No Charles Di Britannia Vs. Lord Genome This Time Around

There’s a possible new SRW Game called Super Robot Wars Z for the PS2. The series list is supposed to be:

Overman King Gainer
The Big O
The Big O 2nd Season
Zambot 3
Daitarn 3
Zeta Gundam
Char’s Counterattack
Gundam X
Turn A Gundam
Gundam SEED Destiny
Mazinger Z
Great Mazinger
Getter Robo G
God Sigma
Eureka Seven
Gravion Zwei
Source: Gunota Headlines

The series list seems kind of small and lacking in my opinion, but apparently it’s a Famitsu announcement. I hope that’s not all that’s in the game as I like Orguss, Eureka Seven, and Overman King Gainer, but Seed Destiny over Geass (They have done unfinished series before such as The Big O) and Gravion+Zwei just strikes me as wrong. Also, no Gurren Lagann. ūüė¶

Okay here are the scans:

Introduces LFO’s, Overmen, The Orguss And Baldios And Mentions The Original Super Robot Wars Timeline

Introduces Eureka Seven and it’s Nirvash Type Zero (Pilots Eureka and Renton Thurston, as well as Overman King Gainer (Pilot Gainer Sanga)

Introduces Sousei No Aquarion And It’s Solar Aquarion (Pilot Apollo) And Mentions The SRW Alpha Timeline

Introduces Space Warrior Baldios (Pilot Marin, Interesting Thing To Note As The Seiyuu For Marin Has Since Passed Away) And Zeta Gundam Movies Gundam MK II (Pilot….Does He Really Need An Introduction…..Fine Kamille Bidan)

Introduces Super Heavy God Gravion (Pilot…I Honestly Don’t Know…Sorry) And Orguss (Pilot Kei Katsuragi) And A Small Profile Of Takanobu Terada

Introduces Gundam Seed Destiny’s Strike Gundam MKII Impulse Gundam (Pilot Shinn Asuka) And¬†Contiues The Terada Profile

And What The Heck, Here’s Mazinger Z (Pilot Kouji Kabuto) And Great Mazinger (Pilot Tetsuya Tsurugi) As Well As The Last Part Of¬†The Terada Profile

Okay, now that everythings’ confirmed let’s talk about it a little.¬† First I’ve been anticipating the arrival of Eureka Seven and Overman King Gainer for several years now and finally it’s coming to pass.¬† Now we get Eureka Seven and Overman King Gainer’s awesome characters/mecha as well as the awesome music from both series.¬† Orguss I’ve been hoping to see too and getting to hear Casey Rankin’s Hyouruu Sky Hurricane blaring over my TV’s speakers is going to be awesome.¬† I can even see that shot from the opening with the Ishkick’s coming around the tower and opening fire that always gave me goosebumps.¬† “Where are you going to, when are you coming home?”¬†indeed.¬† In fact I love the song so much that hear it is in it’s full version:

Of course I’ve been dreading the appearance of Gundam Seed Destiny, but hopefully the SRW staff can somehow give the story more weight and coherency than Fukuda/Morosawa ever could.¬† We’ll see.¬† Then there’s Baldios which just screams bad Toei mecha series…probably because it is.¬† You have to consider the partnership between Bandai and Toei in influencing these series inclusions though.¬† That’s how I explain Golion as awful and cliche as it was getting into SRW W.¬† Then there’s Gravion/Zwei, which I’ve never seen but heard nothing but bad things about it.¬† It looks like an attempt to cross Moe with Mecha and is by Gonzo so it could either be legitimately bad or just Gonzo bashing.¬†¬† Oh and then there’s Aquarion, which I have no real feelings on and welcome in with a hint of intrigue having never seen it but heard mixed reactions on it nonetheless.¬† I be the judge of it’s merit when the time comes.¬† And of course Zeta Gundam, Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger have been around for a while.¬† Hopefully just because it’s the movies doesn’t mean I have to hear that Gackt song Metamorphose, or at least I hope they’ll let me turn it off as I absolutely cannot stand it and think it clashes horribly with Zeta Gundam’s atmosphere and was just chosen out of promotional consideration because Gackt’s brand of¬†alternative (a genre that gives me headaches and makes me feel sick to my stomach)¬†in Japan is popular with Hikki’s and goth emo fans alike (come on, you tell me he’s not Tetsuya Nomura’s inspiration for at least half¬†the character designs that have come out of him in the past 10 years.¬† Vincent, Cloud, Sephiroth, Xemnas, Weiss, The entire cast of Advent Children, they’re all just Gackt with flair).

Anyway, apparently this isn’t the whole list so we can’t rule out Gurren Lagann and such just yet.¬† I see Sega/Automuss, Gainax, Gonzo, Toei, Sunrise, Bones, Big West and Production Reed in the credits listing, so we can’t rule out anything just yet.¬† Also there’s possibly even credits for series that have been announced waiting to be given, so we could see Kadokawa (Full Metal Panic) or Xebec (Nadesico, Heroic Age) before long.¬† I’ll keep people posted as info comes.

Update:¬†¬†So¬†the¬†final¬†series¬†list¬†was¬†announced¬†and¬†many¬†of¬†my¬†SRW¬†wishes¬†have¬†been¬†granted.¬†¬†I’ve¬†been¬†waiting¬†ages¬†for¬†another¬†Turn¬†A¬†Gundam¬†appearance¬†and¬†finally¬†it¬†seems¬†to¬†have¬†come¬†to¬†pass.¬†¬†Not¬†only¬†that,¬†I¬†get¬†more¬†Gundam¬†X¬†and¬†The¬†Big¬†O….WITH¬†SEASON¬†2.¬†¬†Now¬†I¬†can¬†use¬†Final¬†Stage¬†like¬†I’ve¬†always¬†wanted.¬†¬†Also¬†back¬†is¬†Xabungle,¬†Getter¬†Robo¬†G,¬†¬†Char’s Counter Attack, Daitarn and Zambot 3 and now God Sigma’s joining the battle which I guess is supposed to be nostalgic somehow. ¬†I don’t know, I would have picked Tetsujin 28 as a nostalgic series but I knew it probably the Japan definition of nostalgic, which can mean just about anything. ¬†So this brings back U.C Gundam as well as many different franchises, but then what is up with the Gainax and Sega mentions in the Famitsu article. ¬†Could there be one more release up their sleeves or is this the end. ¬†Somehow I think the mention was bogus in Famitsu or perhaps they are helping design the originals. ¬†Well I can’t say I’m not satsified. ¬†This is one of the best series announcement lists I’ve ever seen come out of the franchise, probably the best since Alpha 3 or maybe even more exciting. ¬†All that’s left is to wait for a release date and see the inivitable trailer.


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