Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de – Episode 11

Despairrrrrr, that is what I get when my router suddenly decides that it doesn’t want to work, otherwise I would have been able to up this earlier *sighs*. Anyway, welcome to ep 11 of Kimiaru and brace yourself for a bumpy ride. Also be sure to keep an eye out on any eyecatches such as this…

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Nice boat is really nice ~

In a Nutshell: Haru is drinking some milk in the park where he is hit by a football causing him to drop the bottle. He is crying over spilt milk but an angry voice from behind tells him to hand over the ball. The ungrateful yobs then had the nerve to pass charges on Haru because the ball was covered in milk but Beni soon comes in to save the day.

Haru later tells Ren about what a wonderful day he has had. Ren is confused and annoyed that Haru is in the bathroom with him but he becomes flustered when Haru begins to undress (well, he is a trap after all). Ren can’t take it much longer and leaves the bathroom with only his pants on. Benisu sees this and nails him in the nuts.

The next day, Ren is cleaning the front gates but he is mowed over by a paper plane. The plane turns out to be from Ageha, who informs them that she will also be at the flower viewing festival. Ren complains and looks over to Haru for a response but he is spacing out. Ren wonders what he is spacing out for but Haru runs away saying that it is nothing. “M” then comes from nowhere and tells Ren that she knows what is troubling Haru but won’t actually tell him the reason. This then caused Ren to call her a dog and she quickly obeys her master telling him that he is in love.

Meanwhile, Hato nee is walking home from shopping and passes a guy playing on his sax. Hato nee then walks off after a moment’s pause (the guy on the sax is Kai by the way).

Haru enter Yume’s room where Ren tells him that they are on his side. Haru is confused but Ren tells him that he is in love causing shock and the predictable “how do you know!?” line to be said. Ren then asks who it is but Haru is hesitant. Natose also offers encouragement and Yume is thinking that it is her. Haru then reveals that she is in love with Benisu but the others think it is a joke. Ren suggests that it may be Hato nee but Haru roars to them that it is Benisu.

So then Haru explains that he likes her strong willed and firm character. He also thinks that she is kind and Natose understands. Ren then suggest pushing her on the floor, but there is more of a chance of him getting killed. They then suggest a date and to take her to a place she likes. The place turns out to be a baseball match, and that is just where Haru ends up.

Benisu is surprised that Haru came but wished that Ren was also here so she could teach him the wonders of baseball. She then asks why he didn’t ask Ren but when Haru tried telling her the truth, she became more interested in the game. The batter missed and Benisu wished that Ren was here so she could use him as a punch bag. Haru notices that Benisu mentions Ren an awfully lot and Benisu respond that perhaps she is a little attached to him. But there is nothing more to it apparently.

The next day Ren asks Haru how it went. Haru feels that he should give up when Benisu comes around the corner and tucks Ren’s shirt in seen as he is a mess. Haru really gives up and becomes fired up about cleaning.

The flower viewing festival is here and everyone is gathered around a sakura tree having a nice picnic and drinking sake. Ageha becomes pissed at the small amount of sake the cup can hold and demands a whole barrel. Kojuurou brings the barrel and she downs it in one gulp (But oh my god, I can’t believe that they inserted a reference to gin sama (suigintou) having a thing for yakult ~ pure genius XD).

Yume comments on how amazing Ageha is but watching Natose eating so much, she is equally as amazing. Miyu then writes a poem on how she loves shorts but Mr egg laughs at it, causing Miyu to go into DESPAIRRR.

Hato nee then suggests that they should start with the entertainment and puts forward Natose to do her American act. She performs some cheesy stand up comedy which leaves everyone with a bad aftertaste. Great Japanesgrish though.

Up next is Mr egg’s singing. Err, let’s not.

After Ren stops Mr egg, it is Shinra and Miyu’s turn. They do a cosplay show where we have;

School uniforms (and Shinra’s black panties).

Their own maid uniforms.

Shrine maiden.

Saber and Rin (with Saber asking Rin if she is her servent ~ guess who saber is ^^).

That concludes the cosplay show and it is Ageha’s turn. Kojuurou brings a giant iron pillar from behind and Ageha begins her art, by pounding the pillar into a statue of Kojuurou. M wishes that she was carved by someone too. Kojuurou is deeply touched but there is one more trick left. With one kick Ageha destroys the statue, leaving Kojuurou to cry in despair. It is his turn but before he was able to unleash his crazy technique, Ageha kicks him into the air and he turns into a ball on top of an umbrella.

There is then a cry from the side and it appears that some thieves have stolen a woman’s purse. Everyone gives chase whereas Miyu orders missiles to be launched. Mr egg shoots them from his mouth, quickly taking out one of the running men. Kojuurou and Ren then drop kick the second thief. The third thief wasn’t so lucky and was punished in the toilets by colonel.
Everyone cheers and Tomikate even take some pictures for the news.

Everyone walks home after a long day. They all chat about random stuff whilst walking home. Hato nee notices that Ren is being quiet and asks what is wrong. Ren is happy that he has a place to call home and feels that it will be great to say happy forever.
However, the following day, we hear a man laughing at a newspaper article. It turns out to be Ren’s father and now he knows the location of his kids.

Thoughts:Thankfully, my fears that this episode will be mainly about Haru didn’t come true, and what there was about hmi were fairly enjoyable. The dilemma this time is that Haru is in love which is making his existance more noticable. And the person he fancies? Banisu…BENISU!? O.o

Ren, Natose and Yume didn’t believe him at first but sure enough, Haru is attracted by Benisu’s tomboyish manliness (bless him ^^).

Well he ends up going to a baseball match with Benisu but his high hopes for love was soon put down when as it is hinted that Benisu may have some feelings for Ren. Just a little…yea…not enough to get worked up about. Well but even for Haru that was enough for him to kill his love (poor guy).

The second half of the episode was full of win. Here come the flower gazing even with entertainment. Ageha and the other two schoolgirls join for the picnic as well so it soon turns chaotic.

First up is Natose and her amazing display of delinquency.

Mr egg tries to sing…well…

Shinra and Miyu does a cosplay duo with lots of lawlz.

Lastly is Ageha and her awesome sculpting skills.

But criminals are never far away as we soon hear the cries of help from nearby and three thugs running away with a handbag. Bad move with the gang nearby, may the lord have mercy on their souls (Especially shocking scene with the colonel, one of the thugs and the men’s toilet).

But whilst this episode was on a way to a happy end with Ren thinking about how great their life is now, lo and behold.

Ren’s bastard father finally finds him through the news article the following day.



4 Responses to “Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de – Episode 11”

  1. 1 andynai March 20, 2008 at 11:12 pm

    What I am really looking forward to is Hato-nee and Ren’s relationship. A more incestuous bond, or all we will get is another show that has turned sour trying too hard to become something but ends in failure.

  2. 2 Jutlanders March 25, 2008 at 6:08 am

    With a couple more episodes left, any romance development will be put off, maybe. From my opinion, this is another anime that will ended with no conclusion of the characters relationship. Well, we’ll wait and see.

  3. 3 Tim July 4, 2010 at 10:38 pm

    There’s still time for a school romance to start. the seasons not over yet.

  4. 4 Dentifrico July 29, 2011 at 4:23 am

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