Gundam 00 Episode 21 (Path of Ruin)


We begin tragically this episode as Saji is forced to unzip the body bag of the now confirmed dead Kinue Crossroad.  As a really depressing Violin and Piano combination song plays in the background Saji weeps for his beloved older sister, his last familial tie.  He is all on his own now, or as I am apparently supposed to understand it, gone emo (which I think is entirely the wrong attitude to have about his situation).  If I suddenly lost my girlfriend and then my parental guardian I would be broken up too.


The Peaceful Look On Her Face Makes Me Feel She Got That Picture Back.  Let’s Hope She Did And Can Rest In Peace


Get Ready To Hack That Gibson Ribbons


That’s Handy.  Veda Must Be Tapped Into Spy Camera’s Everywhere Or Something

Summary: After we come back from the break we see Alejandro and Ribbons continuing their infiltration of Veda.  Alejandro asks Ribbons if he “can do it” and claims his family has been waiting 200 years for this moment.  Ribbons confidently replies that it will take some time.  Meanwhile on the Ptolemaios, Sumeragi is ordering Chris to get a visual on the squad that drove off the Trinities through Veda.  When Felt helps to pull up the visual the Meister’s worst fears are realized as the squad is very much composed of suits with Imitation GN Drives.  Setsuna seems distinctly unimpressed that somebody would dare to imitate his god. (“Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth” ~Exodus 20:4~)


Everyone Just Calm Down – Kagami Kuro (Kodomo No Jikan OVA)


Oh Snap, Alejandro Is Atlas To Lagna’s Andrew Ryan I Guess

Meanwhile at the Trinity’s North African base Michael is having a breakdown (so not much has changed) concerning Haro’s inability to get in touch with Lagna.  Neena asks Johann what they should do, but he just stands there statuesque.  Back at Veda Ribbons reports that he’s past level 5 of Veda’s security protection (HACK THE PLANET!).  Ribbons passes Alejandro a vid screen to help him pass the time which confirms Lagna’s distribution of the GN-X’s to the proper parties.  Alejandro mentions ominously that that fulfills the end of Lagna’s role (Well goodbye Lagna).


Darryl Dutch At Your Service


The Fact That There’s A Cheesy Hanna Barbera Sound Effect As He Trips Over This Thing Had My Smiling Quite A Bit


Darryl’s Unyielding Loyalty To His Captain Is One Of The Main Reasons I Like The Character Over Other 2nd Tier Supporting Cast Members


You Know I Don’t Get How Katie Is Not A Man, But It’s Kind Of Welcome At The Same Time.  I Mean When Was The Last Anime People Can Recall Where There Was A Female Character That Was A Butch Military Chick With A Deep Gravelly Voice And Chisseled Features Instead Of A Perfect Body, High Pitched Voice And Moe Eyes? Be Honest

Meanwhile, back at the Union High Orbit Station, Darryl is approached by Patrick, who trips over a divider near the view screen as Darryl asks who he is.  Patrick asks Darryl how he can dare to not know the name of the AEU Patrick Corlasawar, and finally recognizing the name Darryl asks if he’s not the first person the Gundam’s performed the armed intervention on and beat up badly (More Hanna Barbera Sound Effects).  Embarassed somewhat, Pat asks where the AEU’s “Top Gun” is, and Darryl says that Graham will not be participating in the next operation.  Patrick makes the mistake of saying that Graham wussed out, which immediately get’s his collar grabbed by Darryl who tells him in no uncertain terms not to insult his captain.  Katie makes her way in now and puts an end to the fight as Darryl moves to salute her.  Katie asks Darryl to excuse Patrick’s big mouth, and confirms that she will commanding the next operation.  The two confirm they look forward to working together and then Katie excuse herself and calls Patrick.  Darryl says to himself that he will get results and not make his leaving the Flag Fighters meaningless.  That way he can show his face to Graham again without shame.




