Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de – Episode 10

Nice bonding episode between the sisters and even some background on Natose. This is one of those episodes where the usual happy mood goes out of the window to make way for some deep/touching Feelings.

In a Nutshell: Yume is looking back on an old photo album of her celebrating her birthday with the family. She begins to cry and ask why Shinra is, supposedly why she is being ignored. Natose is out in the balcony and vows to herself that she will protect Yume’s smile.

The next day Natose tells Yume that things may be better if she tells Shinra about her feelings. Yume then fantasises about the scene where they realise their feelings for each other and embrace in a tight bond. Yumec cries just imagining it and Natose cheers her on as usual.

Yume enters Shinra’s room to find her and Ren hugging, or rather Shinra with her arms around him. Ren straightens himself out and begins to leave the room. Shinra tells Yume that Ren came instead when she wanted Miyu to replenish her energy (you know what that means O.o). Yume is shocked and begins to ask Shinra her important question. She asks Shinra why she won’t embrace her like she does with Miyu. Shinra apologises, saying that she never knew and hugs Yume. Shinra is happy that Yume was seeking her love and tells her that she must have been over reacting to what happened a long time ago.

Yume then ask if she said something before. Shinra tries to remind her by saying that it was on the funeral night of their parents. Yume remembers about being extremely sad but any other thoughts beyond that she can’t remember. Shinra turns around and is amazed at how little Yume thinks of her. Yume is apologetic but Shinra sends Ren to escort Yume outside.

Ren explains the situation to the others in the garden. Yume is depressed but Ren assures her that everything will be alright if she remembers what happened on that night. Benisu nearly trips over Yume who is digging a hole. She jokingly and ask if she was digging a grave but Ren tells her that it isn’t funny. Benisu then calls out to shinra to be careful of the hole as she was walking towards the flowerbeds. Shinra comments on how she was going to sooth her mind through flower gazing but decided that she should do so later. Yume runs up to Shinra and apologises to her for not remembering and that she didn’t intend to hurt her feelings. Shinra still doesn’t accept the apology because Yume haven’t remembered yet, causing her to run away.

Miyu criticises Shinra, telling her that she should be more grown up about things. Shinra responds saying that it is a matter of feelings. Ren feels like he should do something but Benisu warns him that he should not invade their master’s privacy. Ren feels that he should still do something but Benisu warns that not all relationships are like between him and Hato. Speaking of the devil, Hato nee the pops up and tells Benisu that she may have to protect Ren in battle.

Haru is caught in a stampede and vows that he will take over the world!!!! (by creating a clean world!!!!!) ~ I support :p
Natose knocks on Yume’s door but a voice from inside tells her that she wants to be alone.

Later, Ren tells Natose that she should be supporting Yume. Haru suggests that he should go and tell Yume that quarrelling is proof of her existence, but Benisu stabs quickly by telling him that he is talking about himself. Natose apologises and is still depressed. Ren then unleashes his secret killer move to make Natose happy by giving her a brotherly hug, not surprisingly enough it works like a charm. Natose understands what Ren is trying to say but she also knows that Yume longs for Shinra and not her.
During dinner Yume is nowhere to be seen. Natose doesn’t feel like eating and laves the table, making Benisu wonder if she is sick or something. She enters Yume’s room only to find that there is no one there. She then reports to the family that Yume has ran away and that even her purse is gone. Shinra asks when but Natose obviously doesn’t know. Benisu is still causing a distraction which earned her a hato nee forehead flick! Natose continues to blame herself for letting her run away but Shinra tells her to calm down. They all start to search but Shinra doesn’t move. Ren is annoyed and tells Shinra that she will be unhappy if she can’t see Yume again. Shinra is still acting stubborn so Ren tells her more directly. He tells her that she still doesn’t understand the situation even having lost her parents. He tells her that even he wishes that his father were kind because they are family. Ren stresses that to have such a warm family, they should treasure it. Miyu understands and tell him to go search for Yume while she handle things here.

Outside Natose is able to sniff out Yume and runs towards a direction.
Meanwhile, Yume is in town and passing a Chinese restaurant thinking about how warm her family was before their parents died. A waitress comes out and asks Yume to go into the warmth. Natose then runs up to Yume and embraces her. Yume apologises but the waitress is less impressed with the scene as she feels that it will affect business. Natose smells meat buns and they end up buying 10, whilst Ren finally catches up.

