H2O- Episode 11 – Hirose…

Now this is the time for this series to really shine. And shine it DID. Completely unexpected turn of events, angst fest and just plain crazy. THIS IS DRAMAAAA!!!

In a Nutshell: Hayami is just knocked down onto her knees again but her words of defiance proves that she isn’t about to give up against the two thugs any time soon. She taunts them more while falling onto her back. The big guy becomes even more annoyed and begins his to let his fist do the talking. The skinny guy is scared whilst his buddy tries to drown Hayami. Luckily for her, Yui shows up in time and saves her from drowning. However, Hayami just brushes her off and begins walking away again. She flashes back to those events with Takuma and clenches her teeth.

She bumps into Takuma who is waiting for her with an umbrella. He tells her to come back but Hayami tells him that it is better if he stops with the lies. She repeats again that it is her family’s fault that Takuma’s mother died. Hayami begins to blame herself and tells him to release all his anger onto her. Takuma flashes back to the train signals and goes berserk. He is just doing what Hayami told him to and begins to beat her up whilst screaming why his mother died. Before he knew it, Hayami is unconscious on the floor and he screams in pain again.

In the Hotaru household, granddad is telling her that she needs to get closer to Takuma. Hotaru does not understand but granddad tells her that Hayami and Takuma’s relationship is over. Yui then appears and asks Hotaru to follow her.

Back to Takuma’s house, Hotaru and Yui is looking after Hayami who is away now. She is battered but there is nothing wrong with her body. Hotaru asks why this happened and Hayami replies that it is because she wants Takuma to live without anguish. Hotaru holds Hayami’s hand and tells her that there is no way Takuma can hate her.

We then see another dream from Takuma as he chases Hayami onto the train tracks and the barriers come down. He begs to hayami that he understands that his mother’s death has nothing to do with her. Otoha then appears and tells Takuma to accept it, to accept everything. The train is coming and runs Hayami over who by this time has turned into an image of Takuma’s mum. Takuma then begins to chase his mother again and again but Otoha tells him that he won’t be able to catch up because he has never forgiven his mother for abandoning him. Otoha tells him again to accept everything and that his eyes and heart “…”

Takuma wakes up from his dream but finds himself in a very dark world. Hotaru tells him that she will get him a drink but Takuma stutters and in a frightened voice, tell everyone around that he cannot see anything.

The next day we hear gossips around school as the children are in shock that Takuma said that he was able to see. At home we even see that a doctor has checked up on him and tells uncle that perhaps it was the trick of his mind. Takuma asks uncle to give him the picture taken from the beach. He then asks if his eyes are open and that he has seen them open before, though on the picture his eyes were closed. He then takes out his not book and tells uncle that he was able to take his own notes but he hesitates to tell him that they are only scribbles. Takuma then takes out a painting but all we see are only random splashes of paint. Uncle tries to tell him to get some sleep but Takuma but Takuma freaks out. He then remembers the previous night where Hayami apologise to slapping him when he told her that he didn’t see her body in the bath. Uncle continues to comfort him but Takuma tells him that it is enough and that he doesn’t want to see the girls.

Later, we hear Uncle apologise to Yui and Hotaru who has come for a visit. Yui is annoyed and tells her slaves to take the pumpkin back. Hayami shows up and tells them that she will go back to her “house”. Uncle tells Hayami that she should recover first but Hayami wants to take a look at least. Granddad then shows up and tells the gang that he wants a chat. Hayami tries to leave but he wants her to listen as well.

Granddad tells uncle how Takuma has suffered because of Hayami’s presence. He has also informed Takuma’s father and it seems like he is concerned and requests for Hayami to be distanced from Takuma. Uncle resists but granddad tells him that it is for the sake of the village. Hayami agrees but granddad shuts her up. Takuma then appears and asks where the toilet is. Uncle takes him away and granddad starts to bitch about Hayami again, calling her a monster.

Hotaru wakes up and breathes heavily. She hears the door closing outside.

Meanwhile, Takuma checks the time. He then hears that Hayami is leaving and begins to stumble and fall towards the door. Uncle tries to stop Hayami but the sound of Takuma falling caught his attention and so instead he prevents a berserk Takuma from chasing Hayami.

Hayami is walking towards the forest and Hotaru is running to Takuma’s house. She asks Uncle where Hayami is and he replies that she just left. Looking frantic she then goes to Takuma’s room and begs him to stop Hayami, telling him that she will be leaving the village. Takuma tells her that it is impossible and that he has never been able to see in the first place and that everything was a lie until now. He then questions whether everything was an illusion. She begins to freak Hotaru out which causes her to slap him. She runs away, leaving Takuma to laugh and apologise like a maniac.

Hayami is till walking when he is confronted by the two adults. They tell her that no one will care if Hayami went missing and reveals their hidden gun. Meanwhile, Takuma is outside and falls into the fields. Hayami runs but finds herself trapped when granddad appears. He gives the adults order to shoot her but they hesitate. Granddad then takes the gun himself and opens fire.
The shot misses Hayami but that was because Takuma pushed the shotgun away. The then tells Hayami that he will protect her, he will protect her MOTHER!