No Need To Look Confused Felt, It’s A Free Drink


Moe Quota Fulfilled For The Month.  Expect Next Giggling Fit Around Episode 50….Maybe

Back at the Ptolemaios all is quite on the front line as Felt and Chris work their shift alone.  Suddenly Sumeragi comes in bringing free drinks for everybody (Score!).  Sumeragi asks how cutting the Gundam’s off from Veda is going (going as in it better be before Ribbons finishes taking over Veda) and Chris confirms they are about 80% done.  She goes to take a sip of her drink and wretches when she finds out it’s alcohol.  Felt starts giggling (and I start wondering if Sumeragi should be serving Alcohol to minors) and Sumeragi remarks she has been getting softer lately (Everybody has been getting softer lately, if there’s one thing all this stress has done it’s to bring the Celestial Being’s together moreso as a team, and almost as a family).  Sumergai wishes them good luck and to keep up the pace before heading out.


Wow They’ve Got Camera’s Everywhere.  I Wonder, If They Could Install A Camera Into The Floor Itself And Have The Screen Reflect…..NAAAAAAH!


She Looks Kind Of Alone In That Dark Room.  Maybe Chris And Felt Should Go Visit Her Once In A While Instead Of The Other Way Around


Teamwork Is Becoming A Central Theme Of The Series, But In A Good Way, Not The Overwrought Preachy Sentai Way.  After All This Isn’t Exactly A Kids Show

In the ops room Tieria believes that the GN-X’s are taking advantage of Veda’s intel and wonders how they can fight back against them if they cut the Gundam’s off from Veda.  Lockon comes in now and says that they can rely on the Gundam’s power and Sumeragi’s intel, not to mention their own wits.  Tieria begins talking about crimes that Sumeragi committed in the past and says that Lockon must not be aware, and Lockon says that he is, but that anyone can make a mistake (Tieria is almost getting this now I think), which in her case was a very big one.  He says that she fights to cleanse herself of that past and that alcohol is her best friend to quell her broken heart (hmmmmm, I wonder if this has anything to do with Billy).  He says being Human allows her to do that, and Tieria again mumbles “human” not seeming to understand fully.  He asks if Lockon knows about him (Okay yeah he’s definetely not human, which opens me up to the possibility of Cyborg now, but we’ll see), but before the conversation can go any further Allelujah comes on the screen and asks them to standby for Sumeragi’s orders.  They acknowledge and then Lockon tells Tieria that now that the tide has turned against them the Meister’s need to work together more than ever.  He tells Tieria that he’s counting on him.  Tieria shrugs and says he thinks it would be best to say those words to Setsuna, which Lockon thinks is true enough.


The Kurdish Republic. A Region Devastated By A Decade And A Half Of War


Setsuna’s Theme Conveys A Sense Of Melancholic Nostalgia.  When Will The Man Known As Soran Abraham Be Able To Return To His Homeland If Ever.  Will He Return There As Setsuna F. Seiei Or As The Child He Left Behind


The Meaning Of The Single Flower In The Opening Is Revealed.  It Is Symbolic Of The Slow Rebirth Of The Kurdish Republic


But Is It Not Already To Late?


Can It Be True?!

Meanwhile Setsuna is having a dream as Soran where Marina appears to him (And oh my god it’s playing his theme song, the best song on the OST.  Do people like it as much as I do I wonder?)  and points out that flowers are starting to grow in his homeland again and that the people are starting to return thanks to solar electricity.  She feels things are sure to get better.  She tells him it’s okay and that he doesn’t have to fight anymore.  As he drops his gun down there is a sharp thud and Setsuna wakes up.  Setsuna asks himself if the dream is an internal monlogue and if he truly wants to lay down his weapons and end the fighting….


