Kamen no maid guy ~ episode 1 ~ Beauty and the beast.

Finally back from whatever is left of my easter holidays and already I have been bombarded with new series to catch up. Not thinking much about which series to pick up and blog this time, I decided to go for a comedy crazy theme (and perhaps a more serious theme for my second pick up), and there is just one new series here that happen to catch my attention. Deadly maids have never been so deadly before until you have met with this maid guy…



In a Nutshell: The episode starts off at a kendo tournament. A girl named Naeka is having a match whilst her friends are cheering her on. She manages to defeat her opposition and everyone cheers. Up on the roof, a suspicious looking male maid looks down and chuckles to himself. Naeka feels a presence but doesn’t see anyone. A team mate turns up to give Naeka a drink but it was soon impaled by a knife. The male maid (still on the roof) thought it could have been poisonous. Some officials come to see what the commotion was all about but they were knocked out by darts. A female maid tells the male maid that they could have been assassins. She then says that Naeka will become 18 in half a year.

In the shower, Naeka is frustrated at how weak her opponent was, and kendo teams as a whole. The male maid is then seen slipping a bra into her bag while saying that it is a gift (pervert). Naeka returns to the changing room to find her locker broken into. She was afraid that it was a thief but then shocked to find that there are two pairs of bras instead. A person enters the changing room and summons Naeka to the office.

At the office an old man is inspecting a maid figure and noting on the details. He also comments on how much Kousuke love maids. Naeka enters the room and is greeted by his beloved grandfather and younger brother. Naeka is mad that Kousuke isn’t at school but it turns out that this is all grandfather’s doing. He closed the school for the day as well. He then boast about the lifestyle that he is able to have but Naeka is less than impressed saying that she wants a normal life. Grandfather questions that and suggest that he goes to their house immediately. Naeka tries to stop him but she fails.

Upon arriving at the house we could see that it is a total mess. Grandfather asks if she is really fine with this and tell her that as a member of the family she can’t live like this. He then tells her that he has seen a recent TV program featuring the garbage dump house, which is hers naturally. Naeka tries to defend herself but grandfather insists that they change their lifestyle. He summons Fubuki and the person who comes out from inside the house was the same maid as earlier. Naeka and Kousuke are both gobsmacked as she introduces herself to be their house maid. And more to their surprise, their house has been completely cleaned up.

Grandfather tells Kousuke that he picked a maid that suited to his taste which causes him to jump into his arms saying that he loves his grandfather. Naeka is ungrateful and tells grandfather that such a thing is unneeded and will cause harm to Kousuke. Grandfather figured that Fubuki wasn’t her type and summons another maid to the scene. The male macho maid enters and Naeka completely freaks out. He introduces himself to be Kogarashi and will now be her maid.

Naeka unleashes a fury of kicks to him while asking her grandfather who the hell he is. Grandfather explains that he has picked a maid that suits her taste. Kogarashi says that he will serve her everyday but she doesn’t want it. He then slices her shirt open and inspects her bra. He informs her that it isn’t clean. He then tells her that she should have worn his gift. Pissing her off even more by saying that she has a weird fetish for liking body odour, she then sends everyone out forcefully.

Kousuke is sad that they all had to leave but Naeka reminds him that they have to get along by themselves while waiting for their parents to return. Kousuke then comments that this is the way they should be living, in a clean environment and seen as they don’t have any skills in cleaning. Naeka is shocked and backs into a sliding door which burst open due to the amount of garbage inside.
Somewhere Fubuki asks grandfather if they still haven’t found Naeka’s parents yet. He is sad to say that they have found the remains of the airplane but they still don’t know where they really are. He suspects that it is more than just an accident. Fubuki then says that Naeka and Kousuke are the only pair left to inherit the family fortune because the others have disappeared. Connecting this to the fact that she will be turning 18 soon. Grandfather does not want to scare her and so orders the two to protect their masters. Kousuke screams for help and Kogarashi mocks at what a troublesome master she is.

