Code Geass R2 Episode 02 (Japan Independence Plan)

Yeah How’s That Plan Working Out By The Way? Good? No? Iraq War Bad? Gulp…..

Well I basically had two choices, I could either do Macross Frontier episode 02 or I could do Code Geass R2 episode 02 tonight.  It soon came to feel urgent that I cover Code Geass R2 because the discussion on the internet concerning it couldn’t be much more low brow or flamebaitish right now if 4chan joined the fray in it’s entirety.  Okay I exaggerate, but consider the flashpoint (there’s always one of them every time I try to blog a series I enjoy I swear it.  You know what though, it wouldn’t be as fun without one though I’m sure) this time which for me was Darkmirage’s episode 02 article where he again manages to whine about Gundam 00 like it killed his family or something and reveals his true intentions for blogging Code Geass.  Here’s someone who’s sanity (or at least credibility) I question now that he thinks it’s a great idea to outsource Gundam to Kyoani and is watching Code Geass R2 like he did with Gundam 00 again strictly to try and find serious political commentary instead of his local parliament channel.  That’s a blind pander if ever I heard one as well as a deliberate excuse/set up to start whining about Code Geass R2 in the future when it of course doesn’t deliver on the real world politics front, because it’s what again folks?  An anime made for entertainment and fictional universe relevant discussion.  INCONCEIVABLE!  Time out coming next paragraph by the way.  Skip it if you want, I don’t mind.

Kaioshin proper here with another common sense rant before I get started on Code Geass.  Why in god’s name (No not Haruhi’s) would you outsource a mecha series from a studio that has vast amounts of experience in creating successful and popular ones to a company that has zero experience when it comes to creating original series from scratch, has never done an anime over 24 episodes, and has absolutely no connections to Gundam whatsoever beyond a censored launch sequence in Haruhi and some throwaway jokes in Lucky Star?  Who the heck knows?!  Like you might as well have just said you want to kill the franchise as that would be the same as sending it to Kyoto Animation.  What a joke this guy is becoming though, I still kick myself for once saying I have any respect for Darky as an intelligent commentator every time he opens his mouth lately.  Well forfeit your name and title as now you are also the Manatees as far as I’m concerned, because right now in a contest between taking Code Geass R2 seriously and taking DarkMirage seriously, Code Geass is ahead by about 2 laps in the areas of writing, coherency, thoughtfulness and entertainment.  Funny how that works, that the biggest critics in life are often more incoherent then that which they protest to be so.

Really though he’s just the prime example, the real overall problem I see is that nobody ever backs up their thoughts, opinions and reasoning for anything anymore on the internet, they just say what they think won’t be questioned by the masses and Code Geass discussions are currently terrible for this right now.  That and this mentality that if something isn’t what someone expects then it automatically sucks.  Well you know what, if people feel that strongly about it, send a job application to Sunrise or Gonzo, get hired as a writer and go in and write the story/dialogue that you want.  Or at the very least start offering up some alternative ideas as to how the plot could progress that make sense and that aren’t stupid like sending the project to another company with zero experience just because they are popular with their own properties.

Incidentally Pro-Geass fans aren’t doing much better on the discussion front either from where I am standing and it’s sort of reminded of the dark days of Haruhi’s popularity when it was all hyperactive praise and good folks who offered up fair constructive criticism would be shouted down.  Also the “Lelouch Rah Rah Rah, Die Suzaku!” thing coming from some diehard fans is getting a little ridiculous as well.  I’ll possibly touch more on this at a future date, but I’m growing a bit uncomfortable around my some of my fellow fans of this series taking things a bit to far.  There’s even Gundam 00 versus Code Geass arguments sprouting up, and that really shouldn’t be happening.  (Something also abetted by DarkMirage in his posts of late since he’s just the “gift” that keeps on giving when it comes to encouraging low brow discussion and driving a wedge between anime fans of different genres and productions) I see no reason why both can’t be enjoyed on their individual merits.  I wouldn’t want to see the kind of infighting of the kind we are seeing between some factions of Kyoani’s fans with regard to whether they should do Haruhi Season 2 or Clannad Season 2 start up with Sunrise.  It’s Code Geass’s turn right now so take it graciously and likewise be gracious to those who are waiting patiently for Gundam 00 Season 2.  Simple, very simple.

