Kimikiss Changes ~ ep 22

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Only REAL men cry like that…seriously.

Now that is some serious emotion I’ve seen from Kouichi since he last cried…and that was some years ago O.o

Yea…he pretty much cried for Mao, which just confirms how much he loves her over Yumi. I guess there is 99% chance that Kouichi will go for mao based on the facts from this episode.

Kouichi x Mao

Like I said, Kouichi cried for Mao at the end of the episode due to her departure. I just can’t begin to think how much he loves her for him to do that, yet at the same time, I am sure that he is still unsure about his feelings. “Why am I crying” would be a standard question for him to ask himself in a situation like that.

Mao on the other hand has motivated herself into being a book worm again. This is one way to take you mind off the one you love. She is definitely trying to escape the fact because she feels that Kouichi is still better off with Yumi. Pushing herself to the limit is beginning to affect her stamina as well…that is where she meets Futami again in the infirmary…

Kouichi x Yumi

Like I said, this episode pretty much guaranteed that their relationship won’t come to light. Yumi is smart enough to pick up the vibes given off from Mao as well as the “oh so obvious depressed look” Kouichi gave when she left Yumi’s going away party early. Dammit, he makes it too easy for a girl’s heart to break. Still though, he promises to be with Yumi in her final day here but the truth is, this is probably the scene where they split up at last.

Mao x kai

I’ve said it countless times before and I’ll say it again. Kai is a friend for life. He has grown so much since we’ve first seen him, it is rather incredible. No romance between the two but he is always there to offer words of wisdom. He is also beginning to build up a pretty nice fangirl base for himself.

Kazuki x Futami

*Head bangs*

Futami thinks too much for her own good ;_____;

After overhearing Asuka talking with Kazuki, she is beginning tohave doubts of her own feelings…not to mention another external influence from Mao. Just when things are going so well she begins to go into hiding again. Misunderstandings is bad especially for a genius like Futami. She is overthinking her feelings and this isn’t doing the relationship any good.

But with that said, I still can’t see any other end besides these two being together…Asuka is nice and all but she isn’t that needing of Kazuki compared to Futami.

Kazuki x Asuka

Good old Kazuki is still clueless about Asuka, but she is still in love with him. The poor girl is daydreaming too much about him, which makes her slip into a clumsy phase. Well this does somehow get the attention of Kazuki at least but he isn’t attracted to her THAT way. However, the preview seems to be the resolution (or the start of) for Asuka’s case. I just can’t wait and see what they have installed for us.

Besides the basic facts that I’ve pointed out, I have to say that this was another very sound episode. Quite amazing how Kimikiss hasn’t failed on any episode at all…this must be a first for me, or definitely something very rare.

Only nag I have at the moment is hearing the goddam “Udon!!!” cheer. I feel that I will never eat udon again by the end of this.

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Perfect maid.

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Happy Farewell.

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Hopelessly too smart for her own good.

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Clumsy lover.


2 Responses to “Kimikiss Changes ~ ep 22”

  1. 1 anon March 9, 2008 at 4:47 am

    kimikiss was great to watch..but somehow i felt kazuki’s love triangle was and still is a hell of a lot more interesting to watch than kouchi.

    i mean from the begining he kept moving forward. going along with the experiments to under stand futami better even through its probably wrong 😛

    but in the end most people date to know each other better. in futami’s case being the genious and all i think the experiment route was sound. usually your first kiss is an experiment right?

    Wich kouichi would stick to one person..but i guess his heart will only be pleased when he meets that right one. he always seemed more relazed with mao than yumi..whcih is what i really ahted about that relationship. gosh….

  2. 2 Gravmech March 10, 2008 at 3:54 pm

    It’s funny that Mao is the source of the damage to the only two working relationships.

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