Kimikiss Perfection ~ ep 24 (END)

You hear it. This ending was just textbook perfection! I don’t even need to say much more because any Kimikiss fan would have already watched this by now whether they understand it or not. But for those unlucky ones who didn’t, here is a word from me. It is a PERFECT end!

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Fires of buring passion! MOEEEEE!

And what is an end without a kiss?

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(No seriously, that was what ran through my mind at the time).

This ending is just perfect. I couldn’t ask for more how well they managed to wrap things up so nicely. I was afraid that it may be rushed seen as it was pretty messy still in ep 24 but surprisingly, they stuck to their own usual pace and it came out on top. Nothing rushed, no crap generated and solid conclusion. Now if there was anything I want to change, it would have to be for it to have more of an epilogue. BUT! My hopes rest on ep 25.

Kouichi x Yumi

HA! Now this was something I predicted wrongly. So it turns out that Kouichi did grow some balls and it was him who broke off with Yumi. But funnily enough, she had been expecting this day to come and so she wasn’t “mouth of gap” and throwing a tantrum or something (unlike other girls ). She was accepting of the fact that Kouichi has loved Mao for a long time and even told him to lift his head when he bowed in an apologetic manner. Well, Mao did try to give all her hope onto Yumi, as we can see in a flashback, but she knew that Kouichi will have no one other than Mao.

What a strong girl, I hope Yumi gets a good partner later in life. One thing I did laugh at was that Kouichi actually remembered his declaration to Yumi when she first told him that she was leaving town. Now I know for a fact that a lot of males suffer for memory loss so it is GREAT to see that Kouichi is acting more like a real person. They say that elephants don’t forget.

Kouichi x Mao

Sorry…but I need a moment to finish bouncing off walls.


Finally! These two are together. Indeed it has been a long journey but they are finally together. And what’s more? They finally did a full blown kiss! Nothing more to complain about, this was just perfect.

As I’ve said, Kouichi growing some balls was a surprise. I am really happy that we are able to see such a strong headed male lead. Indeed he did make mistakes by prolonging this confession but dam, at least he did it at last.

Mao tried to give up but she was just in denial. The campfire scene proved the point. She is crazy for Kouichi.

Mao x Kai

Kai you fricking legend! I love youuuuuuu~


Yes, Kai is another person I wish good luck with his love life.

Kazuki x Futami

Now this was the pairing I was unsure of. As we know, Futami isn’t the most stable of all characters. She needs love, care and attention. But if you can provide her that then you will score one of the biggest treasures known to man. Yes, she has been hiding but with the help from Asuka, she has come to understand why he experiment is a failure. This is because Human emotions cannot be predicted or tested.

She also kisses Kazuki (again) but this time it has meaning behind it. Oh my god I nearly broke the desk cheering them on.

Kazuki x Asuka

Well, it wasn’t to be. I feel sorry for Asuka but I can understand why she lost to Futami (me = Futami fanboy).

Even so she is also another great character in this awesome series. She never caught the jealousy disease (highly contagious amongst females) and she never did anything to backstab. She even helps Futami out by explaining to her that she should not let go. Just Perfect.

Hiiragi x Whats-her-name-tsundere-girl

Now I wish that the series was longer so that his side of the story can be covered. Oh well.

Overall this episode is just as perfect as I make I sound. I rarely am this satisfied with an ending but boy, Kimikiss is one of those rare anime that makes you feel awesome inside. The final moments weren’t as anti climatic as I thought but we are lacking an epilogue. Let’s hope we can get more when the last DVD is released.

But for now, lets take a look at the grand fireworks display. *cries* I am so sad to see this go ;__;

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10 Responses to “Kimikiss Perfection ~ ep 24 (END)”

  1. 1 Owaranai Destiny March 23, 2008 at 11:42 am

    Ahh…Well, not too sure how Kouichi handled it proper, but at least there was some genuinely good closure instead of leaving the series wide open. While I’m not very fond of the KouichixMao pairing, as long as they did it well with Kouichi taking the steps (seeing Mao so frustratingly hesitant throughout the series).

    Yay for Kazuki and Futami. This coupling was a little more predictable, though, because I doubt they would actually throw the development on the efforts Kazuki had with Futami down the drain after building on them up so much. It would seem particularly strange if Kazuki simply switched affections, too.

  2. 2 deathkillz March 24, 2008 at 12:01 pm

    Well, I have to give points to Kouichi for making the effort whilst Mao remained in denial til the end. That is the thing that annoyed me most, depression phase (gosh I can’t stand emo characters *rolleyes*). But the end was done perfectly imo. I couldn’t have asked for more on how they got back together.

    Kazuki is now a legend. Never have I see someone so persistent but not in an annoying, stalker way. Best Male lead this (and last) year.