Anyway, for now let’s just look over the episode and I will try, by god I will, to give this series the jolt of intelligent analysis I feel it needs.  When I woke up this morning to see a message from DeathKillz saying “Kaio, Code Geass needs you?” I wasn’t sure what he meant, but now I am.  Just in case people have any doubts, I love countering falsehoods with evidence and explanation, it’s fun as hell and I’ll keep on debunking as I always have since I kind of miss the university atmosphere and need a good debate every now and then to spice up my currently mundane life.  Keep em coming Darky and Jason, I implore you, do not cease.  Well that’s out of the way so here we go with Code Geass.

I’ve Always Liked How Casually And Respectfully The Britannian Soldiers Follow Their Commanders Orders.  You Just Don’t Get This Level Of Military Discipline In Many Anime Any More.  Keep The Soldiers Faceless And Loyal, That’s How It Should Be

Showdown.  This Also Isn’t Really A Mexican Standoff As Karen Is Far Enough Away That Her Shot Doesn’t Pose A Significant Threat To Either Lelouch Or Suzaku As Is Evidenced By What Happens Next

4Chan Explodes With Pictures

Should Have Saved That Geass To Use On Suzaku Now Instead Of That “Live” Command.  Bet You Kicking Yourself For That One Aren’t You Lelouch

Is Lelouch’s First Though Hate For His Father Or Surprise At Just How Ominous The Lighting In The Throne Room Has Gotten Since He Was Last There

Whoever Said That There Is No Social Mobility For Elevens In Britannia.  Also Keep In Mind That By Taking This Path Suzaku Has Upheld The Principles Of The System That He Protests To Abhor, That Is, Britannia’s System Of Survival Of The Fittest.  This Is Where He Officially Enters The Grey Category And It Is Sure To Come Up Again As A Point Against His Ideals

The pre title sequence segment is of course just an overview of the current events of the series right now, Zero’s return to the rebellion and such. (it will give way to teaser content soon enough)  The R2 I’m almost certain means Rebellion #2 by the way, and if that dawned on anybody else before me then feel free to laugh at me.  Has the opening begun to grow on anyone yet?  It has for me at least.  Anyway, the episode proper begins with the Britannian Army analyzing the situation at the Babel Tower before preparing to dispatch the terrorists.  Karen meanwhile is remembering the last time she saw Lelouch in the cave and he was disarmed and subdued by Suzaku after they both shot each other and missed.  Lelouch remembers with regret about how he was brought to and forced to submit to the person he hated most, his father, the Emperor of Britannia.  Suzaku asks the Emperor for a promotion to the Knights of the Rounds for bringing him Zero and the emperor seems amused.  Lelouch is not however and asks Suzaku if the chance to change the empire from within is worth selling out his friend.  The Emperor of course is all for Suzaku’s blatant power play (consider that this type of maneuver is seen by him as a sign of strength and rejection of a “weakness” such as friendship and loyalty) and grants him his title.

Or Is That What He’s About To Become?

Be A Little More Clever Than Manatees.  This Reminds Me Of Ringu A Little.  You Might Recall It’s Equally Crappy North American Equivalent The Ring

Yeah I’ll Take Nunally Over Rollo Any Day Of The Week

Gaze Upon The Destruction You Have Wrought And The Broken Bodies Of Your Enemies

Interesting Question And One I Hope Sunrise Takes As Long As Possible To Answer Just So I Can Watch The More Impatient People Squirm A Little And Possibly Whine About Bad Writing Or Something Because It Isn’t Being Explained Right Now.  Incidentally I Have Tourette’s, ADHD And OCD, But You Don’t See Me Getting Too Fidgety About This.  Why?  Self-Discipline Of Course.  That And The Mystery Is Part Of The Fun.   Just Sit Tight And We’ll See Eventually

The Emperor now approachs Lelouch and denounces him for his rebellion. (most of all I feel his disdain is for the failure of it though)  The punishment is that the Emperor uses a Geass (he has one in both his eyes as many people probably know by now) to rob him of his memories of Marianne, Nunally and his Identity. (three very key components to his desire to rebel)  Back in the present Lelouch question C.C and she says it wasn’t her that gave Charles the Geass.  She also said she wanted to search for Nunally but lacked the resources to do so.  As for Sayoko, she and Diethard ran away to the Chinese Federation.  It’s now that Lelouch vows to search for Nunally, and recalls that he never had a brother…..then just who is that Rollo?  Hmmmm….we also see Rolo asking the Britannian army about the whereabouts of his brother.  What are his plans?

