Gundam 00 Episode 25 (Setsuna)


Yes Setsuna, Yes It Was, It Was Named After You

No longer shall we wait, for the world did not, even for those who are Celestial Beings. It’s time to cap off the first half of Gundam 00 with one final summary and analysis before we head on to Code Geass and Macross Frontier. Speaking of which, what are those that follow primarily Romance and Slice of Life series going to do this season…..oh man I just got this thought of 30 people following To Love Ru and Kanokon avidly and I’m not sure I can get it out of my head. Let’s work at saving my brain…..”Together, With Gundam”.


Wow, Albatori Is Kind Of A Gunhaver Unit


But Then Again Exia’s Kind Of An M.C Hammer Kind Of Unit

Summary: We start a few moments back this time with Alejandro doing his little speech about making the tools of Aeolia Schenberg into an offering for his new world and Setsuna’s declaration to dispatch his target and before long they are locked in battle. The Albatori is going all Big Zam with beam cannons that were hidden all around it’s body and Setsuna is dodging around trying to figure out what to do. Before long Lasse tells Setsuna to destroy the Assault Container to at least try to damage one of the enemies limbs and he does so to no avail. The Albatori isn’t even scratched (not surprised seeing as it’s guest starring from Seed Destiny) and Alejandro laughs at the Exia’s feeble gesture as he moves in and the opening starts up.


They’s Dead I Reckon…..Ummmmmhmmmmm


She’s Crying But She’s Doing Her Job Now, That’s What I Felt I’d See From….Felt (Pun Not Intended)


But It Has Many Places To Hide


So Hallelujah Has Some Issues Regarding Pseudo-Lolidom Too Eh?


Finally Overcoming His Inferiority To The Master Loli Race, Allelujah and Hallelujah Merge. Gone Is The Emo Swoosh And Hello……Heterochromia…..It’s As If I Heard A Thousand Fangirls Cry Out In Glee And My Excitement Was Suddenly Silenced


Eat Your Heart Out Alba Frost


2 On 2?

When we come back though it’s not Setsuna and Alejandro we are with, it’s Sumeragi who wants Felt to confirm the status of the Gundam Meisters. She reports Nadleeh is badly damaged and Tieria isn’t reporting in and that the same is confirmed of Kyrios. Speaking of Kyrios, it’s still operational even if it’s missing much of it’s missing a good 1/3 of it and Sergei and Soma are out looking for it. There’s now a rather see it to believe it type scene with Allelujah chatting with Hallelujah in his cockpit, both of their personalities clashing as usual, but them ultimately coming to the conclusion that they have to hear the worlds answer to their creed. He pulls back his hair revealing both eyes (and one hell of a forehead) and charges forward and manages to kick Sergei and rip his GN-X’s arm off with the claw.


Don’t Let Happen Again You Wants To Live Boy (Yeah I’ve Actually Been Watching Roots So If Anyone Notices Me Speaking In Dialects Try Not To Pay It To Much Mind)


Whoever Said Pink Was The Dominant Colour In Gundam Needs To Reevaluate Just Like The Value Of Gold Is Doing Daily Lately


How About Green. Impz Should Be Happy With It’s Showing


Man They Sure Don’t Last Long In The ADverse


Okay This Things Just Starting To Remind Me Of The Gromlin From Gather Beat Now


Gromlin AKA Mobile Chicken


Albatori Versus Exia Is Not A Good Matchup


Who Is Underestimating Who? Feeling Backed Into A Corner Alejandro? (Pun Intended This Time)


Pushed Around And Kicked Around Always A Lonely Boy…..Seriously Look Up The Lyrics For A Song Called Smalltown Boy By The Bronski Beat And Tell Me That Shouldn’t Be Setsuna’s Image Song


Setsuna: “Oh My Sword! Oh Well I’ve Got Seven More Of Them, How Many GN Fields Do You Have Left Alejandro? Oh, Is That So….”

Back on Setsuna’s front he’s still not doing to well in finding a way to break through the Albatori’s GN Field and to make matters worse it has GN Fangs as well. (Setsuna recognizes them as those things the Throne had) Lasse asks Setsuna to dock and form the GN-Arms and he does so while taking down a couple of fangs in the process. Activating it’s GN Field so he can fight on par with the Albatori. Setsuna then proceeds to snipe all of the deployed fangs and Alejandro responds by bringing out the Mega Particle Cannon which Setsuna dodges again. And again when Alejandro get’s cocky…and again when Alejandro gets cocky again with the Albatori’s claw, even going so far as to parry it and draw first blood by severing a limb. Lasse makes use of the GN-Arms overhang cannons to destroy another one and takes a hit from the returned fire which leaves him bleeding but none the less determined. With one more charge Exia pierces through the GN Field, destroying the GN Arms sword but bringing down the Albatori’s GN Field.


