The End Of Moetan (Part 3)

The Return Of Loli(er) Sumi

In the choice between writing about either Code Geass or Macross Frontier, I chose Moetan.  Episode 09 this time which is lighter on the fanservice (for Moetan that is) and is actually kind of…..kind of *spasms*………cute.  That took a lot out of me right there.  Well let’s continue.  This episode like other Moetan episodes is NSFW as are the thumbnails contained within.

Summary:  English Lesson:  Codes That Max Out Your Money And Level Are A Must For Game-Playing Japanese Salarymen.  Ink starts to fall ill during one of her lessons with Nao, but at least he’s learning.  Sumi is struggling as usual though. English Lesson:  When I Go There, I Can’t Help Buying Oden-Can Even Though I’m Not Hungry.  (Note that Sumi’s maid actually has the best sounding English accent by far in this series)  Alas, poor Sumi can’t take it all and falls asleep instead.  (zzz ahoge)  The next day in school Ink ends up giving Sumi a head butt while sneezing, knocking her down and then promptly fainting on top of her. (Loli Yuri tension of the kind that Ink and Sumi are famous for by now) When Ink’s friends take her to the nurses office Sumi can also be seen spying on them before taking off.  Ink goes home early to find an empty house and Arks goes to take care of some business when a hesistant Sumi stops by to check on her rival when Ka-Kun decides to follow Arks.  Sumi rings the doorbell before realizing what she’s doing and fails to slinker off before Ink comes out to talk to her.  When Ink faints again outside it’s up to Sumi to bring her back inside using her Mega Glove in Tempera Sumi form.  Once inside Sumi starts to take try and cool down Ink’s fever by stripping her down to her underwear and seems to think her panties are cute.  (You know, I get the feeling Sumi’s probably a lesbian and the crush she protests to have on Nao is actually on Ink and that’s why she’s so upset….Ink ditched her for a man) Eventually she stumbles on some memorabilia and rembers the good old times when they were younger (lolier Sumi and Ink time again) and Ink came to visit her when she was sick.  That’s when Sumi got her black Ka-Kun lookalike doll and Ink got a white cat keychain and they became close friends, but eventually they drifted apart.  In a side story Alice is attacked by a dark version of herself and Miu tries to bean a flying Ka-Kun with an apple.  When Ink wakes up and see’s Sumi by her side she starts to hold her hand and talk to her and when Sumi wakes up she tries to act like nothing happened puts on her rich bitch act, but Ink thanks her anyway.  Sumi runs out of Ink’s house and right into Ink’s friends breasts, both of which end up dragging her off somewhere.  Later in the park Alice’s weird Dograbbit thing tells Ka-Kun and Arks about what happened to Alice and it turns out that Sumi caught Ink’s cold and is now bedridden as well.

Moetan Corner:

Thoughts:  So Moetan actually decides to have a story in this episode compared to last one.  This time it’s a Sumi-centric episode and being my favourite of the girls I liked this Sumi episode.  So it turns out that most of her tough talking rich snob attitude is just an act and she and Ink were actually friends and probably still are.  It was neat to see that Sumi was returning a favour she had forgotten about that Ink did for her as a kid, and that Ink hadn’t forgotten.  Sumi probably realizes that Ink has been really nice to her all this time while she’s been a total bitch in return, but she also shows she cares about Ink otherwise she wouldn’t have looked so worried about her.  I find it amusing that Sumi is so clearly played up as a lesbian character throughout the series yet goes to such lengths to deny it.  The more they deny it, the more likely it’s the truth I say.

So now with Alice apparently kidnapped and Ink and Sumi on the fast track to becoming good friends again that they’ll be going to rescue her.  Even though Alice has done nothing but torment them so far, it seems she has some relation to Arks and it’s likely she’s a spurned lover of some kind from back when he was a human.  Odds are she’s actually not evil afterall and that this Dark Alice is the true villain of the series, if there really even is still a plot.  Whatever, I expect some goofy magical girl cliches and loli/mecha fanservice next episode.  It’s the reason I watch Moetan after all.

Rating:  Seven Out Of Ten

By the way, I just realized that if you take away the vocals from the ending theme it sounds like it could be a stage theme from a Kirby game.


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