Code Geass R2 Turn 04 (The Gallows Of Counterattack Or Jason And The Geassanauts)

You Would Think At This Stage In Anime’s Development That Security Teams Would Have Labelled Shouta’s And Loli’s As Class S Security Threats.

Oh don’t mind me, I’m just an old school anime fan who’s mired in his analysis of shows.  One who attempts to look at the bigger picture to such a degree that he has earned himself the label of drama whore, pathetic and flamer.  In all honesty I would rather be playing some Castlevania right now, but instead I’ve decided to do my part on the whole Code Geass R2 blogging scene tonight instead of 5 or so days from now.  That means no Macross until possibly Wednesday again, but that’s what happens when you have two shows, several games and work competing for my time. 

Oh and during the course of the past week Jason Miao managed to spam out no less then 3 articles on Code Geass in less than a day, and if you were expecting anything profound to come out of them or anything you know that ummm……makes sense, then obviously you don’t know Jason.  It’s worth taking a look at though if you want to laugh at how hysterically uninformed and poorly written his articles still are.  He also still seems to live in his own Karl Rovesque little world of his where his opinions are fact and if you think I make a lot of comparisons to Gundam 00 then you have seen nothing.  What will stop this man in his desperate crusade to try and portray this show and Sunrise as an abomination of mankind.  Surely not Common sense and a cognitive filter that says nobody who isn’t a troll cares anymore.  Oh man though, his articles certainly were a laugh, although I was laughing more at him then the “Geass No’s” and “Emo Facial Distortions” that were supposed to pass as comedy.  Jason, Jason, Jason, you’re your own worst enemy.  Speaking of own worst enemies, Guilford’s Arthurian sense of chivalry get’s him into a lot of trouble this episode.  Let’s have a look shall we…. but first I just have to make fun of some of Jason’s quotes a little more as they are just that much of a trainwreck.

From Episode 1:

Jason: ” One thing bugged me is that when they swapped Nunnally for Rolo, wouldn’t the other Ashford students know? Like, wouldn’t Shirley, Millay, or Rivalz ask, “Hey, what happened to your sister, and how’d you get a brother?!””

Kaioshin:  How about that’s part of the mystery Jason.  Tough concept I know.

Jason: “Suzaku is no longer of the academy, and we’ll know from a later episode that he’s been promoted to the Sunrise rip-off of the Knights of the Round Table.”

Kaioshin:  Oh No!  Is Sunrise borrowing from mythology?!  How dare they!  Of course there have been thousands of takes on the Knights of The Round Table in anime and American cartoons before, but if Sunrise does it MUST be evil.  Also if Jason had actually watched the episode as I’m starting to believe he didn’t he would have seen that Suzaku is revealed to be a member of the Knight of The Rounds (or at least to have been promoted to the Emperor’s court) in the last scene of THIS very episode when he is called before the Emperor along with Anya Earlstraim and Gino Weinberg.

Jason: “Kallen is also no longer with the academy, supposedly, and I’m surprised no one brought up a “Hey, what ever happened to Suzaku, Kallen, and Nunnally?” yet.”

Kaioshin:  Jeez Jason, could it be because by the end of Turn 01 Lelouch had only just recovered his memories and thus didn’t have the knowledge to consider his and her disappearance.  Same goes for the Ashford Academy crew who had also obviously been brainwashed.

Jason: “The thing that stuck out at me the most? The animation quality. Code Geass R2 is significantly better than Gundam 00, light-years better than the original season of Code Geass, and stepping into Kyoto territory. I always knew that they had the funds to do it, but now they’re actually making good on that potential… except that potential is potentially wasted on another series that can most lovingly be described as a train wreck.”

Kaioshin:  Not even five short paragraphs and we see that Jason has already made up his mind about the series.  Also note that he hasn’t even gotten started talking about the actual events of the episode yet.  Good old prejudiced Jason.

Jason: “The scene that sums up the OH GEASS NO experience in its entirety: Lulu dumping Bunny Girl Kallen to escape (and hold hands with) his brother. I’m glad that some things just don’t change.”

Kaioshin:  Jason, tsk tsk old chap, you didn’t pay attention again or you would have seen that a locket blocked the view of the entire scene and thus we don’t know for sure what happened by that point.

Jason: “Didn’t Gundam 00 start off with a waving flag followed by a quick overview of the current political situation? In any case, we now know for sure that Britannia is America. At first, I thought it was England / Europe with America, but, nope. I’m not sure what I would rant more about: the anti-American imperialism sentiments in recent Sunrise anime or how England is much better choice as a source nation for “Britannia.””

Kaioshin:  Yeah interesting…of course we’ve seen since the beginning of the very first episode of R1 that the source nation of Britannia has indeed been the American continent, but you know, this is quick on the uptake by Jason’s standards.  What about that anti-english sentiment that seeks to throw the Britannia label off of America and onto Britain?

Jason: “Is Sunrise still going to try to cram school harem romance elements into Code Geass? It worked so well the first season…”

Kaioshin:  Probably just slightly less than a tenth of what Kyoto Animation crams into their series Jason.  Oh wait, but that doesn’t matter does it as it’s only a problem when Sunrise tries to do anything.

Jason: “Yep, can’t be Code Geass without blatant Pizza Hut marketing. I can’t wait for C.C. to be spooning a Cheese-kun again.”

Kaioshin: I wonder if Jason realizes that Code Geass has the same advertising consultant behind it as Haruhi and Lucky Star.  Actually, come to think of it even if he did he’d probably find a way to casually deny it anyway.

Jason, The Gift That Keeps On Giving With Episode 02:

Jason: “This new season is actually getting off to a nice, strong start, but, as you’re probably familiar with my views on Sunrise, it’s not going to last.”

Kaioshin:  Jason with the bait and switch ladies and gentleman.  Notice how he seems to confuse his views with reality openly.  Yes Jason, because of your views on Sunrise, Code Geass isn’t going to continue to be strong.  Jason, do pigs fly if you believe it?  Is there no place like home?

Jason: “The train wreck watch for Code Geass R2 has started: I’m going to assume train wreck status, and, if by the end, it turns out be a pretty solid and serious mecha drama series, I’ll be pleasantly surprised.”

Kaioshin: Jason, for the love of god you don’t need to tell us that you are assuming trainwreck status.  You also can’t leave open the possibility that you will accept the series as solid if you’ve already prejudged it before even starting.  You’re confusing concepts here again.  We know you are never going to enjoy the series because you are a biased hack, so why are you even pretending there’s a possibility?  You’ve started making so little sense that you are even starting to deny the own black and white reality that you have created for yourself to live in

Jason: “For example, C.C., her origin, and the origin of geass were never explained well the prior season, and now with at least three geass users running amok, it would be nice to get some elaboration on this point.”

