yume leaves but is rather depressed that her presence is being shafted again. And so, another day passes.

Ren hear some sounds coming from the kitchen, and to his surprise, it was the sound of Mr egg dry humping the rice cooker. Ren knocks him away but that only makes him angry. Mr egg tells him to be obedient like a butler and steals his phone. Beni leaves to inform Miyu who brings out the whip. She chases the two with a leek (where did that come from O.o).

Mr egg soon runs out of batteries and so Ren takes him into hiding. Mr egg wakes up and is grateful to Ren for saving his live (ie charging him up). Mr egg then announces that money has come into Miyu’s account and Ren wonders how she earns money. Mr egg then tells Ren to not underestimate Miyu.

Ren wonders into the kitchen to apologise but he is told to help out first. Hato nee pushes Miyu’s button and we get some weird reference to Yatterman.

Yume is outside and ponders on what she wants to do in the future. After some unfeasible ideas, Natose asks that she should think of something more realistic and encourages her.

Shinra is on TV and tells the reporter that she believes that her father is the person she most respects. Ren is envious at this for obvious reasons. But he found it weird that Shinra hasn’t smiled at all during the show, Miyu explains that it is probably because the host only asked about their father.

Shinra walks into the room where she sees Miyu and Yume playing games. Shinra turns off their game and tells them to think about the future, all of a sudden. Miyu believes that she doesn’t need to be told and throws down a big envelope full of money and tells Shinra that it is her living expenses for the month. She then runs out of the room, leaving Shinra shocked at her attitude (but hell knows why she didn’t question her own *rolleyes*). She believes that Miyu has become a delinquent which causes Yume and Beni to imagine up some strange fantasies.

Shinra becomes stressed and tells them that she will never allow Miyu to become a delinquent. However, Ren tells Shinra that she should let Miyu calm down and gives pretty positive reasons.

Shinra later apologises to Miyu about being impatient. Miyu wants her to repent by having her wear shorts but that was just pushing it.

At the dinner table, Miyu tells everyone that her dream is to open a restaurant where family and friends can share precious times. Yume announces that she will also be working but Shinra doesn’t give her much thought and quickly turns to Miyu again. Yume becomes depressed and leaves the room but before closing the door, she looks at how happy everyone looks. Natose enters her room to find her crying. Yume jumps onto Natose and cries out loud, asking why Shinra only looks at Miyu.

Thoughts: Finally a Miyu ep, it seems like forever I have been waiting for this.

Miyu is definitely a child despite her age and one who is “oh so sensitive” around certain spots. More often than not Ren is pushing all the right “buttons” for her. A lot of fanservice for the happy yaro but thinking about it, I have to commend on how good Ren is at not letting his inner desires slip because given the same situation, I definitely wouldn’t have been able to resist her charms . Well at least up to a point until he was used as a pillow and he happened to poke her in the chest (causing her to “yelp” in delight).

Yakuza Hato nee is very very scary ^_^

Then there was the eye burning scene of randomness. Mr egg dry humping the rice cooker…oh my lord XD So did he honestly think that the rice cooker was a “mate” *rolleyes*

Well despite all this random fun and play I am pleased to see that there is a plot development behind all this. It seems like the series will be taking a darker turn with Shinra talking about her father. It seems like she is also having a hard time supporting the family which caused her to take it out on Miyu.

The air becomes rather tense with Miyu declaring that she will do something, I guess Shinra never considered how harsh she was coming across and I did feel that she was being OOC.

Another turning point was seeing Yume getting really upset about Miyu getting all the attention from Shinra. She usually doesn’t let that bother her too much but now with the crying fest at the end, I’m beginning to think that something is going to turn bad. I feel sorry for her.

The preview give hints on the situation and it seems like Natose will be the main person in helping Yume patch things up.

I admit that Shinra is being cruel to favor Miyu over Yume by so much, but I suppose she doesn’t know that she is doing it.

With 4 episodes left I am already thinking how much I am going to miss this series.

Hightlight: Death metal Miyu…that is just…


1 Response to “Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de – Episode 9”

  1. 1 Kaioshin Sama March 3, 2008 at 3:43 am

    Seems Yume needs to know her role.

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