Kimikiss Confession ~ ep 23

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Note to self; Pink apron and chef skills will pull the ladies.

And here we have another perfect episode. I can’t believe that this series will be ending next week, man had it really been half a year since it started.

Anyway, here is my load down on the current relationships.

Kouichi x Mao

I am rather surprised that they managed to miss each other for the entire episode. But with that said, I guess it is only fair for Yumi to have her thunder back, even if it is only for one episode. Still though, Kouichi hasn’t forgotten about his feelings for Mao one bit but doesn’t have the heart to turn down Yumi.

Kouichi x Yumi

As promised, he escorts her around the festival like a gentleman. Or too much of a gentleman. It is rather painful to see how he is all caring whenever Mao isn’t around but becomes dazed whenever he sees her. It is rather unfair to Yumi but *shrugs* love is like this right?

Well it was a lovely ep for the both of them. Even if Kouichi holds less love for her than what he puts on, I feel that Yumi did enjoy herself with the person SHE loves. But a las, she realises again where his heart really lies (dam you Kouichi, you are just too nice). But seen as this is her last day, I will let her have her moment of selfishness. RIP to this relationship ;___;

Mao x Kai

Kai is hot in his pink apron AND HE COOKS! Talk about a smooth guy.

Mao is missing out but with that Kai will be able to please a lot of other girls (and guys).

Kazuki x Futami

Rare encounter here which I really didn’t expect. Futami is still worried about her relationship and is getting all depressed, whereas Kazuki can’t feel any negative vibes (I can’t blame him though). She is going to play hide and seek again it seems with her disappearance from her usual windowsill.

Kazuki x Asuka

And the dog bites back! Asuka has given up on Kazuki but still her feelings remain. Well he manages to steal his second kiss but then pushes him and Futami together. Well at least she is honest and won’t be doing anything in the shadows. I respect her for that and so label this as one final act of defiance before nailing her feelings for him close in the big old coffin.

I do hope that she can find someone as good as Kazuki :3

Hiiragi x forgot-her-name-tsundere-girl

Yes I’ve forgotten her name but dam she is such a tsundere.

Hiiragi will have his hands full if he chooses her to be his girlfriend…or is it that he won’t be given any choice in the matter ^^’

The episode itself was really nice. The mini developments between the characters and surprisingly fun gags with the festival moving at full swing. Mitsuki becoming dracula was really a sight to see (lol at the amount of objects stuck into her).

The maid cafe is going extremely well also and the teacher seems to be the top crowd puller, much to ther other younger girls in her class. HAHA! the feeling of defeat from a senior ^^
Their initial reaction was of disbelief but I just tend to think that it is jealousy.

And there is the Udon stand, oh god how I hate their cheer *rolleyes*

Anyway, granddad gave the thumbs up and everyone was overjoyed.

I guess the other important piece of information was that Asuka got accepted into a female soccer club after their match. This was probably the drive which made he confess to Kazuki at last.

Oh and have I mentioned how beautiful the preview was. Who needs narration when we can have the tearful track running instead ;__;

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Tsundere girl is tsundere.

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I vwan to suck ya bloood~~

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Why don’t I get teachers like her >.>

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Empty seat is depressing…oh where is my Futami chan ;___;


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