H2O- Episode 10 – Kohinata…

Awww…I just knew that the love we saw was too good to last. Let this be a lesson to you all, always run the opposite direction from the elderly, as you never know what they might say (evil granddad =___=). Apologies for being late, but for this ep, it is worth it 😉

In a Nutshell: The episode starts off with just after the kiss and how happy Hayami feels about being able to walk the same path together. However, in the shadows we see granddad looking at the couple behind a tree with evil in the look of his eyes.

The next day, Hayami wakes up nice and early to make breakfast for everyone. Uncle is over ecstatic at the situation and rubs Takuma’s head for doing such a good job. He tastes a bit of meat and announces to the world that it is delicious but then stops to wonder where in the house was there meat. Hayami smiles and tells him that she woke up early to go to the paddy fields. The image of a frog alone was enough to wipe the smile off uncle’s face.

Walking to school with Takuma with the bell on her back, Hayami looks content. Hotaru joins them and smiles at the sight of the bell. Hayami becomes frustrated that Hotaru won’t tell her what she is smiling about. At school, a welcoming party for the new couple has been arranged and Hamaji quickly came up to the job of being a reporter. However, it isn’t all laughs and cheers as in the corner we have Yui growing mould. She is depressed all over that Takuma didn’t give her the bell and vows that the fields won’t betray her at least.

During lunch, Hayami confesses to Hotaru that she wants to be with Takuma and that he also wants to be with her, but it doesn’t mean that they are married or anything. Hotaru understands and tells her that she is happy that things are working out. Hayami promises Hotaru that she will make Takuma happy.

Later that day we have the bully parents complaining to granddad that Takuma gave the bell to Hayami. They are afraid that Hayami will use Takuma to get revenge but granddad reassures them that their relationship won’t last and that it is impossible for them to be together.

The next day, uncle leaves early for work leaving Hayami and Takuma, who becomes conscious that they are alone. Having nothing better to do they begin to do some spring cleaning. Unfortunately Hayami doesn’t know how to use the hover…or the washing machine, but becomes annoyed when Takuma shows her.

They later have a picnic on the lawn. Hayami brings out the fried egg and tells him that it may not be what he is used to, sounding nervous. Takuma tells her that it is good which makes her relaxed. Takuma then begins to tell her about his childhood experience. He tells Hayami how his mother used to take him to the park and have lunch there even though they were poor. It wasn’t much but at that time he could remember how delicious her eggs were. Hayami promises to make him more. The leave and Takuma holds her hand, like what real lovers do.

Whilst heading home together, they meet granddad in the distance. He starts with a sarcastic remark about their relationship and asks Takuma whether it was the right idea to give Hayami the bell. Takuma tells him that this has nothing to do with the village but granddad just laughs. He then reveals that it was Hayami’s parents which drove Takuma’s mother to suicide.
The next day we have a cheerful situation at school. All the pictures from the last beach visits were spread out but amongst the cheerfulness, Hotaru sense some uneasiness from Takuma. The all suggest that they go to the beach again which gets Yui all fired up about going on an adventure.

A few desks away, Hayami flashes back to last night. Uncle confirms but telling Takuma how his mother was supposed to marry a man from Hayami’s family but instead she met his brother and decided to elope with him. But the time they were found, it seems like Takuma had already been born. The Hirose family had to accept the marriage but the Kohinatas never gave up. They gave pressure on Takuma’s mother which eventually drove her to killing herself.

Hotaru asks Hayami what is wrong but the response she gives only made her worry more.

Takuma suddenly felt a dizzy spell and his vision blurred, the others ask him what’s wrong but he tells them that he is fine.

Over the dinner table, it seems like Takuma is on purposely avoiding conversation with hayami as he talks to uncle nonstop instead. In his room, Hayami asks whether it is alright for her to be here but Takuma tells her that it was nothing to do with her. Still Hayami tells him that she doesn’t mind leaving if he is forcing himself. Takuma then gets another dizzy spell but when he comes to his sense this time round, he ends up shouting at Hayami for being annoying when he has said that this has nothing to do with it. He swiftly apologies and tells her to stop this topic. Hayami tells him good night and leaves.