Setsuna Seems To Have Access To All Swordskill Now, But Is He Orlandu Broken?


Shell Bust Stab


Icewolf Bite


Holy Explosion

Using this opportunity Setsuna brings out the Exia’s GN Blade and proceeds to cut open the Albatori, fleeing as it explodes. Elsewhere Hallelellallellelalleujah………..wait….what?

Kaio: Fuck It I’m Calling Him Hal-Al (And no that’s not a Kryptonian name….at least I don’t think so)


Clawed Again


Oh Come On Now….Vulcans?


So A Super-Soldier Is A Ninja?


Who Needs Two Arms And Legs When You Have Trans-Am


Fungah, Foiled Again!


Hal-Al’s Real Name Would Later Be Revealed As Yoshiyuki Tomino Who Would Take His Bipolar Disorder And Alternating Superiority And Inferiority Complexes Towards Women And Right His Memoirs Which Would Become A Book Known As Mobile Suit Gundam (Via The Power Of Time Travel And Dimension Hopping Of Course)

Elsewhere Hal-Al is beating up on Soma and mocks her for thinking shes the ultimate super soldier and she can’t seem to do anything about it despite having a fully intact GN-X while Hal-Al is piloting a broken Kyrios. (I’m reminded of the final battle between the Gundam and the Zeong a bit, only more unbalanced yet oddly balanced at the same time. Hard to describe) Hal-Al says the mergin of Reaction and Thought is the mark of a true super-soldier and she lacks that and thus will never be his equal. He activates the Kyrios Trans-Am for one last gamble but fails to sleigh his adversary when Sergei jumps in the way and is impaled. Soma uses this opportunity to disable Kyrios and the ensuing explosion shatters Hal-Al’s visor and much of the left side of his face.


Just Because She’s Small Doesn’t Mean She Isn’t Strong


Somewhere Somebody Is Getting Turned On By This


Your Post Clannad Moe Quota

Having the chance to show Hal-Al that the flat chest always wins, Soma declines and instead goes to help Sergei, letting Kyrios drift away from them. Soma opens up the cockpit and when Sergei tells her to go after the enemy she refuses saying that she can’t leave him or be alone anymore. Hal-Al meanwhile is watching them from the Kyrios’ still operable camera as he drifts away and seeing Soma’s face for the first time he recognizes her as Marie asking why she’s……..




Wait…..So If Alejandro’s Colour Is Gold And He Feels He Can Make Everything That Colour By Winning, Then He Thinks He’s Made Of Win And Gold Like Some Sort Of Delusional Self-Fanboy……OH MY GOD ALEJANDRO THINKS HE’S KYOTO ANIMATION! or Midas. Well Whatever, If Setsuna Get’s An 80’s Image Song I’ll Give Alejandro One Too


I Think This MS May Be Next Generation Or Something And Is The True Prize Alejandro Kept For Himself, Not The GN-X Which Was The Dummy Prize He Gave Away


Now The Real Battle Begins In Earnest

Meanwhile back on Setsuna’s front he’s trying to see if Lasse is alright when a shot comes his way. It’s from a mobile suit inside the Albatori equipped with a GN Drive. (It looks like what you’d get if a piece of Zondar Metal merged with a GM….or maybe somebody has been playing MS Saga too much, saw the Golden GM fight and wanted to redesign it, who knows) Alejandro taunts Setsuna now and when Setsuna starts to realize he’s fighting the man that distorted Aeolia Schenberg’s plan Alejandro says that things have changed and now he’s the lead actor before promptly kicking the Exia away. When Setsuna asks what his motives are Alejandro says he desires “Destruction And Rebirth”. He says Celestial Being has destroyed the current world order and forced it’s rebirth in unity and now he will stain it in his colour. His units wings now flip into place and it’s GN Drive starts spinning rapidly before firing off a huge beam the size of the Albatori’s.


