CLANNAD, Episode 22 [END]

[note]: usual stuff everyone. here is the bullet summary of the last “main plot” episode. Screencaps are up in few hours.

CLANNAD, Episode 22:

Two Shadows

  • Nagisa and Tomoya leave the bakery, to prepare the play. Tomoya wonder if it is okay not to go/talk with her parents, but Nagisa is just speechless, brooding over her shocking discovery from yesterday
  • On the slope, Nagisa tells him what she learned from the pictures. Akio’s dream was in drama, and even get through some concours. She also didn’t know that Sanae was really a grade school teacher.
    The pictures of them showed they were really happy at that time, since their dreams were granted. This happiness should have lasted more. Tomoya disagrees and tells her that they are happy, but Nagisa tells him they gave up on their dreams and he can’t argue about that, knowing himself perfectly how painful such decision is.
    Nagisa believes she is sacrificing their dreams for her own. She consider herself as a bad and egoist girl, and not only towards her parents but also towards Tomoya and the rest, as she is taking them for her wish.
    Tomoya disagree and they hang around her, because they like it. So he cheers her for the incoming play.
  • At the school festival, many visitors such like Mei, Kouko with Yuusuke and Misae. Tomoyo is on patrol with her bear suit.
    Meanwhile, The drama club members are gathered in the usual room, but Ryou wonders what’s wrong with Nagisa. Tomoya tries to cover it, but Youhei also notices than, and asks discretely to Tomoya about that. He doesnt’ reply much and ask him if he can entertain Nagisa.Youhei approaches the drama club leader and asks her to write a kanji with her hand on her palm. However, Kotomi notices it isn’t “hito”. Youhei argues that only the meaning/feeling counts
    Nagisa is still quite silent after that.
    Tomoya thinks they should spend their time outside before their turn, and Youhei remembers that Mei is around so he will join her.
  • Nagisa and Tomoya are around the stands. he asks her where she wants to go, but she is still lifeless in her spacing out. She knows she has to overcome that, but it is hard. However, she agrees with him that everyone worked so hard, so she shouldn’t waste these efforts by her attitude.
    Then, Both are going around stands, though Nagisa is still uneasy.
  • After some time, both are separated. In his search, Tomoya bumps on Sanae. It seems akio will come later, but Sanae thinks it is alright and he will never miss Nagisa’s performance.
    Issogai (their neighbour) spotted Sanae and calls her out. Sanae leaves off then.
    Nagisa roams in the school building and hesitates to enter in the reference room. As she does that, Yukine welcomes her and wonders what she can do for her. Nagisa is hesitant but then asks about some play videos that Tomoya talked about before.
    In her search she is shocked to see something “special”. Yukine talks about her incoming performance and will look forward it. Saying this, she leaves off for a little while.
  • Tomoya bumps on Yukine outside. As he asks her if she saw Nagisa, She answers that Nagisa came, asking for some videos. Tomoya has a very bad feeling about this and rush to the room. He then sees Nagisa watching blankly to a video of a play and realizes it is Akio who is outstandingly performing a play.Nagisa is lifeless, saying how her father was brilliant.
    Akio’s group won the first place and as he is given a little comment to do, Akio is completely overboard and screams of joy in the mike. Before he finishes his speech (Drama is the BEST !), Tomoya cuts the TV, saying Nagisa is herself and so she has to do her best. But nagisa is speechless.
  • At the gymnasium, the choir club finished their performance and the presentator announce the drama club play is next.
    Nagisa is lifelessly reeating Youhei’s little joke, then everyone arrives and cheer her up.Nagisa heads towards the stage slowly. Soon enough the curtains are lifted.
  • It is a disaster: Nagisa is completely silent, unable to do anything. She has flashbacks of the pictures along with her parents lines. The drama club members begin to be very worried as she is clearly not her usual self, while Tomoyo wonders what’s wrong, asking her to do her best. Youhei wonders if they shouldn’t stop right there, and the fujibayashi twins are considering this, asking tomoya’s opinion.
    Tomoya believes it is okay and keeps trusting in her.However, Nagisa begins to tremble, remembering of Akio’s brilliant play and thrilling reaction.
    Nagisa can’t do anything but let loose her tears, crying on stage. People are wondering what is going on, if it is the the play or not. Youhei thinks it is no good and it is time to close the curtains and Kyou agrees.
