Gundam 00 Episode 23 (Stopping Za Worldo)


Having got back from an interview at Sunrise (it’s a retirement home chain, and no I’m not making that up I swear) it’s time to view something by Sunrise.  Namely episode 23 of Gundam 00.  Big space battle this time and lots of character deaths.  It seems staying alive in this series will require the utmost of skill and luck, the latter of which seems to be the major reason Patty is still alive more than the former.  Let’s not worry about that though and get right into things.


I….I Don’t Want To Play Meister Anymore!


The episode starts off with a brief recap of Setsuna’s first real victory that he’s had over Ali that we saw at the end of episode 22.  The difference this time is we get to see a brief little bit of Nena’s reaction to the events of episode 22.  She doesn’t even seem focused on the battle so much as she is breaking down over the death of her two older brothers (I neglected to mention earlier that having a popular Seiyuu may also keep you alive longer).


Quickly Then, Call The Harom And We Shall Begin


While That May Be The Case, If I Saw Creepy Old Man Schenberg Trying To Give Me A Present Then I Would Probable Take Off Running In The Opposite Direction

We begin again with Alejandro who isn’t happy at all that Aeolia has one upped him from beyond the grave with the Trans-Am system and data that was hidden even from Veda.  He further reaffirms his desire to not play to the tune of an idealist any longer.  Meanwhile not terribly far from the moon at Lagrange point 1, the Ptolemy is making a last minute resupply for the Gundam’s and the ship proper in preperation for the imminent Operation Fallen Angels.  Meanwhile, in the briefing room Sumeragi and the crew are going over what just happened with Exia.  Of course as I had suspected the Trans-Am system acts as a limit cutter and vents all of the GN Drives stored particles for a 300% boost to the units overall performance. (To bad like everybody in the world has already cracked some joke about this for some reason now and it’s become a meme.  Thanks a whole lot Sunrise for helping to further propagate this one.  I thought we had a mutual understanding in our hatred of overused memes and desire to pull fast ones on people but I guess not.  Booo!)  Also the Trans-Am system is only a part of the 4 original GN Drives (that we know of so far, there could be more) as anyone should expect.  Also as I predicted, the Trans-Am system is a double edged sword since the units performance drops dramatically once it deactivates. 

Incidentally what was that about it being overpowered there folks?  That’s 3 for 3 for me on why it’s not nearly as powerful as people screaming “STRIKE FREEDOM!” thought.  The clues were so obviously there to, but nobody picked up on them.  That’s cool though because I’m always around to provide the alternative theory when needed.  Anyway as they finish up their musings, Setsuna calls in saying he is returning and warns that the UN Squadron is on the way.  He also mentions that Ali Al Sarshes has taken control of the Throne Zwei, which as expected sets Lockon off.  Allelujah asks who Ali is and Tieria says he thinks he’s a mercenary. (Remember, these two have nothing to do with him other than Tieria briefly hearing about Setsuna and Lockon’s vendetta with him back on earth)


Two Polar Opposite Personalities Stand On The Same Side Of The Conflict.  Will It Last?


I Wonder If Darryl Even Knows That The Mobile Suit That Killed Howard Is In The Same Regiment As Him

Speaking of Ali, he has reassumed his Gaily Biage identity and merged in with the UN Squadron forces.  He didn’t forget to bring the Zwei along either and when Sergei asks him suspiciously how he got a hold of the mobile suit, Ali answers with a smirk that that is a corporate secret. (this leads me to believe that Sergei is at least casually aware of his employment with PMC Trust.  Whether that will be important or not I don’t know)  In another room Darryl swears that this time he will finally achieve vengeance for Howard.  Back with CB we see Lasse and Setsuna waxing about the legacy Celestial Being will leave behind.  Setsuna believes they can carry out Aeolia’s will while Lasse thinks their place might be to leave a legacy of their actions in peoples minds that will possibly deter future conflict (He totally believes they are doomed).  In other words to Lasse the existance of Celestial Beings is more important than it’s actions, which will live on longer than the organization he feels is doomed.