You Know….Three Episodes Later The Trans-Am Still Hasn’t Gotten Old To Me

When we come back from the eyecatch Alejandro is gloating thinking he is victorious and can now carry out his plans without interruptions. Suddenly a familiar non-gold coloured beam strikes his GN-Field and it’s Exia having (Finally!) activated it’s Trans-Am to escape the blast. Setsuna says he’s finally found the distortion in the world and it’s Alejandro. (can’t argue with him on that one really) They begin to fight again and Setsuna soon notices that he can’t pierce Alejandro’s GN-Field and time is running out on his Trans-Am. He flashes back to Lockon mentioning that the Exia’s solid sword is a counter measure against GN-Fields (Anyone want to dispute why this is true or if they think this came in at the last minute be my guest, but it’s common Gundam knowledge that barriers counter beams and nothing else unless it’s Phase Shift Armor) in case something happens and a Gundam needs to fight another Gundam. The flashback Lockon tells past Setsuna he’s their ace in the hole and when we flash back to the present Setsuna says he knows. (Kind of touching how he still carries Lockon’s memories with him this way)


Gold May Be A Lucky Colour But It Can’t Beat Exia’s Lucky 7 Swords. Consider That In Alejandro’s Final Moment


See That’s What I Love About Gundam. The Complex Character Webs That Allow For Such A Cruel Betrayal. Even If You Could Sort Of Guess At It Coming Given How Ribbons Seemed To Be The Brains And Alejandro The Brawn And Fall Guy You’ve Gotta Love It Nonetheless

Setsuna now charges Alejandro’s MS and piercing the GN Field impales him with every last one of the Exia’s swords, shouting that they are Celestial Beings and eradication of armed conflict through force is their goal. He shouts that they will do that with the Gundams and at last Alejandro is defeated with one final swipe. As Alejandro lays dying he is contacted by Ribbons who tells him he played the clown well, but that this is no longer Aeolia’s or even Alejandro’s plan, but his own. Alejandro curses him and Ribbons says he’ll handle the united world in his stead. Alejandro has one last word with him saying this is the Corner families legacy, but Ribbons says that’s precisely why he’s a small man. Alejandro punches the vid window with Ribbons on it on rage and his unit explodes leaving a panting Setsuna.


Is It Over?


Heck No, It’s A Boss Rush


Now That’s A Jerry Rig If Ever I Saw One

It’s not over yet though as there is one last fight in store for the boy. It’s Graham Acre who has finally deployed in his GN Flag to settle the score once and for all and avenge Howard and Daryll. (Cue Union) He comes in over the comm with a vid message and Setsuna recognizes him as the Union man he met in Azadistan and likewise Graham recognizes Setsuna too. They end up in a saber duel and Graham manages to chop off one of the Exia’s limbs (It’s not the one with the Beam Saber) with Graham saying he’s fallen in love with the Gundam’s capabilites. Love so strong that it becomes hatred just like faith too strong leads to war. (The scene showing the hatred of Celestial Being casts doubt on the rightenous of Celestial Being to Setsuna. While there is some craziness in Graham’s speech that is kind of hilarious their is another layer to it in that regard)


Can You Feel The Love Hate


Consider The Meaning Of Graham’s Words In His Battle Lust. While A Lot Of Them Seem Like Mad Ramblings Of A Man Pushed Over The Edge (And They Actually Are Cause He Is) There Is A Fair Bit Of Meaning To Them. Graham Truly Admires The Gundam’s Tenacity As The Power An Ideal Soldier Should Wield, But Despises Them For The Personal Sufferings They Have Caused Him In The Deaths Of His Teammates. This Turns The Love Into Hatred At The Same Time And Causes Some Serious Rambling During The Fight That Is Really Hard To Decipher.

We Know That He Says He Doesn’t Care About The World Anymore And I Interpret That As A Sign That He Must Have Heard About Darryl And Deployed Without Permission To Avenge Him Against The Gundams He Idolizes So Much. We Know He’s Still Technically With The World Though When He Tells Setsuna Of His Own Flaws As A Terrorist Whose Faith Has Brought Him Over The Edge As Well And To Let Him Provide The Worlds Reply To His Actions. (As He Raises His Beam Rifle To Reply With A Gesture Of Rejection By Firing It) The Two Share A Common Bond Marred In Hatred And Thus Is The Screaming Match Between Setsuna And Graham Possible In The Way It Comes Out


The Silent Big Bang Of Destruction And Rebirth As Two Forces Collide And Destroy Each Other, Signalling The End Of An Era, But Not A Tale

