Code Geass R2 Episode 5 (Knight Of Rounds Or Does This Make Me Look Fat?)

The Army Is Whole Again

Yeah so I put this off for a while mostly because I had other stuff I wanted to do this week and because I’ve heard it’s not exactly plot heavy.  Let’s see what I can pull out of this apparent filler episode as many call it.


Hey, You Might Do The Same If You Were Just Saved From The Brink Of Death

Gotta Love Lelouch’s Victorian Era Chauffeur’s Outfit

C.C Longs For Cheese-Kun To Cuddle

Karen Get’s The Hell Out Of Before Embarassing Herself To Much.  She Learns Fast

That’s The Aim Of The Game This Episode

That’s Kind Of Just Nitpicking….Are You Jason Miao In Disguise?

Fearless Leader Has His Reasons

And Fearless Leader Is Cheered By All But His Must Trusted Associate.  Tough Break Zero….

We begin this time with C.C asking about what happened to the Vincent and Karen says that Li is taking care of it through his route. (Wasn’t my guess for when the pre-opening teasers start for around this episode.  Damn I’m good)  Lelouch plans to escape by said route as well and Karen is a bit surprised that the pilot is the same as the one from the Babel Tower, what with Urabe’s death and all, but Lelouch says they can trust him.  C.C asks if he used his Geass on him and Karen want’s to know if the pilot’s identity is to remain a secret even from her.  Lelouch says he likes keeping some things to himself….including his and Karen’s “relationship”.  Karen just says it’s time for her to resume her duty as Zero’s bodyguard and walks out while C.C says they have things to attend to.  Lelouch knows and dons his Zero mask to face the crowd in the Embassy courtyard.  Outside all the just released prisoners are getting their uniforms back and discussing Urabe’s death when Zero makes his formal appearance.  One says that before they greet their leader they should ask why he betrayed them, and Ougi asks more formally.  Zero says simply that it was for the purpose of defeating Britannia and that’s all.  Unimpressed the crowd starts asking for more answers until Toudou tells them to hold it.  He says that Zero has the right to keep some plans of the operation secret and that they need him, and Ougi joins Toudou on the stage beside Zero to support him.  Despite the fact that he’s probably using them, they need him in order to compete with the likes of Schneizel who is winning in the E.U.  Nobody else is capable enough says Ougi, not even the Chinese Federation and leads them in a chant as his two lieutenants in C.C and Karen look on.

I Love How The Dialogue Following His Reintroduction Is Fused With Discussion About His Status, Not His Looks.  Sunrise Loves To Ignore What Otaku Want Most….Stuff Like SUGOI! HE’S DREAMY!   Thanks For Not Caring Sunrise

Does Anyone Get A Young Reinhard And Siegfried Feel From This Sequence?  Better Question, Does Anyone Know Who I’m Talking About?

Homies?  Amigos? Compadres? Comrades? 


After the opening we seem to have jumped to the school where Lelouch is shocked to find Suzaku being reintroduced to the class. (I’m guessing the reason he showed up at night last episode was to get to his dorm without creating to much of a ruckus given his newfound celebrity)  Commentary by the class ranges from him being the one that captured Zero, to being the glorious Knight of Seven, to being an Eleven, (Seven Eleven eh…*Punches self*) but that’s okay because he’s under the emperor’s direct command.  Lelouch remembers how Suzaku was his very first friend, but how war tore them apart and we see some scenes from there childhood.  (And no they aren’t the same damn scenes as the first season.  This is Code Geass not Gundam Seed Destiny) Anyway some more scenes (and I think the music track just skipped there if it wasn’t my encode) that serve as refresher for the first series.  Both of them know the score about the rewritten memories and know that right now they are…..acquaintances.  Judging by Suzaku’s demeanor Lelouch gauges that he knows everything about him and thus he can work around his presence somehow as long as Rolo doesn’t mess him up.

Fat Chance

Why Did You Take An Animal That Clearly Hates You?

