Eushully Presents 2008 (A Retrospective)


Inspired By Skyfall, Here Is My Talk About An Eroge I Am Anticipating

Now who wants to put aside all this talk about infighting and blogging and talk about a more fun subject.  I’ll be the first to take that step and talk about Japanese PC Gaming.  When I think of eroges I like and the ones that make them, two producers come to mind.  One is of course Alicesoft and the other is a company I’m not sure many have heard of called Eushully.  Usually they only make like one game a year and it’s pretty much been awesome every time. 


Leshente:  “You Better Grind 50 Levels Oniichan or Leshente’s Going To Crush Your Entire Party In One AOE Attack In The First 5 Minutes.  Tee Hee!”

Their debut game was Ikusa Megami which was an RPG/Exploration title where you could H girls to give you and them bulk experience which could then be spent on upping a number of stats.  The game was bloody hard as was it’s successor Ikusa Megami 2, forcing the player to make the most of characters individual skill sets and to really time your attacks and healing via use of it’s own take on the popular ATB battle system seen in games like Final Fantasy.  Characters also came and went from the party depending on the plot and at times you were forced to use a limited party to take on a tough boss.  Picture like FF9 if it were like 5 times more difficult and you might get a general idea of how Ikusa Megami 2 played.

Ikusa Megami 2 Opening

There were also a number of sidequests leading to top tier spells and weapons for characters as well as a synthesis shop run by a loli who appears in pretty much every Eushully game to run the shop (The company kind of uses a bit of a Star System like Osamu Tezuka in that a lot of the same characters appear in different games fulfilling different roles.  They also love to crossover characters as secret units or party members a lot of the time).  It was a fun game with good challenge.  They didn’t stop there though, next we got Genrin No Hime 1 and 2.

Genrin No Hime 2 Opening


Look Familiar?


At First Glance It Might Look Like It’s Ripping Off Fire Emblem, But Really It’s Quite Different In A Number Of Ways

Princess General or Genrin No Hime is of course a strategy RPG in the vain of Fire Emblem with several key differences.  First of all their is a world map and you can select to visit different areas to make money, get certain scenes, recruit new characters and enter dungeons off the story path for fun and profit.  Secondly no breakable items, you equip a weapon and it’s yours for as long as you want until you find a better one.  Furthermore, you can even equip armor and accessories to boost other stats.  H’ing characters can boost certain stats and even lead to class promotions given certain conditions as well.  Also you have MP and SP to worry about for characters that use magic and special skills and map attacks are a part of some classes reportoire as well.  To top it all off, this game had three tier class promotions before even Fire Emblem did as well as classes that just plain don’t exist in Fire Emblem such as a Succubus named Risutei (one of her abilities is great where for the cost of 3 SP she can use an attack that deals damage based on a random number between about -40 and 40.  As a result she can total enemies in one Chou Neko Panchi that would otherwise take you many attacks to bring down)  and the Seraph Farmesha (who can fly, has an attack range of 1 or 2 squares and a special ability which is a map attack with decent range at the cost of 25% accuracy).


She May Look And Act Sweet And Have A Really Low HP And Defence Stat, But Risutei Is One Of Your Most Potentially Powerful Characters

The game also has multiple branching storypaths depending on your actions.  H an innocent girl and watch you chaos go up, commit virtuous acts and your law will go up.  Depending on your law and chaos ratio certain characters will join you or become your enemies and different story events and battles will take place.  It really adds to the replay value.

After that Eushully went on to make Kuutei Senki, and airship card combat game.  This game is easily their most peculiar and unique foray.  Essentially you start by picking one of 4 characters to play as with their own unique ship, storyline and crew members and then you head of on their personal quest.  One character is a vampire searching for a cure and dreams of living in the sun with his beloved again, another is a weird older man who claims he has built the most powerful airship in history (in reality it’s the weakest one in the game) and is out to prove it’s worth to the world by taking on all comers with his pair of comely assistants.


It’s The Game Of Life….Or Is It?