Kaioshin: BZZZZZT!  Wrong!  We did find out last season that C.C’s origin is that of a 17th-18th century which who was tortured and burned at the stake.  Are you actually watching this series Jason, or are you stealing screencaps from other sources and making up your own version of the series based on what you’ve heard through the grapevine.

Jason: “Has there ever been a wussier male lead than Lulu? The only thing that separates him from Shinji is a backbone.”

Kaioshin:  Oh My God!  Jason, have things gotten so bad that you are resorting to baiting Lelouch fans in order to get people to read your articles.  I kind of feel sorry for you now.

Jason:  “The downside for Code Geass having an afternoon time slot instead of the old midnight time slot is no more Kallen nakkidness. We just have to settle for Guren Nishiki’s USB ignition key strategically situated.”

Kaioshin:  Uhhhh… gee I don’t know Jase, judging by the fact that C.C was naked in the first episode if only for an inverted colour filter I wouldn’t go denying reality again.

Jason:  “I’m still trying to figure out what Lulu does well besides having his geass. He doesn’t pilot mobile suits well, and he gets his ass handed to him in hand-to-hand combat. His tactician ability comes from the fact that he geassed the other side’s pilot into giving him the security IFF codes.”

Kaioshin:  Well Jason, if you had followed the story or actually watched the episode you would see it comes from a prodigy like talent to quickly analyze a situation and come up with a series of plans with a plan built along a chain of occurences and predictions that will lead him to victory and put him in prime position for his next course of action.  Kind of like…you know, what happened in this episode.

Jason: “One of the worst kept secrets is that Rolo is the pilot of the production Lancelot.”

Kaioshin: And one of your worst kept secrets is that you don’t know what the heck you’re talking about half the time Jason.  A little paying attention would have allowed you to note that the Vincent Rolo pilots is a prototype for the 8th generation Knightmare Frame of the same name based on the Lancelot, but not a production model Lancelot, which would be the Lancelot Club.

Jason Desperately Tries To Bash Sunrise With Episode 03 And Further Makes An Ass Of Himself In The Process:

Jason: “Code Geass is now officially Death Note with mecha and bunny girls.”

Kaioshin:  Oddly enough Jason is the fact that this is the episode where Karen gets her classic uniform back.  It’s time to put away those balls with words written on them thrown into a randomizer that you use to make your articles and to actually pay attention to the episode you are blogging.  Maybe then you can actually find something legitimate to bash and accept reality a little.

Jason: “I forgot to ask this eariler, but why is Lulu riding around on a white horse in the OP? He could have been riding around on a white unicorn, and it wouldn’t make less sense.”

Kaioshin:  Gee Jason, let’s see.  Could it be that the opening is meant to be symbolic like most Sunrise openings and that Lelouch riding the horse is likening him to a commander leading his army into battle as well as a nod to his hobby of…RIDING HORSES!  Good lord man you don’t pick up on anything do you.  My 8 year old cousin is quicker on the take for crying out loud.

Jason: “I was thinking about it a bit more, and if Lulu really did (give) Nunnally a locket for her birthday and now Rolo has it, does it mean that Rolo is really Nunnally?”

Kaioshin:  Welcome to speculation from like 3 weeks ago that has since been disproven by a claim from the director himself.

Jason: “Anyone else thinking Gundam 00 when Lancelot made its R2 debut?”

Kaioshin:  No, just you Jason….

Jason: “Still, it seems like the entire student body of Ashford was wiped and reprogrammed to slide Rolo into Nunnally’s spot.”


Jason: ” If the emperor got his geass from someone other than C.C., why does he need to bother with C.C.?”

Kaioshin:  Because she’s the biggest threat he currently faces right now Jason.  Durrr!

A Jason Miao trainwreck folks!  Let’s give him a round of applause.  Though honestly if I were to judge a contest between Sunrise’s Geass scripts versus Jason’s take on them I think we have a clear 3 to -3 win for Sunrise in terms of coherency and making sense.  Now on to the actual episode.


Possibly As Another Way Of Infuriating People, Sunrise Can Get Like 8 Highly Detailed Case Files Of Murder Suspects Right And In Flawless English, But We Still Get The “Momeland” In A Quicky One Sentence Bit Of English Text.

So Many Soldiers, And Not One Of Them Can Do A Thing.  He Really Is The Ultimate Assassination Tool

It Looks Like Rolo Underwent A Little Mild Conditioning Himself.  Possibly So He Could Better Assume The Role Of Lelouch’s Brother.  I Wonder If One Of Those Bits Of Conditioning Has To Do With The Pendant

What We Didn’t See Last Time

The episode starts in a flashback with Rolo approaching some politician types.  One of them seems surprised to see a child standing in front of him, but before he can approach him Rolo uses his Geass power and caps them with one of the bodyguards guns.  Rolo begins a monologue where he states that he doesn’t know how many people he’s killed and coldy likens such a notion to one not caring how many times they’ve brushed their teeth in the morning.  He relates that someone told him that his Geass is perfect from assassination and thus that’s what he’s done all his life.  We also see a brief flashback of him getting his orders to assume the identity of Lelouch’s brother.  Those orders he tells Lelouch are that if he assumes the role of Zero again and recovers his identity….to kill him.  Lelouch starts counting numbers now and when Rolo asks him what he’s doing Lelouch says he started counting once Rolo showed up and set up a camera to record him.  He realizes that since the cameras clock and his counting are off, that Rolo did not stop time, but merely his own sense of time.  (This harkens back to when I described the scene in room with flowing water)

A Face Only Slightly More Trustworthy Then Snidely Whiplash’s

Rolo says that even if he realizes that, that it still won’t save him, but Lelouch offers that if he kills Lelouch that he won’t get either of the two things he desires.  Lelouch says that he can offer him C.C, which is one of them and that Rolo needn’t concern himself with why he would sell her out, she isn’t worth that much to him.  When Rolo asks what the other thing is, Lelouch replies that it’s Rolo’s life.  Rolo smirks at this, saying what life, but Lelouch says that even if he succeeds in his mission, nothing will change regardless of what he does.  Lelouch says he’ll bring him C.C tomorrow and that he won’t lie to Rolo. (HA! As If!  Rolo bought it too so he must be desperate.  At best C.C might actually show up as part of a Lelouch scheme, but he just passed up what may have been his only chance to off Lelouch and succeed completely in his mission)

I Wonder How Many People Are Imagining Yuri Undertones Where There Aren’t Any Right Now

C.C Loses A Point To Karen.  I Think We’re About To See Some Bonding Scenes Between The Two Before Long

Back at the embassy Karen and C.C are preparing for battle with C.C making fun of Karen again for coming to the meeting stark naked (C.C can’t seem to put her gun together and looks really defeated over that.  Karen finally wins one over her at last).  Li walks in and when Karen talks about Gaohai’s decision to approve the United States of Japan, he states that Gaohai is set to die and asks if the Black Knights will choose the path of destruction.  Karen says thats to sudden and C.C says it’s alright and that they can just make it look like he died in a fight with them.  She also adds that Zero seems to have pulled an unexpected trigger here.  (Note that I have absolutely no idea what they are talking about right now and am a little confused as Li seemed to have turned on them last episode.  Which parts the act and what’s the game plan?) 