The Thrones Are About To Be Put To The Test On Their Own Turf


The View Must Be Breathtaking From The GN-X’s


I Wonder If It Tastes Like Chicken


The Trinities Lay Out The Welcoming Mat….Which Just Happens To Be A Rather Long And Large Charged Beam Blast.  I Wouldn’t Try To Follow Its Trajectory In Personally


Yes, They Shot A Hole Through The Mountain Wall Of Their Own Base


Looks Like The President Turned Out To Be But A Pawn After All.  If You Are Ever Playing Chess Be Sure To Know Which Piece Is Your Alejandro Corner, And Which Is Your Lagna Harvey Folks


A Convenient Exit

Back on Earth Sergei is leading his squad of GN-X’s to attack the Trinity hideout.  As they approach Soma is ready to savour the taste of victory again when suddenly she senses something.  She calls out to Sergei and just as most of the GN-X’s break formation the the Ein’s GN Hi-Mega Launcher takes out a single GN-X.  A giggling Neena exalts over their shooting one down, but Michael always the dick complains that they used their ultimate weapon and only got one.  Not really listening Johann broods over Lagna’s betrayal and wonders if it was his intention all along.  Meanwhile back at the Prez’s Rez we see a very dead Lagna Harvey stooped over his desk as an aide stumbles upon his body (By the way this whole scene has some seriously rocking guitar music.  I can’t wait for the second OST to be released that covers the Thrones rock themes.  It works so well to, the more rebellious and independent Thrones get thrashing rock and roll music, while the more reserved and by the book Meister’s get the orchestral music).


Battle Stations!  Also I Just Realized That Felt’s Outfit Looks A Lot Like The Type You’d See Sayaka Yumi Wearing As She Pilots One Of The God Knows How Many Variations Of The Aphrodite A


Oh See Now She’s Ready To Dress For The Series


Launch Time!

Back on the Ptolemaios Sumeragi walks in on a resting Felt and Chris who have finished with the Standalone System, and no sooner does she look at the screen then does it pop up a radar blip of approaching enemies.  She ponders the meaning of what the attack not being deteced before means (I’ll give you a hint, Veda’s been lying to you), but soon regains her composure and orders Chris and Felt into their normal suits before giving the order to the Meister’s to scramble their Gundam’s.  19 units are approaching and a long battle seems inevitable.  As the Gundam’s launch Lockon orders them into formation and the other 3 Meister’s acknowledge (it’s time to see what their newfound teamwork can do).


Can This Guy’s Life Get Any Worse?


Simple Advice That Nobody Seems To Follow Anymore


Two Seperate Lives Brought Together By A Common Thread Of Grief



This Scene With Saji’s Tear Falling From First Person View And Then Settling On The Picture Was Extremely Detailed And Well Animated In My Opinion.

After the break we go back to Saji’s house as he stands shaking over Kinue’s positions (the most important of which is the picture, which she did indeed manage to recover).  From here he flashes back to talking to Kinue’s boss who says that their is no journalist who did not know the Crossroad name (Saji’s father being a legend in the news industry).  Apparently he was framed by someone he was investigating though and imprisoned.  Saji relates how when Kinue used to visit him he would say this words, “Seek facts, connect them together, the truth will be there”.  (Wise advice and one of the primary guidelines I have in the way I live my life.  Looking for the answers to that which I do not know, that is how I spend much of my time)  Following that advice Saji asks the editor to tell him what truth Kinue was pursuing.  Perhaps against his better judgement and not wanting to disappoint the determined Saji’s last wish the editor tells Saji about Kinue’s investigation of Aeolia Schenburg.  He then apologizes wishing he had stopped her, and the two appear to share a moment of mutual silent grief.


Wow….What A Liar!


