Kure-nai ~ Episode 4 ~ Men don’t hit girls

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You can imagine the pain I was in…

Well, I expected the worse would have come from the situation set up at the end of episode 3 but surprisingly they didn’t turn out as I expect. Not that it affected my enjoyment however, this series is still by far the best newcomer of this season. But definitely, this week there hasn’t been that much development between Shinkurou and Murasaki though the bond between them is still growing strong.

The job this time turns out to be negotiations with a yakuza boss and Murasaki so happens to have entered a world where she shouldn’t have been.

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“He’s a lying **** and *****!!”

Well, the deal was practically done quicker than expected since Murasaki’s arrival but you should know by now to never trust on the word of the yakuza. The boss is a liar and Murasaki (with her liar detector of awesomeness ~ must be her child-like innocence which gives her this ability) points it out. Though Shinkurou objects to Murasaki’s claims, it is understandable when she starts screaming out such things in front of the boss.

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Why you!!!

But yea, the following scenes were quite painful to watch as the guys come out to beat on Shinkurou. Shinkurou could easily handle the mobs but because of Murasaki being there as well, I guess he held back. But when Murasaki decided to help Shinkurou (she is soo brave), the mobs turned to beat on her as well. NEVER HIT A GIRL! T_T

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Reminds me of soul eater

Even I felt the blows upon Murasaki. The first one just made me cringe and when she was threatened with a knife, that was the last straw…for me and for shinkurou. He ofcourse completely went into “killer” mode and released his elbow knife of epix wtf-ness. Basically his elbow bone became a weapon (but even that looked so painful).

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The atmosphere here is depressing…

Yayoi on the other hand was completely shocked at the whole incident. Blaming Shinkurou for everything, it just shows how much she also cares for Murasaki. Abit, Shinkurou was wrong to put Murasaki in danger, but I can see that it wasn’t all her fault. But Yayoi doesn’t know the full picture, where it was then explined to her by Benika (I am also surprised the Benika didn’t scold Shinkurou, but that just shows that she is willing to understand the situation).

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Young, emo Shinkurou

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Young, passionate Ginko

Yea, about Shinkurou and his arm, and his past. This has already been shown in the manga but I suppose some of you readers haven’t picked it up yet. Whilst the elbow scythe hasn’t been explained yet, it is being linked to the training Shinkurou had when he was younger, in Yuno’s household surprisingly. And Yuno happens to be his sparring partner since then and from that you can fill in the picture how Yuno came to liking Shinkurou or why she invites him to return to her come. They are fairly well acquainted as you would expect.

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Young, sexy Benika

But the main reason why he is training in the first place was because of Benika. It appears that he (and Ginko) were amongst a group of captured kids. It was Benika who saved Shinkurou at the time even though he was ready to die. I guess he became attached to Benika and her line of work since then. Ginko also experienced a drastic change from then to now since we see how she was fighting so hard to save shinkurou’s life. Now she is just Tsun.

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Murasaki is such a good girl :3

Well, that was the main jest of the episode. But it wouldn’t be a complete episode without some development at least. Murasaki felt that she was the cause of Shinkurou’s injured arm and tried her best to be helpful. It was heartwarming to see her trying to clean the room for Shinkurou’s health sakes. She also tried to become more self independent by washing her own hair ~ cute ^_^

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“Look Shinkurou, I can wash my own hair!” ^_^

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“But the water still needs some training…”

But most significant of all is that Shinkurou also revealed his past to Murasaki in parallel to Benika. I feel that through this, they have gained yet another new understanding to each other, and whilst it may be normal to feel that a 7 year old can’t do anything even knowing the truth, I can only see Murasaki growing because of it.

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Is it me, or does this look wrong?


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