Ladies And Gentleman, Your Other Odd Couple.  Rivalz Is Obviously The Slob As He likes Reading Manga With Pizza Hut Advertisements On The Back, And Lelouch Your Uptight Perfectionist Who Likes Him His Divine Comedy

Or Does He.  I Also Want To Note the Absurd Amount Of Detail That Went Into This One Short Look At Lelouch’s Book.  I Mean Seriously Look At It.  Not Only Is It A Full Dossier With Rolo’s Data, But It Actually Contains Real Information That Is Actually Related To The Topic Unlike Most Of These Types Of Things That Contain Utter Gibberish.  I’ve Been Impressed With Sunrise’s Attention To Detail As Of Late When They’ve Historically Had Some Of The Worst Engrish In The Business.  Kyoto Animation Definitely Has A Rival In This Regard, Or Perhaps They’ve Even Been Surpassed As This Series Was Made From Scratch Whereas Kyoani Always Has Something To Reference.  The Animators And Writers Actually Had To Go Out Of Their Way To Come Up With All This From Scratch

Jesus Christ Sunrise!  Taniguchi’s Reputation For Anal Retentativeness Really Is True

Riding on the train with Rivalz, Lelouch thinks about how he has bought himself some more time with Lelouch and hopes he overlooks his resurrection for the time being as long as he can get at C.C.  (I’m guessing C.C comes first before Lelouch’s death and that Rolo felt it was worth the risk to let him go.  Of course it wasn’t, but that’s our opinion and not Rolo’s)  He wonders at his motivation though as he goes to recover Rivalz’ bike and feel that he’s still a dangerous card to play with if he has nothing to lose as it seems.  Lelouch is having a slight panic attack now wondering what he’s going to do now.  He can’t rescue Toudou with Rolo on his tail and killing him would tip off the intelligence agency that he has retrieved his memories and that could put Nunally in danger.  Thus until he rescues Nunally he’ll have to play the good student.  What to do?  Go after Guilford maybe?

Obviously This Guy Has Never Played An Online Team Deathmatch Before

Guilford And The Handsome Men Assemble.  In Another Lifetime These Guy’s Could Have Made A Good Gundam Team

Guilford’s Endless Dedication To Cornelia Even When She’s MIA And His Wish To Avenge Her Failure To Capture Zero Really Get’s Me.  +100 Gar Points For Guilford

In the school basement there’s a bit of an uproar between the different watchmen, saying they are fed up with Rolo killing their men and that the last one was the fifth one so far.  Viletta tries to defend him buy saying that one of them was a legitimate problem and Rolo overhears all this and feels that teamwork comes secondary to the completion of the mission.  (Rolo is our Veda era Tieria Erde if you need a comparison)  Meanwhile the execution is on schedule and Guilford who is being briefed on the explosion at the embassy feels that Zero has refused his challenge and states that it’s a shame the execution is just for show and now appears like an inelegant move on his part.  (Man he really is a Treize isn’t he?)  However he says to his men that that is okay as a Zero who doesn’t make miracles will not capture the interest of the public.  He says he hopes Zero does make a last minute appearance for the sake of Cornelia, who’s whereabouts are unknown to him.

I’m Sorry, Did You Just Say You’d Swear Allegiance To Zero Over A Loli?!

My Main Man Li Is Having None Of That And Neither Am I.  Good Riddance To The Traitor And Let This Be A Warning To Those Who Would Question The Surpremacy Of Lolis Everywhere

Cue Situation Appropriate 80’s Song

Yeah And It’s Your Fault Too

Wow, Darlton Jr. Looks Nothing Like His Father

Maybe, Or Maybe I Won’t Or Maybe I Will Or Maybe Both, Or Neither?  Seriously, Who’s Side Is Li On Anyway?

At the Embassy Li has finally decided to question Gaohai on his recognizance of the United States of Japan and when it becomes clear that he has taken Zero as his new leader over the Empress he offs him Belmont style while quoting a line from Romance Of The Three Kingdoms.  Meanwhile Lelouch is looking through Rolo’s history for something, anything that will allow him to evade him and rescue his allies.  The deadline is approaching though as the live broadcast has begun and people watch in anticipation to see if Zero will arrive to save them.  Viletta tells everyone to prepare for the chance that C.C may appear, and looking at Ougi on the TV screen, she seems to regret what has come to pass.  Darlton’s son is also around in Knightmare Frame, hoping for Zero to appear so he can avenge his father….when he does.  Disguised as a Britannian MP, Lelouch tells Darlton Jr. that he needs to relay orders to him face to face.  Rolo also assumes the identity of a security officer and back at the embassy Karen and C.C are preparing to do their part and Li seems to be playing both sides of the conflict again as he says that Karen is free to move once Zero appears.

Man I Love The Capes On The Back Of The Officer Knightmare Frames.  It’s Like The Command Horn On Zeon MS, Only Ten Times Cooler.  In Fact They Kind Of Remind Me Of Guymelef’s.  You’ll Also Note That The Spears Look Nothing Like The Mass Produced GN-X’s Spears In Gundam 00 As Well

Anytime Now Zero

Actually He’s Sort Of In Front Of You Technically Speaking

Meanwhile, Rolo has hopped back into the Vincent, assuming Kimmel’s identity in the process and is using a voice modulator to impersonate him.  He swears that he will kill Lelouch next time if he doesn’t uphold his end of the bargain.  An announcement states that the executions are about to commence and the citizenry watching prays for Zero to appear, but Guilford tells them that Zero did not appear and has fled before the duel he requested.  He orders his men to ready the guns on their KF’s and Karen wants to move out but adheres to C.C ‘s advice that she’d be committing suicide.  As Ougi thinks about how they’ve had a good run, Zero appears outside the barrier along with the Japanese citizens.  (I love the music cue here by the way, it’s a nice touch that says that the hero has arrived)  He warns Guilford that he is not about to execute terrorists, but soldiers of the United States of Japan’s army.  Guilford asks Zero if he expects him to treat them as prisoners of war, and everything appears set in place for a standoff.