They now both trade blows (screaming like Super Robot pilots which is something to behold) denouncing each other as hypocrites and terrorists and soldiers (Oh man Crusader is going to have some issues with this one) and tearing each others limbs, heads and assorted MS parts off with each strike. Graham says the Gundam’s made him the way he is and that he doesn’t care about the world anymore and all that matters is defeating the Gundams. Setsuna shouts back that he is part of the world too and Graham says then he will let Setsuna hear the worlds answer. Setsuna says he is just reinforcing his own ego and he will sever that distortion. With a cry of, “Well said Gundam” Graham charges the Exia at max speed and the Exia does likewise (moving so fast they create a wave of GN Particles behind their respective units) and they impale each other. Graham says with a smile and a calm voice now that he has avenged Daryll and Howard and we see an explosion of light from far off with no sound. (Very eerie)

After all of this we see the ruins of the Gundam Nadleeh off in space and Tieria wakes saying this is not the end and the plan is still in motion. He ejects the GN Drive in an attempt to save it and says he can finally go where Lockon is before losing conciousness. Elsewhere Allelujah drifts asking Hallelujah if he knew that Soma Peelis was Marie and he replies that if he had known then he wouldn’t have fought and would die. (Little late for that now Hal) After that Hallelujah seems to disappear as the Kyrios drifts further into the reaches of space.


Tieria’s Last Gesture?


The End Of Setsuna F. Seiei


This Seems Invocative Of Setsuna Drifting In A Sea Of Confusion, Only Unlike Kira He’s Going To Do Something About It Still Instead Of Watching Stock Footage Of His Past


Spirit Of Bear Give Man Great Strength. Spirit Of Flat Chested Girl Give Even Greater Strength


Don’t Cry For Me Maaaaaaaaaariiiiiiiiiiiinaaaaaaaaaa


This Is Only The Beginning (Considering This Episode Has And Will Have Even More Throw Outs To Gundam F91 I Thought I Might As Well Have My Own)

We see an image of Setsuna looking dead in space and then on Earth Marina is reading a letter from him recounting what he has learned. (Complete with his theme song playing. We also don’t know if he wrote that letter afterward or if it’s pre-recorded. Odds are highly against him actually being dead regardless as Sumeragi, Felt and Ian are likely to find and pick them all up). As we see a montage of the characters pass by Setsuna recounts the worst parts of humanity in the pain and suffering they can inflict on one another and that he is still more or less on the path to finding his answers at how he can make a difference in putting a stop to that.


At Least Somebody’s Dream Has Come True


But Is The Era Of Celestial Being Really Over?


OH MY GOD THEY LOOK LIKE KNIGHTMARE FRAMES, SUNRISE SUCKS THIS IS SUCH A CODE GEASS RIPOFF! Seems We’re Seeing The Next Generation Of The GN-X Judging By Their Faceplates And It Looks Like They’ve Been Equipped With Weapons Similar To The Shot Lancers Seen In Gundam F91


A Crossbone Vanguard Shot Lancer


As If This Series Hasn’t Had Enough Gundam F91 References, Here’s Graham Sporting An Iron Mask Like Karozo Ronah (Okay Not Quite But Still)


Tieria Or Someone Else?


The Trinity Mothership In Deep Space

We flash forward 4 years on the day of the birth of a united Earth Federation. We also see that Saji appears to be sending a message to Louise again and he seems to be working as a civilian in space thus fulfilling his dream. He sees GN Particles trailing across the sky as he looks up at Earth and it doesn’t appear to be from an Earth Federation unit. He wonders if that light is a Gundam as Daybreak’s Bell starts playing. We then see the Earth Federation President giving a speech about the need for disbanding of national militaries and uniting the peace keeping forces under one flag. Lots of rhetoric here, but we also see that Sergei, Katie and Patrick are still alive. (Yes as many suspected Patrick made it out okay. Shirin is leaving Marina (probably since she doesn’t have to worry about leading the Middle East anymore since it doesn’t really exist) and we also see Ribbons mention that his “Innovators” will lead humanity to it’s future. We also see Graham in a mask down a corridor and a person who is clearly Ali slamming down a drink elsewhere. Still elsewhere we see a person that looks like Tieria but with Lockon’s hairstyle and a different voice standing by an ashamed looking Louise.


Purple Now Eh?


Hmmm I Wonder If Neena Is One Of These Innovators That Ribbons Mentioned And If It Has Anything To Do With Aeolia Schenberg’s True Master Plan


00 Takes A Cue From Zeta (A Good Cue Unlike Seed Destiny) In Finally Revealing The Titular Unit At The Halfway Point As A Teaser

After the credits we see Wang Liu Min disembarking from the Trinity Mothership somewhere in space and she is accompanied by Hong Long, Ian Vesty and Neena Trinity. Wang asks Ian to show her the first generation unit and he brings down a screen to reveal the O Gundam from the very first episode. Ian has removed it’s GN Drive and seems to be getting ready to transplant it into a new unit. He says he doesn’t know if Exia’s GN Drive will work and as the last shot of this season we at least see the 00 Gundam and Wang says it’s the unit that will change the world.


