Kamen no Maid Guy ~ Episode 4 ~ Pantsu Inspection

*Cough* Klashikari here… Much like for SNH, Deathkillz suddenly forc… i mean “asked nicely” to me to take care of this week’s episode of Kamen no Maid guy.
Ah well, whatever, as I will obviously cover another hillarous episode of Maid Guy!
This week, it will be about pantsu but… not really in the “flashing” way you might expect (unlike a certain pantsu to vampire heh…), the usual “A new Challenger appears !” KoGARashi is again, awesome!

While Naeka is “revising” her lessons… a mysterious loli with her servant is observing afar. Obviously, not really pleased by her “prey” breast size, she questions if she is worth the trouble, until some good “idea” pops in her mind…

By the way, nice ichigo pantsu, ‘jou-chan.

Naeka finally can take a break but very soon enough, Fubuki notices some disturbances in the area…
Burglars incoming!
Naeka is a bit worried, but obviously, Fubuki knows very well that our local GAR maid will do something about that.
As the thieves are… actually reaching panties (hoho…), many spears emerge from the ground, as if they are forming a deadly barrage in front of the lost souls… and soon, like a undead reaper, KoGARashi makes his entrance, molesting the poor victims.

Soon enough, the abducted panty thieves introduced themselves as if they were doing a noble cause, obviously calling down Naeka’s wrath upon them. As Kogarashi is about to call the police, the culprits ask for mercy, claiming such beautiful lady shouldn’t do that. Naeka is of course affected by this comment, but she is bluntly pushed off from her delusions as… they were actually talking about Fubuki-san (how understandble though!).
Naeka goes berserk with their rude comments and farts, but this was a mere distraction as, while two of them blocks Naeka and Kousuke, the third one releases himself from his bounds and jumps away from the “danger”, and with their prize.

As the thief is escaping, Kogarashi is summoned off to pursue the target.
Running, the panty stealer makes a break and has a look to his loot… but much to his horror, the reward is nothing more but “kendo girl’s panties”, obviously not the superb maid’s. Ranting about it, the loli oujou-sama appears and, with a ridiculous magical girl fashion, slaughter the poor man in the croch with her pink umbrella.

Our gar maid arrives but can only find a KOed burglar without any evidence of the panties.

As Fubuki puts on both Naeka and Kousuke a blanket, Kogarashi makes his report and it seems another culprit intercepted the fleeing stealer’s loot. Fubuki can’t forgive such actions and order Kogarashi to definitely catch that one. But before anything… KoGARashi uses this perfect timing to activates again his almighty Maid Guy’s X ray vision! And obviously, Fubuki-san gives her quite a nice fanservice without really controlling it XD
Obviously, Gar maid is instantly punished with a blunt needle hurled in his front.

In search for clues, KoGARashi bumps on the usual fish deliver, and quickly… brainwash him (well… excuse me, I mean hypnotize him XD) in order to check if he knows something.
The man describes that after he meets the fleeing panty thief, he saw a shadow and also a young girl with a short skirt, wearing strawberry panties.
Vague…? Not for KoGARashi ! As he is jumping and running on many house rootops, he makes another report to Fubuki.

At school, a transfer studen is introduced to Naeka’s class, 2-c. It is no one else but that loli oujou, whose’s name is Elisabeth K. Strawberryfield, “Liz” for short.
She is introduced as the cooki cutter genius foreign girl, moving in Japan as oversea studies. As she is about to take her seat, she begins to act like Naeka’s fangirl… until she begins to unleash some harsh comments, and optionnaly her shoe right on her face.
Ahh… “ass kicking” loli, I think Kaio will love her.

That aside, she obviously challenge Naeka for some serious Kendo duel. As she is leaving the classroom, she is enjoying her future victory in delight with her kunoichi maid, Shizuka. However… spiderm…huh no! Kogarashi is actually lurking around, as skillful as the infamous red and blue hero.

His objective…? Pretty much lurking in order to find that “panties thief wearing strawberry panties” !
But how, as he is in school, which prevent him to use his X ray vision well? Well… there isn’t nothing more effective than checking the panties of the possible culprits by yourself! KoGARashi is using his haxx skills and begins to snatch every girl’s pantsu without any of them realizing it! XD
The MAN is just performing a slaughter, while Fubuki asks him, astonishingly what he is doing. Obviously, he bluntly says that he is looking for that strawberry panty culprit. His obliviousness considering his actions makes him earn a nice explosion, after Fubuki hammers the DEATH red button.
Our Maid Guy is unfortunately not understood…

Naeka arrives in the kendo club room, but as she claimed before, Liz is already there, waiting for the duel. Obviously, Naeka is not really taking her seriously considering her frail and petite size. However, Liz’s “arguments” are nailing the points: she has some hot pictures of Naeka, and these obviously interest a LOT the male idiot kendo trio, along with that yuri stalker. Naeka has no choice but accept, but of course, not really ready to leave things “nicely” as they are.