Oh Man, Please Let Her Do That Weird Animation Cycle With Her Head Again Like In R1

How Is It That Guilford Is Not Gar Again?

Okay, I Think I Understand What’s Going On With Li Now.  More On This Later

As Zero heads through the crowd everyone marvels at the spectacle (exactly what he wants and Guilford doesn’t) and Diethard has Sayoko prepare for what may be the eventual arrival of their leader and the ressurection of “Last years plans”.  Meanwhile Viletta is getting a false report that Rolo and Lelouch are at a funhouse somewhere.  Lelouch and Guilford prepare for their duel and both accept the terms that only one weapon is allowed.  Guilford ejects everything but his Spear and Lelouch requests a shield from a nearby Knight Police KF.  Rolo and Toudou feel he’s committing suicide, but of course it’s Lelouch so he has a plan.  Li is also watching and says he is indebted to Zero for helping him get rid of Gaohai, but that his pledge of alliance to him hinges on how well he proves himself in this battle.  If he should fall then the Black Knights will become nothing more than political tools to him.

If This Isn’t Gar Then Just What Exactly Is?

Now A Lot Of People Have Bitched At Sunrise’s Writing Staff For Apparently Being Uncreative In Having Lelouch Use A Plan With The Key Hitch Being Something That He’s Used Before, But I Say He’s Being Practical.  If The Plan Worked So Well The First Time And He Feels It Can Be Effective The Second Time, Why Not Modify It Slightly And Use It Again?  Like Nitpicking Much?

I’m Not Sure I Would Chose Somebody As Hotblooded As Karen To Lead A Rescue Mission, But I Guess This Is How You Build Trust Again

Code Geass A Show That Can Go From Exchanging Philosophical Ideas On The Duel To A Demolition Derby Style Smash Fest In Just Over A Minute

SURFS UP DUDE!  Wait, This Reminds Me Of Something Else Taniguchi Was Involved In

The Jenice Polar Bear Type From Gundam X Even Shares A Similar Design To Lelouch’s Knightmare Frame.  What A Weird Way To Have An Homage If That’s What Was Intended

DESTROYED!  Yeah I’ve Been Playing Some Guilty Gear X2 Lately….

Lelouch asks Guilford what he would do if he confronted an evil that justice couldn’t bring down.  Would he use evil to confront that evil or carry out his own justice and succumb to that evil?  C.C notes that either way evil would win, but Guilford makes up his mind and with a battle cry that Justice is with his princess he charges.  Lelouch says that he’s made up his mind too and will become the evil that will destroy a greater evil.  His plan kicks in now (as if this were a keyword) and people in the control room for the earthquake defence mechanism start shifting the terrain like in the 23rd episode of R1.  He has Karen take command of the rescue operation and as Guilford tries to hold on to the tipping terrain he skateboards down the incline on the shield and off into the distance.  One of the soldiers calls him on his cheating and promptly get’s squashed by a falling command vehicle as Li marvels at what Zero has just accomplished.  Viletta almost seems slightly relieved that Ougi got out of the situation judging by her body language, but quickly orders that C.C is their primary objective.

Mmmm, Is It Just Me Or Has The Combat Not Gotten Any Less Brutal Despite The Switch To The 17:00 Timeslot.  Among Other Things Of Course

I Like How Code Geass Has Done The Daedalus Attack Effect Before Macross Frontier

Luckily Unlike Most Mecha Characters, Lelouch Knows When To Run When Things Get Dicey

If You Think Lelouch Has Gotten Sentimental Then Don’t.  This Is Definitely Part Of His Plan

Meanwhile Karen scores a kill and the Britannian’s fume at not being able to do anything because they are on Chinese territory.  (I also like how they are throwing out names of soldiers that died like we are supposed to know or care who they are)  Things get bad when Rolo shows up and he starts chasing Lelouch around the area in his Vincent though and Rolo is quite ticked that he was lied to.  To bad for him that a shell he just detected is headed his way, and unlike a living being with a mind, he can do nothing to stop it.  Lelouch makes a quick play though and saves his “Brother” by deflecting the shell at the cost of his KF’s other arm.

Sunrise For The Love Of God Don’t Give CLAMP Even This Much Leeway.  I Mean Does Lelouch Not Look Like Fay From Tsubasa Chronicles Here.  And The Pink.  *Vomits*  CLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMP!!!!!!

Okay You Know, Really.  When You’ve Got Some Yaoi Overtones Going, Why Would You Have Phallic Imagery In There As Well

Hmmmm….Gundam 00 Reference?

What The Fuck Is Wrong With That Guy

Lelouch Is Entering Supervillain Territory Here

Lelouch starts to play up a sentimental story about how he saved Rolo because he cares about him even if his memories are false and Rolo seems to buy into it again.  He also returns the favour slightly later and saves Lelouch when Guilford hurls his spear at him.  Viletta then contacts Rolo to find out what’s going on and Lelouch covers for him a little as well.  (For once I actually agree with the majority that this scene has some massive Yaoi undertones)  Li calls for an end to the hostilities now too lest the Chinese Federation get involve and the Order members are set free now as well.  They want to know what exactly happened with the Vincent and Karen says she thought he was an enemy.  Rolo breaks down over the fact that C.C is right in front of him and Lelouch says he has a new place by his side.  We also find out as I suspected that that Darlton Jr. who fired the shot at Rolo was geassed by Lelouch in order to set up this whole chain of events for him.  (Of course Lelouch also had ordered Darlton Jr. to destroy the Vincent had he escaped, so we see his duplicity)  The last scene of the episode shows Suzaku standing before Ashford Academy in his old school uniform.


As always a lot went on in this latest episode of Code Geass.  In the span of one episode Lelouch manages to turn the tables from almost being killed by Rolo to apparently securing an ally.  At first I felt it was a little too convenient that Rolo fell into his trap and was so naive, but the last scene with Darlton Jr. confirmed that Lelouch himself didn’t know if he was going to get out of this and had a plan B to have the Vincent destroyed if he failed to recruit Rolo.  Really Rolo has no place else to go anyway and he’s reminds me a lot of Heero Yuy in that he lives only for the mission.  Given another option at the end though Lelouch must seem like as good a bet as any to him and he seems like he has decided to throw his lot in with Lelouch.  The seeming gesture of Lelouch seemed to have stirred something in him and I guess he’s decided for at least the time being to receive mission from Lelouch.  Lelouch was also right in deducing that Rolo holds no special ties to Britannia and thus had nothing to lose and used this to his advantage in “turning him” as he puts it.  Though I’d be a bit wary of him as his desire to get at C.C still seems to be there and I wouldn’t be surprised if he tries to get at her next episode to complete his mission.  Maybe it would be wise for Lelouch to get Rolo out their doing some killing a little to ease him into the role of one of his lieutenants and not breaking the consistency of the only thing that Rolo has ever known doing in life.