What a spectacular finish to the first season. I have no regrets, literally none at all as pretty much everything I had hoped to see tied up was and they left just enough to keep me intrigued while I wait for the second season. The theme of destruction and rebirth was also played out on so many levels in this episode that if one thinks it’s a trainwreck I would have to question if they are in fact a manatee. No, Sunrises writers were clearly in control of this season and it’s themes and rather than speculate about what’s to come (as it’s really anyones guess) I will talk about this theme of death and rebirth a little.

At the most shallow level of the story it’s evident in the destruction of the Albatori and it’s rebirth as winged unit for one last go at it with Exia. It’s evident in the destruction of Hallelujah’s split personality and rebirth as a united super-soldier. It’s evident in Tieria’s destruction and apparent rebirth as a new person with different motives. It’s evident in Graham the ideal soldiers destruction and rebirth as an out of control revenge obsessed madman. It’s evident in the destruction of the status quo of the world and it’s rebirth as the Earth Federation. And Finally it’s evident in the destruction of Celestial Being and their apparent rebirth at the end of the series with their “Mission Incomplete”.

It also seemed that thus who were willing to lay down their arms came out the better for it in their destruction and rebirth and those who didn’t suffered the worst. Saji never gave in to his desire for revenge and has the happiest ending in being able to fulfill his dream at last of going into space. Soma quit fighting Hal-Al and thus was able to save Sergei and keep her Papa Bear. Setsuna failed to lay down his arms (even if his motives were pure) even as Marina pleaded for him to in his dreams a little while back and now is MIA. The next worse off was Tieria who didn’t fight, but continued to abet it and thus seems MIA as well. Next we have Allelujah who goes out to try and prove something to Soma and ends up finding out more than he bargained for and is critically wounded by her last counterattack and MIA. Next is Graham who’s bloodlust in trying to destroy the Exia nets him a scarred face and probably a ruined reputation as well. Finally their is Alejandro corner who in all his greed is betrayed by Ribbons at the last minute and gets nothing but a timely death. Good riddance I say.

Did I also mention the animation was absolutely stunning this episode as well. Like even moreso then usual as was the fight choreagraphy and the use of the characters respective themes in conjuction with their actions. They even managed to tie up some loose ends or at least bring them up to the current progression of the storyline by showing us what happened to Wang Liu Min (she seems to be the leader of a new Celestial Being) Neena (She seems to be one of their pilots) Graham (He showed up at the last minute to basically play Sword Sepiroth to Alejandro’s MA’s Bizarro Sephiroth and the MS Safer Sephiroth in that Graham was the after battle. Still his appearance was necessary to give a bit of closure to his revenge storyline and to show that he had abandoned some of his beliefs such as that of a Union Soldier, but had not forgotten what the Gundams did to his comrades).

How’d they do it, how did they make such a satisfying close. Well anyway that’s not the end of the series of course and now I have to wonder if Sunrise is going to be in the same boat as Kyoani is with their Clannad Fans vs. Haruhi Fans dilemma in now having to manage the Gundam 00 vs. Code Geass fans. Speaking of Code Geass there was yet another new trailer at the end of this episode which will probably be the last since it starts next Sunday at last. I know a lot of people have been waiting and I fully intend to give it the same blogging treatment I gave Gundam 00.

This is the first series I’ve completed a full blogging run of folks and I sincerely hoped people enjoyed it. I’ll be doing one last Final Analysis wrap up post sometime this week so look for that and then we can head straight for Code Geass. By the end of that we should be seeing trailers for Gundam 00 Season 2 popping up and I look forward to it. I look forward to everything. God this is going to be an awesome year for anime.

Rating: Ten Out Of Ten


22 Responses to “Gundam 00 Episode 25 (Setsuna)”

  1. 1 RmX April 2, 2008 at 7:04 am

    So many great lines here, but this one takes it all:

    “Spirit Of Bear Give Man Great Strength. Spirit Of Flat Chested Girl Give Even Greater Strength”

    Great read. I look forward for more when it returns in October.

    But for now, show me the Geass!

