The End Of Moetan (Part 1)


Told in six shorts installments with lolitastic pictures, Moetan is brought to an end for the first time that I know of in the western anime community.  We now begin with part 1.

Episode 7 (The Loliriffic School Festival)


Ink goes to the school festival to try and score with Nao-Kun, but fails to get his attention by playing the helpess victim in the haunted house. (what a shameless loli)  Sumi runs the haunted house and gets into all sorts of trouble with Ink.  Alice puts on a concert that puts everybody to sleep (probably because it’s obscenely bad sugary pop music) and causes trouble as usual to get revenge on and test Arks (she wasn’t always a loli and he seems to have betrayed her somehow since she is shown full grown with him as a human in the magical kingdom).  Miyu wins a prize at a crooked carny game with her Newtype powers and utters a bunch of famous Gundam quotes.  Arks has weird fantasies about his master the old perverted guy and Karx uses his Shining Hammer HIKARI NI NARE! (It’s a voice actor joke as Nobuyuki Hiyama plays Karx and is the voice actor of the infamous Gai Shishioh from Gaogaigar who uses a similar attack).  In the end after first believing that Ink is an imposter and attacking her with a Mazinger Z like cat creature, Sumi teams up with Ink to help rescue the hostages and escape Alice’s labyrinth of dreams by solving it’s riddles.  Alice swears revenge in the last scene but seems to be falling in love with the Duckman again.

The series sticks to it’s non sequitir style of random anime references, loli fanservice and nonsensical dialogue and it keeps me laughing.  The Karx Goldion Hammer joke was more clever than usual for this series too and something I didn’t expect to see.  Moetan continues to keep me intrigued more than most anime comedy series, but not by much as it’s premise is running a little thin by now.

Rating: Six And A Half Out Of Ten


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