The End of Moetan (Part 2)

Writer: We’re Out Of Ideas For This Week, What Do We Do?  Other Writer:  Add More Loli?  Writer: GREAT IDEA!  Other Writer:  I Was Only Joking…


The writers get tired and try to go for fanservice.  Ink takes a shower and Arks tries to spy on her and get’s punted when he’s caught.  Ink’s friends take showers as well and Ka-Kun tries to spy on Sumi but she’s not even in there.  His punishment is getting tickled by her ahoge.  Later on she get’s spooked into getting into the shower with Ruriko and they frolic.  Later on Ink and her friend spy on her other friend who’s getting ready for something in the washroom and Ink is talking so loud they almost get caught.  English lesson is “No matter how many time you’ve been betrayed, don’t lost the desire to make friends.”

Ink hides under her friend Rina’s desk and spooks her while her other friend has a lesbian moment (lot’s of low angle camera shots) before Rina runs away.  The teacher has a Marilyn Monroe moment and the chase is on to find out what Rina was getting ready for and ends when Ink and her friend do a somersault over her.  To their terror it seems she has a date with Arks master…..the pedo.

Miyu has the Marilyn Monroe moment the teacher imagined while walking down the street and teach get’s upset and storms off as we see Miyu has beaten up and is now standing on top of a pile of students who looked. (Loli establishes dominance)  Ink and friend won’t let Rina date the pedophile (Ink knows…oh she knows) and they proceed to use the Evangelion twin kick to stomp on his face (Loli establishes dominance twice in one episode) and a throw to launch him sky high.

Ink wants to scold Rina, but it turns out she was only after ice cream and they promptly chow down.  Meanwhile Sumi is walking home playing her recorder when the perv lands on her head. (the series still has those weird impact balloons that are actual more perverted and wrong then the actual scene of violent impact) Sumi starts to cry that her head hurts and the perv is turned on by her sitting on Ka-Kun and showing her pantsu.  Sumi then abandons poor Ka-Kun for a magical change and uses a Zaku Machine Gun and the Gundam’s Hyper Bazooka to punish the perv.

The perv then lands on teach somehow knocking her clothes off and leaving her in nothing but a bra. (Okay this is just getting ridiculous now)  To save the day this time is Dandy playing as Tuxedo Kamen or Dandy Kamen in this case.  Dandy also appears in one of those creepy and slightly evil grainy inner mind sequences and uses the SPT Layzner’s V-Max to punish the perv this time. (You even hear a “Ready” as if Rei were there)  In reality he just gives her his trench coat and walks away.  Later Ink and co go to an indoor pool and Ink get’s depressed that she doesn’t have any breasts.

Miyu shows up too and pulls her underwear down (I swear to god I am not making any of this up) and then they go and play in the pool/hot tub.  Meanwhile all is not good as Arks has snuck in to spy on them, but instead ends up drooling in the Sensei’s chest as she smothers him thinking he’s a rubber ducky.  Later he get’s absolutely wrecked by getting thrown into a group of bathing girls and pumelled for staring.  We finally find out that the reason Rina’s been acting all screwy is a pimple under her left eye.  It’s all good though…until Arks gets thrown into the sauna and receives another beating.

Later he runs into Alice while paddling a boat in water and we can hear him screaming.

Thoughts:  You may not think I can pull any worthwhile discussion out of this episode, but then you probably don’t know me that well.  Straight up, this is a glorification of all things lolicon and super robot that is clearly aimed at people like me.  There are tons of mecha references from Gundam, to Evangelion, To SPT Layzner to Full Metal Panic and then of course there’s lots and lots and lots and lots of loli fanservice.  This is where the major interesting thing comes in believe it or not, because it proves a double standard in the industry.  The amount of stuff Moetan get’s away with compared to Kodomo No Jikan is just insane.  Considering this episode is way more lolitastic compared to anything Kodomo No Jikan had to offer, what with Ink dancing around in her underwear, shoving her butt at the camera, getting her underwear pulled down and being stark naked….on top of animal abuse and making poor Sumi cry, this episode some how got to air barely censored while Kodomo No Jikan get’s for lack of a better term, raped by the censors.  I mean it’s even more questionable than episode 06 of Moetan itself by a long shot, and somehow that episode got cut, but this one didn’t.  I’m not complaining or anything, but it’s just ridiculous.  Either air all shows like Moetan Episode 08, or just don’t air them and release them straight to DVD.  Preferably the former.

Anyway, so the episode was a total pander, but really it didn’t offer up anything I haven’t seen before.  I don’t automatically go ballastic on series that feature mass quantaties of fanservice or even risque content like some people do with say…..Kodomo No Jikan (I find it hilarious that Moetan Episode 08 is a lesson on Ink, Sumi and Sensei’s anatomy and a glorification of lolicon that puts KnJ to shame, yet Kodomo No Jikan draws all the agro for apparently being child porn.  That’ s the price you pay for negative publicity, people fail to notice the other guy and they can get away with whatever they want like Moetan’s staff while you are the Mortal Kombat/Doom/Rockstar of the anime industry) and I did find it amusing in far it pushed the envelope on top of the other service, so I decide to give it a 6.

Rating: Six Out Of Ten


1 Response to “The End of Moetan (Part 2)”

  1. 1 ItAintEazy April 21, 2008 at 5:24 am

    I think the fact that Moetan was a total fiasco was partly the reason why the BS&P monkeys, as you say, raped KnJ with aviary sounds and censor “nos”.

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