The Funny Thing Is, Everyone In This Room Is Pretty Much On A Different Side Whether They Know It Or Not

That Might Take Some More Doing Then Even A Geassing Can Allow

In the Academy courtyard the group talks about how everyone they knew has gone back to the homeland and only the core group of “friends” remains the same.  Soon enough the group (including Lelouch) starts badgering Suzaku about who Zero might have been (Rivalz thinks it might have been Clovis, which I find hysterical) and as he tries to avoid the question Arthur bites him again.  Later in the school basement Viletta is asking Suzaku what he could read from Lelouch and thinks that because Suzaku had nothing that they should assume he hasn’t regained his memories.  Suzaku wants to begin his own investigation though and Rolo asks him if he doesn’t trust their intelligence and Suzaku asks him to just keep at it.  Meanwhile Viletta asks Suzaku to try and get more confirmation during the student councils welcome back party for him.  Meanwhile (Damn Sunrise series move back and forth moreso then ever these days don’t they) Lelouch is already setting up whatever he needs by geassing a teacher to overlook all irregularities regarding him and Rolo.  Rolo asks Lelouch if he should make plans to kill Suzaku Kururugi, but Lelouch says he needs to stop thinking about to keep up the brother act.

Sunrise Continues To Not Care About Imagery Possibly Offending

You Ever Notice How Symbolic Britannian Architecture Is

It’s The Next Gen Vic Viper….Wait

Names Gino Weinberg, I’ll Be Your Asshole This Episode

Why Even Bother Trying….

It Sure Can Move Like Any MA From Gundam

Arrogance Will Get You Nowhere

It’s A Transformer

Don’t Even Try To Tell Me That Tristan Isn’t A Slick Design

It’s The Sparda!

Or Rather A Double Harken Ala Grendizer

Gino Sure Lives Up To His Title In Combat

Time To End The Fight Now

He’s Not Even Trying Anymore

Suzaku To The Rescue

Suzaku: So Stop Molesting Me Already

The Smaller The Pilot The Bigger The KF Apparently

It’s Safe To Come Out Now Little One

In the government building the Britannian occupation leaders are getting irritated by the sudden resurgence in terrorist acts after Zero’s reappearance against their supply of Sakuradite, worrying the shipments might stall.  They think it probably also has to do with them getting emboldened by Guilford’s absence when suddenly the building is under attack by an unidentified MRF.  It’s Gino in his Tristan who mocks the defensive capability of Area 11.  He makes quick work of some of the guards before transforming into KF mode (The thing also moves ridiculously fast by the way) and the guard realizes who they are dealing with.  Gino says he’s come to test them and they accept the challenge, saying they plan not to be humiliated by the Knight of Three, which they are.  Before things can progress to far though (Not before we’ve seen some fancy action though), Suzaku enters saying the fights been decided and that enough is enough and tells Gino he asked him to bring his Lancelot.  Gino says that Lloyd is going to bring it in a week, but seems more interested in Suzaku’s uniforme.  Suzaku asks Gino why he’s from a distinguished noble line, but acts so….normal.  Mordred shows up too with the Knight of Six Anya Earlstraim who speak rather simplisticly and merely asks “Over”. Gino says that Suzaku called the fight, and she says “Boring” while Suzaku marvels at the manpower assembled.and now it’s time to make things clear with Lelouch.

After the break it’s mostly wacky antics as Suzaku’s party get’s underway.  Wacky costumes, lots of games and treats and good times.  Lot’s of fanservice too.  So in the meantime I propose to raise a more important question to get people in the mood before I continue:

Swimsuit Competition:

Code Geass Girls:



You Judge The Winner

Millay Takes A Cue From Lelouch With The Victorian Oufit

These Outfits I Just Have No Idea

So Wait, Is The Angle Looking Up Down The Thrilling Part Or The Angle Looking Up?