I Think This Middle Ground Tieria Is My Favourite So Far.  Not An Unmitigated Jackass, But Not A Snivelling Pussy Either.  Just A Guy Who Want’s To Make Things Right……..Tieria Has Earned Some Gar Points Finally


The GN-X’s Launch From Their Carriers


That They Have, And There’s Quite A Few Now Too.  I Wonder Whether The Tierien, Flag And Enact Really Have Been Discontinued Now


There’s That Classic Formation Again


Hey! So We’re Not Doing The Death Blossom Anymore I See


You’re Supposed To Go To The Side You Idiot, Not Turn Around And Try To Outrun The Beam

The Ptolemy now picks up the approaching Virgina class ships and Sumeragi is trying her back off and hide plan again. (I hope this works better than the last time she tried this against Sergei)  Allelujah and Tieria are ordered to scramble in defensive positions while Lockon is forced to stay behind in his room. (they even lock the poor guy in)  On their way Allelujah wonders if the lock in was a bit much, but Tieria says that he wouldn’t listen otherwise.  He swears that this battle he will pay back Lockon for protecting him by doing the same with Virtue.  The GN-X’s now being their launch as well the Throne, which is noted in Christina’s readout of the present units.  Also present in the battle are Darryl, Patrick and Soma, all of whom are under the command of Sergei.  I don’t count Ali as he plays to nobody’s tune.  And then the shit hits the fan again.


Allelujah is first to fire what seems like a new particle cannon that downs all of one GN-X (the rest get out of the way) and Sergei seems mildly shocked. (mildly because by now I think he knows that CB always has the latest equipment)  Patrick isn’t having this though and leads his team right in as always.  This gets another suit shot down as Allelujah manages to weave and dodge with his new tailbooster and score another hit with his new overhang cannons.  Eventually the UN switches to the offensive again though and they go right after Tieria who’s Virtue is now sporting two GN Bazookas.  To start though he fires his overhang cannons with the GN Field up and scores a hit but not a kill. (Those overhang cannons need to be more like Kyrios’ now)  Darryl starts to worry that their attacks aren’t having any effect when Ali comes out of the asteroid field behind Virtue to “take care of it”.  He launches his Fangs at the Virtue, which takes down one of them with its overhang cannons.  Two other ones however pierce through the GN Field and disable one of it’s generators (which while not taking it down seems to make it largely ineffective against other beam weapons).  Ali tell Darryl to do as he wishes now and heads off.  Darryl is more than happy to oblige and his squad starts to wail on the backside of the Virtue.  He’s in trouble


Allelujah’s Angry….You Wouldn’t Like Him When He’s Angry….


Allelujah Uses Formation 69 On Soma’s GN-X.  The Pseudo-Lolidom Continues From Episode 10 (Yeah I Felt Once In A While Was Okay)


The Most Attentative You Will Ever See Felt Being

Allelujah sees this happening and moves to help his comrade when he is shocked to take a direct hit from behind.  If you didn’t already suspect who could be so accurate then you will when Allelujah starts to suffer headaches all of a sudden.  Well so much for all that new equipment.  Seeing the pounding that Virtue and Kyrios are now taking Sumeragi orders them to fallback, but before that can happen she get’s word that Dynames has launched without authorization with the GN Arms no less.


I’m Reminded Of The Crazy Psychedelic Newtype Scenes Of The Original Mobile Suit Gundam When I See This


An Asteroid Killer Eh?


Man This Is Classic Patrick.  Didn’t Something Equally As Embarassing Happen The First Time He Fought Virtue As Well?  That’s 2-2 For Him Versus Virtue Now.  Who Will Win In The End I Wonder?  Either Way He’s Come Full Circle In His Rivalry With Patrick


Looks Like Patrick’s Blasting Off Again!