This Has To Be One Of The Most Smug Self-Satisfied Looks I’ve Seen Since Haruhi.  I Wonder If This Is The Face That Manatees Bring With Them When They Write About Anime….(Okay I’m Done With That One For Now.  It’s Time Has Passed And I Realize It, Unlike Some Others With Their Self Created Terms.  Lolidom Is A Keeper Term For Me Though)

See, That Right There Should Be The Title To The “Lelouch Activity Log”, Confusing, Encoded, Secure

In short order (to the point I believe Rolo must have tipped them off) a Britannian KF shows up, forcing C.C to hide while Lelouch handles things.  He pretends to welcome the help and asks for assistance with the Secret Intelligence Agency chief (The Baron from last episode).  He takes the bait and comes to help and get’s Geassed as a “reward”.  Lelouch also pockets the Baron’s “Lelouch Activity Log” (I still can’t get over how formal and specific the title of the document is for something so sensitive, that in my opinion is poorer security than anything we’ve seen from the soldiers.  Like why not National Security File #154395245 *For Your Eyes Only* or something less obvious) so he can get some information once he get’s out of the area.

The Order Of The Black Knights Prosper Under Zero And Carares Falters

You Know If You Would Change That Outfit Then You’d Have A Better Place To Store That Key

Man The Emperor Is Massive!  I Demand A Fight Between Charles And Lord Genome In The Next Super Robot Wars

By Filling The World With Orange?

Meanwhile at the Chinese Federation embassy, Guilford is briefing Carares on the terrorists theft of Brittanian KF’s and offers to go and help them out.  Carares refuses saying that Guilford is a guest officer and says he’ll go instead….to hunt humans.  Back at the tower that indeed is going on with a KF chasing after helpless Japanese citizens on foot.  That is until the Guren Nishiki bursts through a wall and slams the Britannian KF into another one with it’s arm and uses the radiation surge on it.  Like the good old days, Lelouch is directing the OoTBK again and everything is going just as planned.  (That isn’t intended to be that insipid Death Note meme, but take it that way if you must)  Except for Karen disobeying orders and instead doubling back to Lelouch’s command room to ask him some questions….at gunpoint.  Back in Britannia (or is it?) the Emperor is aware of everything that is going on in Area 11 at the moment and Suzaku wonders if it’s C.C.  The Emperor doesn’t seem to worried as he goes on to say he’s brought Suzaku to a place that not even Schneizel has been, The Sword of Akasha, a weapon meant to destroy gods.  Also known as that temple place we’ve seen him standing in the first season.  (What’s up with that weird feather fadeaway by the way?)

You Couldn’t Pull The Trigger At The Critical Moment Last Time So Who Exactly Are You Fooling?

So Let Me Get This Straight, Karen Needs To Change, But C.C’s Bloodied Outfit Is Okay.  Tsk Tsk Lelouch, Playing Favourites. 😛

Run I Would Think

There’s Something About Dropships Deploying Mecha That Always Gets Me As Inherently Cool. 


Straight Up Eh?

When we return to Lelouch and Karen she is interrogating him rather emotional about how he used her and never revealed his true identity.  (By the way, for those people who are skewing this bit of dialogue as some sort of overwrought love confession, you do realize that when she uses the phrase “gave my heart to you” she is referring to where her motivations lie in her beliefs and who to throw her lot in with, not her heart as in a romantic symbol/bond.  Maybe watch a little less romance series as this is pretty obvious if only somewhat poetic, in which case maybe take the dialogue a little less literally people.  Come on Darky, use those big brains of yours to figure out what they’re getting at.  In either case lets stop taking things out of context in order to drag down the series shall we?)  Lelouch tells that her heart (remember, motivation) belongs to her and whether she knows it or not, she has already given in to Zero.  Karen admits it, but says that she admires Zero as a symbol and not Lelouch as a person.  He says that’s fine and then proceeds to taunt her about her clothes.  Quick witted as always.  Unfortunately the time for banter is over as C.C comes in over the comm line that Britannia has sent reinforcements….lots of reinforcements.  Carares is confident he will have his chance to show the Chinese the strength of Britannia, but then again Lelouch is confident in victory too.  Personally I place my bets on Lelouch as he’s gotten out of worse fixes before.  Then again, there’s always an X Factor in these when it comes to Code Geass.  I wonder what it could be…

After the eyecatch we have advertisements for Sony Music overlayed across the picture.  Time out.

