Kimikiss moments ~ ep 21

Nostalgic moments hit home in this week’s Kimikiss.

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Another truely great episode from a series that is so renowned for bringing slow but significant development it is becoming legendary. It certainly doesn’t waste time on anything.

First things first. The talk between Yumi and Mao wasn’t actually about Kouichi. Instead it was about Mao leaving so I guess for all you that are worrying about whether she was going to tell Mao about her intentions to break up or to fight back, you can stand a ease.

The festival is going as planned and everyone is getting involved quite nicely. There seems to be a definite attraction between Kazuki and Futami, so much in fact that she is no longer the old Futami. That is alright seen as the new Futami is just a beautiful…now she smiles a lot

Kouichi x Mao

Oh poor Mao. She is trying to put on such a brave face but it is easliy seen through that she is in pain on the inside. Kouichi is moving further and further away for Yumi but at the same time isn’t getting any closer to Mao, the opposite in fact. He is stuck on what to do but it seems like he is swaying towards Mao more (no mention of him being together with Yumi as of lately). Well mao tries to cut her ties with him by using the exiting technique and is doing a good job trying to be upright. However, it is still rather painful at the end, especially when Kouichi wishes to her that they could return to the time when they were younger. The flanders book seems to be the plot device between them all the time. However, she is still insistant that he has Yumi.

Kouichi X Yumi

Simply put, things aren’t going good. She tired a few times to confront Kouichi and asks about his feelings (or something like that) but is ultimately interrupted. In the end we see her staring into a picture of the whole group. Thoughts that are running through her mind must be those of doubts. *sigh* Another tragic case…

Mao x Kai

It WONT happen but this ep reveals that Kai is a good artist ^^

Kazuki x Futami

Completely awesome!! Futami is now smiling so often I feel faint looking at her shining.

They are becoming more close to each other, now it is Futami who starts the conversations.

Kazuki x Asuka

Ye ouch…

It seems like Asuka cannot completely forget about Kazuki and it is even affecting her soccer. She also seems to be having regrets about bringing those two together but I really hope that she won’t do anything stupid to break them up. But it is still a one sided love and I don’t see any sign of Kazuki changing anytime soon.

The rest of the epsiode was fun and full of lightheartedness at times.

One such instance is how Futami becomes more open minded to saying positive things, which in this epsiode happens to be udon, and so…lets play the Ultimate Futami Udon game!

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen! Today we are joined by a very special guest. The queen of ice, the goddess of unique taste will be over very own judge for a vey special treat. Makers for the Udon society have poured in blood and sweat to bring us the perfection that has never been seen before in the world of Udon. Give it up for the very special chefs!  *applause*

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Now that we have the important people, lets being out the out of this world samples!

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The moment of truth as Futami san will now taste the Udon. Famous for being harsh, just what kind of verdict will she give?

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*doki doki*

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“It’s good”

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  1. 1 calvin March 3, 2008 at 2:16 am

    Futami rocks~!!

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