Also, I’m honestly beyond amazed that nobody I’ve seen blog or discuss this series has gotten Guilford’s character.  Not one single person out of about 15.  Though I guess when the majority of series out their lack characters with any sort of depth, that people just aren’t used to looking at things from their perspective.  So… Guilford a pussy lacking in that which makes one a man.  This blogger says hell no.  Why?  Well rather than just focusing for example on hating Suzaku or whether Rolo is a possible Homer Sexual or not, I actually have been paying attention to Guilford’s behaviour since his introduction in R1 and have gotten to know what make the man tick.  You see, Guilford is a knight through and through, and follows an Arthurian Code of Chivalry in how he conducts himself.  This means boundless loyalty to ones lord, which in his case is Cornelia whom he pays tribute to in the form of a commerative plate (since she is not present at the time) as well as an obligation to recognize Zero as a worthy adversary and to try and engage him in a fair duel.  Of course Lelouch doesn’t play by those rules and since most viewers tend to view the series from a Lelouch-centric method of perceiving the Code Geass universe, Guilford’s actions come across as foolish when we look at Lelouch’s speech on Justice vs. Evil. Looking at it from his perspective though, Guilford’s actions come across as noble compared to Carares more brutal and unsavory tactics and even Zero’s, and that’s something I can relate too and respect in Guilford’s character, that he stays true to his belief in justice and carries it through even though it leads him to failure in the end.  So to me Guilford is among the most manly characters to have appeared in this show.  So seriously, a big fat F to those who didn’t take note of Guilford’s Chivalrous conduct, and for those who did, give yourselves a pat on the back for actually bothering to think when watching the episode.

As I promised, here’s where I feel Li’s loyalty lies.  More or less Li seems to have suspected Gaohai’s disloyalty towards Empress Tenshi for a while, and Lelouch at some point must have promised him that he would help disclose his treachery if he would lend the Chinese Federations help to the Order of The Black Knights.  When Gaohai declared his loyalty to Zero over Tenshi, Li had his reason to kill him as a traitor and thus Lelouch fulfilled his end of the bargain.  Now this leaves a bit of a dillema as to whether Zero could be considered an ally if Gaohai seemed to have switched sides to ally with him, so Lelouch must have at some point pledged his loyalty to Tenshi in some sort of blood oath that would exempt him, while implicating Gaohai as eager to betray himself to Zero, while as far as Li knew, Zero never desired such loyalty.  Complicated I know, but I think that’s how it worked out as that’s the only thing that would explain Li’s rage at Gaohai over stating that all he believes in is Zero, but appearing to ally with Zero, which would be hypocritical.  You kind of have to look at it as a matter of loyalty versus alliance a little bit.

This episode also featured the rescue of the remaining Order of The Black Knight’s members, and probably marks the end of Guilford’s stint as acting governor.  With this massive failure he’s probably about to be replaced by Schneizel or somebody, which could explain Suzaku’s sudden appearance at the academy at the end of the episode.  So now that the Order of The Black Knight’s is formally back together it looks like they might be heading for China soon… least that’s what I would think, but the preview seems to hint at another school festival episode with the Knights of The Rounds getting in on it. (Which further leads me to  believe that Schneizel has been given the governorship as they seem to have been attached to his unit judging by the previous episode) I can’t say I am looking forward to such a thing though as the previous school festival episode in R1 was the second worst episode of the series to me after the one with the cat helmet chase.  We’ll see what happens….

Rating: Eight And A Half Out Of Ten


29 Responses to “Code Geass R2 Turn 04 (The Gallows Of Counterattack Or Jason And The Geassanauts)”

  1. 1 Myssa Rei April 28, 2008 at 10:11 am

    Very apt description and critical study of the series so far, and it is a far cry from how the other bloggers perceive Geass. But do remember that it’s a sign of how their viewing preference differs wildly from yours; overanalysis of themes prevalent in a series is all fine and well, but I’m sure a large chunk of watchers patronize Geass (and any other show) for its entertainment value. And frankly, it IS entertaining, without having to delve into reference and the heavy socio-political motifs it uses in its backdrop.

    Also, some of us folks (myself included) have ‘aged’ to the point where rambling discussions on themes, quite frankly, tire us. So we try to get as much enjoyment from a series, despite not using much of our high-brain functions as we had when we were ‘younger’ and more ‘devoted’ to a studio/fandom. So while I might delve into the Arthurian themes and old Chivalric traditions that Geass pays tribute to, I don’t, despite being a Lit buff and it playing part in my college major, because it’s not worth it, because it takes too much time from what a viewer SHOULD be doing; watching the show.

    And honestly, why even bother with Jason’s opinions, as he (and every other blogger for that matter), as much as you, views seasonal series through the colored lens of personal bias; if you’ve seen the top-12 of his seasonal Thin Slicing, you’ll see just where those biases lean. He’s the anime blogging community’s sarcastic ero-jiji, after all.

  2. 2 Myssa Rei April 28, 2008 at 10:47 am

    Also, I’d like to think at this point that Jason has fully and subconsciously embraced said community archetype (grumpy, extremely biased). Aside from his, well, ‘asides’ with regards to nice non-manstream series that somehow managed to disappear off the radar of viewers (Seirei no Moribito, Jyuu-oh-Sei to name some), I’ve come to expect very little sense to his entries, aside from that itty bitty kernel of truth he builds his out-there arguments on.

    But gosh, that doesn’t make regular visits less entertaining. The blogger’s fanboying aside, AoMM/DbD is still a fun read, though if you’d want thoughtful posts it’s not the place to go — those would be Hop Step Jump (Jeff Lawson), and the Hontouni brothers (Souomou and Taihendesu by Zyl and Stripey, respectively), who also view the world through their own colored filters, but they’re decidedly low-key that people miss them.

  3. 3 Anonymous April 28, 2008 at 11:37 am

    I think the rage and effort in bashing Jason (who I doubt cares about what he does anymore) could be better put into posts alike to The Animanachronism. Even if I don’t really agree with him sometimes, at least I learn a bit of vague pop culture, history, and even a piece of literature I might want to pick up out of curiosity.

    Honestly though, why you go this low to bash someone else? Yes some of the stuff he writes has 15″ holes (considering this is a Code Geass thread, I might throw something British in) blown into it, but I’m sure he’s enjoying seeing you like this if anything.

