CLANNAD, Episode 20

Nagisa finally found something to act on, however, her play is something extremely odd which will stir some worries and curiosity to Tomoya.
As he is trying to figure where Nagisa learnt, Tomoya discovers the truth about Sanae’s and Akio’s past.

CLANNAD, Episode 20:

Hidden Past

Nagisa is practising in front of the bakery and Tomoya joins her. Of course, she isn’t exactly concerned being alone as she can ask help from Akio and Tomoya considering she is front of the bakery.
Tomoya wonders if Nagisa remembers about the play. She doesn’t have the title. However, she remembers she heard it when she was young: a story of a girl who is living all alone in a world. This mere mentions shocks Tomoya, while Nagisa adds the fact it is a very sad tale.
This sequence fades with “CLANNAD” on a white screen before the Op kicks in.

    Illusionary world. The girl finished the second robot. She and her companion are a bit far away and the boy begins to “clap” his hands to make the robot move much like how the girl did before for him. Unfortunately, the second robot is completely motionless. Struck by grief, the girl hugs the boy, apologizing and crying…

      Tomoya is at the balcony thinking back to the play Nagisa told him last night. His train of thoughts is then interrupted by the usual furukawa antics, Sanae dashing out because her bread is no good, once again!
      Tomoya checks out Akio, and the later reveals what is the new bread: RAINBOW PAN !
      Tomoya asks if Akio knows something about “a girl alone in a world that ended”, but he doesn’t know anything, and advices him to ask that to Sanae. But before Tomoya is going, Akio asks him that, whatever he is looking for, he wants Tomoya not to tell anything to Nagisa and talk to him instead. Tomoya is puzzled, but 1kio insists on that seriously.

        Tomoya catches up with Sanae at the park but she doesn’t know about anything. Tomoya wonders if it might be a TV show instead of a picture that both Nagisa and Sanae watched before, but it doesn’t ring her a bell. As she asks how the conclusion is, Tomoya says it is a sad story and he doubts there is a happy end for it. Sanae is troubled as she isn’t good at telling sad stories.
        Sanae wonders if it is important and in his thoughts, Tomoya concurs it is the case though he is unsure why. Sanae believes that it might be a picture book they forgot about so they might look for it later.

          Next day, Tomoya pays a visit to Yukine with Youhei about this play, but Yukine doesn’t seem to know about it and believes he won’t find that at school, especially there isn’t much picture books at school. However, Youhei suddenly asks if there is a spell to find out who love you. Tomoya is bothered as they were discussing on something serious but Yukine does have such spell. Youhei has to make a heart with his hands and repeat some aria several times. After that, he just have to walk and the first girl who talk to him was actually thinking about him. Youhei dashes outside. As the joker is out, Tomoya comments about the spell, thinking that it would be better if the guy confess to the girl, and Yukine figures he is talking about himself and Nagisa. Tomoya is bashful, and Yukine comments how it might be nice though timing is important otherwise it might be bad, which Tomoya realizes as true.
          Youhei is back and he made 5 turns of the school, but no girl ever talked to him, so he is left in despair.

            Yukine is about to serve some water but then notice Nagisa outside, obviously looking for Tomoya. She is amused and now wants him to try the spell as well. As tomoya leaves the room, Fuuko was running and they bump each other. obviously, Tomoya isn’t exactly pleased with that and prevent Fuuko to talk to him. Tomoya can’t help it and has a gut feeling that it might be bad if Fuuko is the girl for the spell, so he pretends that a bear is prowling somewhere and people must play dead! Fuuko buys it totally and begins to act like a zombie (thriller ref! XD).

              Tomoya is relieved but as soon as he is fred, Nagisa bumps on him and was looking for him. Tomoya is in panic, and remembers what Yukine told him about the spell. Nagisa wonders what’s wrong and Tomoya can’t do anything but blush, saying it is nothing. Yukine is watching from the entrance, smiling at that scene

                At the drama club room, Nagisa begins to tell the story of the illsionary world, where the girl is all alone in a empty world, and she created a “junk doll” to have some company. The doll answered her feelings and begun to move. From there, the girl isn’t lonely anymore, but Nagisa doesn’t know anymore past this point.
                Tomoya is still concerned about that story.

                  Nagisa and Tomoya are looking for anything about the story at the storage room of the furukawa. Nagisa found something, but it is in fact a dango item. Akio barges and wonders what they are doing and quickly makes them stop.