Scenes From The Battle Part 1 (Click To Enlarge)


Omni Pointed Out On His Blog Article For Shakugan No Shana Episode 21 That You Can See Almost This Exact Same Shot.  Just Replace The Two GN-X’s With Shana and Wilhemina And The Exia With This Weird Phantom Of The Opera Looking Guy (Yeah I Haven’t Been Keeping Up On Shana At All Frankly)


Don’t Be Afraid To Use Your Nails


Scenes From The Battle Part 2 (Click To Enlarge….Or Don’t, It’s Up To You)


Most Depressed Tieria Ever

Back in space the battle has begun between the AEU-Union taskforce and the Ptolemaois crew with Patrick firing the opening volley.  Tieria tries to bring up the GN-Force Field but finds it ineffective against the GN-X’s beam rifle.  With little time to wonder if they have figured out a countermeasure, Tieria choses to charge in.  Allelujah is also having trouble hitting them and Dynames’ attacks prove largely inneffective against the GN-X’s similar ability to shift defensive particles to protect themselves.  As the squad forms up in a line to shoot down Kyrios’ the unit reminds us of it’s ability to evade attacks quite nicely in waverider mode.  Meanwhile Patrick and Darryle try to double team Setsuna and he barely manages to guard against a pincer attack by them.  Patrick then orders his men to fire on Dynames and Lockon manages to get his Poncho up to defend against the beams.  Meanwhile Kyrios has transformed into it’s mobile suit mode and begun an active attack.  He wonders if their annhilation was part of the plan, to which Tieria replies of course not while firing his overhang cannons.  The GN-Xs break formation, but not without some good damage to their limbs.  Patrick is all upset now and charges in.  Tieria readies his GN-Cannon and is about to fire when Virtue’s camera goes dead.  He comments about backup from Veda, and then all the Celestial Being Gundam’s are floating dead in space.  Allelujah wonders if they are about to be punished and things certainly don’t look good for the Meisters.


Nice Kill Switch


Alejandro Is Getting Some Scirocco Dialogue This Episode

Patrick points out that the Gundam’s have stopped moving and Darryl wonders if it’s a trap (I would).  Setsuna is in shock and flashes back to the past again, where he was a completely helpless target, but now he’s in Exia and he notes that he still can’t become the Gundam.  Meanwhile we head over to Ribbons who is asking Alejandro if this is his true desire (we see a screen of them spying on the four Gundam’s drifting helplessly so we can assume that it’s Ribbons that disabled them) and Alejandro replies that in order for the world to unit the UN forces must be victorious.  He also claims that he doesn’t just want control of the Celestial Being organization, but the world too.  That means more masterminding to come


Sumeragi: “Format Veda And Install Windows Then!”


This Version Of Marina I Swear Is Like Mishizuma Taking A Shot At Relena And Lacus Type Characters.  She’s So Obviously An Angel Of Death Leading Setsuna To Forfeit His Life And Everything When Fighting To Stay Alive Will Be The Only Way To See His Ideal World Come To Fruition.  So Yeah, Take That Relena And Lacus With Your Blind Pacifism.  Well Actually Relena’s Was Okay Because She Eventually Realized It Got Her Fucked Over By Romefeller And She Realized There Was A Time To Make A Stand Later In Endless Waltz.  Lacus Never Grew Out Of That Though.  Shame On Her


I Notice DarkMirage Likes To Make A Lot Of Innuendo Jokes About This Series, But He Missed Like The Perfect Opportunity To Do So Right Here.  The Possibilites Were Endless.  Tsk Tsk DarkMirage, Your Slacking Off On Your Duties :p


Beam Shields?  I Haven’t Seen Those Since Victory Gundam.  Of Course They Were A Lot Bigger In That Show


2 Down, 28 To Go


Laser Light Show Time

Back with the Ptolemaios crew Sumeragi has Felt and Chris switch them over to the backup plan (Good thing she had it made) and the Gundam’s come back online right as Setsuna has a hallucination of Marina inviting him to give up.  He cries out for the Gundam to respond…..and it does.  Dynames and Kyrios come back online as well, but Tieria is having some trouble with Veda’s betrayal and not moving.  Setsuna is going crazy on the GN-X’s though as he tries to slash them with his sword and Darryl is caught of guard by the Gundam’s suddenly moving again.  Patrick being a cheapass sees this as his opportunity to bag the Virtue (something he failed to do last time they fought) and sneaks in behind for a Pilot Kill.  Not having this Lockon deploys Dynames’ leg mini-missiles and Patrick barely manages to get his shield up in time. (it’s the same shield as on the Enact, leading me to believe the AEU has customized their GN-X’s)  Setsuna takes on Darryl now who blocks his attack while his subordinate sneaks up behind Exia for a killing shot.  Setsuna is quick though and throws a beam saber right into this Henry fellows unit.