Rolo Needs Some Anger Management Courses

I Think Anya Might Win On The Most Ridiculous Outfit Front For This Series

How Nostalgic….And Disturbing

I Guess The Carve-Tan Went Back To The Momeland

That’s The Worst Disguise Since Char Aznable As Quattro Bajina


Meanwhile Lelouch also works on mellowing Rolo’s kill happiness out a little while they prepare some treats and Rolo confides in Lelouch a weakness in his Geass  Gino and Anya clash personalities as they sample the food (or at least Gino does while Anya takes pictures and is really quiet to his loudness).  We also see the relics of Nina and the Carve-Tan left behind from last year and Lelouch is trying to take care of some business with Diethard and Laksharta when he is shocked to find C.C on the campus looking to find the worlds largest pizza which Rivalz claims they are building.  He goes to fetch her and remind her of the situation they are all in and that the Emperor is after her.  Meanwhile Viletta (who would be his next targe) is participating in a swimming club cafe and plans to kill Shirley for dragging her into this. (Fanservice) In fact the only reason she even volunteered for the mission is because Ougi used to be a teacher at the academy.


She Still Seems Batshit Crazy To Me

Sounds Fun

She Definitely Came To Annoy

Panty Shot In Code Geass…How Uncreative

Poor Lelouch, Always Getting Pushed Around By The Ladies

Karen Tries To One Up C.C In Her Legendary Asset

And C.C Can’t Stand Being Beaten By Karen. 2-2 All

Suzaku He Had No Chance, Karen Is Uber, Shirley Is Athletic, But Milay In A Victorian Dress?  Get Out More Lelouch

Hang On For Dear Life

Good Question

Meanwhile Suzaku is surprisingly sharing information about where Karen is with Millay and she’s worried about how Karen got caught up in the resistance.  She’s proud of Nina though for making it into the Britannian Science division and eventually the conversation switches to Lloyd who Millay guesses gave up on her when she decided to take an extra year to complete school.  When Suzaku is about to try and tell her why Lloyd isn’t her type anyway, Arthur steals his quill which apparently was given to him by Euphemia and a chase is on.  As he drops his board with all the itinarary on it, Gino picks it up and seems excited by the chance to make the world’s largest pizza using a KF.  Meanwhile, Lelouch is told by Suzaku that the Emperor was given a Geass by the same person that informed Suzaku of his Geass….V.V.  He starts to ask her some more questions, but when Shirley comes be he quickly knocks her into the vat of tomato’s behind them.  Shirley needs help talking to Viletta and wants to try and score with Lelouch when she thinks he’s alone.  He’s captured by a mascot suddenly, who turns out to be Karen come to fetch C.C.  A fight soon starts with Shirley and Karen (in disguise still) and Lelouch gets tossed around a bit by Shirley when she pulls him out.  Eventually Millay and Suzaku show up and everybody goes to chase after Arthur.  Meanwhile C.C gets abducted by Gino who starts shaking the container with his KF to make the Pizza sauce.  All the while the chase is underway as everyone manages to outrun Lelouch.  As Gino is about to deliver his Pizza (I wonder if they know about that franchise or not) Suzaku catches Arthur and Lelouch geasses a student and has him release some foam to cover C.C’s presence as she falls out of the container.  In the chase Shirley get’s knocked over and runs into Anya who takes a picture of her and Karen is surprised to see Viletta on the campus.

That’s So Bitter

A Wild Dog, But Also A Gentleman

Your New Governor General

Meanwhile Lelouch learns of Viletta and Ougi’s relationship from C.C and goes to confront her with Rolo.  He blackmails her with the information of said relationship that can’t be allowed to get out lest she lose her baronship and wishes her a sardonic happy birthday with a bottle of wine.  Afterward Li is taking Karen and C.C back to the embassy and Lelouch tells him on the phone that he wants to get in touch with the eunuch general.  Suzaku talks to Lelouch on the roof and tells him how he plans to become Knight of One so he can exercise a special privledge that will grant him governorship of a territory of his choice.  He wants Japan.  In the meantime Suzaku has a phone call prepped for Lelouch….it’s Nunally…and she’s coming to be the new Governor General of Area 11.  Lelouch is none to happy that there’s nothing he can do to act on this at the moment.