Thoughts: 3 words to describe this episode;

“OH MY GOD” ~ *mouth of gape drops to the floor*

The insane amount of revelations are painful to say the least. Who would have guess that Takuma was “crazy” enough to continue with Hayami’s beating even when she left barely alive from the other two. Yep, she was battered, torn and nearly drowned, but that god Yui came in time to save her. Though Hayami rejected her kindness ~ that part is understandable.

But for Takuma to carry on with the beating was totally OOC for him. His usualy, gentle side is well out of the window and before he knew it, he had had Hayami on the ground and punched her countless times already. The look on Hayami’s face after that really made me worry (a la I though she was really dead). The most surprising thing is that through this whole ordeal, we never saw Hayami shed one drop of blood.

“Think about the children!”

*cough* Well the cat is out of the bag. Even if Takuma didn’t mean to blame Hayami, he subconsciously can’t let go of that vivid image of his mother dying in front of him. He revealed his ugly side yet again when he started beating Hayami.

Takuma is forever tortured by the images of his mother dying in front of him everytime he closes his eyes. But dam, who wouldn’t. His mother died when he was a child but we see that she left a goodbye present…one of her arms wasn’t quite turned into mush and he held onto that. Such a scene would turn even the most sane person insane and I am certain that this is the source of his blindness…yep, he never wants to see anything again so horrid.

Otoha appeared in his dream aswell…we can see that she is trying to set his heart free so he will be able to see again. But Takuma just ignores her and screams “DO NOT WANT” at the countless scenes of his mother dying.

He wakes up and OH MY GOD x2

It is revealed that he was never able to see in the first place. Yes…all this time he was never able to see but those thoughts of him being able to do so was just in his head. The harsh truth hits home but I find it rather impossible to accept. If he was really blind then some of the stuff he was able to do isn’t possible at all (for starters walking around without his poking stick).

Still this is some fricking hot DRAMA!!!

Revelation to the max and just plain brain raping >.>

But what’s to wrap up an episode without an “OH MY GOD” x 3

Hayami leaves the household because she feels that it would be better for takuma. In fact she plans to leave the village which leaves Takuma screaming in pain after finding out. Being blind he can do nothing. Oh the angst~~~

But what is this? Seems like the village won’t let her come and go as she pleases and the two responsible adults bring out their guns. Hayami is in a pinch~~~

Hotaru tries to tell takuma about this but he has completely lost it. He has given up the will to live by this point and feels that the world is playing a joke on him. He freaks out after Hotaru slaps him, getting apologetic and wanders outside.

Hayami is cornered by the men but they are unable to fire. HA! Not old jijii…he tries to shoot Hayami without any thought but surprisingly Takuma saves her. But he then tells them that he will protect his mother.

On this note we can say he has lost it completely.

Now I am just saking in my seat thinking about what is going to happen next…no…this series is unpredictable! O.o


1 Response to “H2O- Episode 11 – Hirose…”

  1. 1 UkyoKuonji2004 March 18, 2008 at 11:34 pm

    You know, after I saw this episode a few days ago all I could think of was why was I such an idiot for not waiting until the last episode, because now I’m here mentally burnt trying to figure out what the heck happened(^_^;). At first I thought it would have been better if he didn’t know about Hayami’s parents killing his Mom, you know how it is; ignorance is bliss. He would have been happy like he was if he didn’t know about that. But then it got me thinking that if the Grandfather didn’t tell them and they stayed together, chances are pretty good Takuma was going to find out sooner or later, like his father telling him over the phone or something. So finding out before their relationship got more intimate was a good thing in that sense.
    What still has me sort of confused is Takuma’s blindness. I had witnessed the death of a friend when I was about Takuma’s age so I can understand what he’s gone through. I know that his mother commiting suicide in front of him sealed his eyes in darkness, but the episodes where he could ‘see’ often had some things that didn’t make sense, like the times when he’s alone and he can find his way around just fine(and the chores he did in episode 10, he couldn’t do that if he was blind). Now, there is a condition some handicapped people experience that makes them believe they’re able to do something that’s impossible for them to do. Takuma basically took in his surroundings with his four other senses and they were so clear that he pretty much thought he could see, with the help of Otoha’s ‘magic’. That could better explain that part in episode 11 where he was trying to convince his uncle that he could see all the time by showing him his notes and the sketch he drew.
    At the end of the episode, that part where he’s going to protect his Mom threw me for a loop too. It took me about five minutes to realize that was exactly what he said(I thought I was hallucinating). It’s only speculation here, but I’m thinking that after his sight was gone again he thought everything was an illusion(he does say that to Hotaru after all). When Hotaru slapped him it pretty much told him that if he could feel pain, this is reality. When you think about it, he’s blind so he doesn’t know what’s going on around him, he can feel pain so he knows he’s awake, and he’s still sort of convinced that everything was a lie, so all he can come up with is that he’s still five years old and he had a vision that his Mom died. From there he got Hayami and his Mom confused and so he’s off to prevent his ‘Mom’ from getting killed, even if it means throwing himself before a rifle.
    Overall to me this episode will not be forgotten. It struck a personal nerve to me because of the whole thing about his trauma. Take it from me; it’s not nice to witness so much blood when you’re five years old(I didn’t go blind though, just lost the memory of it until a few years ago nightmares kinda brought it all back). From here the series will either end very good or very bad. I have no idea how the last episode will go but I hope everything’s explained.

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