After the break the Kyrios ends up in Trans-Am mode as Soma goes in for the killing blow and dodges out of the way in a blink.  Hallelujah also claims to be shutting out Soma’s quantum brainwaves so that Allelujah can fight to the best of his ability.  Now he finally has more than a fighting chance against Soma.  Tieria also activates his Trans-Am and extending the barrel Mega-Bazooka Style fires off a beam that would make the Satellite Cannon seem insignificant (though not the Twin Satellite Cannon).  In this he ends up destroying an asteroid along with several mobile suits and the shrapnel takes a rubber necking Patrick’s GN-X’s head right off and blows him away from the battlefield.


Here Comes The Cavalry


I Thought This Show Didn’t Start Till April 😐


Just Like The Daedelus Attack To


Kyrios Trips Out And Then Burns Out….Psychedelic Maaaaaan!

This stunt pretty much depletes all of Tieria’s GN Particles however and Darryl starts to wail on him.  Luckily it’s Lockon to the rescue again for him with the Dynames in a new GN Arms.  Darryl then decides to go after Lockon and we see that the GN Arms sports a nice GN Field of it’s own…FOR MAXIMUM PROTECTION!  Ahem, so Lockon can’t snipe or anything in this form, so he sends out what amount to a watered version of Ideon’s Missile Barrage (okay not quite).  With Darryl’s formation broken Lockon decides to head off to attack the UN Squadron’s carrier fleet against Tieria’s protests.  Allelujah’s Trans-Am has not run out yet (probably because he has yet to do anything other than dodge a whole lot) and he’s freaking out at unbelievably fast speeds (almost like he’s everywhere at once) before he manages to shoot of one of Sergei’s GN-X’s arms.  Time runs out on him to now though (this Trans-AM is pretty chincy on it’s usability) and Hallelujah mocks him for again failing to finish anybody off. (I think Hal echos the audiences feelings on the Meister’s up to this point in refusing to finish off their rivals)   They are both dead in the water now until they can recharge their GN particles and Felt acknowledges that it’s Lockon’s show for now.  Sumeragi prays that Setsuna hurries his sorry as up in getting back to space.


Is It Just Me Or Is This Like The Most Exposed Bridge….EVER!


Ready, Aim




I Know What She’s Thinking, She’s Thinking “Oh Shit I’m Next!!!”


Lockon Bails Out


Just In Time.  Incidentally Those Of You Who Were Expecting GN Arms To Be Some Sort Of Huge New Super Weapon Should Have Known Better.  The Thing Had Carrier Armor Written All Over it From Day One.  Why He Didn’t Have His GN Field Up Is Anyone’s Guess Though

Katie’s fleet is an easy target for Lockon and before anything can be done he’s already sunk two of her ships.  Before he can sink Katie’s though Ali shows up and distracts him long enough for Katie’s ship to destroy his GN Arms. (Again why no GN Field, why do we only see it the first time he appears?)  Calling it a loss and with a chance to pursue his vendetta, Lockon gives chase to the Zwei and soon enough is in the fight of his life.


Lockon Fights Surprisingly Well In Melee Combat Against Ali And We Say Goodbye To Darryl In A Rather Low Key Death

Lockon and Ali get into a heated philisophical discussion (classic Gundam, only it’s relevant this time other than a bunch of one liners) about war with Lockon asking Ali why he had the KPSA attack Ireland.  Ali replies that it was obvious the Middle East would oppose the AEU’s attempt to construct a solar elevator and it was a detterent, he was just carrying out his job as a mercenary in doing the dirty work.  He also calls Lockon a hypocrit for trying to do the same through committing terrorist acts for the purpose of eradicating war.  Meanwhile Setsuna has made it to space, and with enough GN Particles to activate Trans-Am on his way to the rendezvous.  Will it help him get there in time?  Regardless the battle is getting really fierce now between Lockon and Ali as neither person has managed to gain the advantage.  Eventually though Lockon manages to cut off one of the Zwei’s arms, but before he can press his advantage Darryl comes charging in.  Lockon fires off some of Dynames’ rockets and we say goodbye to Darryl. (who never did get his revenge when the unit he was looking for was right in front of him all this time)


