A Few More Sunrise Crusade Cards (And 00 Gundam War Cards As Well)

This Picture Is To Whet Your Appetite For More

I found a few more cards from the Sunrise Crusade TCG that I thought people might be at least somewhat interested in seeing.  I’ll of course save the best for last.  Keep in mind none of these are technically released and are mostly promotional cards or proxy representations of what they are going to look like so expect a bit lower quality.

Falguen (Attack 5, Support Attack 3, Defense 4, Type= Metal Armor, Pilot=Maiyo Plato, Medium Size) (Personal Note: Seems Way Overpowered, Even For The Falguen With Maiyo Piloting)

Maiyo Plato (Attack 2, Support Attack 2, Defense 2, Affiliation=Lunar Empire of Giganos)

Banjo Haran And Chirico Cuervie Team Up

Chakra Extenion

Hime Utsumia (Attack 1, Support Attack 1, Defense 2, Affiliation=Novis Noah)

Xabungle Crew Party

Spike Spiegel (Attack 2, Support Attack 1, Defense 0)

Lancelot (Attack 4, Support Attack 1, Defense 4, Type=Knightmare Frame, Affiliation=Holy Empire Of Britannia, Pilot=Suzaku Kururugi)

And while I’m at it:

Gundam Kyrios (Attack 5, Support Attack 2, Defense 4/Mobile Armor Mode: Attack 0, Support Attack 2, Defense 5, Type=Gundam, Pilot=Allelujah Haptism, Affiliation=Celestial Being)

Allelujah Haptism (Attack 2, Support Attack 1, Defense 2, Affiliation=Celestial Being)

Gundam Virtue (Attack 5, Support Attack 0, Defense 6, Type=Gundam, Pilot=Tieria Erde, Affiliation=Celestial Being)

Tieria Erde (Attack 2, Support Attack 0, Defense 3, Affiliation= Celestial Being)

Patrick Corlasawar (Attack 2, Support Attack 2, Defense 0, Affiliation=Advanced European Union)

Saji Crossroad (All Stats=0, Affilation=Louise Halevy) (I Made That Last Part Up…Or Did I?)

Sword Clash

A Changing World

Ace Of The AEU (He Sure Is)

Anf (Attack 1, Support Attack 1, Defense 1, Type=Mobile Suit)

AEU Helion (Attack 2, Support Attack 0, Defense 2, Mobile Armor Mode: Attack 0, Support Attack 1, Defense 3, Affiliation= Advanced European Union)

AEU Enact Demo Colour (Attack 4, Support Attack 1, Defense 2, Type=Mobile Suit, Pilot=Patrick Corlasawar, Affiliation=Advanced European Union)

Solar Elevator (Attack *, Support Attack 0, Defense 3)

Worth Of A Gundam Meister

GN Drive

Ptolemaios (Attack *, Support Attack 0, Defense 3, Captain=Sumeragi Ri Noriega, Affiliation=Celestial Being)

I had to merely describe the picture on some of the cards where I can’t read the Hiragana or Kanji so I hope people aren’t upset.  No there’s no Graham Acre, Neena Trinity or Soma Peelis card that I know of yet.  There’s also no C.C, Lelouch, Nunally, Karen or any other Code Geass card yet since Lancelot is merely a teaser promotion card.  Maybe next expansion.  And that finally brings the Gundam War series up to a respectable level when it comes to having all the series included.  There are always more expansions coming out even for series like Zeta Gundam and Turn A which have already built up there library so there’s always something new to look forward too.  Again it’s a shame (bordering on annoyance) that Bandai discontinued Gundam War here in favour of a Naruto TCG which promptly folded.  Blah!

3 Responses to “A Few More Sunrise Crusade Cards (And 00 Gundam War Cards As Well)”

  1. 1 BeInvoked April 10, 2008 at 9:15 pm

    Good to see some stuff from Brain Powerd. That was a good series, i must rewatch that sometime.

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