                    After a while, Akio wants to talk seriously with Tomoya, but the later must keep it secret from either Sanae and Nagisa.
                    Tomoya is okay with this but Akio is a bit thirsty and calls out Sanae for some tea. But he realizes that he called her, defeating the “secret purpose” so they have to move out before she arrives.
                    As they are outside, Akio is about to begin, repeating that he shouldn’t talk about this to Sanae or Nagisa, but Sanae arrives with the tea cups!
                    Akio only realizes it a bit later and forces Tomoya to gulp quickly the tea. Both guys are on the roof this time. But even more antics about Nagisa’s bedpan make them earn some gentle “scold” from Sanae.

                      Akio stops fooling around and begins to explain that the thing they should not find in the storage shed is His and Sanae’s past: newspapers, pictures etc, their dreams in fact.
                      Tomoya wonders if it is really a problem if Nagisa finds out, but Akio explains that Nagisa was in a life-threatening situation, shocking Tomoya in the process.

                      Sanae was a teacher, but Akio doesn’t reveal what he did during this time. They were quite busy with their works and so they couldn’t be with Nagisa quite a lot of time.
                      One day, Nagisa had a fever, and they were worried about her. However, there wasn’t anyone available to take care of her, and both of them were quite busy. They were uneasy, but for their dreams, they had to. Akio thought it was alright as Nagisa’s fever had gone down, he would come back home when his job is done. However, as he comes back home after his job, he finds Nagisa on the ground, with snow piling on her. Nagisa usually waits for her parents when they are coming back, but this time, her weak state made her unconscious. Both Akio and Sanae were lamenting on such tragedy. But later, Nagisa could open her eyes. From there, both vowed to stay by her side. This is the reason why they are owning a bakery.

                      Tomoya ponders about it, but Akio knows very well that Nagisa will be grieved by that, thinking it is because of her that her parents had to give up on their dreams. Tomoya remembers what Nagisa said before. Akio and Sanae knew that Nagisa was going to be sensitive about something “wrong” so they decided to hide their pasts in the storage shed.
                      Tomoya wonders if they shouldn’t tell her clearly so there will be no misunderstanding, especially that he thinks she became already stronger. Akio doesn’t know, as saying out of the blue after so many years might strike her with shock. That said, Akio will try to take the first chance to tell her in the future.

                      A bit later, Akio is back to his cheerful mode and wants to organize something for tomorrow. A little quick:

                      1. Pic nic
                      2. Pick pick
                      3. Picric acid

                      Obviously, Nagisa choses the firt one, but Akio says it is number 2. Sanae disregards that and suggest her to go pic-nic the both of them, leaving akio alone. Usual antic, and Nagisa and Sanae invite Tomoya as well.

                      Tomoya is in his bed, pondering about the recent events. He then wonders what his father is doing right now.

                      Early at the morning, Tomoya infiltrated Youhei’s room, and he is quite uneasy about the pic-nic.
                      Tomoya believes he is unfit, but Youhei wonders if it won’t shock Nagisa in the process. Tomoya is clueless and claims it will be alright as he left a note for them. Youhei still thinks that Nagisa might be worried and even mistunderstand this situation. Tomoya argues the fact that it is just a picnic, but Youhei reminds him that they are talking about Nagisa who isn’t quite confident in herself, hence it will be unseasy for her. Tomoya thinks she is confident enough as she says it, but Youhei figured out that this is thanks to Tomoya’s presence and actions. Hence, Youhei asks him what would happen to her confidence if Tomoya happens to be absent.  He finally adds that despite he doesn’t know how Nagisa feels about him, if TOmoya stays unclear like that, he will hurt her as result. Tomoya then decides to leave.

                        At morning, Nagisa is outside and Tomoya arrived. He wonders why Nagisa is still here waiting, as he left a letter. But she didn’t find any. Sanae and Akio arrive and they were expecting him to come. Akio disposed the letter and Tomoya apologizes. Akio brushes it off and forces him to participate to the baseball activity. They are having a picnic at the park, with kids playing baseball with Akio.

                        While Akio is already having fun with kids, he does the usual show off, asking if Sanae saw and fell in love with his stunts, which she heartly confirms for both.

                          It is Tomoya’s turn, and despite his shoulder injury, he is able strike the ball properly. Tomoya copies Akio , asking if she was watching that. As Nagisa answer positively, Akio jokingly asks if she fell in love with this… However! Nagisa does confirm, which is turning the situation upside down for the couple, while Akio is in shock.
                          As the young couple is blushing, Akio is pissed off and hurries Nagisa to join the batter box quickly. Nagisa, completely flustered is however able to strike the ball, while Tomoya is happily cheering her.

                          The four of them are enjoying their day together.



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