Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de – Episode 13 End

And here goes another one of my favorite series from the winter season. The ending was just what I wanted and then some. I just wish that there would be a continuation of this but that seems to be an empty dream. Time to pitch out some cash for the game then.

In a Nutshell: Shinra is looking over the town and tells herself that she is the head of the family. Ren enters her room with a drink but find that she isn’t there. After thinking about his father, he spills the drink over Shinra’s papers just as she walks through the door…

The next day, a meeting is called around the table and Shinra is pointing out how they do not need a butler who interferes with their master’s work. The Colonel reminds her that it is time to go and she leaves. The Colonel warns Ren that this is an important and stressful time for Shinra.

In the bathroom Hato nee asks Ren if something is bothering him. Ren tells her that it could be because he made her upset during their date. Hato nee asks if that is all but Ren continues to keep his mouth shut about having met his father. In a flashback, we see Ren’s dad asking for them to come back to him but Ren refuses. He then threatens that he will go to the house which causes Ren distress. He then leaves whilst telling him that he will be in a nearby hotel.

Hato nee asks again but Ren leaves the bathroom. Miyu then appears and tells Ren that the family won’t throw them out so he doesn’t have to over think the situation.

At the concert practice, Shinra’s mentor still believes that Shinra hasn’t learnt anything yet.
At home, a tired Shinra rests on her bed. Yume comes in and begins to treat her like a queen but Shinra sees through her intentions and Yume leaves, but before she does, Yume tells Shinra that she has changed. Miyu then goes in and begins to undress telling Shinra to take her words back about Ren. Shinra resists with all her might which causes Miyu to tell her that she has changed seen as she hasn’t been raped yet.

Miyu leaves giving Shinra one more advice to open up. Shinra then opens a drawer and looks at the photo stickers they took the other day. She then flashes back to the scene where Ren told her that he understood her feelings. Thinking back, Shinra feels as if she was a fool and laughs.
The next day, Shinra decides not to fire Ren and everyone is overjoyed. Things looks like it will be back to normal.

Later than night Ren decides to protect everyone. He takes a drink to Shinra and she apologises for being so moody lately. She then feels that he is hiding something and asks him to be more open as well. She pressures him to tell her what he is hiding but Ren just apologises and leaves the room. Ren is back in his room and tells himself that he will fix everything by tomorrow.

The next day Ren is sweeping the front gates when his father appears. Ren talks him some other place to talk things over. Meanwhile Benisu and Haru have been overlooking and Shinra then shows up telling them to follow.

Ren tells his father to go home and even goes onto his knees. However, his father begins to beat him up. Shinra is watching the scene and calls him a scum. Benisu then intervenes, finding Ren curled up and in tears. His father orders him to fetch Hato nee. Ren obeys telling Shinra that he does not want to cause her trouble. Shinra then throw Ren’s previous advice back at him and asks what he wants to do. Ren’s dad is still yapping on but benisu couldn’t stand it anymore and punches him in the face. He retaliates and punches her back.

He then goes to punch Shinra but Ren will not allow him to hurt women and fights back. He wishes that his father can go back to his old days but he taunts him that will never happen. Ren was about to give the finishing blow but Shinra tells him to stop. He does and tells him that he is different. He then goes over to Shinra and kisses her hand. Shinra tells him that he is now part of their family and Ren tells him that he no longer needs him.

Father then gives up but Benisu isn’t done yet. But with that done Shinra makes her way to the concert together with Ren. Father then feels as if Ren has gone far away from him. Hato nee asks why he hit him then if he wanted Ren by his side. Father then asks when Hato nee would be coming back; just showing himself that he never changes. Miyu then decides that he needs more punishment…

Father then tells Hato nee that he is really lonely. She responds that if he gets rid of his bad habits then maybe they would consider.

At the concert Shinra tells everyone to have fun. Shinra has finally realised that she is herself and everyone is touched with the concert, even the mentor. After the concert, Shinra meets Ren back stage. He tells her that she has done well but before he can finish his line, she jumps onto him and kiss his lips. Shinra tells him that it is his reward and Ren is just in heaven.

The next day things return to normal. Ren walks into Benisu and Natose in the bath and he was beaten up. Hato nee goes berserk and Haru suffers a hit by accident. Miyu is torturing Ren with her shorts fetish. Shinra and Yume are fighting over Ren but Ageha jumps through the widow right onto Ren’s face. Yes, everything is back to normal.

During the final moments of the episode, we see Hato nee and Ren visiting their mother’s grave. Father then shows up as well looking like a changed man.

Further scenes of the family on a holiday can then be seen with Ageha being everywhere.


Thoughts: Well that was just a perfect end for the series, and I couldn’t have asked for more. Even though it could have managed with more depth, it did manage to kill two birds with one stone.

The first bird to kill was obviously the feelings between Shinra and Ren. It didn’t get any better at the start either, oh no it didn’t. Ren made the situation with Shinra worse by accidentally pouring a drink over her important papers. This escalated to Shinra threatening to fire Ren and was announced to everyone. In light of that Hato nee also told everyone that she would resign with Ren.

But luckily for Ren, everyone in the house didn’t want the pair to leave and helped convince Shinra. They made her realise that she has been changing for the worse though she denied it at first. But there was no denying that after her resistance to sexually harass Miyu when she offered! Yea, Shinra realised that she was in the wrong and apologises to Ren (and talk about the service. Ouch it was top notch!).

The second bird to fry was Ren’s father. The guy confronted Ren the following day and they go off somewhere quiet to talk. Ren’s father tries to take him and Hato nee back and started beating him up even though he begged his father to leave. Shinra and Benisu came to help but see Ren shaking on the floor. This is probably a mental scar engraved inside Ren that he could never beat his father. Ren even listened to his father to go get Hato nee but Shinra was there for him.

Benisu became pissed at the way Ren’s dad was talking and punches him in the face. But the bastard responds by giving Benisu an equally powerful blow. He was about to give it to Shinra as well but Ren fought back. Shinra stopped him from giving the finishing blow and Ren tells his father that he isn’t violent like him. He also tells his father that this is where his family is, and without use, Ren’s father gives up. Benisu then gave him an ass kicking that he would never forget.

Alls well that ends well and Hato nee tells his beaten father that he should stop drinking and being violent and maybe he could see them again. The truth is is that even he was lonely being by himself.

Shira was finally able to play like herself in the upcoming performance (with his previous tutor telling himself that this is how she should be playing). Ren congratulates shinra but she gave him a forced kiss himself as a reward.

The ending was a mixture of everyday life scenes (very heart-warming :3) and a treat scene where we see Ren, Hato nee and their new and improved dad visiting their mother’s grave. Oh this is a really depressing goodbye. I want moreeeeee!


1 Response to “Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de – Episode 13 End”

  1. 1 Mentar March 29, 2008 at 10:58 pm

    Banzai and a toast for the successful resurrection of the “Ecchi” genre. It had some weaknesses in the middle, but overall a really enjoyable show!

    It also proved that all it takes is a good storywriter (Takahiro) and a minimal budget. Thinking about it, it makes me cry that he wasn’t allowed to do Tsuyokisu too – the game is 1-2 leagues better than KimiAru.

    Nevertheless, excellent entertainment!

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