Kaioshin again with hopefully the last time out.  Okay, this actual is starting to bother me a little.  Why exactly is it that we need adverstisement for sponsors intruding into the show proper like this.  Is the pre episode Grand Sponsor announcement not good enough, nor the commerical time between breaks.  Really and truly I’m going to start docking up points for this in my final episode ratings as for one thing it’s intrusive and another I consider it a blemish on the final product of the animation and thus would categorize it as a flaw.  Just be aware of this in the future if suddenly there’s an amazing episode that many consider perfect and I give it a 9.5.

When Things Are Getting Bad You’ve Gotta Just….

Send In Your Named Characters Of Course

Nice Design

Anyhow, Carares is really getting bold now as he is ordering the media to be present for the execution of the terrorists.  Of course Lelouch is well aware of the cockiness of Britannia’s CO for this engagement and his plans are working out, but then there’s the X Factor as suddenly his men are getting taken out by an unknown assailant one by one.  Things are getting so bad in fact that Urabe tells Zero he should retreat, while muttering to himself that he is being used as a sacrificial pawn.  Lelouch says he’s wrong as the concept of “cutting off” (I assume that means a sacrifice play) is not enough to beat Britannia.  Meanwhile the mystery enemy is discovered by a BK detachment and it’s identified as a new prototype based off of Lancelot. (quite possibly the first 8th generation Knightmare Frame)  Lelouch says it’s not worth trying to capture and orders it destroyed…..when suddenly it disappears, reapppears and starts dodging like mad….Trans-Am style.  Okay not quite that fast, but wow.

Vincent Makes It’s Debut

“X Factor” Confound You

It also has quite a few weapons such as the usual tow cable (in the shape of a claw this time) as well as a weapon similar to the Guren’s radiation surge encased in it’s elbow joint.  It wrecks the BK’s in short order.  (Also I find the lack of music in the scene adds to it as well believe it or not.  It puts the focus solely on the combat as it unfolds quite nicely and gives a nice aura of mysteriousness to both the unit and it’s pilot who’s hands are the only thing we see.  Music is for a time when the unit becomes more familiar, until then, no themes of any kind are appropriate)  Now Lelouch is getting uneasy and screams at C.C to hurry up, to which she replies that he’s getting to nervous since he still has Karen and Urabe with him.  As if on cue the Vincent (yeah I know it’s name already) bursts into Lelouch’s chamber and Lelouch refuses to allow the real-time tactics of an irregular to beat his strategy, saying the pilot is not Suzaku.  (First this line seems almost an insiders joke to those who have seen this happen many times, and guess what, Lelouch shares your frustration.  Also though it seems he’s developed a slight inferiority complex towards Suzaku after losing to him in their last confrontation and that’s something he will have to overcome on his road to victory as well.  I look forward to it)

I’ve Seen Something Like This Before.  That’s The “Come At Me” Gesture

Unlike Say Um, DarkMirage, I Don’t Find This A Pointless Sacrifice.  For One Urabe Was Inches Aways From Death And Needed To Come Up With A Surprise Attack Quick Lest Vincent Overpower Him And He Die In Vain.  Seppuku Was His Choice Of Gesture And For This Urabe Goes Out On Type.  I Have No Idea Who The Guy Was (Was He In Season One?) , But I Will Remember This As One Of The More Interesting Moments In Robot Anime History That I’ve Seen

Now the Vincent is moving faster than Trans-Am as it teleports out of the way of a charging Karen and Urabe, and Lelouch feels it’s something other than a physical ability that is enabling that ability.  Suddenly he feels he is going to be defeated.  (Wow that was a quick 180 on the confidence level there.  I’m not so sure about Zero as a CO anymore)  Urabe takes things into his own hands now and willing plays the role of Black King’s Pawn by first blocking the Vincent’s attack and then making the unexpected gesture of Seppukuing through his unit to catch the Vincent off guard and then blowing himself up.  (I’m going to be honest, I’ve never seen anything quite like that, and I think the pilot of the Vincent hasn’t either because damned if it doesn’t work in giving the Vincent it’s first bit of damage)

Yes The Sacrifice Was In Vain In Regard To Fact That Urabe Failed To Destroy Vincent, But That Doesn’t Make It Any Less Noble And The Gesture Of Seppuku Still Stands And On Top Of That….