  4. 4 Myssa Rei April 28, 2008 at 12:03 pm

    Aye, the post on its own is enjoyable, and gives good insight into the things people might miss at first glance when watching Geass (or anything Sunrise), but honestly, it’s like sir Kaioh is using Jason as a mirror to justify his existence (oh darn, when was the last time that philosophical argument came out) as a blogger. That’s like me, slim and petite, picking on my slightly overweight friend so I could feel better about being slim and petite. It detracts much from the enjoyment I get in reading an otherwise well thought-of and analytical post (which we don’t get much nowadays in episodic blogging, as it is the mostly the modus operandi of ‘editorial’ bloggers like Owen Saturnine and Jeff Lawson).

  5. 5 Owen S April 28, 2008 at 1:10 pm

    Excellent dissection of Jason’s points. Although I’d recommend that you cut out the summaries the next time you make a post like this, since it really adds to the clutter and I don’t care to read what I already know.

  6. 6 Unentschieden April 28, 2008 at 2:15 pm

    Jason actually loves Sunrise, otherwise he wouldn´t blog about them so much. His posts are Trainwrecks ON PURPOSE.
    Honestly, bashing never adds value justified or not. Do you post comments on his blog containing constructive criticism?

    On topic: Decent episode but it is a bit convenient that “Zero” got a walkthrough how to control Lollo. Also he is portraied as mediocre pilot and selfish but hatches a plan that involes him taking a bullet for Lollo? A bit OOC, even though the plan itself was brilliant. I just don´t see him as someone who would put himself at risk. (Pretending that he is like that though is very important)

  7. 7 Kaioshin Sama April 28, 2008 at 6:08 pm

    @ Owen S: Alright, I’ll be cutting these things out next time.

    @ Unentschieden and Anonymous: The only reason I go to the trouble though is because I honestly think he deserves it. He’s constantly picking at certain things so I feel what goes around comes around and that he is deserving at times of the same roasting he hands out. If you are going to be a hypocrit and accuse others of having poor writing when you yourself have some of the worst writing techniques around then it’s kind of like you are inviting a roast. And if he honestly does know what he’s doing then he shouldn’t care if he get’s slammed a little for it.

    @ Myssa Rei: No it doesn’t make it any less interesting, I’ve come to realize it. I really mean it though when I say I’m laughing at him and not with him though. It’s like when you read a really bad pun and chuckle a little despite yourself. You aren’t laughing at the joke itself, but how lame it is.

    Thank you for enjoying my analysis’ though, it really does mean a lot to me. If people are looking for that niche then I hope keep filling it and nothings going to change that. I deliberately try to look at the things that I feel people have missed in their articles. Don’t mistakenly think that I don’t just watch the series for raw entertainment value as well. I think that’s still at least 80% of what Code Geass is about and the other 20% is just something I take a little extra look at. Whoever says Sunrise or any other series (with the possible exception of a harem anime) can’t be given a little bit of a closer look just isn’t trying enough.

    @All: And don’t mistake me too much as a Sunrise Fanboy folks. While they are arguably my favourite studio and I tend to follow a lot of their shows (mostly because they make the type of shows I like), I do recognize that they of course are not perfect and by no means do I feel people aren’t free to make up their own minds about Code Geass for example. What I do mind is when people cop out on what might actually bring them a little bit of extra enjoyment with them, as well as unfair prejudice against an anime just because of a stupid meme or something.

    It just so happens that Sunrise (and Gonzo) frequently seems to be at the focal point of these types of phenomenon in extreme senseless bashing. I don’t know if it’s because people resent their popularity like with some Kyoto Animation bashers or what, but they draw a lot of flak I think is a little to focused. So in my attempts to find alternative analysis I frequently end up defending them more then I probably should be.

  8. 8 Nicole April 28, 2008 at 10:23 pm

    Thank you for being such an intelligent blogger. Your view on Guilford’s character is, in my opinion, flawless, and I completely agree with you.

  9. 9 Haesslich April 29, 2008 at 12:06 am

    You wanted profound from Derailed by Darry? Whoa, that was an unexpected direction to go. It’s like expecting an anti-siscon stereotype rant on Hontou ni Taihen Desu… 😉

    What did impress me about Sunrise’s GEASS team is that they’ve actually got someone who seems to have more than a passing familiarity with English instead of feeding the phrases into an online translator and copying the resulting text. The diary page and all of those files were very well done, from what I could read, and were not only grammatically correct but provided a lot of data if you took the moment to freeze and read them.

    As for what Kallen did there… that’s less Daedalus than “The Emperor’s Lightning Attack” since she didn’t punch a hole into the Frame, instead just choosing to fry it with waves of radiation. Still, I think I’m watching Geass (now) for the twisted logic that Lelouch operates on (and which he uses to justify his acts), more than the mecha fights or the ineptitude that Britannia displays in dealing with enemies.

    I think the only villain in this series who is incredibly shallow is probably Suzaku, really – everyone else has their motivations, and save the Emperor I don’t really see most of them as being completely unredeemable, one-note cardboard villains. Even Rollo’s mostly a lonely, easily-twisted boy whose warped upbringing left him vulnerable to a predator like Lelouch, who resents Rolo’s intrusion into his life and the usurpation of Nunally’s place there.

    Sunrise and Gonzo tend to be the subject of those rants, IMO, because they often have the big franchises… or really screw the pooch when it comes to executing plots at times. Rosario + Pantsu, while not exactly a very original manga, was completely screwed over in my books by whoever at Gonzo decided the fanservice-with-shounen-action manga needed… more fanservice. This season hasn’t exactly been the best for them either, although the Tower of Druaga’s probably the best show I’ve seen from them for the past two years. KyoAni gets praised mostly because they seem to know when to STOP doing something, although Kanon and Clannad… well, I can’t say they’re my favorites, but they don’t make me wince the way some Gundam series have in recent memory (SEED and SEED Destiny).

  10. 10 Kaioshin Sama April 29, 2008 at 2:13 am

    @Haesslich: Dear Ms. Lacus, I’m Going To Killed!

    And honestly, as long as somebody does something I find enjoyable, I don’t care if it’s from a long running franchise. If Gundam is still enjoyable after all these years it really says something about how much they are still able to pull out of it. There’s no write or wrong way to do Gundam, just a small template of ideas that have piled up or the years that a writer can pull from or modify.

    Kyoani seems like a bit of a poor contrast to me as I honestly see them as the flipside of the same coin that Sunrise is. They both have Kadokawa as one of their primary marketing contractors, they have each of their respective audiences all but sewn up and they know what anime fans seem to want in general. The only thing I think Kyoani doesn’t have that Sunrise does is an original TV series to call their own. Seriously though, I’m not lying when I say I see them as cousin studios. If Kadokawa, Bandai and Toei are like sworn brothers then their children in Sunrise and Kyoani are like cousins right?