  2. 2 mangaka-chan April 2, 2008 at 8:21 am

    It’s kinda sad to see the first season end (namely because of the suspense and the 6 month wait), but it was fun reading your blog throughout the whole season. I look forward to 00 returning in half a year’s time and to reading about your thoughts again. 🙂

    P.S. Was it just me or did anyone else get shivers when Exia passed over the blue Earth and Setsuna’s letter was being read?

  3. 3 BeInvoked April 2, 2008 at 8:43 am

    That was truly an epic end and much better than Code Geass. Though I will forgive the Code Geass staff as they had to rewrite the show at the last minute, but Gundam 00 was clearly planned to be like this from a much earlier stage and it shows.

    Also the theme that plays when Graham appears is not UNION, but track 26 of the Gundam 00 OST II entitled ‘RECOVER’, which is a much more angry remix of the Union theme, likely to show Graham’s increasing rage as the series progresses. Who knows, we might even get a heavy metal remix in season 2.

  4. 4 Myssa Rei April 2, 2008 at 8:55 am

    Interesting thoughts overall, though even you’ll have to agree that some of the earlier themes presented in the series went, well, nowhere (energy crisis, Marina’s country), and replaced with some ‘standard’ Gundam themes, vis a vis a possible Federation/CB throwdown with a third faction playing both sides against the middle for the future of humanity.

    For a 50-episode series, I agree this is merely the beginning. But if looked at as a 25-episode series, you’d agree that there was much that could have been improved on, pacing and plot-transition wise.

  5. 5 Any April 2, 2008 at 11:01 am

    I’m looking forward to your final analysis, especially since you’ve watched all the other Gundam series as well as Code Geass and other mecha series.

  6. 6 ZeusIrae April 2, 2008 at 4:28 pm

    Spectacular is the word.
    Ep 25 really redeemed the show.I found Setsuna’s last scene very beautiful.

  7. 7 Amuro1X April 2, 2008 at 4:44 pm

    A great read, made greater by the lack of blog drama. This truly was an outstanding episode, and even though I was able to predict a few things (like Bad Amuro’s betrayal and the time skip) I was pleasantly surprised by everything else. I had NO idea there was an MS inside the MA. Neither was I expecting Graham to show up. I honestly thought they would leave him for the next season. His apparent death was a shock, but his return as the masked man was even more surprising, for the simple fact that the series went this long without one. Still, to see all the Meisters MIA while all the major Antagonists (other than Corner) were confirmed alive was another shock. I KNOW Setsuna and Al are alive. They have to be as they both have major unfinished business. Tieria looks to be very dead, but a possible return may happen.

    All that said, I was pleased by just how much action was in the episode, how satisfying it was as a standalone ending, and how it left plenty of teasers for the next season. If I have to compare it to Code Geass, 00’s cliff hanger was brilliantly done, with a climax (signaled by Graham and Setsuna’s match) and a period to take it all in which you could call a semi resolution (the Meisters’ final words and Setsuna’s tear jerking letter to Marina). The epilogue (time-skip) was also used well as it peaked my interest for the next season while leaving me satisfied with this one. Code Geass’s cliffhanger? It ended at the highest moment of tension, which makes for a decent cliffhanger, but when the wait is more than half a year, and the outcome is blatantly obvious, it takes away from the 1st season and leaves the viewer frustrated, even more so since the 2nd season appears to be starting after a timeskip.

    Anyway, this episode had so many epic moments: Exia’s lens flare of justice, Kyrios’s spewing particles out of its missing limbs, Exia’s seven sword finisher, the silent explosion of GN Particles, Exia falling towards the Earth…

    If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go and rewatch the series again.

    Looking forward to the final analysis.

  8. 8 Camario April 2, 2008 at 8:17 pm

    Good entry, and naturally a good show.

    Admittedly, I really need to re-watch the entire series in order to place everything into its proper perspective, but so far I have to say some of the slower episodes and one or two plot brain farts were certainly worth it in the end.

    Still, maybe it’s just me, but character development wasn’t all that great in terms of the Meisters themselves. Perhaps it was somewhat uneven, though the overall plot worked out quite well and several of the secondary characters were eventually put to good use.

    Also, I agree that this is a proper example of what future cliffhangers should be like, to say the least. Definitely looking forward to whatever comes next.

    As for Code Geass, to make the inevitable comparison, that’s a good example of how not to make a cliffhanger. Even if one understands that productions delays and whatnot more or less forced their hand to an extent, it could have been better.