    Futami <33333

  3. 3 Analytical Critic March 25, 2008 at 12:42 am

    The ending was far from perfect IMO. I find it pitiful that the anime did not steer to the course that I thought it would (except for Kazuki X Futami). I mean, guys, seriously. Kouichi never really even thought about Mao during the years that she was not present. He didn’t even remember her immediately when she first came into his house during episode 1. It was CRYSTAL CLEAR since the beginning of this anime that Kouichi had feelings for Hoshino, and Hoshino for him. I find it really disgusting that Mao suddenly confessed to Kouichi when he was already with Hoshino. Don’t you think that becoming the bridge for a relationship to form and then suddenly blurting out your “suddenly-realized-I-love-my-childhood-friend-who-is-younger-than-me” feelings is SO VERY WRONG. And trying to fill the gap by toying with Kai’s feelings? What’s up with that? What’s even more disgusting is how Kouichi suddenly shifted from Hoshino to Mao. It was evident in Kouichi’s actions that he was determined to be with Hoshino forever. He was ready to work part-time and visit Hoshino frequently. He made a promise that was seemingly resolute. I think they are great as a couple. Then all of a sudden his feelings wavered because of a silly confession from Mao?!?! What an awesome display of a weak-willed character! He even broke down and broke his promise with Hoshino during the best part of the festival. OMG. Could it go any more wrong?
    I’d have to rate this ROMANCE ANIME a 1 out of 5. Yeah. Just because of that ending. Sue me. When I reached halfway through this anime I thought I’d give it a 4 out of 5. But not even the power of Kazuki X Eriko would be able to save this anime. Believe me guys, I would have preferred a School Days ending than this. Think about it. I did. This ruined the image of what love is. If you think otherwise, then you are as weak as Kouichi.

  4. 4 KIMIKISS~ May 12, 2008 at 11:15 am


  5. 5 deathkillz May 12, 2008 at 4:31 pm

    Lol, did I overlook this ^^

    @ Analytical Critic ~ I think I’ve been through this debate more than enough in the forums. The way I see it was that there was absolutely no suddenness between the transition from Yumi to Mao. He never did once played with the emotions of Mao by trying to get her to go over to Kai nor did her even think that there would be something between him and Mao…well that was before the confession from Mao (which was partly because of Kouichi, sue him).

    I also did think that his resolve was week. He made such a strong promise to Yumi which wasn’t realistic in the first place, talk about getting one’s hopes up. But the development he has been getting towards Mao isn’t fake. If anything, Kouichi is another one of those useless blockheaded male leads.

    Yea, I do find it a shame for Yumi but negative and positive actions from Kouichi and Mao tend to balance each other out. The breakdown of the promise was expected seen as the relationship has already reached such a level of neglect (another fault of Kouichi’s) but it can’t be helped, personally, I think Yumi should have stuck up for herself more as well.

    But in the end I do still love the series. It is a breath of fresh air from all the previous romances I’ve scene so such minor (in my case) setbacks are outweighed by the good parts.

    Not to mention that Kazuki is just epix in all ways, and Futami is pure love (oh no, not bais ^^).

  6. 6 Mcjazzman32 July 22, 2008 at 5:54 pm

    Futami Eriko is the love of my life. Aihara you bastard! hehe Seriously, Kimikiss is the best ever!

  7. 7 Kir July 30, 2008 at 5:09 pm

    Great anime. Except for the two leads – Koichi and Mao.
    Them I don’t like, pfft… (totally agree with Analytical Critic).
    As for Kazuki and Eriko – the best couple ever.
    Kazuki, now thats a real man, unlike some other characters (you know who I mean 8) ).
    Eriko. For starters – sexy voice, I mean really sexy voice (Rie Tanaka did a great job), every time she said that one phraze (sorry can’t write in japaneese 8) ) I was like – Oh God! . seconds – she is a new type of character.
    And I have to mention Kai. For me he was the most mature, kind and wise of all the charaters in the series.
    As for the “denied” girls:
    Well it was obvious that Asuka will be denied (Kazuki is not fikle (may one even use that word for a male? 8), my english is not that good ), and she got serious in the last moment)
    Yumi, hmmm, I kinda feel sorry for her, but not too much – she had plenty of time, opportunities and ways to ensure her own “victory”, and no, not the “dirty” tricks 8).
    All in all, a great anime with one bad pairing (or should I say bad love triangle, didn’t like Yumi too much too).

  8. 8 deathkillz July 31, 2008 at 12:09 pm

    I’m glad that Yumi didn’t resort to using dirty tricks as it would have just killed her character for me. I think that Mao and Kouichi would have been a better couple in my eyes if they just cut back on some of the emo moments. They practically dragged the point through hell and back so it got a bit tedious as time went on.

    I don’t really care much for them though as Futami is still the best 😀

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