Kogarashi is observing from the top of a tree, reporting what he sees to Fubuki. The later is about to get focus on Liz, but surprisingly, there is some jamming, proving that she might be the enemy.
Meanwhile, the Maid Guy is attacked without any warning by some thrown kunai, and as he is landing on the ground, a Kunoichi Maid appears, laughing. Nope, it doesn’t seem that she wants to have some tea with Kogarashi.

Back with the kendoka masters, they are about to begin the match, but Naeka bears a devilish expression, and as soon as Liz puts the helmet, she made a sour expression and falls flat on the ground due of the heavely stinky helmet, while Naeka deals a “men” strike… cheap shot anyone? XD

This time, it is Liz’s counterattack. She doesn’t keep her bargain clean and throws in the air some pictures of Naeka.
The result is obvious: mobs of perverts (and the yuri stalker) rush in the melee for these. Flustered, big breasted girl tries to stop them, and as result, the sly loli oujou deals a “dou” strike in a blink of an eye, surprising Naeka.

The little show went to far, and both girls are about to finish the match with the third round.

Meanwhile, there is a MAIDO battle outside! Shizuka uses the usual kunai throw, but it is a mere childplay for Kogarashi who just swipe them off, barehanded. As she notices the situation, the kunoichi maid decides to set the battle on the rootop, leaving some bombs on her trail. Well timed, Kogarashi arrives and lands on them right when they are about to explode.
The Maid Guy is left unscratched, but Shizuka is nowhere to be seen, and she is taunting him from a improvised hideout. Unfortunately for her, Kogarashi begins to go like a Terminator/Gundam and looks for her, while she is arrogantly talking down at him.

Soon enough, KoGARashi barges in the locked next to the water tank and finishes the little hide-and-seek. As she is completely taken offguard, the GAR maid is leisurely scanning her… and is even able to tell her her three size! XD
Humilated, the ninja maid tries to retaliate with a barrage of kunai, but it is futile as once again, KoGARashi catches them with ease.
She is completely disarmed, and it is… RAEP TIME! *cough* I mean, panties checking!
Again, the Maid Guy snatched her white panties without her even noticing. Obviously not the person he was looking for, Kogarashi leaves out, “giving her back” her belonging. Outraged, Shizuka swears for revenge, while Kogarashi detects disturbance around his master.

The final round is dead serious (but not overly realist, obviously because of these weird stances for kendo…) but Liz decides to use another bombshell move for Naeka: she has another pack of her stolen panties (How many of them these panties thief could have gathered back in the start!? O_o) and of course, throw all of them.

Naeka is in a very problematic pinch! However, her loyal servant, KoGARrashi arrives ! And now, he unleash the beast!
Much like any usual beastmaster, with his manly cries, Kogarashi calls forth the aid of the wild, and a horde of crows barge in the kendo club room. They snatch out the panties from everyone… included Liz and Naeka.
The poor molested loli cannot do anything but beg for help in engrish.
As Naeka doesn’t get why she is attacked as well, KoGARashi explains they just were ordered to get her belongings, so she is included. Hence he “just” asks her to be naked… obviously triggering her disapproval.

As Kogarashi makes his report, he is about… to “check” the suspious one, AKA a defenless Liz!
Fubuki can’t believe that and prevents him to do so, by slamming once again the poor death red button. XD

Ironically, she is way too late but… The panties are impossible to recognize!

Later, Kousuke is with some suspicious guy, while Liz and Shizuka are scheming her next move againt Naeka and Kogarashi.

At home, Kogarashi notice there are some missing panties and both women are wondering if there was another theft. Afterwards, Kousuke is back at home with… 2 fat bags…
As he is quite tired, he mentions the price of… 70.000 yens. With such huge price, the three others are surprised by this, and Kogarashi quickly uses his X ray vision to realize that… Kousuke sold his sister’s panties to buy 70.000 yens worthy of Eroge !

Onee-chan is obviously claiming his blood XD

wait a minute… 70.000 yens is roughly equal to… $670 !? How many panties Kousuke actually sold? Rather… how many panties you can BUY with such crazy amount of cash? XD


Thoughts: I swear, this episode nearly made me dying of stomachache with the serious laughter. Again, KoGARashi is awesome: he is definitely a PRODUCT of the MIT considering his hax skills.
It seems the series finally takes its comedic pace, as the successing episode is funnier than the previous ones etc.
Next week, it seems there will be another challenger for Kogarashi and it won’t turn quite easy it seels…

6 Responses to “Kamen no Maid Guy ~ Episode 4 ~ Pantsu Inspection”

  1. 1 Kaioshin Sama April 29, 2008 at 7:06 pm

    “Ahh… “ass kicking” loli, I think Kaio will love her.”


  2. 2 Shin May 3, 2008 at 2:09 pm

    Disappointed that the so-called uncensored version doesn’t really have “extra” content. Still, I’m enjoying every bit of this show though, if only for KoGARashi. The “uguu” faces of the female characters doesn’t really do it for me.

  3. 3 EvilDevil May 6, 2008 at 3:52 pm

    “How many panties Kousuke actually sold?”
    just one, those thieves said that her pair was worth 70.000 but Fubuki’s is a million yen!

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