CLANNAD, Extra Episode “Summer Break Incident”

CLANNAD ended last week however… Do things really end like this, after such confession? Well, not really!
Aside of the announcement of the second season, ~AFTER STORY~, we got an extra episode following the main plot.

Nagisa and Tomoya are starting their new life as a couple… However, things don’t go that smoothly, picking the interest of many girls… and one of them is Mei, who certainly wants to pull some strings for the 2 lovers!

CLANNAD, Extra Episode:

Summer Break Incident

Nagisa and Tomoya are on their way to school. Contemplating such nice weather, Tomoya would like to ditch school so they go to the beach, but Nagisa complains that he is saying this all the time, which is bad as they still have school to attend. Tomoya is reluctant as he doesn’t plan to go to college, but even so, it would be bad for his academic records, hence Nagisa insists. Tomoya comments how she is worrying all the time, but she says that it is natural because he is a special person to her, which make them both blushing.
Tomoya is taken aback and wonders if they can hold hands. Nagisa is unsure because some people might see them, but he says there isn’t anyone and since they are going out, it is alright. They are awkwardly trying to do so, but they are interrupted by Kyou who was passing by with her scooter right between them!
As she greets them, she wonders if they were kissing. Of course, Tomoya denies it, and Nagisa confirms, saying they were just trying to hold hands! Tomoya tries to stop her blunder, while Kyou is smiling at this scene.

    After the school festivals and the exams, summer break already hits on the spot. However, the third graders have to follow supplementary lessons during summer break, and because of Nagisa, Tomoya can’t skip these.
    Meanwhile, during lunchbreak at the drama club room, Kyou rants about their classes while Kotomi and Kyou aren’t bothered by these at all. That said, Kyou still wonders why Tomoyo is with them, but the silver haired girl doesn’t see any problem, just taking a break of her president duties. Kyou argues that it is about the fact she isn’t part of the drama club, but Tomoyo doesn’t answer as if she didn’t hear and asks Nagisa about Tomoya’s whereabouts. Nagisa says he went to Youhei’s room today.
    Her answer feels weird for Tomoyo, commenting that she still calls him “Okazaki-san”. Kotomi also adds that he is calling her “Nagisa” for quite a while. Tomoyo and the rest know they are going out, so Nagisa should call him with his first name as it is only natural. Nagisa feels like someone else already told her about that.
    Then, Kyou asks her how far their relationship went, taken her off guard while the other girls are very curious about that.

      At Youhei’s side, the blonde delinquent is quite surprised that the couple still couldn’t hold each other hands.
      They are interrupted by Misae, who tells him that he got a guest, a very cute girl. Obviously, this trick still works and Youhei dashes outside, very excited. The girl in question is no one else than Mei-chan!

        The trio is cleaning Youhei’s room, the later completely forgot that she would come over. Tomoya then suggests her to pay a visit to the bakery again, which she heartly agree.
        At night, the furukawa family and Mei are eating happily. Again, Sanae is praising Mei for her manners, which makes Tomoya doubt about her blood connection with Youhei.
        Akio invites Mei to stay at their house, as she is always welcomed there. Like a family, Mei and Nagisa are arranging her room so they can sleep, while Akio is mumbling how it looks fun (wishing “secretly” he could join them!).

          Early at the morning, Tomoya bumps on Mei and a very tired Nagisa, and it seems both girls discussed a lot overnight.The trio is now working at the bakery, so Sanae and Akio can take their day off. Mei is quite happy to help them, though Nagisa comments it is a bit a pity they couldn’t spend the day together.
          Tomoya is struck by this comment, but is quickly cut short by Akio, who exaggerately asks him to work for his sake as well! Showing off, Akio takes his leave with his bat.Sanae arrives with her special breads (stuffed with rainbow GLASS-LIKE sweets inside). It seems Mei was trained to compliment Sanae despite the questionable bread taste, which surprise both Nagisa and Tomoya.
          Afterwards, Sanae leaves them to attend a neighborhood meeting.

          The trio is bored as not much customers arrive. As one enters, Mei is literally “assaulting” her with a business class smile. The lady comments how she is welcomed by cute clerks. Mei agrees that Nagisa is cute, but the later is certain the customer refers to mei. Of course, she was referring to both girls (which is disappointing Tomoya, who was checking his look as if he was mentioned as cute! XD).
          As she leaves, Mei comments how Tomoya didn’t do anything, but he comments how they are way too much, so he is kinda useless. Nagisa disagrees but Mei then goes out, leaving her the register to him. She bumps on a costumer but suddenly, a young boy arrives as well and realizes it is a “bakery”, and it isn’t weird after all. The previous customer assures the boy that the bread is quite delicious. Seeing himself in such situation, he can’t help but buy a bread as well.
          After some time, three guys arrive, and also, they realize the place is a bakery, though they don’t mind since there is a pretty cute girl over here.
          Nagisa is clueless while Tomoya figures out that something is wrong.

            He leaves the business to Nagisa and dashes outside, finding Mei, advertising for the bakery with “cute girl over there” line! Nagisa then calls him out, for help, but Mei continues her “advertizing” and it quickly becomes quite cluttered in the bakery. Riot ensues!

              In the end, they sold ALL the bread, sanae’s INCLUDED! This pretty much surprises Akio, which is quite onimous for another “sanae is running away!” session. However, Akio smartly changes the topic, saying bluntly he loves sanae. This is quite effective and Sanae thanks him, saying she loves him as well.
              Mei comments on that, suggesting Tomoya to do the same towards Nagisa. Obviously both aren’t ready for that.