The Heart Of The Cards.  Cards Govern Everything From The Ability To Save To Allowing You Access To The Next Area Of The Game.  There’s I Think Over 200 Different Ones In The Game Between All 4 Of The Characters


Airship Combat After Selecting Your Cards


Melanie Heinz, The Rich Loli Who Would Play Pirate.  Also Your First Opponent

The game plays out on three planes.  One is the base level where you organize your cards, view scenes, use money to buy upgrades for your ship when your main character levels up and to buy more cards, and select destinations such as your next location or a colloseum.  From there you head to the play field where you attempt to accomplish your objective.  The play field is very similiar to the Game of LIFE (right down to the wheel used to determine your movement range) and each side in the battle takes turns spinning the wheel and depending on what square their ship lands on, different things can happen.  Some squares give money, heal your ship, give you new cards, penalize other characters by stealing their money, give you an updraft (meaning you can reach new tiers of the stage and have higher movement number on your wheel) or have you declare a battle against an enemy ship.  If a battle happens then the third layer of the game is under way where each member of your crew can choose to use a card that you have drawn (ranging from attack, dodging, special attack, repairs and all kinds of other actions) in an effort to defeat your enemies ship.  Each battle has 3 rounds and at the end the winner is either the one left standing or with the most points and receives substantial spoils while the loser is penalized.  Often the goal is to destroy your opponents ship a certain number of times, but other times it’s to do other things such as reach a certain square, last a certain number of turns or carry out a sequence of events.

The game is also pretty hard as the opponent ship from each stage (usually captained by a really cute girl) is almost always more powerful then yours, so a lot of the time you’ll want to try and gain an advantage outside of combat before even trying to take them on, lest a loli pirate hand you your behind and subject you to her humiliating taunts afterward.  Building a balanced deck is a must as is keeping your ship at the highest possible stats available to your character.  If you find an enemy isn’t taking enough damage, build more combo attacks or use more powerful cards, if an enemies attack is just too powerful then stack your deck with some more dodge cards to help avoid their attack.  Strategy is key as in most Eushully games.

Meishoku No Reiki Opening


Get Conquering Then

Again Eushully would bring us a really fun game next they released with Meishoku No Reiki.  In it you play a wizard who has undergone a ritual to give himeself a new demonic body, and your goal…..why take over the known world and make all of it’s princesses yours.  The game plays like a territory conquering strategy game where you are expected to conquer every piece of territory or at last have nobody left to conquer buy allying with the whole world.  Once that is done you can fight the final boss.  You conquer the world buy amassing an army and sending them out to take the necessary territories and cities and there are of course events whereby you can gain new units, see new scenes or gain money.


Your Daughter Is One Of The Best Possible Units In The Game In That She Can Destroy Entire Regiments With Her Ice Spell And Go Toe To Toe With Actual Bosses Once She Grow Up.  To Get Her You Have To Get The Princess Your Main Character Kidnapped At The Beginning Of The Game Pregnant And Then Use The Stone You Get To Have Her Give Birth And Get The Unit.  You Can Have As Many Daughters As You Choose


A Battle

So once you build your army and think you can take a nation you can declare war on them (keep in mind if they are allied with anyone else that nation will also declare war against you) and start the conquering.  When two opossing armies meet either in a city or on the roads you engage in battle.  If it’s in a city then the defender benefits from any city defenses that have been built up.  Anyway, you then choose formation which is pretty key here in that it the one who is in the prime formation has a massive boost to their stats and it can mean even the strongest unit is now helpless if they are caught with an enemy behind them they cannot attack in the battle.  Battles play out in three rounds in which you choose your actions for each regiment and then proceed to see them attack.  Regiments can consist of anywhere from one Hero character unit to as many minor army units as you saw fit to put in one (the condition is they must all be the same type of unit in a regiment).  minor unit based regiments of large size and decent stats like Goblin chiefs do well against units of equal size (you can even equip regiments with items to increase their stats that are obtained through events or purchased from the black marketeer that visits from time to time), whereas they do almost no damage against enemy bosses.  This is where Hero units come in and you will need to go one on one (or three on one if you have three hero units in your army, which you probably will as you close in on the end of the game since they often have AOE spells that make them just as effective against larger regiments as say Goblin Raiders or Orcs) with an enemy boss once you reach their capital in order to put an end to the war and their country. 