Ali With The Cheap Shot Again….So It Isn’t Just Michael It’s Zwei


The Remains Of The Gundam Dynames


Blood In The Cockpit.  Kind Of Like iDOLM@STER Xenoglossia’s Sweat Drops In The Cockpit Only Much More Painful


Lockon Bids Goodbye To His Trusted Companion


And Abandons What’s Left Of The Gundam Dynames For The Last Time


One Man, One Gun, One Mission


Don’t Ask Me How He Managed To Find This, But Doesn’t He Look So Small And Insignificant Standing On Top Of It.  The Only Other Time I’ve Seen Anyone Do Anything Like This In Gundam Was With The Jormungand Plasma Cannon In MS Igloo


Come On……COME ON! Stay Still You Bastard!


Uh Oh!


Hmm GN Particles, A Life Fading Away….Could The Feather Shrivelling Up Into GN Particles In The Ending Sequence Symbolize Lockon?


A Look Through A Window Into The Life That Was Neil Dylandy


The Neil Dylandy Who Remembers The Good Times….


And The Bad….


But Through It All Never Gave Up Believing That Peace Can Be Attained, Whether His Way Was The Right One Or Not.  This Legacy He Leaves Not Only To The World….


But To A Young Boy That Shares His Desires

This provides Ali all the time he needs however to sneak in and skewer the Dynames on the side where Lockon’s blind spot is.  As the smoke clears a crippled beyond effective use Dynames retreats into a debris field and Lockon taking his aiming scope, bids goodbye to Haro who he tells to return the Dynames to the Ptolemy as he abandons it for space.  As Lockon camps in the middle of the asteroid field in nothing but his spacesuit he waits for Ali to come in range for a killing shot. (his gun is now linked to one of the parts of the GN Arms that drifted out here)  Before he can get his shot though Ali spots him and he is forced to take it at the same time Ali retaliates.  The Zwei looks destroyed, but so is the GN Arms piece Lockon is sitting on and he is flung into space.  As his life flashes before his eyes he reflects on how his path may not have been the right one, that he has no regrets and truly believes the world can change for the better, for Lyle. (His brother I’m assuming)  As Setsuna approaches to try and rescue him he wonders if he found his answer and the GN Arms explodes as Setsuna screams out for his comrade.


The Undulating Tears Make Their Return From Xenoglossia As Felt Grieves


All Grieve For Lockon…Except For The Usual People

Back on the Ptoelmaios the Kyrios, Dynames and Virtue are recovered and Christina thinks everyone is safe….until Haro starts repeating Lockon’s name over and over again.  They now know something terrible has happened to their friend.


The theme of this battle oriented episode seems to be things being in vain.  Darryl in his blind rage fails to notice that his mark is within shooting distance of him throughout the battle and he ends up dying a rather non-descript death.  Hopefully Graham won’t be as blinded by his emotions (he has shown already he isn’t) and will be able to do something effective soon enough.  The UN Squadron’s first attempt at Operation Fallen Angels nets them only damaged Gundams, but loses them many GN-X’s.  Tieria’s desire to protect Lockon is in vain as Lockon saves his ass again and then ends up dying.  And then there’s Lockon, who’s whole lifes goal up until this point has been in vain as he has likely failed to kill Ali, has not managed to put an end to warfare and has only his legacy to leave to the world and Setsuna.

The whole “Stopping The World” title is a deliberate misnomer in my opinion as the world has already metaphorically spun off its axis and is headed for oblivion with seemingly nothing that can stop it. (Settle down Jason.  It’s a very deliberate trainwreck for the 00 world that the characters brought on themselves and is a pennance for their actions, not the result of the writers failing to be up to par.  In short it is the plot, not a derailing of it.  Well regardless for once your ramblings have proven accurate, even if they are based on the completely wrong attitude and direction and it’s just dumb luck)  The whole episode flows extremely well from beginning to end with only one inconsistency that I have to dock points for and that is that the GN Field seems to behave however the hell it feels like, with it appearing to be on but Virtue taking damage, and with Dynames w/ GN-Arms appearing to have a functional GN Field for all of 5 seconds and then it never going to use again throughout the episode when it REALLY could have helped.  That’s only a .5 point dock from what is otherwise another amazing episode of this series.  With 2 episodes left in the season I wonder how the characters are going to handle Lockon’s death in the twilight of Celestial Beings.  With the way things are going it looks like Tieria is going to die next.  Why?  Well whenever a character has gotten to fixated on the well-being or death of a comrade in Gundam History they tend to end up going on suicide runs that get them killed.  Just look at Darryl and even Lockon with their vendettas.  Also congratulations to those who have only seen Seed.  You have experienced for the first time what a major hero characters death can be like in a Gundam series.  I hope the initiation wasn’t too rough on Lockon fans 😦