                Tomoya is back at Youhei’s room. Youhei figures that Mei is having fun with nagisa, but he feels quite lonely that she doesn’t take care of her big bro. Tomoya is having fun with Shimah (the cat) . Mei knocks at the door, but she was looking for Tomoya! She notices Youhei and says that she has something to tell to Tomoya so he has to leave out a bit. Obviously, this pretty much depresses Youhei to the point he is frozen. After the brief pause, Mei pouts and force his “beloved brother” to leave out! XD
                Youhei runs away crying while Mei is clueless.

                  Mei then says she will be a cupid and Tomoya is happy that she is going to take care of her brother though there isn’t any person for him. Mei is clueless and says there is, over here. Tomoya is shocked and thinks it is a “forbidden” relationship, imagining both siblings in a very lovey dovey mood.
                  Tomoya is overboard while Mei of course, clears that “misunderstanding”, since she is the cupid.

                    She then says it is about Tomoya, and the later begins to have chills, imagining a “relationship with” Youhei… Two guys running on the beach, with mere T-shirt and the same PANTS! a “DO NOT WANT” situation for him!

                      Mei then says she will play cupid between Nagisa and Tomoya who are barely making any moves despite they are going out. She then asks what he wants Nagisa to improve. Tomoya ponders about it seriously and comments how she has a very low self esteem so he would like her to have more confidence. Mei agrees with him 100% and is quite glad it fits with the “plan”, though Tomoya doesn’t get it.
                      As soon as they are done, Nagisa opens the door and calls him, while Mei pretends it is a big coincidence so she leaves quickly.

                        Tomoya comments that Nagisa was supposed to play with Mei today, but she “forgot”. She suddenly calls him “Tomoya-kun” which surprise him. Nagisa asks if he is busy today, which isn’t the case. They are taking a little walk.
                        Outside, Nagisa suddenly says he is SUPER lucky since he is going out with a cute girl. This makes him react instantly though she “dampens” it, saying ” a bit cute”.As he asks where she would like to go, she says she want to go to the bakery, which is quite contradicting right now. Nagisa makes some blunder, commenting about how it will make the plan fail, but Tomoya is clueless.

                        The couple enters in the bakery, and Nagisa is weird, saying “good afternoon”. She explains that she is here as customer. Akio doesn’t get it much and tells her she can help herself, but Nagisa is stubborn and wants to pay no matter what. Akio quickly gives up, but warns her about “land mines”… She is clueless and Akio asks Tomoya to explain to her. Of course, Tomoya doesn’t want to get trouble and plays dumb, feigning ignorance. Akio has no choice but explains that the land mines are Sanae’s breads! Of course, the imaginative baker is JUST behind him, which turns into the usual “Sanae runs away! Akio chasing I LOVE YOUUUU!”

                          Nagisa decides to pick a bread, though she wants him to pay. Tomoya wonders if she doesn’t have any money. She does, but she wants him to do that, though unsure if it is okay. Tomoya gives the money without problem.
                          Nagisa however comments that he of course shouldn’t have problem to pay because it is “for her”, which takes him off guard completely, so he asks her to repeat. She takes a deep breath and does so, which leaves Tomoya dumbfounded.

                            At the park, both are sitting a bench. Nagisa asks him if he wants to eat it, but he doesn’t want to. Nagisa is troubled as it isn’t something to happen, so Tomoya plays along and exaggerates at “I want to eat it badly”. Nagisa is happy but suddenly says she won’t let him a bite!
                            Tomoya dramatically falls on the ground and wonders what is going on.

                              Tomoya doesn’t care much and tells her to do whatever she wants. Nagisa still want him to “enjoy” the Cinnamon roll and asks him to face her. She slowly approaches and takes a deep breath and… exhale right on his face, giving him quite dead eyes. XD
                              Nagisa can’t help but get very flustered, nearly crying of embrassement, while Tomoya finds out Mei, figuring out it was her doing.

                                Mei quickly escapes, and Tomoya chases her though it is useless. He wonders what Mei told her to do, but Reverting with “Okazaki-san”, Nagisa says she should take the lead as she is older than him, and since Tomoya is a delinquent, she was unsure if he would make the initiative. Everything was set in motion when she saw Mei’s scheldule for them. Nagisa feels down and wonder if she is strange. Tomoya bluntly agrees completely. Nagisa is worried that he would dislike her but he holds her hand, and says he can’t hate that and Mei was probably wrong.

                                  Tomoya asks her if there is still time and Nagisa confirms there is some before dinner. So Tomoya wants them to take a walk, so he asks her where she wants to go. Nagisa is flustered but says anywhere will do, as long as she is with “Tomoya-kun”. She leans on him, saying she will be always with him.

                                    Preview of ~AFTER STORY~ (second season)


                                    6 Responses to “CLANNAD, Extra Episode “Summer Break Incident””

                                    1. 1 Ambarita March 29, 2008 at 9:17 am

                                      What’s that “After Story” preview about? Can’t wait….

                                    2. 2 eWreckers March 30, 2008 at 8:41 am


                                      Ditto. Looks good.

                                    3. 3 klashikari March 31, 2008 at 12:22 pm

                                      Explaining the scenes in that preview is spoiler beyond repair XD
                                      Let’s just say that CLANNAD barely started and the true dish will start with AS.

                                    4. 4 mithfalath April 1, 2008 at 5:36 pm

                                      truly hilarious and touching episode.. looking forward for a 2nd season perhaps. :>

                                    5. 5 dasda June 17, 2008 at 10:52 pm

                                      about that ova (epi 24)…what does tomoyo have to do with tomoya ..i thought tomoya was with nagisa…??

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