We see Hotaru walking past granddad and she asks whether he has said anything to Takuma and Hayami. Granddad doesn’t give any response and only walks off.

There is a typhoon the next day so school is cancelled. Takuma tells Hayami how they can leisurely spend their time for the day in that case. We then see people of the village setting up sandbag blockades in case of flooding.

Takuma looks out of the window and enters a daydream. In the dream he sees his mother and a train signal. He then sees Hayami taking his mother to the tracks where she is killed. Freaking out in real life, he throws the towel away that Hayami was going to put on him seen as he was asleep. He tells her that it isn’t what she thinks but she doesn’t listen and apologises. Takuma raises his voice and asks her what she means by sorry. He then screams that his mother won’t come back even if Hayami leaves.

This shocks her so much that she runs out into the storm, leaving Takuma on the floor, shocked at what he just did.
Hayami runs and runs but all that time is thinking about Takuma. She takes off her ribbons and throws them away and begins walking.

At the bridge she takes the warning sign and begins to hit the sandbag blockage with it. The two bullies appear from nowhere and accuse her of trying to kill everyone in the village. Hayami confesses that she will kill everyone which causes the two boys to punch her – the very same scene seen in episode 1…

Thoughts: Good news and bad news for the relationship (which was expected seen as it was established with 3 more episodes to go) and I am more inclined to start off with the bad news.

So by the end of this episode we have gone from a lovely dovey relationship to a traumatically shocked Takuma, Physically and emotionally beaten Hayami and shit-loads of revelations. The shock factor in Takuma’s response to Hayami which drove her away was certainly something to take note. I couldn’t have seen that act of OOCness come at all., imagine the usualy mild tempered and friendly Takuma turn him into an angry monster. Naturally Hayami ran away being the social withdrawn type in the first place.

So with revelations flying around here and there, it would be simpler to go at them one at a time.

Firstly it seems like I was wrong about granddad being accepting of Hayami at last. He seems to be the worst of the bunch of “Hayami haters” and god dam, has he really stirred a nice pot of SH*T this time round.

Telling Takuma that Hayami’s family was the reason why her mother died was just too much. He just can’t help but ruin everyone’s day.

Takuma pretend to not be bothered by this news but his actions afterwards were clearly of more ignorance towards Hayami. He somewhat “avoided” her subconciously whilst wearing that fake smile around, but in reality he was deeply confused as to what to do. Hayami trying to comfront him but he convinces himself that everythingf was alright.

Which then leads to revelation two. At last, his eyesight is fading again. I am so glad that the writers didn’t forget about this fact and from what I can see (no puns ) The reason why he lost his sight is because of his mother dying in front of him. From the very start I had linked the train signal with the reason why he lost his sight, and now it seems to come back.

As I said, his reaction towards Hayami was definitely OOC. But first, the dream about Hayami taking his mother away was abnormal. All because granddad planting ideas into his head, he dreams about Hayami killing her mother and hence that explosive reaction. Poor Hayami ended up suffering again from that outburst.

And interesting note is that she took off her ribbons. I feel that her ribbons are a symbol of her happiness, and taking them off means that she has returned to her former tsun self. Hayami is what I would class as the old definition of tsundere.

On the brighter sight, this episode was excellent at developing their relationship (it is a dam shame that it didn’t last too long ;___; ).

With the episode starting off with Hayami on a high and cheerful, talkative mood, I was pleasently surprised. This has got to be the turning point for her personality and oh so moe.

I am not surprised that she switched so easily because she has been keeping her own feleings to herself for a long time. And for the first time in ages, she was able to set herself free. The scenes with her trying to help out was just too cute. She knows nothing but that doesn’t stop her from trying (and showing her tsun side whenever Takuma proved to be more work worthy ).

Overall, perfect episode that I wouldn’t have it any other way. Now bring on the DRAMA ~ and no nice boat before anyone starts >___>


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  1. 1 Anime Manga Series March 7, 2008 at 7:47 pm

    I heard this one but i never thought this is a nice anime. Anyway, thanks for the review, it’s great…

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