Capture That Loli Princess

Usually when you reach a city you will have to take on any army posted their and will go through each of them until you fight the local city militia (power based on an upgrade you can do to the city) and once you defeat them the city is yours.  Usually you will get some new unit or princess added to the harem once you take down a nation and make it your own and you will gain the tax money from the populace of that nation.  There is also a dungeon exploring element to the game that can be used to hunt for treasure and gain new allies at the bottom of the dungeon.  Also you have a strategy window you can use at times to make your job easier.  Depending on your funds, the amount of ability points your main character has (you get them from H’ing your slave princess) or any items necessary you can do things such as petition an ally for funds, pay tribute (raises allies affection towards your nation) hunt for dungeons with goblin explorers, teleport an army instantly to any city you’ve conquered or an even better version that requires a rare item that will teleport any army to any city on the map instantly, kidnap a princess, spread disease in an enemy city and a number of other things.


Selphieta The Slave Princess.  Actually An Extremely Powerful Attacker (She Uses A Whip) And Spell Caster (Uses The Same Spells As Your Daughters).  Seems To Apologize Every Time She Attack.  Only Usuable With The Hero Team


Advisor-Chan.  Might As Well Be Yuki Nagato In The Way She Talks (I Nicknamed Her Chihara Minori For Her Mumblespeak And Quiet Almost Inaudible Voice) And The Ferocity Of Her Attacks.  So Broken Is Tilly In Fact That She Can Almost Solo Most Wars


The Androgenous Final Boss Effie.  I Have An Irrational Hatred Of Him/Her Because I Hate Shota

Once you conquer all the nations in the world or ally with everyone, you can touch off Season 2 of Gundam 00 whereby Celestial Beings come down to punish you for uniting the world under your brutal rule.  Actually not really, but it might as well be the case when your slave princesses weird hermaphodite brother becomes the avatar of a goddess and a bunch of angels start trying to attack your capital.  Once you finally deal with him/her you can choose to either kill him/her or let him live.  If you let him/her live and have captured every territory on the map and gained every princess you can get what I like to call the Supreme Court ending (You’d really have to have read Jon Stewart’s America The Book to have any idea of what I mean by that and even then good look as it’s another of my self-coined terms that only I can comprehend).  In the post game you can spend bonus points to unlock special options such as the ability to play as other nations and can even unlock the main character from Ikusa Megami Selika, his apostles and his goddess, the main character from Genrin No Hime Riu and his wife, 3 of the main airships from Kuutei Senki and the Eushully mascot characters Eushully-Chan and Black Eushully-Chan.


The Hero Kira Yamato (Might As Well Be)  Excellent Physical Attack, Pretty Useless Otherwise


The Heroine.  Has A Great Special Attack That Pierces Through To Any Enemy Behind Your Target.  One Of The Only Physical Attacks In The Game To Do So


The Healer.  One Of The Only Units In The Game That Can Heal And Is Fragile As A Wet Paper Towel


This Useless Old Man.  Joins The Hero Team, Has Weak Magic And Physical Abilites And Dies.  The End.


Your Final Boss For The Hero Team

Also a Version 2 patch allows you to play as the Hero Team which will challenge you if you hit turn 105 in the main game and in this version the Hero Team shows up early, ejects the main character you use from the main game from his castle, and you are given 3 of the original main characters daughters (one loli, one teenager and one adult version to start) and then sent again to conquer the nations of the world.  This time you can be joined by the original main characters advisor (ridiculously powerful and high defense) and even the slave princess from the main game (who’s attack stats are so high you wonder if she didn’t just let the original main character capture her as she could easily have crushed him in a single battle) as well as the princesses of any nation you conquer that were battle units and would have otherwise gone into the harem.  After conquering or allying with all the nations you square off against…….the original main character come for revenge in an all new just for this V 2.0 game form.  He’s also brought along an army of demons instead of angels and I swear one regiment type bears an enormous resemblance to Suzumiya Haruhi.  After you put him down you are pretty much done everything there is in this game and can either replay on a harder difficulty or create your own challenge if you want.

