Kure-nai ~ Episode 2 ~ lolicon vibes begone!

After watching episode two of this series, I conclude that it one of best for this season. Though some think that it is pedophilic (worse being based on only screen caps), I feel that they are either 1) blinded by their own fantasies 2) possess a bad habit to prejudge. But ultimately, they are missing out on a great story if they let this put them off.

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If this doesn’t catch your attention, I don’t know what will…

*quoting my thoughts I wrote for animesuki*

Amazing. This series has totally won me over with the second episode. At first I wasn’t sure what to think but now I can be sure why it is labelled humor. Again I say that this type of humor isn’t the “muhahaha” type, but rather a cute and sweet type.

The characters is what is amazing about this series. Murasaki is such an amazing character to say the least (and heck she is only 7 ^^). She is so cute when it comes to things that she doesn’t understand, yet it is in her character to try and come out knowing better. I found it hilarious that she mimiked the whining voice of a girl on TV with the irony is that she was probably the same age as the girl. Murasaki’s maturity level is stunning, which makes her amazingly cute and likable. This rarely comes across for me. Her mature yet naive-childish attitude is an oxymoron that comes hand in hand. Yep, I would want her to be my little sister (ofc I can think of some problems if she were, but heck it sounds fun ^^).

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Innocence is bliss

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“Don’t touch me, you commoner!”

Shinkurou is also a very interesting character. He seems to have a split personality. The beast we see at the end, I could never imagine was the caring fellow in the morning. I’m sure he has his own reasons and I like the idea that Murasaki is there to help him keep in touch with more sensitive subjects, like violence is not the answer (though I do believe that those punk ass deserved a battering.

The interaction between Murasaki and Shinkurou is like older bro and little sis. But how I wish that I have such a sister . By honestly, their development together, it will be soon before they become inseparable. The bath house scene is about as innocent as it can get, infact, I didn’t even think anything bad without anyone pointing it out, and I have to say that it is a BAD thought to think so. Sheesh…such a beautiful heartwarming scene should not be ruined with bad thoughts.

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How can you think anything bad of this?

Murasaki also learned an important lesson this episode. The meaning behind the words “thankyou”. Things got pretty heated up in a row between her and Shinkurou, and this just reminds me the countless times I argued with me sibling. But at the end it is just great to see that their relationship didn’t turn sour (with Murasaki running off in tears or what not) but instead she took the mature route and listened to the voice of reason. Another point which has made me love this series even more.

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Learning to say “thankyou” hurts.

The ending was pretty dark but I just can’t wait to see how these two can carry on with their bonding. At this rate I seriously have to pick up the manga.

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Just another job.

ps. The comedy with the gothic woman. I lawled HARD

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Becareful of the goth lady O.O

PSS. Actually, after posting this entry, I did pick up the manga and has pretty much assured me on how much I love the story. The are only 5 chapters currently so I would urge people who enjoy this series to give it a try ^^.


7 Responses to “Kure-nai ~ Episode 2 ~ lolicon vibes begone!”

  1. 1 anon April 14, 2008 at 12:42 pm

    i hae a feeling a real seven year old probably would have said “i dont wanna say thank you” and run away or start crying if you make them..

    murasaki is different becaue she is more mature than a normal seven year old. 🙂

  2. 2 Dando008 April 15, 2008 at 12:19 am

    I see that I am not the only one who thought about having Murasaki as a little sister would be nice. I am sure she will be a big help into calming Shinkurou if he ever goes berserk, which could be a possibility. I can’t wait for the next episode to come.

  3. 3 Koji Oe April 17, 2008 at 2:07 pm

    Yeah this is really a great show, and I felt the same way about episode two. I have a feeling not a lot of people are following it though by the large amount of hits I get for Code Geass R2 entries compared to the weak amount of hits of my Kure-nai entries.

    I have a feeling this will be like Baccano. Once it’s run is over people will see how awesome it is. Sadly shows like Kure-nai and Baccano! don’t seem to sell well in Japan because it doesn’t pander to the fat otaku masses. So, I’m expecting we won’t see more of this show after its run is done, but who knows?

  4. 4 deathkillz April 17, 2008 at 3:54 pm


    That is probably the reason. It seems like this series os easily overlooked because of how uncolourful it may be compared to “moe type” series. Kinda ironic looking at the OP but that may also have been a factor which put people off (I do admit that I had a WTF cloud hanging over the first time).

    Funny you mention Baccano, that exactly one of those series I’ve overlooked and seriously need to catch up with. Maybe when my exams are over…

    Good news that ep 3 for Kurenai should be coming in anytime soon ^^

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