    But Tomoya is torn in his decision, and can’t decide to or not to push the button.
  • Suddenly, Akio storms in the gymnasium, yelling Nagisa to catch her dream!
    Calling her an idiot, Akio says they didn’t give up on their dreams, they entrusted them to her. Their dreams are to make Nagisa’s granted. They are a family and so, they formed that bakery.
    he is hardly able to keep his voice as powerful and his voice begins to go rough. He then asks Sanae to say something as well.Sanae reacts as well, stands up and cheers her daughter.
    Nagisa is trembling. While kyou and the rest doesn’t get what is going on, Tomoya storms out of the command room and goes downstairs, cheering Nagisa as well. What her parents say are also valid for him and Youhei.
  • Nagisa is able to calm herself, wipes dry her tears and begins to perform the Illusionary World play.
    She recite the sentence she said to Tomoya in episode 1.
    She then say the exactly same lines of the Robot boy from the illusionary world sequences: a world that has ended. Nothing at all is born nor dies. etc
  • As a continuity, the illusionary world sequence kicks in. The robot boy comments that since nothing gets a life, nothing dies as result. The girl is burrying the other robot in the ground.
    He then puts his hand on hers. He would like her to try it again, but she believes she isn’t able to make another friend. However, the robot boy thinks anything with junk is fine.
    She agrees as they have time, so they can create something beautiful. She wonders what they can do, and the robot boy begins to jump, which amuses her (most likely wishing for a swing or seesaw). He doesn’t care what will be, but he is sure it will be beautiful.
  • The play has ended, granting many applause.
    Nagisa begins to tell Tomoya the sequel of her play. He wonders what is going after, and both girl and boy are setting for a long travel. As it looks like the climax for Tomoya, Nagisa then says the girl begins to sing, and Tomoya falls flat, wondering if she would really sing dango daikazoku.
    That said, he complimented for her play.Suddenly, Naoyuki arrives and it was Nagisa who invited him. He congratulates her for the play, saying it is something very similar to something he knew. As he is leaving, Tomoya surprisingly asks him to take care/not to push himself too much.
    This is taking Naoyuki offguard, but appreciates that slight change of heart of his son.
    Nagisa is worried, but he tomoya then asks if they can go somewhere to have fun tomorrow, as he also has something to tell her.
    She wonders about that, but suddenly, Kyou arrives, as she looked for them for the celebration, since they can’t begin without the true star.
  • From there, they celebrate it at the drama club room, some folklore dance at the school grounds, and the usual toast at Youhei’s room, with everyone (Tomoyo, Mei, Misae included), while Akio and Sanae are proud of their daughter a little later.The next day, Nagisa and Tomoya are having a “date” in town, having fun in arcades and window shopping. At the end of the afternoon, both are heading to the school.
  • In the drama club room, Tomoya tells her that he doesn’t dislike this school after all. Nagisa is relieved but then notice the duty notice on the blackboard.
    She felt it is unfair and then notices a piece of chalk. She then writes Tomoya name along with it, which makes him blush.He then reminds her he has something to tell her and she is listening. As he has hard time to choose his words, Nagisa wonders why he is so flustered. Tomoya is still looking away from her, blushing.
    Tomoya then bravely asks if they can be lovers from the next morning. Nagisa is surprised, and Tomoya decides to asks her to go out with him. He loves her and would like them to stay together from now on.
    This is shocking for nagisa, and she can’t do anything but cry in joy.

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3 Responses to “CLANNAD, Episode 22 [END]”

  1. 1 Sukison10 March 21, 2008 at 2:59 am

    ❤ i like ur summary on the ep. =[ this is a great anime x]

  2. 2 Kaioshin Sama March 22, 2008 at 4:05 am

    The only thing I want to add to Klash’s summaries at the end of it all is that the speed at which some of this shows fans went from admirers to demanding that Kyoani be burned at the stake freaks me out to no end. I never thought I’d see the day this studio would have to weather a storm and now that it’s here I don’t even know what to think. *Insert the Kagami Kuro quote*

  1. 1 Yosh Trackback on September 19, 2011 at 6:51 am

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