Also, let me briefly describe the symbolism I have noticed in the ending now.  It all starts off very happy as Lockon is giving Setsuna a haircut and watching over the rest of the Meister’s as they prepare meals for the group.  Suddenly though the scissors symbolizing his grooming of Setsuna into a more focuses individual fall….kind of like he’s no longer their to hold them, and the river turns to blood.  Lockon’s blood.  Now all the Meister’s are seen grieving as a feather shrivels up (Symbolizing Lockon’s life fading away) and Lockon seems to hang his head in shame as if he feels he has failed them and the world.  In the end we see Setsuna casting off his apron in bold determination as if his grooming is finished and he’s ready to let go of Lockon’s presence as a mentor and step out on his own to hopefully change the world.  The very last thing we see though are the barber scissors sitting next to Haro, symbolizing that Haro is keeping Lockon’s legacy and memories close to him still so that while they are no longer a corporeal part of this world, they are not forgotten.

At least that’s how I see it.

Well see ya next time then Space Cowboys!

Rating: Nine And A Half Out Of Ten


16 Responses to “Gundam 00 Episode 23 (Stopping Za Worldo)”

  1. 1 Gravmech March 20, 2008 at 3:20 am

    As I see it you can’t raise the GN Shield when you are firing your weapons, I have only seen this on the Virtue but I think it applies to the GN Arms/Armor as well.

    And when Zwei attacked the Virtue it took out (if the Virtue is facing the screen) the lower right Shield Generator and the left shoulder cannon (also a Shield Generator), and guess where the UN forces were hitting from.

    The best for last, Soma’s gasp when she missed the deathblow was so MOE! nuff said…

  2. 2 RmX March 20, 2008 at 3:27 am

    “Again why no GN Field, why do we only see it the first time he appears?”

    I attribute that to the various energy outputs that the GN Particles are diverted to. The GN Armor comes in without the GN Field engaged, firing some shots on the GN-X battalion. When he starts taking fire, he engages the GN Field so that the Armor doesn’t take any damage. Then he disengages the Field again to fire the missile barrage that took out a bunch of Jinxes.

    So looking at the attack on the carriers, he never deployed the GN Field and dodged all the linear cannon fire because power had to be diverted to the GN Armor beam cannons. Which left him a sitting duck for Ali, who he didn’t know fell back after the initial attack run.

  3. 3 Jakinbandw March 20, 2008 at 4:54 am

    You know, having seen seed, I almost feel that his death was too drawn out. One of the things that I liked about seed was that in general how fast people died. When flaga went down he had all of maybe 10 – 15 seconds before he was dead. Same with nicol. And I would have to say my favourite deaths in the series were cagali’s three friends that all died with in seconds of each other. They were built up as nice background characters, then bam, they were dead. No fan-fair, just dead. Like how I would expect on a battlefield. For this reason I have liked several of the deaths in 00 till now. But Lockon… I donno, too drawn out I think.

  4. 4 RmX March 20, 2008 at 5:20 am

    “Also congratulations to those who have only seen Seed. You have experienced for the first time what a major hero characters death can be like in a Gundam series. I hope the initiation wasn’t too rough on Lockon fans.”

    Having not seen Seed (or any other Gundam show for that matter), this felt just about right. The delayed explosion resulting from the reactions occurring GN Arms’ cannon was still very plausible, allowing the time to give the Meister a proper send off.