    Still, I do think Code Geass provided me with a more consistently fun dose of weekly entertainment, but that cliffhanger was clearly quite inferior to 00’s, by all means. In that sense, the end of episode 23 was a superior stopping point than what they gave us at the end of 25.

    Hopefully the end of R2 will provide a proper conclusion or even an epilogue, as fate may have it. Definitely looking forward to that as well.

  9. 9 The Animanachronism April 2, 2008 at 9:35 pm

    And so it ends . . . for now. I think the key word from your final paragraphs was ‘satisfying’: granted, we’ve plenty of new brain-teasers from the ‘Four Years Later’ Tag, but there was a good sense of finality in the final collapse of (the first?) Celestial Being.

    And I did rather like the mechanical design in Frankenfilm91, plus I’m a fan of mecha lances generally, so the Feddies’ new suits look good to me. [Ah! How nostalgic yet refreshing to be able to talk about the ‘Feddies’!]

  10. 10 sadakups April 3, 2008 at 4:23 am

    If anything, I’ve been reading your stuff about this series since Episode 1, and I admit that I enjoy reading the captions. I’ll be looking forward for more of those in Season 2.

  11. 11 Billy April 3, 2008 at 7:35 am

    Very good site
    Please link to this site

  12. 12 Owaranai Destiny April 3, 2008 at 4:02 pm

    I think I’m going to follow your blog posts for quite a while-This has been the most fruitful, most informative and in a way, the most enlightening blog entry on anime I’ve read for quite a while, considering how you don’t take things on face-value as many bloggers usually do.

    I’m looking forward to your entries for the Final Analysis (in effect what you think is good and bad about Gundam 00, the specific symbolisms etc) and Code Geass as well as maybe Macross Frontier.

  13. 13 Kaioshin Sama April 3, 2008 at 6:04 pm

    That final analysis should hopefully be up tomorrow night or early Saturday afternoon depending on how my other commitments work out. I don’t know if I’ll be talking to much about the symbolism as I covered that in my individual episode articles but we’ll see what I can come up with in that regard.

  14. 14 Unyuu April 4, 2008 at 10:04 pm

    A great final episode…one that ties up loose ends, and one that begins to ask new questions. With gundam 00 finishing it’s first season im looking forward to your code geass blogging, code geass now has a new level of expectation, after such a superb gundam series.

  15. 15 DivineGrace April 16, 2008 at 6:47 am

    Gundam 00 is NOT good.

    you guys are not that good on what make stories good.

    Gundam 00 feels out of place, random, and not linear. it tries to be complex, but it fails.

    like really, i feel they totally killed it during episode 14.

    to start off…

    remember when that scientist tries to research on Aeolia? he said “aeolia’s goal may not be the elimnation of war but…”

    then he dies…

    I still don’t get what was Aeolia’s true goal.

    And what is with the Jupiter scene, where astronauts found a spaceship near Jupiter…

    i feel this series is just making stuff off while it goes, and is not clear on what it truly want to touch upon.

  16. 16 Kaioshin Sama April 16, 2008 at 7:26 am

    I’m not that good on what makes stories good? What? I don’t follow.

    Anyway, the reason you don’t get what Aeolia’s true goal is is because nobody knows. I certainly don’t. Exercise patience and let things come into place.

    What exactly about Episode 14 was supposed to have killed the series anyway? Arguably that’s when the series really started to take off and the plot began to feel more serial and less episodic following the establishment of all the faction, relevant world setting, and introduction of most of the critical characters.

    As for the spaceship, I can assume it has something to do with the legacy of Aeolia Schenberg having the GN Drives created. Neena’s Haro likely contains some critical recording or information on what is really going on with Aeolia Schenberg’s plan that we are likely to see next season.

  17. 17 RmX April 16, 2008 at 7:34 am

    @DivineGrace: It’s called keeping you in suspense. Mysteries are revealed at the time the information is most pertinent.

  18. 18 CCCP May 17, 2008 at 4:05 pm

    I agree. Those were my predictions exactly regarding the Jupiter stuff, and I actually like the good old “you have seen too much” type of death/assassination. I mean really, did you honestly think they would give Aeolia’s true plan away with in total around 35 episodes to go? Not in response to anyone’s comment, but I really kicked myself for thinking Wang Liu Ming was gonna be a useless character; when I saw that part at the end with her as a CB leader, I thought “I really shoulda seen that or some other later-significant role coming.” I’m sure in Gundam Wing, Trieze felt like kind of a useless character except for the fact that they made it so obvious that he’d get a bigger role later.