In the morning Naeka isn’t waking up even with a lot of alarms doing off. In that case, Kogarashi shoves a shower down her breast and blasts her awake. In the shower, Naeka is complaining about Kogarashi. He then comes just as summoned, freaking her out. He has brought her a change of clothes while looking through the glass, telling her that it is shame to not have prepared a change of clothes beforehand seen as she only had her pyjamas on the side. She screams.

While changing she notices that she is struggling to fit into her skirt. She wants to skip breakfast but Kogarashi then reveals that she shouldn’t be offended by weight gain. Naeka is shocked that he knows and he responds that it is only natural to know everything about his master. The then gives a freaky analysis on her body. Naeka freaks and runs away. Fubuki wants a word with Kogarashi.

Naeka is still in a fantasy that she shouldn’t trade her innocence for such a luxury living style. She curses her grandfather, and right on cue he shows up. Kousuke explains the situation to grandfather, and he freaks to hear that her granddaughter has been dirtied. Going back to the house to complain, we see Kogarashi in a pool of blood on the floor. It seems like Fubuki punished him for doing bad things.
They hold a meeting about Kogarashi. He is clueless about the crime he has committed and ask’s Kousuke in a forceful manner. He explains that it is because he doesn’t view Naeka as a female but Kogarashi is confused. He then believes that the reason is that he hasn’t prepared enough sexy underwear for Naeka. He accuses Naeka that she shouldn’t wear stuff like that so she kicked his ass. She then said that she would have kicked him out of the house already if it wasn’t for grandfather, causing him to go into depression. Naeka is now the villain.

Naeka is in her room and tells Kousuke that she is bad for hurting her grandfather. She then convinces herself that this is just training that she has to overcome. Fubuki tells grandfather that it is true that they need to rely on Kogarashi, but then Naeka’s stressed levels look bad. Grandfather understands but he has no choice, but he ask’s Fubuki to control Kogarashi.

That night Kogarashi is preparing Dinner, but as Naeka tries to sneak out she is caught. Kogarashi tells her that she needs to eat in order to grow. Naeka hits him with her slippers but they have no effect. Fubuki then takes her out for a chat. Outside Fubuki tells her that slippers will have no effect. She then explains that Kogarashi is a beast and presents her with a whistle that will act as a whip. She plays it in front of Kogarashi which causes him extreme pain. Fubuki tells her that he will breakdown if she just continues which wasn’t her aim at all. Kogarashi falls down and burns when the food falls onto him. Kogarashi is angry and will not forgive them for this.

Thoughts: Now maybe it was because my expectations were too high for this series based on the trailer, because it didn’t come across as funny as I thought it would be. This episode was used to introduce the characters and set the scene for more batshit to follow ultimately (and hopefully as it would be a shame if this series becomes wasted potential).

The concept of a male maid (and I mean one in a dress) has always been a vision of insane laugter for me, especially if the male happens to be bulky, manly and insanely GAR (unlike Hayate*cough*). Kogarashi is a character that makes impact straight away, with his thicker than cement brains and zero common knowledge on how to deal with sensitive (brutal…very brutal) girls. Thankfully, he is made like a tank and won’t be so easily taken down by kicks to the face or slippers of doom. Nope, instead only a hardcore whistle can tame him (though I did completely laugh my butt off at bokusatsu tenshi Fubuki chan).

The second maid of the family, and the one who is taking care of a kid who is unworthy is your typical killer with a smile. Brings back memories of Hato nee from Kimiaru mind you. She should be the one to be scared of if anything else as we can see how easily she teaches muscle brains some manners.

As for the main character Naeka, well…her chest is large and she is stuck in a rather unfortunate predicament as far as the plot goes. Now if she was to develop any feelings for Kogarashi at all, then I would really choke on my tea.

So far so good as for the episode. It was a nice episode but the comedy was less than what I thought it would be. Time to lower my expectations and jump onto the ride.

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