Scenario Writers 1, DarkMirage And Everybody Else Who Doubted Urabe 0

Because Urabe’s Quick Sacrifice Won The Battle For The Order And Was Not the “Most Pointless Sacrifice So Far”

So Long Britannian Farm Blimp, We Hardly Knew You

So Long Babel Tower, We Hardly Knew You

Good Riddance Carares, I Didn’t Really Want To Know You

When the smoke clears though only the initial stab damage is there as Vincent has once again teleported out of the way and saved itself on it’s maiden deployment.  Karen steps in to take over, but C.C confirms that preparations are complete and Lelouch thanks Urabe for buying him some time.  He presses his detonator and all those bombs go off just as planned (ugh) sending the Britannian’s to their doom while he makes good his escape.  Carares on the other hand is not so lucky as the tower comes crashing down on his command vehicle as Lelouch laughs (in a manner that completely outdoes his season 1 laugh in terms of hysteria)

Loyalty Eh?  I Always Did Like Guilford

Well I Think They Have A Better Leader Now, That’s For Sure

And An Entire Nation And Fanbase Rejoices

Some People Aren’t Fans Though

Hooooooooooly Fuck!  Calm The Freaking Heck Down There Nina.  Your Scaring Me

Back at the government building news of Carares death is spreading fast, but Guilford comes in to restore order in the name of Cornelia and takes control of the office of Governor General.  He starts giving orders when suddenly there feed of the Babel Tower disaster site is hacked by a message from Zero saying he’s back.  The Knights of The Rounds watch on somewhat intrigued and Gino is teasing Suzaku about his old friend who he refers to as the “King of The Elevens”.  Guilford’s men have tracked Zero to the Chinese Embassy and Guilford quickly figures out that they used the ruins of the tower as a tunnel to mask their escape to the building and Gino seems to be entertaining the idea of barging into the Chinese Embassy, which he says would be a breach of protocol.  Meanwhile it seems that the OoTBK has secured an alliance with the Chinese and Li seems impressed with his intelligence and audacity.  One thing is for sure though, everybody knows in their heart (convictation not romance) that this Zero is the real deal.  Zero goes on to proclaim the United States of Japan and the room he is in it’s first territory.  Li is wondering if this is all okay, but Gaohai (who we can clearly see has been Geassed) says it’s fine.  Zero goes on still to declare that the only requirement for being a citizen of this country is to carry out justice (I kind of want to join now as that’s my schtick).  Laksharta who is with Diethard and Sayoko laughs at the boldness of a country with just one room.

The Mystery Man Of The Hour

Britannian soldiers are trying to get past Li and to Zero who is not letting them and they are about to turn back when the Vincent rolls up and out pops Rolo.  He says he is here to kill Zero.


This was one of those episodes of anime you get oh so rarely where not one second goes to waste and every moment is a reason for excitement.  I’m reminded of some of the best episode of Gundam 00, only this is a really early one and already we have what I feel is the most interesting episode of any anime to air this season.  There’s lots to talk about too.

Regarding Suzaku’s capture of Lelouch this is where Suzaku’s fall begins I believe, with this deal with the devil as it were.  A common tragic theme in writing is that even those with the loftiest of ideals and the best of intentions can be brought down in the quest for power that will allow the them the position to affect change.  A lot of the time we see the tragic villain at the end of the series relate to the hero of how his warped actions with noble intentions came to pass and how they became a monster instead, but here we are actually seeing it unfold, which is quite rare outside of Shakespearan tragedies like Macbeth (See Macbeth himself) or Julius Caesar (See Marcus Brutus who stabbed his own friend Caesar in the back because he felt he felt Rome under Caesar was becoming to centralized in power and no longer benefited the people as a whole.  Kind of like Britannia is with Charles in Charge only it’s Lelouch paying the price instead.  Thing is that life didn’t improve in Rome under Brutus, Mark Antony and Octavian, nor do I expect Britannia will now that Suzaku is a Knight.  Incidentally, Brutus was later killed himself in retribution for the murder of Caesar, so I wonder if the same will happen to Suzaku.  If it does I think it would be appropriate for Karen to do the job).