  19. 19 Kaioshin Sama May 17, 2008 at 7:32 pm

    People aren’t really as patient these days and with the norm also being series that love to raise a question or plotline and then promptly answer it within the span of an episode or two you can’t entirely blame them. What I don’t get though is when people rage at the writers for only doing the plotline they planned to do and more or less keeping things interesting. Sunrise mecha series frequently require a greater attention span then most people are willing to give them. I ask, who’s fault is that then?

    And the book hasn’t been entirely written on Wang Liu Min, but in hr case I do feel that she could have been given at least a little more relevance early on. That was the one true failure on the part of the writing staff in my opinion and hopefully it can be made up for somewhat next time.

  20. 20 Standalonewolf89 June 12, 2008 at 1:08 am

    Actually, I kind of liked the way Wan Liu Min developed. They had her in from the beginning, waiting and observing in the background (something like Alejandro Corner earlier on, with their interaction reflecting that (which reminds me, I’m curious to learn more about Celestial Being’s “Observers”)). However, as the plot progresses, the audience is given progressively more glimpses of her as an individual–as a human, she is not capable of remaining an inactive observer forever. Especially by the time we are exposed to her self-expressed complete lack of ethical restraint regarding the matter of changing the world, as well as her involvement with Team Trinity, she is revealed clearly as a complex character with her own motivations, although she keeps them hidden.

    I expected a growing role for her from a fairly early point in the series, and I’d say the finale of the first season confirms that suspicion. I perceive her development from an enigmatic observer in the beginning to a much more directly involved leader figure by the end as a clear linear progression.

  21. 21 ianpat June 30, 2008 at 6:44 pm

    Better late than never. I just got to finish watching the 1st 25 eps of gun dam 00 and am starting to rewatch all of it. Kaioshin Sama, I thank you for your blog. And as long as you write such thoughtful blogs I’ll definitely prefer your works than Crusader,Darkmirage, or Jason-whoever anytime. And your captions are hilarious!

    I’ve seen CB as somewhat like the protagonists on the 80’s movie Young Guns, whose last stand I was reminded of in these last few episodes. They are “protagonists,” not necessarily heroes. That’s why they end up questioning the paths they’ve chosen as they near the brink of death. And that’s why I end up cheering for those who have ended up as the Federation as well.

    Setsuna’s letter to Marina really touched me. BeInvoked, I’m grateful for the your bringing to attention the of the “corruption” of Graham’s soul as symbolized by his background music.

    As to DivineGrace, OK, you don’t like the show. But I don’t see how that makes us any less by liking it. And I don’t get you; you demand complexity and yet you want answers handed to you in a silver platter. If there is one thing Kaioshin Sama had shown to us, there is much more to this series. The way he writes is like someone savoring the taste of a morsel he truly enjoys; you simply can’t just make that up. And I’m sure a lot of us who likes this show sincerely feels that Jupiter spaceship was not just brought up out of nowhere.

    Guys I just hope Sunrise doesn’t chicken out by giving up quality in the 2nd Season just to appeal to those noisy people who bash this show w/o really trying to taste it.

    Will eagerly wait for your blog on the 2nd season!

  22. 22 Kaioshin Sama June 30, 2008 at 10:34 pm

    @Ianpat: By the end of it I think I was rooting for the survival of just about every character who wasn’t Alejandro. Other then him everbody had shown that they were pretty much good people, but that the conflict had gotten in the way of them pursuing their own interests. I think Setsuna was bang on when he pointed the finger solely at Alejandro as the source of corruption in the world.

    He set this up, the deaths of good men like Darryl who just wanted to avenge his friend in Howard, Christina who had never tried to bring any real harm to anyone, Lichtendal who was suitably hapless (I think people confused this with lack of character development) and deliberately withdrawn from the circle of active characters (the two made an obvious pair long before they realized it themselves, but war does that to people, it trumps all their other concerns and focuses), Lockon, who wanted nothing more then Justice for his family and possibly even Tieria, who pretty much ended up my favourite character.

    This is something that I felt Gundam was missing throughout the seed years. There were just to many black and white characters whose motivations lacked merit. You rooted for Kira, Lacus and Athurn and booed and hissed at the likes of Rau, Azraiel, Djbril (One of the most black as black can be bland villains in Gundam History) and Patrick Zala. It’s nice to have my favourite anime franchise back to it’s usual standards.

    I’m glad to hear my captions are hilarious. A lot of people tell me I’m too serious so hearing that my intent was well executed brings a smile to my face.

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