Thoughts:  You know I expected to hate this episode, but once again it works for me, and mostly thanks to the strong characters.  The episode is a deliberately slow one as everyone does their reuniting and catching up including the black knights repledging their support to Zero and the Academy crew reuniting again as well….all under awkard circumstances.  For one the Black Knights despite being angry about being betrayed, realize that Zero has handed them many a victory from the jaws of defeat and that they need to trust him if they want to have any hope of victory against an empire.

And then there’s the school front.  The thing is, despite the episode having a lot of laid back comedic moments, everyone is clearly there on personal business and as much as they pretend everything is like good old times, they are not.  Karen is a known resistance member judging by Millay and Suzaku’s dialogue and now her business on campus in fetching C.C is so awkward that she has to wear that ridiculous mascot outfit.  She doesn’t even get to interact with Shirley or any of them anymore and is only seen once by Viletta which may or may not be a problem later on.  C.C cannot ever be seen in public and her business in getting to see the pizza (yeah I know, not really business) causes much distress for Lelouch as usual and I swear she gets a kick out of it.  Despite her mucking things up a lot for him, he does learn lot’s of valuable information from her and is able to put to rest Viletta’s little spy ring and we also learn why Viletta even chose the mission in the first place.  Rolo seems to have fully gone over to Lelouch’s side in this episode and I see his confession of whatever his Geass’ weakness is (it must have something to do with why he was paralyzed last episode and needed to be saved by Lelouch) as a sign that he’s ready to fully place his fate in Lelouch’s hands and stop the kill happiness.  Heck he even waits for Lelouch to show up when he has Viletta at gunpoint when he normally would have probably just killed her.

Suzaku’s business is of course to find out what’s going on with Lelouch as well as to start his climb to the top of the Knight of Round ranks, and his arrival is a stark contrast to his introduction in the first series.  Whereas the first time comments flew around of an eleven being in the school and people didn’t know what to make of him, now he is greeted as the glorious Knight of Seven who caputured zero and is idolized and welcomed back with a party in his honor.  His dialogue with the gang is pretty awkward too as it’s obvious things just aren’t the same.  He’s also brought company in the perfect opposites of Gino Weinberg and Anya Earlstraim.  Whereas Gino is introduced as wild party animal who causes a ruckus everywhere he goes and stirs up trouble for his own side even, (who starts a fight with their own allies just for kicks anyway?  Apparently Gino) Anya is pretty quiet and unassuming and she almost seems to be content in just wandering and taking pictures rather then combat.  She doesn’t even seem to want to show up until Gino’s antics are over the first time, which makes me wonder if she’s really cut out as a Britannian soldier.  She just seems to…..polite.  Of course then there’s the contrast between Gino being a noble yet acting like a commoner, which is amusing as he calls everyone else commoners when he’s the most rowdy and brash of anyone in the series frankly, although he does have the dance with Millay at the end so he’s not a complete redneck.  I’m not sure if Anya is a commoner or not though, but going by the opposite factor between her and Gino I say it’ s a good bet.  Nunally is also reintroduced to the storyline as the new governor general of area 11 and one has to wonder how insulted the Japanese are going to feel about Britannia’s gesture that says a blind and crippled 15 year old girl is good enough to govern them.  It’s kind of insulting, but then again I’m sure deep down every Japanese otaku wishes the Prime Minister was a cute loli.

