Kamen no Maid Guy ~ Episode 5 ~ Maid guy hair rape

Yeah so I hand Klash the honourable job of blogging this series and he just runs away. Well its weeks late but at least its here (for those who still haven’t seen *cough*). [Oh and Klash was just busy with preparing for exams, just like me unfortunately].


In a Nutshell: Liz is taking an outdoor bath where a suddenly a flock of crows appear from the water. She wakes up with a startle but thankfully it was only a dream. Unfortunately she also wet herself in the process. Shizuku dangles from the ceiling and is troubled that Liz still wets herself at this age. Shizuku is then knocked flying into a wall by another ninja maid who turns out to be her elder sister, Tsurara (well actually it is later revealed that they are twins but there is a clear difference in mentality). Liz is shocked to find out that Tsurara is actually 21 in fact. Taking this abuse Tsurara then mocks her master in a very sly way.

After some drama she asks Shizuka about how she got on with gathering data on the enemy. It isn’t going well at all which annoys Tsurara. She tells Liz that she cannot fight without knowing the enemy.
The next day Liz is going berserk at Naeka but isn’t able to do anything because of orders from Tsurara.

That night, stalker girl is checking up the pictures of Naeka she has gathered after installing a spy camera. She placed the camera where she can see through the windows into the bathroom and turns it on at home. Feeling happy she begins to fangirl over Naeka’s soft skin however, the screen suddenly fuzzes out and Kogarashi’s voice can be heard. This is another one of his abilities; maid guy voice (which paralyses the victim). He then moves to hypnotise stalker girl so that all she sees is a naked guy taking a bath but she isn’t able to look away.

At home, Kogarashi detects a scream that signals the end of the world for that person. He seems to find great pleasure in torturing the victim. He also reveals that all the peeping cameras around the house have already been installed with bugs. However, he also has the original copy of one of the disks which he puts into the DVD play. Fubuki turns up dressed in Naeka’s uniform causing her to become embarrassed. Naeka praises her but the Fubuki on TV then says that the dress is too big for her. Kogarashi then dies.

Fubuki tells him that he needs to respect other’s privacy and not let any of their information be leaked. Shizuka returns to the base and informs Tsurara that she has the disk from the spy cameras. She puts it into the player but Kogarashi’s virus then kicks in and hypnotises the girls. Tsurara is mocking that it doesn’t work on them but apparently so it does. Shizuka faces hell alone.

At school the breast club trio peeps on Naeka who is doing kendo. They plan on sneaking into the girl’s changing room to steal Naeka’s “everything” but stalker girl steals the key and runs off. She finds the locker but Kogarashi is there ready to ambush her. He freezes her and gives her a body check. Finding out that she is just a civilian, he lets her go…I mean stand there. The trio then walks into the room finding her like a statue.

At the gates the ninja sister infiltrates the school undercover but elder sister isn’t all that convincing. Tsurara enters the kendo dojo and asks to observe but Naeka tests her by asking for her zodiac sign. Taking too long to answer, Naeka then just slides the door shut on Tsurara. Behind the doors she tells the other girls that they need to be careful of old women and predicts that they are over 20. Tsurara’s urge to kill, increases.

Shizuku finds the locker room and throws a bomb inside after hearing a suspicious voice. He walks in after the bomb detonates to find the trio and stalker girl all frozen. Opening the lockers Kogarashi attempts to freeze her as well but Tsurara comes to the rescue. Tsurara swear to get revenge and let’s off a grenade, blowing Kogarashi outside.

She throws more grenades but they seem ineffective. Tsurara then tells her that she intends to erase all of his senses before torturing him. However, Kogarashi breaks the chains easily and begins to hair rape Tsurara. Stalker girl wakes up and takes her anger out on the trio.

Tsurara isn’t able to free herself but says that it is impossible for him to fight back seen as she has taken out 3 of his 5 senses. However Kogarashi then reveals that he has only lost 3 out of 37. Tsurara thinks that it is bull but even so she is being raped as we speak. To save her sister, Shizuku throws stalker girl into the web and cuts Tsurara free.

Kogarashi tells stalker girl that she won’t do anything to her but Naeka still stashes him. Naeka will be regretting this as stalker girl jumps on her again.

Back at the base Tsurara is pissed and knocks Chizuku out. Liz walks in and is shocked that Tsurara has already reached that stage in life (a midlife crisis), “oh my god~~”.

No thoughts this time round, too busy.

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