Patrick’s Killing Charge Denied (Click To Enlarge)


GN-ARMS Makes It’s Debut


Retreat Time


I’m Sure Howard Is Looking On Pleased Nonetheless

Patrick moves to try and defeat virtue again and this time manages to get within mere inches of it before Lockon dives in the way, taking the stab for Tieria.  Lockon appears greatly injured and before anyone can do anything Patrick swipes Dynames aside and tries one more time for Virtue, but this time he get’s interrupted by a large beam (and it’s not from Virtue of course).  It’s the GN-ARMS piloted by the buff dude (Who I now know is named Lasse Aion) and it manages to take down a GN-X.  A retreat signal is launched and Patrick laments that he won’t be getting a kiss from Katie (awwww….).  More seriously though is Darryl’s fury at having to show his face to Graham without managing to take down a Gundam.


Yeah That’s Right, I’m Not Going To Say The Exact Same Thing Somebody Else Says Everytime A Screen Like This Is Shown.  Instead I’d Like To Mention That Tieria Got A First Hand Demonstration Of What Lockon Meant By Teamwork And Counting On Each Other For Backup.  Lockon’s Selfless Act Will Probably Go A Long Way To Further Helping Tieria Understand Humanity, Whatever It Is That Tieria In Fact Really Is


Wow Battle Damage On A Gundam Not Seen Since The Days Of Turn A


That’s Definitely Blood Floating In The Cockpit


Hopefully For Felt’s Sake He’s Okay.  I Think She’s Lonely And Isolated Enough Already That She Needs A Good Man Like Lockon In Her Life

As Lasse asks everyone if they’re okay, he hears Haro saying that Dynames is damage and Lockon is hurt.  Tieria can’t believe that Lockon got injured defending him and is on the verge of tears.  Elsewhere Alejandro congratulates the Celestial Being on resisting his attempts to put an end to them, and mentions Sumeragi’s tactical forecasting in creating a backup system.  (There’s also a really cool directional choice you don’t see often in anime, but moreso in American TV where as Alejandro is mentioning Sumeragi, the screen switches to a view of her and then she starts with her orders, all as if one scene is linked together from two seperate places.  It’s just a nice dramatic touch)  Anyway, Sumeragi orders Virtue and Dynames retrieved and Felt worries about Lockon.

The last scenes of the episode have Ribbons confirming Level 6 of Veda cleared and as the ending them begins to play Brian says that they got Mediocore results for a squad put together in a hurry (whether that’s good or bad is a matter of perspective), the AEU president orders the mass production of the GN Drive expedited and the HRL leader says the age of Gundams is coming to an end.


Where to start.  Wow!  I don’t think a single second of this episode went to waste in being top notch in all categories.  If there were any common themes throughout the episode they were teamwork, mutual understanding and carrying the torch.

Beginning with Saji, despite his overwhelming grief at the loss of his sister, he sought answers from her boss, and the two seem to share a mutual bond in their desire to carry the Crossroad legacy and find the truth about Aeolia Schenberg.  I could sooner see him taking Kinue’s job at JNN before I see him becoming a pilot though.  Louise is absent again for the 2nd time in a row and it’s getting weird not seeing her around with him.  I hope they haven’t really written the show as now that they have both experienced a huge loss at the hands of Celestial Beings they will need each other now more than ever.