Eushully kept the hits coming in 2006 with Minefukakise ni Tayutau Uta, henceforth just Tayu Uta as the name is ridiculously long.  This time it’s a dungeon crawler.  You play the son of a former hero who sealed off a demon in the cave just outside of town and are out to embark on a treasure hunt in said cave and to train to follow in your older brother (Who your main character idolizes) footsteps.  As always not is all what it seems and when the demons in the cave start to make themselves known again to the village you start to learn some uncomfortable truths about everything you’ve been taught and who the real monsters really are.


She Seemed Like Such A Nice Person Early On, But Fino’s Teacher And The Town Priestess Is Actually The So Called Goddess Apocris, Who In Actuality Is The Real Monster Who’s Powers Were Sealed Away, Biding Her Time And Telling The Lie About Evil Demons In The Taproot Of Destruction To Keep Fino At Bay Until She Could Reawaken.


Sephelia Chills With The Loli Shopkeep Who Makes Her Third A So Far Most Recent Appearance In An Eushully Game

You as Fino Sefit are joined on your journey through what my translator calls the “Taproot of Destruction” by your faithful adopted sister Myuri Aurora, your childhood friend who is now an apprentice night Sephilia Raphie, a dwarf with an affinity for rum named Chloe and Sephilia’s own teacher, the graceful elf warrior Fochera Seed.  The game is a lot more linear than older Eushully Games, but there is still a random exploration element to the dungeons.  You can visit places in town for scenes and buy weapons and fuse them at appropriate stores.  The game is strongly item based so having good items means good fusion and more scenes and to get items you have to explore.  There are about 14 chapters and something like 255 floors in the dungeon and while most of them are randomly generated, a good 33% are story driven floors where you have to solve puzzles, defeat enemies and use the right characters to advance.


Myuri Hangs Out With A Cat.  Incidentally She Actually Sounds Like One When She Talks

Each character has different skills that you need to use to your advantage in order to guarantee success and I should also mention you all share the same HP bar which is important.  Fino is good at melee and dodging as well as being able to find hidden treasure and doors.  Sephelia is good at healing, has a higher attack than Fino and can pierce through enemies to cover two damage squares with her spear, but she has even lower defence than Myuri.  Myuri is good at ranged attack and AOE, but the don’t do a whole lot of damage and she has accuracy problems and gets knocked back a lot more than other characters in combat.  Chloe is the strongest attacker and has the highest defence of anyboy but has even worse accuracy than Myuri.  Finally Focherea has healing and ranged attacks, with good accuracy compared to Myuri but even poorer damage.  It’s pretty balanced.

Characters come and go as the story dictates much like Ikusa Megami so you have to be prepared to adapt on the fly lest you be blindsided when say, Sephelia leaves and Myuri joins.  Also weapons have durability like in Fire Emblem, but you can pay the blacksmith girl to restore them to full durability at any time for a price.  This keeps you strapped for cash though so you also have to manage that.  It’s a really fun game and not quite as overwhelming difficult as some of Eushully’s other games can be.

Eushully Has Dones Some Other Games I don’t Know Much About Such as the rather goofy Minna Daisuki Baby Maker game where you go around challenging girls too Mini-Games and get to H them afterward to have children.  It’s actually their sister company Anastasia’s game and there’s are a lot more comedy and ADV driven so there’s not much gameplay involved and it can easily be beaten in a few sitting unlike most of Eushully’s games which last anywhere from 15-50 hours.

