Kure-nai ~ Episode 3 ~ My little justice neko <3

Okey, ignore the neko part but this episode highlight for me has to be the justice that Murasaki attempts to slap on some thugs, unfortunately for her, Shinkurou had other ideas…

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Now, what is wrong with this scene?

You guys have no idea how much I anticipated and again, we are treated to an episode full of Murasaki goodness (just what I always wanted). She is really unlike most child-like characters I have seen to date (if not ever). This little girl has more guts than “insert someone who has lots of guts” and she really isn’t afraid to show any of it. This series is just proving to be a fantastic mix of comedy and serious tension, all wrapped up nicely with some pretty dam good normal human psychology and emotions.

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Boy: who the hell are you?
Murasaki: Murasaki Kuhouin!

I say nothing is wasted when it comes to developing the character, even of what little development some character is getting at the moment (such as Ginko), we can still see how her mind works and that her cold exterior can never cover up her feelings for Shinkurou. Maybe when it comes to relationships, she will also become one of the top three contenders for him (they others being Yuuno and “something that has to happen, but not in THAT sorta way” Murasaki).

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Kiss him! Do it!

What I found really interesting though, wasn’t the supporting cast so far, but the spotlight that is forever shining on Murasaki. This week she infiltrates Shinkurou’s school but instead of being overwhelmed (like what a normal child would feel), she actually finds herself fitting in and having much fun in a mini adventure sort of way. She enjoys jogging, discussing about baseball, hates the water they have and is “fascinated” by the plastic model of the human body.

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Kaio…step back and take deep breaths…

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“Worse water in the world, and what is the urinal doing here!”

Infact, she was so interested in it that she thought the guy was dying and decided to call for backup.

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“Shinkurou…we have a problem here”

“it’s just Tamaki’s boyfriend, dont touch!”

But things begun to turn scary when she meets Yuuno who questions about her being here (you know…how the daughter of a rich family ended up being at a dump like this). What’s more, the twists throwing predictable misunderstandings right into the air just happened textbook style. I say that it was a stroke of simple but effective genius. A three way comes between Shinkurou, Murasaki and Yuuno when they all bump into each other and begun to point fingers. Thankfully, that episode was sorted without too much pain.

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School’s out

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“Shinkurou! A suspicious woman is chasing me!”

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“I’m not suspicious” ;_;

But I must say that the voice acting for this scene is top notch. The emotions of Murasaki in particular was brought out fantastically. Kudos.

The final arc of this episode shows yet another of Murasaki’s brilliant and shining personality. Yes, have you ever seen a kid with a big sense of justice like her? The kind of depth this series get into is really something, I don’t even have the right words to describe it, but to see 7 year old Murasaki stand up to some bullies who were terrorizing an old lady, and everyone else on the train acting like ignorance is bliss…that is really something worth an award for.

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“Don’t touch me you filthy commoner!”

I said Murasaki has guts, but she is also holder for the title of being a human. She is sweet and innocent but seeing how much her past has left a scar on her is just painfully expressed through her words. She just cannot stand someone being beaten up or harmed because she has witnessed it first hand when her mother was badly treated. This ultimately motivated her to stand up for the weak, even if she is just a little child.

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Spoil sport >.>

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Poor girl ;_;

I think this is one of those times where I just have to exclaim…

“AUUUUU~ omochikaeri!!!!!!”

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End of the episode, Murasaki follows Shinkurou who is going for a job. Not good…


3 Responses to “Kure-nai ~ Episode 3 ~ My little justice neko <3”

  1. 1 Kaioshin Sama April 18, 2008 at 6:10 am

    Is that girl wearing boxer shorts?

    Anyway, I like the don’t touch me you filthy commoner bit. Reminds me of Kagami Kuro.

  2. 2 Prithvi April 20, 2008 at 7:10 pm

    I just love this anime. This is much more interesting than the manga. The way they juxtapose the beauty with the dark side of life is just brilliant. The way it all weaves together is quite beautiful.

    Cant wait for the subbed version to come out.

  3. 3 costume small black October 18, 2014 at 3:02 am

    I couldn’t resist commenting. Well written!

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