    The only problem is that if you aren’t a Key/Romance/Moe fan then you are SoL with Kyoani for the most part and likewise if you are straight up Mecha/Sci-Fi hater then don’t expect Sunrise to be your friend. Both pretty much embody their respective genres/themes in their essence and made their bones off of them. If either has a weakness though it’s that they don’t really like to mess with the formula that works for them.

  11. 11 Haesslich April 29, 2008 at 11:53 pm

    Enjoyability varies: I enjoyed the first few eps of SEED, then the ‘landing on Earth’ arc got kinda boring, then we had the insurgent group which was fun, then it goes boring again, and THEN we had two clip shows in a row… and then things picked up for the last third, when we see them going back to space, even if Kira becomes Jesus Yamato. Gundam 00, in my books, had a pretty good start… then rolled downhill for me faster than SEED Destiny did, which started in a pretty low note thanks to someone’s siscon (this means you, Shinn), and then what appeared to be a trainwreck of epic proportions with rumors of director/seiyuu conflict. And then the return of Jesus Yamato.

    Yes, KyoAni are the Adaptation Kings – they usually get good material, then rework it, animate it well, and then release it with good production values and to a rabid fanbase. Sunrise, however, hasn’t exactly been a font of original ideas in recent years either, outside of Geass and a few other shows. Sunrise is also a bigger studio, with multiple teams unlike KyoAni; so you can get shows like Gundam 00 or the Gundam SEED Stargazer OVA’s, as well as Keroro Gunso along with one or two other productions whereas KyoAni focuses on one project at a time. I -think- their most original work would’ve been the Haruhi series, but that’s because it started out as light novels, like a certain J.C. Staff show… and it was more weird than moe, but had decent character interactions and what is now an iconic example of meme-generation and Internet fanboyism. Successes like this tend to overshadow other studios who have put out more work, and thus have more to criticize based on a greater range of products to like or hate.

    Remember, Sunrise DID put out Cowboy Bebop… and Keroro Gunso, which despite its occasional ‘meh’ moments is still going strong over two hundred episodes later. Both Sunrise and KyoAni have more of a range than they’re commonly recognized for, but both studios depend on certain products (Gundam for Sunrise, Key and other adaptations for KyoAni), which helps crystallize their fanbases (as well as their detractors) into relatively homogeneous blocks.

  12. 12 Kaioshin Sama April 30, 2008 at 4:22 am

    @Haesslich: That’s a really great way of putting it all in perspective. I hope you don’t mind if I could possibly quote you on some of that at a later date if I myself am trying to make a point.

  13. 13 Son Gohan April 30, 2008 at 8:00 am

    I think Jason enjoys bashing Sunrise shows for the lulz but he actually loves them, as proved by his recent “thin slicing” post, where he put Code Geass at #1.
    Don’t take him too seriously. I read his comments to have a good laugh, even though sometimes he makes too many references to American sports, of which I know jack.

  14. 14 Haesslich April 30, 2008 at 11:04 pm

    Kaoshin: Go ahead.

    Son Gohan: As for Jason bashing shows – it’s the image he presents. If you look at his pasts posts, he’s covered a LOT of Sunrise shows, and has drawn comparisons to past Sunrise works as far as setting benchmarks for quality goes. Sorta like Stripey’s siscon… except as far as we know, that’s real whereas Jason’s posts are (mostly) a pose. Again, as far as we know.

    You have to remember – big companies adn people have big targets drawn on them because they ARE big… and often, they have had more opportunities to put out mediocre products too. There’s a reason Microsoft gets bashed regularly – they’ve put out a wide range of products (or bought out a bunch of companies’ technologies, then reissued them with Microsoft branding)… which means there’s a lot there to bash, and unfortunately there are good reasons to bash some of those products.

    Sunrise has a lot of anime out there, and has worked on some of the biggest titles in the past ten years. This does make them a target; especially if you’re known as the company which churns out shows like Gundam SEED Destiny or the last few episodes of Code Geass.

  15. 15 Kaioshin Sama May 1, 2008 at 12:57 am

    @Haesslich: Or you know the company that cannot catch a break no matter what they do. People aren’t even fair where they are concerned, that’s my only real issue. It’s like everybody has already made up there mind or just bitch about things that don’t even matter when your dealing with an anime made by anyone else. It’s like fanservice is all good and fine when it’s any other company, but if Sunrise does it people start acting like rabid dogs ready to tear their throats out. Or they play a little fast and loose with convention and people do the same. To me it doesn’t matter how big you are (although I did entertain the thought that that had something to do with it), but what you do, and to me Sunrise hits far more then they miss, but you wouldn’t know it talking to some other people.

    I honestly wasn’t even aware there was a huge problem with the last few episodes of Code Geass though that could warrant a comparsion to Gundam Seed Destiny. If these past few episodes which I have felt are among the best anime they’ve given us recently aren’t good enough for people then nothing they do quite frankly can ever win. Maybe it’s time they even start a few trust studios to get around people’s inability to give them a fair chance then.

  16. 16 Major1138 May 1, 2008 at 4:16 am

    A few thoughts about the episode, and Code Geass in general…

    I definitely think Guilford is one of my favorite characters in the series. He’s a talented pilot, fiercely loyal, and isn’t really a douche like some of the other Britannian soliders/politicians we see (the now-deceased governor comes to mind). Simply put, he’s basically the Britannian version of Toudou.

    I’m not so sure that Li and Lelouch had any prior arrangement ahead of time. Sometimes the simplest explanation is best, and what I think happened is that Li wanted to get rid of Gaohai anyways, and the arrival of the Black Knights provided him with a convenient cover story – the Black Knights did it. As for why he continues to tolerate their presence, I think it’s because he can use them just as much as they can use him. The Black Knights can take refuge in the embassy, and Li & his cohorts can carry out their plans (which presumably are to return power to the Empress) and use the Black Knights as cover. In fact, Li himself says that while they owe Zero for (inadvertently) providing them with cover to kill Gaohai, it’s not a permanent alliance or anything (heck, he basically says he’s going to kill Gaohai at the beginning, and the Black Knights can either go along with it, or they’re in deep crap). I suspect as the series progresses, the relationship between Li and Lelouch will be an alliance of convenience more than anything else.