The Tower of Babel comes down and in doing so it’s kind of like a reverse telling of the original biblical story.  Of course the play here was that the confusion inflicted on Lelouch (Nimrod) by the Emperor (God) as punishment for his Hubris in challenging his authority was ultimately lifted once and for all with the fall of the tower as opposed to cast upon him.  Zero’s rise again to prominence comes with the falling of the Tower of Babel, not the the other way around.  I found this whole scenario to be quite clever in how it was carried out and wonder if we will see more parallels to ancient literature in the series.  For a little more of this kind of talk I’d recommend the article Lelouch’s Little Light Reading posted by IKnight, a person who never ceases to impress me when it comes to analyzing things in anime that even I end up missing.

There is of course the arrival of the Vincent and with it the revelation of Rolo’s duplicity.  Of course we already knew he was a shame since Nunally is Lelouch’s one and only sibling, but we didn’t know he was a KF pilot, nor that he too had a Geass.  Only time will tell who or what he is and frankly there was more revealed on him than expected.  This season is proceeding at an incredible pace while still managing to pack in a ton of interesting content and by god if everything Sunrise has produced up until now is somehow a trainwreck as some claim then I can’t even imagine what we’d get if they made it too the station.  Of course I’m being sarcastic, but really this is some good watching so far and I think at least most people will agree with me on that.

The episode also brings with us some character exits, albeit nobody critically imporant.  Carares was a fool who knew nothing but brutality and he won’t be missed.  The problem is now Lelouch has Guilford to contend with and while he is less brutal than Carares, he is infinitely more cunning and he is out to carry the banner of his beloved Cornelia to victory over Zero’s own banner.  That’s a dangerous combination if you ask me.  And then there was Urabe, who I’m not even sure wasn’t just introduced this season.  We hardly knew him, but he did contribute in what little time we saw of him by placing his faith in Zero despite his doubts to the point where he sacrificed his own life to ensure victory.  Keep in mind that while this episode parallels season 1 episode 2’s a bit, that that episode ended pretty much in a victory for Suzaku, while this time Lelouch has loyal men who helped him secure a narrow victory over Rolo and Vincent.  Loyalty is a key theme in this episode I feel as people pledge it several times and now the lines are clearly drawn between the factions.  Suzaku has thrown in with Britannia once and for all, Karen has thrown in with Zero, but not Lelouch (this may or may not become critical I can’t say for sure), Gaohai and thus Li have thrown in with Zero and Li should prove a critical ally, although his loyalty is not secure and thus he is not quite so useful to Lelouch as someone like Karen.  Actually I lied though, one person who we don’t know where their loyalties lie is Rolo, and I’m pretty sure that will be the focus of next episode.

Nevertheless, one final key factor had to come into play to truly set the stage for this season.  That is to bring the general public into the equation.  Now, the reaction of the public during Zero’s speech is something you’ll just have to watch the episode for yourself to see as it’s quite powerful and honestly a long time coming for both the viewers and the Japanese who had started to lose hope.  Now their saviour is back though and R2 has really begun.  The music in the scene that is what I’d describe as triumphant also enhances it’s effect quite well.  Honestly it was the highlight of the episode and the theatrical nature of it all reminds me why I fell in love with this series the first time around.  If the first episode didn’t bring people back into the series, then this conclusion to it should seal the deal for those who are truly interested in enjoying Code Geass.

This arguably set the stage, and while people may scoff at the notion of a nation with a single room as Laksharta did, I want people to recall the last scene of the opening where Zero stands with a sea of people behind him.  This speech was a powerful one (To the point where I feel Jun Fukuyama should be commended for his delivery of it.  I have to admit I wasn’t terribly wowed by his performance as Lelouch during the first season, only feeling it was merely adequate, but so far this season he has been outstanding in his delivery, and the speech was the feather in his cap as far as I am concerned), and the notion of justice is a powerful ideal too, one that can sway people (well moreso in anime since real life people are pretty apathetic).   I feel that the United States of Japan will have grown well beyond that single room by the time the next episode is over.  Until then keep enjoying the series…..not at the expense of Gundam 00 fans or others though.

Final Rating: Nine Out Of Ten

Yes I docked half a point for the in episode advertising overlay.  It bothered me that much.


18 Responses to “Code Geass R2 Episode 02 (Japan Independence Plan)”

  1. 1 RmX April 15, 2008 at 7:33 am

    – Man The Emperor Is Massive! I Demand A Fight Between Charles And Lord Genome In The Next Super Robot Wars


    – By Filling The World With Orange?

    Seems like it.

    – I Have No Idea Who The Guy Was (Was He In Season One?)

