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Space Runaway Ideon A Series That Can’t Make Up It’s Mind

Gije’s Question Would Eventually Become The Key Point On What I Took Away From The Series

Space Runaway Ideon, a series so ambiguous that it can’t even decide what it’s supposed to be called.  Is it Space Runaway Ideon or Densetsu Kyojin Ideon.   As I finally finished the series tonight, I found that this would be the least of the series problems with ambiguity that would ultimately lead to it being far less well received by me then it could have been.  Join me as I tell the story of my adventure with the Solo Ship crew in trying to figure out just what the hell the overall message of the series was supposed to be. Continue reading ‘Space Runaway Ideon A Series That Can’t Make Up It’s Mind’

Code Geass R2 Turn 03 (Academy Of Imprisonment Or High School Hijinks)

All Those Theatrics And He Has To Do It Again?  My God Lelouch Is A Perfectionist

Actually, the high school portions only fill a small part of the episode and aren’t really as mind numbing as I would have expected.  (Well actually, seeing as how Code Geass’ writers and Sunrise in general have this Jerry Bruckheimer like ability to turn that which would normally be mundane into something almost always approaching exciting or interesting, I can’t say I expected anything to stray to far into the area of mindless high school harem comedy) Also as I suggested the episode remained completely unchanged despite the leak as would have been the obvious outcome.  The lesson here is never listen to 2ch trolls.  Now with that out of the way, let’s get cracking.

Continue reading ‘Code Geass R2 Turn 03 (Academy Of Imprisonment Or High School Hijinks)’

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