Anyway, so things aren’t the same, and despite this everyone seems to be trying to have one last party as they all know that a new war is on the horizon with Zero’s ressurection.  There might not be another chance like this and it’s nice to see the characters trying to live the good old times one last time, even if it’s sort of spoiled in the end by the business and plot getting in the way.  And you know for a supposed filler episode, there’s tons of progression plot and character wise and I doubt many other series I’ve seen could have pulled it off if they tried the same type of episode.  The staff at Sunrise continues to deliver (Kaioshin’s a fanboy?) on the solid episodes, even when it seems like they are taking a break and with a new arc on the horizon (The Nunally is a Governor General one) we’re not likely to see much more good old fashioned fun for a while yet if ever.  That is unless Gino get’s a lot of screen time.

Rating: Eight Out Of Ten


15 Responses to “Code Geass R2 Episode 5 (Knight Of Rounds Or Does This Make Me Look Fat?)”

  1. 1 The Animanachronism May 11, 2008 at 9:46 am

    There is a certain Reinhard/Siegfried feel to the Lelouch & Suzaku flashbacks. Rather less of a ‘Win the universe, Lord Lelouch’ element, though. I’ve always enjoyed the contrast in CG between Lelouch’s school life and his life of terrorism, but it’s probably a personal taste.

  2. 2 Vallen Chaos Valiant May 11, 2008 at 9:51 am

    C.C. didn’t got to school for the pizza; he mission was to retrieve Cheese-kun, which she managed to do. The pizza was a bonus.

  3. 3 sadakups May 11, 2008 at 11:38 pm

    “It’s The Next Gen Vic Viper….Wait”

    Awesome. At least I’m not alone with this thought. ^_^

    Episode 5 was 90% rubbish. Ashfail episode is fail. Thank goodness for the Nunnally twist at the end.

  4. 4 Selic May 12, 2008 at 5:58 am

    Rolo’s geass’ weakness isn’t related to episode 4. In episode 4, he was unable to do anything about the shot because his geass doesn’t stop time, just people’s perception of time, as Lelouch managed to figure out.

  5. 5 ashley December 6, 2008 at 3:19 am

    gino suzaku and lelouch are so my type. i like gino the best

  6. 6 ashley December 6, 2008 at 3:20 am

    if i were to date anyone in code geass it would be Gino or Suzaku.

  7. 7 Lelouch April 5, 2009 at 3:16 am

    Get some picture! Please.

  8. 8 Kaioshin Sama June 12, 2009 at 10:36 am

    Why is this article so consistently viewed and so popular? What is it about what I did here, I’m dying to know.

  9. 9 Zack June 13, 2009 at 6:28 am

    Gotta be the mass amount of swimsuits, Kaioshin. People just keep coming back to look at CG and Idolm@aster girls. The various panty shots are bonus material.

  10. 10 Kaioshin Sama June 13, 2009 at 8:08 am

    @Zack: Well then they’d probably like the Sora Kake Girl Picture Drama #2 that I’ll be writing about tomorrow. 😛

  11. 11 micchan September 30, 2009 at 11:48 pm

    lololol! Rolo will never main anyone! He’ll just slit their neck, he’s not some sorta monster! sheesh.
    [his death scene made me go ZOMG ALPHONSE ELRIC!! at him so now I like him. He’s still better the Spinzaku, ya gotta admit. Fucking moron who hid in ceiling to drop on innocent soldiers trying to obey orders and murder their emperor.Damn bishie moralfag, he makes Rolo look straight. Well, almost.]

    “Names Gino Weinberg, I’ll Be Your Asshole This Episode”
    Yes, I can see him actually saying that. Also did he had a stroke? Why is his mouth always crooked? Weirdo.

    Also WTF is with Villeta’s “swimsuit”? I’m sorry, those are underwares with fishnets stocking and not by any means a swimsuit, what sorta school let their etchers walk around in undies? Given, she’s hot, but there are MIDDLE SCHOOLERS in there! Honestly. Almost as bad as princess bird-brain-and-a-stupid-bird-at-that-Euphie with her as-long-as-the-nipples-are-hidden-it’s-cool dresses. She may be sweet and un-hateable, but that does not give her the right to dress like an Oh Great’s manga character.

  12. 12 ZVEN March 11, 2010 at 5:35 pm

    Thank you

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