    Of course. He was one of the Four Holy Swords that were under the command of Toudou Kyoushirou at the Battle of Narita in episode 11. He also was there when they sprung Toudou from jail in episode 17. He was around in other places too, but he was obviously never important enough to get any real screentime.

    – And An Entire Nation And Fanbase Rejoices

    I was laughing maniacally. Zero is my hero. Seriously.

  2. 2 Ascaloth April 15, 2008 at 8:10 am

    I always find it amusing how easily you are incited, even more so when it’s not me doing the inciting. DM was just making a mindless throwaway remark, you know. Is it really worth getting so worked up over it?

    Unless you’re not actually that mad, and is just acting angry to continue the “Meister” joke meme I started about you….actually, that would be even funnier. 😀

  3. 3 The Animanachronism April 15, 2008 at 8:17 am

    Nice point that Suzaku’s started operating in exactly the survival-of-the-fittest way of the system he’s in. I didn’t think of that, but of course it makes sense – arguably the same thing happened to Lelouch himself a lot earlier in the series, and Euphemia’s death is likely to have killed most of the idealism Suzaku had.

    I think I’ve seen someone stab himself so as to stab his enemy who was behind him before, but I can’t remember where – probably in a live-action film.

    The Vincent moves so damn fast I’ve been wondering if Rolo’s Geass gives him Bullet Time, but I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see.

  4. 4 Kaioshin Sama April 15, 2008 at 8:35 am

    @RmX: Really though we are overdue for another fusion SRW. I’m kind of tired of Original Generation and it’s time to work in some of the great mecha series we’ve had over the past few years since SRW W. Gurren Lagann, Code Geass, Gundam 00, Heroic Age, Macross Frontier heck even get iDOLM@STER Xenoglossia in there. All of these are deserving of an appearance and the time is now while they are still hot properties.

    @Ascaloth: Always glad to be of service. You amuse me too. The answer is neither and yet both for the sake of another purpose entirely. By the way, Allison To Lillia, that’s the series you probably want to look at if you need something to blog. It seems like it would be up your alley. Any thoughts on this episode of Code Geass?

    @The Animanachronism: You might be thinking of Assassins where Sylvester Stallone’s character shoots through his jacket to kill Antonio Banderas. Yoshimitsu also has a move in Tekken where he stabs through himself while taking damage to do tremendous damage to the opponent should it connect.

  5. 5 Ascaloth April 15, 2008 at 8:41 am

    Thoughts on this episode? Actually, no….I haven’t watched it, and I don’t intend to follow the series altogether either. And if you’re thinking it’s my bias operating, not really…. I just don’t bother catching sequels if I’ve never watched the original season. >_>

    As for Allison to Lilia, maybe, but right now I’m taking a writing break due to exam period. Priorities, you know. Toshokan Sensou has me interested though, but others are already doing it.

  6. 6 The Animanachronism April 15, 2008 at 6:36 pm

    I had another thought . . .

    What’s up with that weird feather fadeaway by the way?

    I reckon it’s a reference to Euphie – she had a feather-bodiced dress in the first season, and I seem to remember that feather-transition in the OP when she appeared. Maybe.

  7. 7 Myssa Rei April 16, 2008 at 1:29 am

    A little OT regarding the grumpy heads.

    I’d think that DarkMirage seems to be in the terminal stages of hobby burnout — what my Social Science professor used to call the ‘Grumpy Old Man’ syndrome, describing a member of a community that’s seen the golden age of something, and as a result has expectations set so high that nothing that’s come afterwards will even measure up. The same could be said of Jason, who obviously was a major Sunrise fan (and still is in some ways, as he loves Keroro Gunso to death, and it’s the quitissential Sunrise show), until circa Mai-Otome and Gundam SEED.

  8. 8 Kaioshin Sama April 16, 2008 at 2:28 am

    @Myssa Rei: Why did I just get this image in my head of Statler and Woldorf from The Muppet Show watching Code Geass and make smug remarks about it after the credits come up?

    Anyway, I don’t think anybody wants to be reminded of the Mai-Otome/Seed era. I won’t deny they were all those things people frequently acuse them of then and I hardly recognized the company that made Escaflowne and Zeta Gundam. Luckily I had the knowledge that that was outside the norm rather than the norm for them.