Soukai No Oujo Tachi Opening

Anastasia also released a U-Boat submarine tactics game called Soukai no Oujo Tachi last week where you are a captain put in charge of a U-Boat with an all female crew and get to go about your “daily business” with them and fight in tactical simulation battles.  Again I haven’t played it, but I hear it’s about as simplistic as  Minna Daisuki.  All I know is that the opening theme is by far the best Anastasia has ever put out and I have had it on loop for the past few days.

Ikusa Megami 0 Opening (With Bad Hair Metal Scream That Reminds Me Of Aya Hirano at 1:13)

Now Eushully proper is poised to release Ikusa Megami 0, a prequel to the very first game they ever released that comes as their 10th anniversary approaches.  By all the evidence I have seen they are putting everything they possibly can into this game and it has some ridiculous specs for a Japanese PC Game if the Reccomended stats are to be believed (Pentium IV 2.0 GHZ or equivalent, 768 MB Ram, Direct X 9.0c).  I imagine it’ll be a dual layer DVD like Prism Ark and should be an eroge RPG to rule all eroge RPG’s.  It comes out in 2 months and I honestly can’t even wait.  Eushully is keeping fans teased on their main homepage with daily updates and teasers of characters that are returning, one of which is Selika as the main character (In both his original form as a human and the Ikusa Megami) and his patron as well.

So that’s my little retrospective on one of my favourite eroge producers and I hope I’ve at least piqued someones interest to try at least one of their games out as they are really awesome.  I’m more than willing to help anybody get started on any of them if they are interested so just ask away.  So next article will hopefully by my final episode review for Gundam 00 and final 1st season analysis.  I hope people can entertain a guy who apparently hates himself and blogging and will check it out.


4 Responses to “Eushully Presents 2008 (A Retrospective)”

  1. 1 The Animanachronism March 31, 2008 at 9:21 pm

    I must say I never tire of reading about eroge, mainly because I can never quite understand the concept. The fact that Japan produces complex and difficult games which at the same time have H-scenes as an incentive just wierds me out. Soukai no Oujo Tachi in particular, because of wanting to be a submarine commander as a child. (An ambition sadly thwarted by my inability to learn to swim!) One wonders quite how one finds the physical space for sex on a U-boat . . .

  2. 2 Myssa Rei March 31, 2008 at 10:45 pm

    Animanachronism: Think of the demographic these games are targetting though, and the addition of H scenes suddenly make sense. Although I’m sure not all Japanese players of the games are lonely and lovelorn single otaku (I bet some are actually in the vein of Konata’s dad), most of them certainly are. ^^

  3. 3 Kaioshin Sama April 1, 2008 at 3:58 am

    I can understand people being weirded out a little by the very concept of an H-RPG. It takes several goes at pulling all the concepts involved together to really wrap your brain around it.

  4. 4 magicalcrap October 14, 2009 at 12:20 am

    Ok, I only got to play the original Battle Goddess 10 years ago, in late 1999. It’s still one of the games I’d love to play again, but sadly I lost my copy. I’d really want to play Battle Goddess 2 and zero too if I had the chance.

    Anyway, it seemes to be at the time that Eushully are Fire Emblem fans, as some of the names from the original Battle Goddess were taken from or based on Fire Emblem characters. These are:

    Celica (Serika) – one of FE2’s main characters, the other one is Alm. She also had red hair and uses both swords and magic. Hmm…
    Levia/Lefin – seems to be based on FE4’s Levin.
    Katua – from FE1/FE3
    Lakche – from FE4

    Also of note is the comparison of Genrin no Hime to Fire Emblem. A lot of what you described are actually present in Fire Emblem Gaiden (FE2). One, FE2 didn’t have breakable weapons. You can also equip either one item or one weapon, which increases stats or gives some special effects. Also, FE2 had a promote system that reaches 3 tiers for some classes, examples of which are:

    Soldier -> Armor Knight -> Baron
    S Knight (Cavalier) -> Paladin -> G Knight

    And add one more tier if your character was originally a Villager. Take note FE2 was released early 1990’s and FE5 was released on 1999.

    Battle Goddess… hgow I missed that game so much…

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