Darryl also carries on Graham’s duties as the point man for the Union aces and despite an early fight with Patrick they quickly learn to work together where it counts and manage to cover each other in battle as well as to give Exia run for it’s money.  Patrick’s determination to settle the score with Virtue net’s him…..Lockon.  Lockon’s dive in at the last second to save Tieria demonstrated to him first hand what he was talking about in the Ops room.  When Tieria was in trouble, Lockon covered him, almost at the cost of his own life.  It might not exactly be teamwork, but it’s the kind of selfless act that helps to further build trust.  It’s sad that Lockon had to get hurt to show this to Tieria, but it seemed to have worked as the definitely not quite human Tieria immediately understood the purpose and ramifications of Lockon’s act.

Setsuna’s storyline this episode was a bit odd, but I definitely think Marina represents the “false path” to him.  Her appearing as a hallucination to tell him to stop fighting would have gotten everybody killed if he had agreed to it.  Though it’s possible there is some truth to what she is saying, that in the end he will eventually have a place to go back home to.  Perhaps Setsuna is struggling with his own internal monologue and misunderstood the message.  There IS a time to stop fighting, but it’s definitely not now.

Allelujah again kind of get’s the shaft this episode and I’m a bit worried about whether he’s going to get any real development this season or not.  Until Soma shows up in front of him again I don’t think he’s really going to have much of the spotlight cast on him though.  Whether that’s next episode or not I don’t know.  He did have at least one interesting line in that he wondered if the Celestial Beings were getting punished.  All of them share an equal and genuine desire to see warfare disappear, but I think they know they had to become the devil to try and see that ideal come to light.  It’s slipping away though now and Allelujah seems to feel that they are receiving penance for their crimes.  Not to mention earlier he slaughtered an entire building full of helpless children.  That’s got to weigh heavy on anyones conscience enough to accept the possibility of punishment by annihiliation.

Speaking of Soma, what happened with the battle between the HRL and the Thrones.  It’s just sort of left hanging as the Thrones head out of their base.  Did they retreat, stay to fight off camera, or is the fight possibly even still going into next episode (we already know some of the battles in this series can last an extremely long time).  Either way they have definitely been betrayed by Lagna, who in turn seems to have been betrayed by Alejandro as he is no longer among the living.  Alejandro’s goal of having Aeolia Schenbergs organization was denied this episode, but Ribbons hacking into Veda continues.  What exactly does he seek to get from that now though that the Meister’s Gundams are cut off from Veda’s influence?

Sumeragi’s past also comes up a bit this episode, and while never revealed it is implied that some tactical screwup she made while with the Union resulted in a War Crime of some kind.  Again it never comes up.  Felt also does somethings this episode too in her little giggle fit and Christina apparently doesn’t like the taste of water.  Both were key in the Meister’s survival this episode and it’s a shame that the softening Felt is going to have to go through some angst as the extent of Lockon’s injury becomes clearer.

The music deserves special mention this episode as it managed to create the right atmosphere every time.  The depressing violin music in the beginning was just that and fit perfectly with conveying Saji’s sorrow.  Then there was another awesome guitar riff during the Throne’s appearance.  Everytime they appear I have this sudden urge to grow my hair really long, dye it blond and throw up the horns.  Then there was the great use of Setsuna’s theme during his talk with Marina.  It starts of very slow as Setsuna doesn’t seem to know where he is, and then picks up into the flute portion when Marina arrives.  On that note I also want to add that their relationship is definitely not a romance.  It’s a mutual understanding as well as the fact that they share an equal confusion in the true nature of the world and what the ideal one would be.

The choreagraphy during the battle was also magnificent.  As usual there is no reused or lazy footage and everybody fought with a vigor that matched their desire to work as a team this episode.  The battle was definitely not one sided nor inclusive as the Meister’s managed to damage about 3 GN-X’s (Tieria’s attack) and destroy 2 (one for Exia in a straight up attack and one by Lasse via the element of surprise) and the AEU-UNION team managed to significantly cripple Dynames as well as it’s pilot.  I think Setsuna and Patrick were the star players for both sides this time around, with a slight nod to Tieria for the limb damage and Lockon for the save.  Allelujah was kind of useless.