    *wipes off manly tears*

    As for Ali and this whole deal of ambiguity in his death, I say meh. He and Lockon fought to a draw in the end, getting the last shot off before being sent to hell like the devil incarnate he is. The silhouette of the Zwei in that scene was almost Satanic in nature, what with the glowing red eyes and the whole fallen angel symbolism working there too.

  5. 5 mangaka-chan March 20, 2008 at 5:35 am

    “With the way things are going it looks like Tieria is going to die next. Why? Well whenever a character has gotten to fixated on the well-being or death of a comrade in Gundam History they tend to end up going on suicide runs that get them killed. ”

    Noo~! Not T-chan, please! But seriously, he hasn’t been developed enough at this point (his backgrounds are still a complete mystery as much as fans have conjectured about it) to warrent a heart-felt death.

    And frankly I don’t see him as the type that would rush off to get himself killed like Darryl. He’s angry for sure (the preview seems to show him blaming Setsuna for not having shown up earlier) but Tieria doesn’t seem to have that hot bloodedness that’s common between Darryl, Lockon, and Graham. But I could be wrong as we’ll have to see what happens in future episodes, at least right now though I can’t see it happening.

  6. 6 Jafri March 20, 2008 at 8:44 am

    Did you just mentioned the word ‘Xenoglossia’? AnyWay Ali Al-SaCHEZ gonna pay what he’s done!! KANARAZU *cries bangs the table and leaves the computer room*


  7. 7 wingdarkness March 20, 2008 at 1:44 pm

    Wow, you could have atleast returned my PM K-sama :/…Oh well…As usual good points, as for me I don’t think Lockon really had the overbearing advantage at any point in the fight despite his skills’ power-up…Ali losing an arm doesn’t negate the sickness of the piloting skills he displayed this ep IMO…Oh and OBVIOUSLY Ali isn’t dead…Anyone who thinks otherwise should have their shonen//mecha membership card taken away…


  8. 8 Kaioshin Sama March 20, 2008 at 3:21 pm

    Tieria would get the relevant character development before or as he died I’m sure. Thinking about it, they could reveal what exactly he is as he is injured and then he can start answering all the questions.

  9. 9 Owaranai Destiny March 20, 2008 at 4:00 pm

    Just to add on to the GN Arms issue…Considering that one generator for Tieria went down, it’s possible that the output for the GN Field had weakened to the point where the beam shots from the GN X’s could actually dent it. Had the field not been up, we might be looking at a very damaged Virtue right now.

    Anyway, good entry as usual. I particularly like the symbolism you mentioned, since it does make a lot of sense.

    One thing I wonder, is what Haro would really sound like if it was given a human voice…=x

  10. 10 Kaioshin Sama March 20, 2008 at 5:26 pm

    I had considered that the one generator went down in my post though, but there was no noticeable difference in how it was displayed. Essentially I was forced to make a leap in my thought processes to figure out what it was Ali did to Virtue. They could have handled it a little bit better. Still I dock .5 points for inconsistencies I have a hard time explaining and since there were two of them with the GN Field (one with GN-Arms and one with Virtue) it was hard to justify not doing it. The episode still rounds up to a 10/10 for me though when I voted on Animesuki.

    Also I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Virtue fire it’s GN Bazooka through the GN Field at least once since it extends outside of it at full deployment.

  11. 11 mangaka-chan March 20, 2008 at 9:28 pm

    I don’t think getting character development while dying will work for Tieria the way it did for Lockon. With Lockon his past has already been more or less firmly established. He’s Irish, lost his parents and sister when he was young, he has a surviving sibling who’s his twin, he’s a nice easy-going sorta guy, and has a brotherly attitude towards his fellow meisters/CB crew members. With Tieria though I feel as though we’re only slowly beginning to glimpse his character. At this point we know 1)he’s a perfectionist, which leads to him having an anal attitude but there’s a soft side to him as well and 2)he can link up with Veda, and that’s pretty much about it. To kill him off now isn’t going to develope his character to any great extent (and if he dies in a suicide attack for revenge or protecting someone it would come too suddenly for the development to feel natural). I can see him getting hurt and we find out he’s a cyborg or something, but revealing something so important with long running consequences at the very end of a season (e.g. how will that affect how others see him; how will he see himself after they find out his secret) doesn’t seem likely to me.