The three of them look from the high ground and admire the midnight structures whilst munching on the meat buns. Yume tells Ren that this is Shinra’s favourite spots but she can’t remember if she came here with her father a long time ago. Ren tells Yume that she isn’t too late to talk with shinra more but Yume only wishes.

Ren comments on how Natose loves to star gaze. She tells him that it was her job to report back to her family. Ren is surprised to hear about her family and Natose explains that they all died during a tsunami and curses herself how she lacked the strength to protect her family. We then get a flashback of Natose with her hand over her eye and blood dripping down.
At home, Shinra is getting stressed. The colonel is still calm which causes Shinra to become more annoyed. Miyu tells Shinra that it was her fault for being so childish and Shinra leaves the room with a slam. She is reading some papers in her room but her mind isn’t focused at all.

Benisu tells the colonel that she is very worried but he believes in their bond as siblings.

Natose continues with her life story and tells Ren how she was saved when she met Yume. Yume is confused but Natose tells Yume that she was supported by her smile ever since they met. Yume’s encouragement has meant that Natose was able to feel loved and so she will work hard to make Yume smile. Yume is happy that Natose would say such a thing but Natose explains that Shinra is the same. This is also why Natose felt unable to confront her when Yume told her that she wanted to be alone. Natose then encourages Yume to think back at the day of the funeral.

Yume tries hard and remember how sad she was. Everyone was crying but Shinra remained distant. Yume asks Shinra why she isn’t sad and runs away telling Shinra that she is like a robot who doesn’t cry.

Back in present time, shinra is getting emotional. She confesses that she wanted to cry as well but being the big sister she needs to look after her family. Miyu tells Shinra that she looked very dependable back then but explains that to Yume, she must have felt that she has lost not only their parents, but also a kind sister. Shinra says that it is too late now but Miyu reminds her of what Ren said.

Yume remembers but tells Natose and rend that she can’t go back after such a thing. Natose tells her that it is never redeemable and remembers of her past. Ren agree and they both give encouragement to Yume.

Miyu tells hato that Shinra was only holding her feelings back then, trying to not bring shame to her family. She explains that if only Yume was older at that time and Hato continues that Miyu ended up getting caught in the middle. She hugs Miyu and tells her that she understands what it feels like to lose a family member.

The sound of Yume’s voice can be heard and she runs into Shinra’s room but is slapped just as she enters. Yume breakdown crying and apologises for being selfish and saying that she remembers now. Shinra is forgiving and says that it doesn’t matter anymore. She also apologises for making her sad on something so trivial.

Later that night at the balcony, yume thanks Natose for helping her working things out with Shinra. Yume then yells out that Natose is the family’s guardian angel and requests to sleep with Natose. Watching Yume’s sleeping face, Natose thinks about how warm this family has become.

Thoughts: Now that was some interesting development.

Yume and her problems with feeling unloved has resurfaced again (as seen in the previous episode) but this time she takes it a bit further and runs away from home, worrying everyone but apparently not Shinra at first, but that was before Rin told her off for being cold blooded.

Thoughout the episode, I got a weird feeling that Shinra was actually being quite selfish with her biased feelings. She mentions of how Yume cried when their parents died but got pissed at how Yume forgot about what happened…but that itself was rather unreasonable considering how young Yume was back then.

So being depressed, Yume ran away from home. But because of that we did get some background on Natose and a hint on how she injured her right eye. Seems like her family all died and she wasn’t able to protect them.

This episode is focused on the family bondings within the family, and whilst rusty, I mean Shinra definitely isn’t the “all perfect” person I once though she was being just human afterall, they do share a special bond.

I loved the way Shinra made up with Yume and her side of the story somewhat “justifies” though not completely, her previous raction towards Yume forgetting the past. Out of the three sisters, Shinra was the only one who didn’t cry because she believed that she needed to be strong for her sisters. Whilst Yume thought this was cruel, Shinra did do the ultimate sacrifice for her sisters and this was because she loved them.

Yume does remember in the end and apologises making it a happy end overall.


2 Responses to “Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de – Episode 10”

  1. 1 Mentar March 9, 2008 at 9:53 am

    Shinra all-perfect? Naah, not in the least 😉

    She has some demons of her own. I’d expect the last 1-2 episodes to become quite a bit of an angstfest.

  2. 2 deathkillz March 9, 2008 at 3:26 pm

    Oh I hope so 🙂

    Angstfest for the win. It is nice to think that this series won’t just end without any major conclusion, with my dreams of a second season somewhat drifting far away ~

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