    Overall, Code Geass is a very entertaining series, and it’s one of my favorites, even if it uses some cheap tricks to build suspense. The most obvious one is the (unfortunate) timing of Lelouch’s Geass going permanent. That was pretty much an evil deus ex machina right there. What flowed out of that was quite good, but it’s hard to deny that it basically comes out of nowhere. The other thing I’m not terribly fond of is how it occasionally pulls out what I call a bullshit cliffhanger – Rolo revealing his Geass is one example. The whole cliffhanger situation (is he going to use on Li? what does it do? what does it mean for the Knights in the embassy?) is resolved by an out-of-left-field phone call. I will be the first to say it builds suspense, but it’s a cheap way to do it.

  17. 17 sadakups May 1, 2008 at 11:44 pm

    This Jason dude reminds me of this wannabe-troll over at AnimeSuki’s Gundam 00 section (Wesley84). He was so mad at Celestial Being’s existence that he wanted them out of the story of Gundam 00. Imagine that! And in Code Geass, he blames Lelouch for making the situation worse with his Rebellion. What the hell?!

    And this guy isn’t a KyoAni fantard. He’s just a ‘tard, that’s all.

  18. 18 Haesslich May 1, 2008 at 11:52 pm

    Sunrise is targeted for the same reason Microsoft gets targeted – they’re big, and they’re an easy target. Plus they HAVE put out some damned awful (in my books) Gundam series, which is their centerpiece franchise. Enough so that Keroro’s obsession with Gundam in the manga probably led to Sunrise approaching Mine Yoshizaki to produce the show… and to get real Gundam designers to work on Powered Natsumi’s equipment by providing designs which pay homage to, as well as parody, real Gundam add-ons. It’s the same reason everyone goes after Microsoft when they put out a product in a field which already has similar products… although, unlike Sunrise, Microsoft HAS used hardball tactics to nail competitors.

    Code Geass’ last few episodes felt kinda slapdash and improvised, much as most of the last two thirds of SEED Destiny did – as if they’d just run out of material and realized they had to do something to create a cliffhanger. At least they didnt’ bring out Jesus Yamato, the way Fukuda did… but still. I personally have enjoyed the first few episodes of GEASS 2 more than I did the last few of the first season, just because the story feels tighter somehow.

    Major: That’s pretty much my read on Li’s alliance with Zero – they can use one another… and you have to remember that Britannia is a threat to all of the other major powers. They’re already going after the EU, which means that China and whatever empires rule Australia and Africa are the only independents left who are not in a declared war with Britannia. The insurgency in Area Eleven can only benefit the Chinese cause, since that (in theory) means that a major base from which the Britannian Empire can launch attacks on the mainland is going to be seriously destabilized should it go into open rebellion again. This protects the Empress’ power, especially should Britannia defeat Europe and look at conquering the rest of Asia after that.

  19. 19 Kaioshin Sama May 2, 2008 at 4:01 am

    @Sadakups: Hahahaha Wesley, yeah I have him on my ignore list and will continue to until he has something of note to offer up on the series. He does tend to remind me of Jason in his tendency to fire off lots of one liners, but at least there buried. Jason must say some of his stuff in his sleep it’s so predictable.

    And Jason honestly isn’t a Kyoani fanboy, I can tell that right away. That part is definitely a show he puts on for people who are used to seeing people praising the company nonstop, it keeps people happy. If he weren’t to do that to make up for some of the other garbage “then those are his readers” would take a nosedive. One thing he does do extremely well is play to the audience he knows he wants to attract. Of course in doing so he basically sacrifices all integrity in the process as far as I’m concerned.

    @Haesslich: Well if there was no Sunrise then there’d be no Gundam and then if there was no Gundam then it wouldn’t have been a hallmark of an episode of Lucky Star and thus it wouldn’t have been the utterly flawless masterpiece it apparently was. Or would it?

    All jokes aside, how do we know that the Chinese Federation and EU aren’t similarly oppresive compared to Britannia? I have this strange feeling that once the series leaves Japan the rest of the world is going to turn out to be more Orwellian then we were led to believe. I think Tenshi (Tian Zi) will be a ready ally though, if for no other reason then she’s a loli and they tend to not be evil in mecha series. (R.I.F.F.A from Xenoglossia being the only exception to the loli is always good or eventually good rule that I’ve seen)

  20. 20 Haesslich May 3, 2008 at 2:18 am

    Kaoishin: We don’t know that they’re not as oppressive as Britannia… but to the Black Knights, it really doesn’t matter – the enemy of my enemy is my friend seems to be the rule of the day, even if “the enemy of my enemy is my enemy’s enemy: no more, and no less” is probably more accurate. Even if they’re treating their people as badly as Britannia does its various Areas, it’s not the job of Lelouch or Zero to free others from the oppression of their own rulers; their purpose is to destabilize Britannia and kick them out of Japan, with Zero wanting to destroy the Emperor for what he was done to Lelouch’s mother and sister.

    The reason Li would cooperate with Zero is because moving Britannian forces further away from the Chinese Federation means that they’re not as likely to suffer attacks as they currently are, since an empire built on conquest as Britannia is must continue to conquer or it will die due to internal divisions erupting into violence if it cannot be directed outwards towards pacifying new lands. Whether this means that Tian Zi is a staunch ally or not is another story – not that it matters right now.

    Lucky Star would’ve probably found other jokes. KERORO, on the other hand, would’ve been kinda stuck without his Gundam fix. Alien frogs invading Earth is funny: having one of them being obsessed with Gunpla makes it funnier.

  21. 21 Haesslich May 4, 2008 at 8:22 pm

    SPAM-related trackback on the Geass posts!

  22. 22 Kaioshin Sama May 5, 2008 at 12:45 am

    Not anymore there’s not…..

  23. 23 Haesslich May 5, 2008 at 2:19 am

    Ep 5 is more ‘WTF’ material. Mind you, it’s entertaining as all hell even if the school comedy bits feel… well, are they doing FMP or political games? Both?

  24. 24 Major1138 May 5, 2008 at 4:13 am

    We have no idea if the Chinese Federation or the EU are as bad as the Britannia to the “common man” – although even in Britannia, it seems like it’s the “numbers” of the conquered territories who get screwed over. We know that there is at least some turmoil in the Chinese Federation – Li is planning something after all. And the Britannian emperor did mention way back in season 1 that the philosophy that all people are equal, is what makes the EU weak. Of course, we have no idea if he’s telling the truth or not.

  25. 25 CCCP May 7, 2008 at 12:03 am

    I really dont’ like Rolo, nad as for that “I’ll use you up and throw you aaway like a ragged cloth” quote or whatever it was, I do think Rolo totally deserves it from Lelouch’s point of veiw. Nunally was the thing he cared about most, and Rolo came in to try to take her place on behalf of the thing he hated most. It makes perfect sense that Lelouch would react this way without having turned hugely evil. I could see him reacting that way even from the beginning, actually.

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