Kure-Nai ~ Episode 5 ~ Broken’ stuff

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A scene taken right out of discovery channel

You know what the surprising thing is? With each passing episode, I get more and more reassured that this series will remain being the best under-the-radar series for this season. Overlooking the current giant (and equally as anticipated for me) Code Geass, Kurenai easily comes up top to being the best series this season. The answer to why is really quite simple. Amazing characters, personalities and most importantly, Slice of life development that doesn’t send me off snoring after the first 5 minutes (which is very rare for me because slice of life themes are my weakest when it comes to keeping my attention), I believe that says a lot for this series. To be able to give slow-ish yet in-depth and interesting development, the mood of this series is just perfect.

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“What the heck is this game? Blasphemy!”

Murasaki has once again broken the barrier between fantasy and reality. If I were to put it, she has to be one of the very few child characters which have displayed such a wide range of classic childhood personalities. We have, so far, seen how she is able to understand on a more mature level but because it looks unrealistic to have her like this all the time, the writer for this series must have lit a light bulb to bring Murasaki back down to earth. Simply put, Murasaki showed her childish side this time round which is something I haven’t seen in the long time. So much so that it made me reflect back on the times when “I selfishly broke toys” or something similar much like in the fashion how Murasaki did it to Chizuru~ sweet juvenile memories.

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This is one thing which I feel is noteworthy. No matter how mature Murasaki seems, inside she is just a little girl with normal feelings. I feel that it is amazing how this was brought out in the episode; Murasaki’s personality is of one which is based on a child when it comes to doing wrong, but her learning of such is exceptional. She feels regret and sadness for breaking Chizuru’s toys which shows character growth (as she is the type who actually learns from her mistakes).

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“OH SHI~x2”

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I suppose you can guess what happens next

Now that is Murasaki’s case covered, let’s move onto Shinkurou’s. In short, I feel sorry for the guy. Now only was his butt handed to him during a sparring match between him and Yuuno, he ends up having to starve for a week. He didn’t receive as much development as Murasaki, being Shinkurou but again this episode emphasises on his everyday life troubles. His wound is still painful for him but it is surprising to hear that he believes that being strong isn’t about his weapon, but the strength of his heart.

I believe that he has just stepped all over the classic cliché of having a “hero” believing that power is something physical at first glance. For that I commend on Shinkurou, he is a good man despite being a hitman.

Fight scene!

More interesting stuff though is some information on Yuuno’s family. For one thing, she absolutely kicks ass. Even Shinkurou (who has so far shown to be an undefeatable monster with crazy strength), was pretty much tossed aside by Yuuno. But digging deeper into the family situation, it appears that the Houzuki is also a family which isn’t any stranger to violence. This will be something to look forward to as more from this side of the story is revealed (I wonder if it would connect like a puzzle in the end).

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Yuuno is looking beautiful today

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Meet Chizuru

Chizuru by the way is Yuuno’s little sister. She is a timid but kind girl who has taken a liking to Shinkurou. Even though it is the first time she has met Murasaki, she decides to play with her because Shinkurou said so. This led to the inevitable scene of her crying. Bad, BAD Murasaki.

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There goes a week’s food…

The latter half of the episode was back to normal with the comedy being the heart warming, fuzzy wuzzy kind. Murasaki is really cute (and a part of that I have to praise the seiyuu, Yuuki Aoi for doing such an amazing job). But the first downfall for Shinkurou is when he promised Murasaki that he will get her a DS, we know how poor he is right?

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There goes another…

Back at home, more troubling issues await as Yamie and Tamaki hijacks his room for a “party on him” scenes. I do feel sorry for how empty Shinkurou’s wallet must be feeling but in the end he is a good guy…almost too good. The final crack was hilarious as he meets endless taunts and teases from both Tamaki and Yamie for being a “naughty boy” and poor. My heart goes out to Shinkurou.

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The animation during this scene is top notch, believe it or not

That said, my heart also goes out to Yayoi, who is starving and freezing her butt off waiting outside. She needs to hurry up and join the happy harem.

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…and starving…

Poor girl ;_;


8 Responses to “Kure-Nai ~ Episode 5 ~ Broken’ stuff”

  1. 1 rarukun May 6, 2008 at 4:12 pm

    haha seeing the two fight is certainly what young kids do now a days. murasaki’s attempts to fix the dolls were funny. haha poor yayoi indeed.

  2. 2 Mietauto Suedafrika August 26, 2011 at 9:15 pm

    Its like you read my mind! You appear to know a lot about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with some pics to drive the message home a bit, but other than that, this is fantastic blog. A fantastic read. I’ll definitely be back.

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