    I actually went through a brief period of hobby burnout during the 2004- late 2006 seasons and still am not fond of many of the series that came out then. You could see a guy who railed against all things fanservicey, cutting edge, and moe to if you look back on my posts on Animesuki during that period. Luckily that was followed by a sudden reemergence of the mecha genre and some really great series that just washed away all the grumpiness and now I’m a lot more open to all kinds of genres and eras of anime and I’ve even gone back and given a fair chance to some series I never would have watched even 2 years ago. Will Darky and Jason be so lucky I wonder…..

  9. 9 Myssa Rei April 16, 2008 at 3:38 am

    Kaioshin: Well, we can’t all be Jeff Lawson or Jpmeyer (anime bloggers who have ‘aged gracefully’), and old grognards are expected in *any* community (a surprising finding in a research paper I once wrote during college, you find stuffy heads in all sorts of fandoms). Will their gloom disperse any time soon? Perhaps not if they’re expecting too much, setting their standards too high or setting those standards based on old norms.

    I think I’ve managed to avoid hobby burnout myself by adapting an attitude of ‘no expectations’. I AM slowing down though, as the crush of work and my (multiple!) hobbies are getting the better of me. I still take time to appreciate the Great Art (to quote Stripey of Hontouni Taihendesu), and got five or six series earmarked for viewing. Not surprisingly Geass is one of them, but there’s also Libary Wars, Allison to Illya, Macross Frontier, Kyouran Kazoku Nikki, and Kanokon (!!), though the last is just me being a Kawasumi Ayako fangirl.

  10. 10 RmX April 16, 2008 at 5:05 am

    @Myssa: Wait. You’re a girl?

    @formerly grumpy people: When should I expect hobby burnout?

  11. 11 henrych April 16, 2008 at 9:25 am

    You know I think you missed the point with Suzaku.

    Back in episode 23 of season one he put his father’s pocket watch on Euphie’s corpse. As someone who appriceates symbolism I’d have expected you to realise that this symbolised that Suzaku’s Ideals had died with Euphie. After all that watch was his reminder of what he was trying to achieve.

    All in all though what Suzaku did in this episode is exactly what Lelouch would have done in his position (i.e. sell his friend down the river to advance his goals.) in fact it’s Lelouch’s fault that Suzaku is now using these tactics.

    It’s amazing how you can miss things when you don’t like the character. In some ways here you’re acting worse than Darkmirage did with Gundam 00 and that is what is really disappointing.

  12. 12 Kaioshin Sama April 16, 2008 at 9:49 am

    @Henrych: You could not possibly be more wrong about my views on Suzaku if you had completely reversed them.

    I am aware of all of these things. I also find it absurd that I as one of the sole defenders of Suzaku’s character against the blind “I HATE SUZAKU!” mentality of most fans and in my consideration of his suffering with regard to Euphemia’s death that drove him into the arms of V.V and The Emperor would be accused of disliking the character and overlooking aspects of his character as a result. Again you could not possbily be more wrong about where I stand.

    Ask me some specific questions on what I think of Suzaku in regard to some of his character development and traits and you’ll see what I mean. I am one of the most sympathetic people towards Suzaku you are ever going to find.

  13. 13 RmX April 16, 2008 at 10:02 am

    @henrych: lolwut?

    Kaioshin’s one of the rare few that will actually step up and defend Suzaku, and here you are completely misinterpreting his views. Therefore I cannot possibly comprehend your blather about an anti-Suzaku view that does not exist, nor begin to understand a comparison to Darkmirage that does not make any logical sense.

    And just so you know, I’m one of those in the camp that think Suzaku is a complete douche that deserves to die a horrible painful death with no path to redemption. =D

  14. 14 henrych April 16, 2008 at 5:27 pm

    Ugh… Right I’m just going to get this out the way and appologise.

    I’m sorry. I should have read the whole piece through more throughly before deciding to comment (and not write a comment before I’m totally awake.)

    It won’t happen again

  15. 15 CCCP April 25, 2008 at 9:42 pm

    You’re like the Bill O’Riley of anime (something I just threw out to see how you’d react, Kiaoshin-Sama)

  16. 16 Kaioshin Sama April 26, 2008 at 2:32 am

    His name is spelled O’Reilly and good lord no. Why do some people seem to think I’m a conservative Republican I wonder? And why can’t anybody seem to spell me username right? Whyyyyyy?! *Emo*

    Okay I’m fine actually. Any particular reason why the O’Reilly comparison though?

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