    In any case however, I look forward to what Mizushima/Kuroda will throw at us next. 🙂 Something I have a feeling they can make it work, whatever it might be that they come up with (it has been working well so far after all).

  12. 12 wingdarkness March 20, 2008 at 10:28 pm

    I also wanted to add that Darryl is not some eternal baka for not attacking Zwei or something. I think we are giving Darryl far too little brain skills here. Now if you want to make the argument that the juxtaposition of him helping a Gundam that killed Howard Mason looked bad then that’s fair (A point I read on animesuki and agreed somewhat with), but other than that Darryl is smart enuff to realize (and was most likely briefed)that the Zwei was now being piloted by a UN forces pilot (That also helped them earlier in the fight against Virtue)…So all Darryl did was turn his focus to whatever Gundam he saw as being on the side of the guys that killed Howard (and that’s ignoring the fact that he knew his mission objective was to destroy these Gundams)…So basically Darryl doesn’t deserve any ill-will for not attacking Zwei as that would have been more enigmatic and idiotic if argued.

  13. 13 Solly Rushdale March 21, 2008 at 5:54 am

    I’ve thought all I’ve needed to think about Lockon’s death, so I’m not going to regurgitate that bad experience again. You don’t suffer if you don’t think. Simple. Especially if it’s a seemingly unjustified death. Onwards, I wonder who will be his replacement pilot? I hope it’s a girl, but many seem to think it will be his twin brother. Speaking of which, I think, that since they haven’t shown us the body, they will show us some random cameos of his twin brother, getting us all hopeful when, wham! It turns out it’s just his twin brother. How completely and utterly cruel would that be?

    Oh, and I believe that Allelujah is much more likely to die before Tiera – we are yet to have some sort of confrontation between him and Ribbons, and who knows how many episodes it will take for that to come about.

  14. 14 The Animanachronism March 21, 2008 at 1:22 pm

    Slowpoke on this – long story, acquiring the file took a while – but yeah, this episode was a good’un, even if /m/ had spoiled it for me long before I actually saw it. But hooking up your viewfinder to a big gun in space to take one last shot at your opponent is a good way to go, and I liked the way the scriptwriter(s) had Lockon acknowledge the irrationality of what he was doing.

    The caption where you point out the exposed bridge set me thinking. Ptolemy excepted (Celestial Being obviously have better tech), 00‘s spaceships have been pretty functional containers for carrying people and MS through space rather than proper combat spaceships – as though the three factions are only just working their way into how space combat might work. Granted, it’s not Planetes, but it’s a nice touch that we haven’t seen any battleships trading broadsides, and a good contrast to the power of the Gundams themselves.

  15. 15 ianpat June 30, 2008 at 8:37 pm

    “they even lock the poor guy in.”

    Heheheh, I guess they put the Lock on Lockon’s room. (Sorry couldn’t resist.)

    I will agree with Jakinbandw’s opinion on deaths portrayed in Gundam Seed. Ever since I was a kid, I was impressed by the deaths of those pilots in Star Wars episodes 4 to 6. The deaths in Seed had the same effect by their abruptness. To be honest I was disappointed in some of Tomino’s death scenes. (And some were even just plain stupid, I mean opening their cockpits to make a speech in the midst of a fight? Come on….)

    But I also approve of the handling of Lockon’s death. Unlike Mu and the Astray girls, they were not the main protagonists of the series they were in, meaning they weren’t the main focus of the show. Here it was divided on the Meisters. And as could be seen in the storytelling, this series has a serious focus on the Meisters’ introspections. To shorten Lockon’s death scene is to cut him short as a main protagonist.

    R.I.P. Lockon.

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    for. You’ve ended my four day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

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