Kamen no maid guy ~ episode 2 ~ Chest problems

And just like that, we are already at the second episode of this series. This week, we look into the link between intelligence and woman’s chest sizes, and the future doesn’t look bright.

In a Nutshell: Naeka wakes up from a shocking nightmare about her house on fire and a flaming, raging Kogarashi (probably the aftermath of what happened the previous night). She looks at the whistle that is the only item capable of taming the wild beast and thinks to herself if she really should use it. Kogarashi barges into her bedroom causing her to slam the drawer shut on her whistle. It was only after that she realises that it really is broken.

At school, Naeka is having a showdown on the recent test scores. They reveal the results at the same time, which Naeka came at the bottom of the trio (and possibly the whole class). Naeka is shocked more than usual because she studied with her friends this time round. One of her friend tells her that it must be due to her breast size (as a recent research from some professor somewhere has disclosed). Well her breast size turns out to be at a whopping 88 which causes envy amongst the girls and fantasies for the guys.

A student goes up to the roof, talking to himself how badly Naeka is doing. Little needs to be said that it turns out to be Kogarashi and he tells himself that she should leave everything to him.

At the dojo, the leader tells Naeka that she will be kicked out of the club if she fails her finals. Naeka begs for mercy but that doesn’t work and she begins to tantrum about how she won’t be able to practice for a month. She then reveals that she will become fat if she doesn’t exercise. The other girls shout at her for being selfish, like what you would naturally do when you find out that a friend isn’t as passionate as they appear to be. The leader just tells Naeka that she better not be planning to miss an important match by failing an exam.

Their conversation was cut short by three guys entering the dojo telling them that they are the chest fanclub. They offered to buy Naeka for a few million. This is the part where you find out who your true friends are when all the club members decided to sell off Naeka.

At home, Naeka is stressing over the retest. She tells Fubuki that she will need to obtain a score of 60 if she doesn’t want to be banned from kendo and doomed to become fat. Fubuki is troubled. Kousuke tells Naeka that she brought it onto herself. Naeka begins to beg Fubuki for help but she then notices what huge breasts Fubuki has, and begins to cry. She then takes her frustration on Fubuki’s chest.

Kogarashi enters the room and tells them that he has a way to help. She begins to brew a potion right in front of them and tells them that it is a powerful energy drink. Naeka refuses to drink it which Kogarashi begins to get forceful. In the end Kousuke drinks it and enlarges. So the drink really was toxic…

Kogarashi then gives up and opts for the old fashioned way to just teach her what she needs to know. Naeka makes fun of Kogarashi that he probably won’t be able to teach her anything. Fubuki then reveals to Naeka that Kogarashi is actually a graduate from MIT (and we get a boring history lesson about the institute). Naeka is shocked beyond words.

Kogarashi calls Fubuki an idiot and kicks her out of the room.

But the torture is just beginning for Naeka as she gets told of for getting a simple answer wrong…and I am just beyond words. Naeka tries to fight back with a history lesson but Kogarashi isn’t impressed with something that isn’t related to maths.

Naeka argues her case and gets a slap to the head. Kogarashi tells her that she will just have to memorise everything in her notebook. She then reveals that she doesn’t make notes. Kogarashi then looks for an alternative and asks for Kousuke’s printer. He then attaches the USB cable into his ear and begins to print his thoughts. Kousuke is shocked that he used no PC, but Kogarashi explains that the brain uses electrical signals as well; from there you can make the connection.

Naeka begins to try and learn but she immediately falls asleep. Kousuke explains that this is her natural defence system. Kousuke then comes up with a bright idea looking at the USB cable. We then hear a loud scream and Naeka is having spasms on the floor. Kogarashi tried to transfer information from his brain to hers.

Fubuki saves Naeka but when she comes through it is already morning. With no time left Fubuki uses her only option and bandages up Naeka’s breast. She explains that having smaller chest this way may help her with her maths test. Naeka begins to feel the knowledge but her chest becomes too much and the bandages break. Kogarashi reassures them by bringing out a steel chest plate as their backup plan.

During the test, Naeka can feel that she is able to do the questions. But she begins to hear a creaking sound like metal snapping. As predicted the impossible happens and her armour comes flying off and destroys the classroom. Kogarashi laughs but is hit with yet another flying object. In the end Naeka is sold off to the chest club.

Thoughts: KUKUKU~~~ that was “pretty funny”, though it is still under my expectations (I really need to lower it to be able to enjoy this more for what it is).

Okey, this episode was pointless. It actually tries to prove that having bigger chest’s equals lower brain power. I don’t know how much of that is true but they try to make it convincing, oh I see a mob of girls carrying pitch forks and burning tourches. But I do think that they did try too hard to make the comedy funny. Ofcourse there was some funny scenes, but on the whole the path taken to promote chest as a humorous point was rather dry (and pointless).

Well the funny bits were actually quite classic. My highlight for this episode has to be when Kogarashi. Believe it or not, he is actually a graduate from MIT (but that’s not the joke). HE is so IMBA, he is able to transfer eletrical brainwaves through a USB cable and hence transfer information. It was hilarious when he started printing out papers, but when that didn’t work he tries to directly transfer his knowledge to Naeka.

Fubuki is also proven to be less of a perfect maid and more of a normal girl. For starters, she also suffers from big breasts but not to the scary extent of Naeka (who seems to think that 1+1=3).

Kogarashi has grown some more human sense for me, and his “kukuku” laugh is pretty amusing. I think I shouldn’t look down on his intelligence anymore but that doesn’t mean he still has any common sense.

The last gag for this episode was just…scary. Naeka attempts to increase her intelligence by making her chest smaller. Well if bandages didn’t do it, she had to put a metal chest armour on. That was dangerous and it nearly killed everyone in the classroom.

Overall, it was “okey”, but I don’t want this series where I have to turn off my brain to enjoy it. Hopefully ^^


2 Responses to “Kamen no maid guy ~ episode 2 ~ Chest problems”

  1. 1 dx April 16, 2008 at 5:15 am

    LOL, only To Love Ru can match the hilarity of this series. Random C dropped blogging the series so I was surprised that this site was able to blog about ep 2. Kogarashi an MIT grad??? (cant stop laughing about that one!)
    So far this season, my fanservice’ animes are just down to Kamen No and To Love Ru.

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