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Rewrite ~リライト~, next Key/Visual Art’s game

As people might already have bumped on this news before, there was the announcement of a new game on Key site this 1st april.
Obviously, the timing was pretty much fishy, so most people were quite on the defensive stance.

However, Key doesn’t have the reputation for AF, and it is quite bigger when they involve… Ryukishi07 in their cast as a scenarist. Now, it might be completely crazy, but such an AF involving a third party isn’t exactly something usual, especially that Key announced before they had quite a big surprise for their 10th anniversary.
This is pretty much something lingering, leaving people in quite a shrouding doubt.

Well, we can now rejoice that it is confirmed !
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April Fools (The Quitter Is A Quitter At Quitting?)

April Fools, by the way. Yeah I started a bit early (I actually planned this out almost a week before the whole ABC thing started), but no earlier than anyone else set there’s up I imagine. I wanted the date of April 1st to be the time it came out. I’m not cutting ties with animeblogger or quitting blogging because that would be super emo over just a few people that frankly can’t do much of anything to harm me and are just a bunch of windbags. I’m sorry if I personally offended anyone in all this.  Except Jason….you…..yeah, I meant what I said. Manatees! Continue reading ‘April Fools (The Quitter Is A Quitter At Quitting?)’

Just To Avoid Any Confusion

Okay, since some people think that my talk about disillusionment with anime blogging is directly related to the whole ABC thing, I just want to take a moment to say that isn’t the case, but that I more or less saw this type of incident coming in that I had noticed over the past couple months how negative and spiteful the community was getting.  My intent to declare my independence from any formal ties to the blogging community was to avoid the type of things that are happening right now, not a result of it.  It was a premonition (complete with a Newtype Flash if you want to be imaginative) based off of my own personal experiences that really didn’t have a whole lot to do with what has gone on in the past couple of days.  

That isn’t to say I have any real opinion on the matter that is almost literally ripping the blogging community apart as I stand off to the side now thanking my Newtype-like abilities since I’m running an indie blog here now, but since I know people have linked to me now I feel I still need to make things clear.  That’s all I really wanted to say. 

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