Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de – Episode 12

Shinra so cute ~ me loves her long time! *Cough* Yea, Shinra is really something. With an awesome personality to go with an awesome figure, she is one of my top girls for this ending season. Not to mention being as complex as hell, just never, ever tell her that you understand her…or this will happen…

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*Drools at those legs* I’m not one to have leg fetish but those are dam awesome legs.

In a Nutshell: Rin is admiring the view from the river and comments on the beauty of it. He then notices Shinra taking her pantyhose off and turns away in embarrassment. She passes her garment to Ren and tells him to leave it in the car while she plays in the river. Ren wonders how big her land is and the Colonel tells him that she brought the whole area, from mountain to mountain. Shinra calls Ren to join him in the water and she begins to relax whilst Ren is silent, admiring her beauty. This is just a way for Shinra to relax from recent stresses.

Miyu is doing some early morning stretches whereas Natose and the Colonel are playing catch with some “ki”. Ren remembers how he used to play catch with his father but he hardly has memories of him smiling anymore. Ren then is nearly hit by the energy blast.

Inside the house, Shinra is using Benisu as a pillow, much to her enjoyment (lol that’s a new one). Ren interrupts Benisu’s fun by waking Shinra up, telling her that Miyu is doing early morning exercises, and almost instantly, Shinra pounces onto Miyu. Shinra is even claiming that the master of the house (herself) is a pervert.

Well, her fun was cut short though when Shinra had to go to her concert. She asks Ren to come to her room after diner before leaving.

That night, everyone goes on about their own usual ways. Ren enters Shinra’s room and is told to pour some sake. She then compliments on his well mannerism compared to when he first came to the mansion. However, Ren believes that he does not deserve praise. He then changes the conversation by telling Shinra that he has heard that her father was a great man unlike his. He then goes down memory lane and flashes back to horrible scenes of his father. Ren believes that he is only flexible because of his weakness. Shinra turns his words around and tells him that all the suffering he has taken in the past has led him here to serve her. Ren begins to cry and thanks her from the bottom of his heart.

The next day, Shinra announces that Ren will be accompanying her. Yume and Miyu fight for Ren but they eventually gives up thinking that Ren would be a great help to Shinra’s concert. They then all leave for the concert. Ren tells Shinra her schedule for the day.

The day runs smoothly and soon enough it was time to head back. Ren asked Shinra about her mentor but she soon fell asleep on Ren’s shoulder. Colonel told Ren to let her rest.

At home, Miyu loses to Yume in a game. Shinra returns home and hugs her sisters. Hato nee compliments Ren for his hard work.

Later, Shinra is looking over some music pages. Ren brings her a snack and tells her not to overdo it. She knows and tells Ren that he should also take an early sleep.

The next day, Shinra is at another concert whilst her mentor looks on. Afterwards they both meet up and Shinra is overjoyed to see her former teacher. Shinra asks how the concert was but all he can think of was food. However, he does tell Shinra that her music was better when she was a student because she sensed no “heart” coming from Shinra’s current music. Shinra is deeply troubles by this.
 The next day we see how she has been affected by her master’s words. Even the newspaper shows that her master was disappointed. Ren is concerned and enters Shinra’s room to ask if she would like to go with him on a date. Shinra remembers back to the past and agrees to go with Ren believing that maybe she has lost sight of her goal.

They go the next day and no one recognises Shina thanks to the clothes picked from Yume. They spot a panda stuff toy but Shinra loses the pick unfortunately. Never mind though seen as Ren then wins her the panda but it seems to be the work of the Colonel. Shinra gets ice cream on her nose and Ren wipes it off. Shinra then tells Ren that she has never been on a proper date. Meanwhile the Colonel was spying on them from afar.

Shinra is then having fun at the arcades, playing a shooting game. However, her loud voice was about to blow her cover so Ren takes her to take sticker pictures with her. However, her cover still ends up being blown and she takes pictures with her fans.