I look forward to next episode because something awesome happens every single time now.  Luckily even though we only have 4 episodes left in the season there will be Code Geass to look forward to almost immediately afterward.

Rating: Ten Out Of Ten


13 Responses to “Gundam 00 Episode 21 (Path of Ruin)”

  1. 1 RmX March 7, 2008 at 2:22 am

    – I was quite intrigued by the whole “Marina represents a false path” angle.

    – The music in this episode kicked so much ass.

    – Felt giggling is plenty extra on moe quota for me. It’s compensation for the amount of action we’re getting now.

    Other than those, so much despair for the Meisters…

  2. 2 Owaranai Destiny March 7, 2008 at 4:55 am

    Marina representing his way back to a time where he can finally lay his arms down, perhaps?

    Very interesting depiction of the dream-scene. What gets to me is how Tieria, like people ignorant or indulgent about their present needed something tragic to happen before he knew what was going on. Of course, we know that Tieria isn’t exactly what you would call ‘human’, either in his body or in his mentality.

    I wasn’t much for listening to music when watching scenes, but now that you’ve mentioned it, it might actually be what made the dreamscape and battle scenes so much more exciting and interesting.

  3. 3 Jakinbandw March 7, 2008 at 3:03 pm

    First there was Celestial Being. I admired their goal, but saw them as a sort of Light/Kira type figure

    Then the thrones came and I realized that now there was someone I actually hated

    Now Alejandro is in the picture, and I realize that I actually liked the thrones more than I thought, because I find myself hating this guy more.

    And don’t even get me started on the merc… I loathe him to. But I figure that he doesn’t have as great a potential to hurt people as Alejandro.

  4. 4 Solly Rushdale March 8, 2008 at 4:41 am

    Last night I had dream. I dreamed that I saw Lockon, very, very badly hurt, but then my dream fast-forwarded a couple of episodes talking to Christina. He was still hurt, but sitting up (and Christina was doing doing whatever it is that nurses do). Maybe I really did dream of the future, because it was animated the same way you’d see it on tv, and I was just watching it, until I heard myself think, “Christina with Lockon?! Woah…”. So I hope my dream comes true, because I oh-so-badly want Lockon to survive!

  5. 5 Solly Rushdale March 8, 2008 at 4:58 am

    By the way, I don’t actually believe Lockon will end up with Christina. That was just my first reaction when watching the dream inside my head. I wasn’t thinking that clearly when I made that snap judgement, because, you know, I was ASLEEP. Besides, I don’t think they’d make a good couple.

  6. 6 Kaioshin Sama March 8, 2008 at 5:39 am

    The girl he has the relationship with is Felt

  7. 7 Jafri March 8, 2008 at 10:05 am

    I hope Alenjandro Corner is going to be EVIL next. I’ll Be damned!

  8. 8 CCCP March 8, 2008 at 10:56 pm

    “Oh Snap, Alejandro Is Atlas To Lagna’s Andrew Ryan I Guess”


  9. 9 Kaioshin Sama March 9, 2008 at 3:42 am

    Hey, somebody actually got that one! 🙂

  10. 10 Solly Rushdale March 11, 2008 at 1:26 pm

    Wait, relationship as in nice, friendly, platonic one or relationship as romantic? Because romantic would be just wrong as she is a minor and he is ten years her senior. But a platonic relationship would be completely understandable (and almost predictable) because conciously or not, he probably considers her to be a surrogate little sister (seeing as he lost his).

  11. 11 Okadashi March 17, 2008 at 1:26 am

    Why did they have to make the girls hand like that? It was so sad. Especially for Saji, I feel bad for him. All that hardwork for nothing.

  12. 12 Setsuna F. Seiei November 2, 2008 at 12:48 pm

    Shitty thrones joke..Hahahahaha!!!!!!But nice Gn-xs

  13. 13 try ageless male June 21, 2013 at 11:10 am

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