Kamen no maid guy ~ episode 3 ~ Maido Lovu!?

*cough* credit goes to Klash for the cheesy Title. And here comes another helping fof Kamen maid guy. This week, we tackle a more important problem for Naeka which had to come sooner or later; the subject of love (or lack of) in her life. Well, don’t expect much of a summary (seen as I hardly do them on time in anyway) but here are some nice screencaps instead ^^

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This makes Higurashi look like…*gets gagged*

In a Nutshell: The episode starts with Naeka challenging the boy’s club to a duel. They accept her terms but if they win, they want to feel Naeka’s chest as much as they want. She gains permission to use a real katana and kills them all. Kogarashi is overlooking with delight, suddenly his sensor fires off and feels a presence staring at Naeka with passion.

After school Naeka finds a love letter in her shoe box. She is surprised and then closes the locker three times just to make sure. Trying to hide it from her friends she makes a poor distracting whilst shoving the letter into her back. However, one of her friends sees this and asks her to give the details later tonight.

At home, Naeka locks herself in her room and looks at the letter. She remembers back to the time where she swore that she will never fall in love again. Saying so she tries to throw the letter into the bin, but feelings take over and wants to actually read it. Kogarashi comes from nowhere, causing her to run into the wall. Fubuki and Kousuke go to see what has happened and Kogarashi explains.

After Naeka has been taken to her bed, Fubuki explains that it isn’t unusual for Naeka to receive a lover letter being at that age. Kogarashi wants to look at the letter but Fubuki doesn’t allow it. He then uses his Xray eyes to find out that the letter tells Naeka to meet at the gym the following day. Fubuki stabs him.

Kousuke explains that she will never experience love after an incident in the past. We then see a flashback showing Naeka giving a guy in senior school a bento. The guy offers to eat with her and she is overjoyed. Sitting at the bank the guy takes a bite at a fried shrimp and nearly dies. Kousuke explain that ever since she has sealed her emotions.

Naeka wakes up from the same nightmare. Her phone rings and it turns out to be her friend from earlier asking about the letter. Naeka cuts her off after telling her that she didn’t read it. Kogarashi then presents her with the letter but Naeka acts defiant and tells him that she doesn’t need it. Kogarashi then attempts to shred the letter but she stops him. Seeing this Kogarashi concludes that her love isn’t over.

She is still in denial but when Kogarashi flips her bed to reveal a pile of love mangas and magazines there is nothing left to confirm. Naeka cries of pain summons Fubuki who stabs him again. Kogarashi tells her that his mission is to preserve the family blood and that he is only looking out for what’s best for Naeka. Kousuke tells him that he will never understand the pain being one who has experienced many BAD ENDS playing eroges. Kogarashi looks down on both of them for being pitiful dogs. However, he does haw a way to help them being the MAID GUY!

This leads him to making another drink which Naeka drinks. A slight explosion and Naeka is transformed from Tsun to Dere…for Fubuki. Naeka jumps onto Fubuki and begins to molest her chest. Fubuki asks for help but Kogarashi walks off telling her that it will only last an hour. Grandfather returns home to find destruction all around.

Fubuki begins to teach Naeka how to cook. Naeka tells her that she can’t, seen as she is the poison woman but Fubuki reassures her. After a hellish lesson, the kitchen manages to blow up with black smoke and Kousuke is forced to eat the produce. Surprisingly, it was a success and Kousuke didn’t die.
Naeka is glad and that night she believes that she will be able to love again. She reads the lover letter and begins to melt at the words. Reading the message to meet with the person the next day, she screams with delight.

The next day she dreams about what kind of handsome guy will ask her out and imagines the situation. The teacher wakes her up from her daydream. During lunchtime, Naeka is still in dream land. The girls tell her that she doesn’t even know the person yet, pulling her back into reality. She becomes obsessed with becoming the new Naeka. Kogarashi overlooks on top of the school building and swears to make her day perfect.

Naeka goes to the gym and continues to think about what kind of person would love her. Hearing a voice from behind it turns out to be a girl. Naeka is confused but the girl reveals that she was the one who gave her the letter. Naeka tries to run away but Kogarashi asks where she is going. Pushing a button on a remote he tells her that he will stop her from running away. Naeka and the girl fall into a room with a big bed in the middle. It turns out that Kogarashi has set the whole situation up and tells her to take her time. Naeka is then raped for the first time.

That night Naeka returns home with her Katana. She asks for Kogarashi and then begins to kill him.

Thoughts: Okey, now this was the episode I have been waiting for. Completely Hilarious ~ score!

Kogarashi is just a barrel of laughs. It is actually amazing how much functions he can fit into that bulky body of his. One time he is a radar detector and the next he is a paper shredder. And you just got to love his laugh, KUKUKUKUKUKU ~

The story this time is also quite a bit more funnier than the last one. An episode all on Naeka’s love troubles which turns out to be less predictable that I thought. For one thing, I didn’t expect Naeka to have such an emotional scar in the past (well…she does seem like the type that would kill someone via food poisoning but I didn’t expect that she actually did that before XD).

But not if Kogarashi has anything to say about it. Convincing Naeka to drink another one of his potions which this time turns Naeka into a female molester. Fubuki too the full brunt of that torture. Once again just looking at how fragile Fubuki is never ceases to surprise me. But I am impressed with her destruction mode.

And from here on, I can only conclude Kogarashi to be a zombie…he just can’t die.

Hightlight of this episode for me was when Naeka lost herself in her own fantasies. Yep she explained it was due to her locking up her feelings which is now released like a raging beast of hot lovings…but she hasn’t even seen the “guy” yet. That was until she found out that it wasn’t a guy, and due to Kogarashi’s thoughtfulness was forced to have hot yuri sex.

Divine punishment at the end!

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