At the end of the day, Shinra thanks Ren for a nice day. It reminds her of her days where there were no worries. Ren wanted to pat her shoulder but pulled back when she turned around. Ren wonders if Shinra didn’t want to go home but she asks him how he wants to end the date. The wind blows and Ren gives her his jacket. He then begins telling her how she looked when she was on TV but in reality she is quite a burdened individual. Shinra denies softly that she isn’t under pressure. But Ren continues and tells her that he understand her feelings.

This causes Shinra to react aggressive and tells him that there is no way that he can understand her feelings so easily. Shinra calls him a kid and that he has just invaded his master’s privacy. She then calls for the Colonel to pick her up. Before leaving, the Colonel tells him to cool off.

Back at home, Hato nee is cooking up a storm again.

Walking home, Ren bumps into his father. He immediately begins to shake and become aggressive. But his father’s presence was just too much for him. His father then revealed that his wife died giving birth to Ren. This causes Ren to stumble and he throws a bottle of wine onto the ground.

Thoughts: Things were actually going pretty smoothly with Shinra x Ren during the date but he just had to go and ruin the moment by saying something stupid like “I love Understand you”. Now, now…by now he should have realised how complex Shinra is as a person, and saying something so half assed will only get her worked up.

There is some problem with Shinra which she knows full well herself but doesn’t want to admit. Even her teacher has told her that she is beautiful on stage but that she has lost her “heart” as opposed to when she was training to become a conductor. I guess this is an emotional wall for herself to bypass (or climb over) but at this moment she isn’t doing a very good job.

Well, Ren notices that she is pushing herself or/and that she has been making the serious face an awful lot so that he wanted to cheer her up by going on a date with her.

Like I said, the date was going pretty smoothly (with the help of the colonel but noone knows about that so keep it a hush ).

After a long day’s shopping and having fun we are treated to a heartwarming bonding scene where Ren comforts Shinra and puts his jacket over her shoulders and tells her not to push it too hard. He then compliments on how strong and confident she looks on TV but in real life she is just a normal person. His words touch her and they seemed like they were going to kiss a given a bit more time but Ren just had to add one more line to his speech.

“I understand you”.

Shinra’s emotional state just won’t allow him to say that because really, it wasn’t his place to say so as a servent to a master. She calls the colonel to pick her up and he comes like a flash. The colonel then tells Ren to cool his head ~ putting him in the wrong. (I can’t say whether Shinra is overreacting or whether ren was trying to jump too far but it is clear that they both share responsibility).

Well and one more final twist.

Ren bumps into his father at the end of the episode and sparks fly from there.

Talk about the drama~~

Besides the core facts, we do get the usual comedy mash up with lots and lots of service. This series really is going to be missed seen as there is only one more episode to wrap things up. Darn.


4 Responses to “Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de – Episode 12”

  1. 1 Mentar March 22, 2008 at 10:01 pm

    Color me relieved. They’re conflating two formerly independent crises here (in the game, the comfort-till-explosion scene happens first, the father issue happens afterwards), but it should still work out reasonably well.

    It should also be noted that in this episode, Ren explicitly gets designated as Shinra’s sole attendant. And if they had continued to sprinkle Ren’s fandom of Shinra through the former episodes, I’d have been even happier. Nevertheless, they handled the “closing in part” pretty well 🙂

  2. 2 Kaioshin Sama March 23, 2008 at 2:24 am

    Miyu pretty much did 99,999 to me with picture 6. Flat out KO.

  3. 3 Arakan7 March 23, 2008 at 3:20 am

    Well, Shinra had some very cute moments here. And Ren…giving Shinra a ‘heads up’ notice on Miyu so Shinra could ‘ambush’ her. *snicker*

    And Shinra getting hyped up in the shooting game. She’s pretty good at them too.

  4. 4 KenJi March 25, 2008 at 10:10 pm

    OHHH…. I understand the episode now. I was watching the RAW yesterday and didnt know why she was mad. Arigato!

    p.s. Wii’s suck

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