What Torture Is Kaioshin Inflicting Upon Himself?

No, it’s not dealing with a crotch stomping loli.  Let’s have a looksee at what else it could be.

Playing Kaizo Mario World

As you can see by clicking the video, it’s a kick you in the crotch (and not the delightful loli style of doing it either) piss hard Rom Hack that basically tests the limits of how far you are willing to die over and over and over again until you can complete it.  Similar to Super Frustration Brothers, the hack basically replaces all the normally levels with what basically amount to fiendishly difficult puzzles which test your knowledge of the games mechanics in a way that the actual Super Mario World never required as well as your reaction time.  It’s actually quite ingenious how some of the puzzle mechanics work.  For example, that Yoshi stages solution for the first half is to feed the baby yoshi all of the enemies in the stage in order for it to grow so you can use the flight power to make it out alive.  Miss one enemy and you lose.  It’s not even that simple though and the hack requires you to swallow the blue shell at the absolute last possible second as the screen scrolls so that you can have enough time to make it through all the obstacles without falling to your doom.  Then you have to ditch Yoshi as you fall and that’s only the first half.  The second half requires you to time a few jumps on the vines and then believe it or not, the solution is to take your hand of the right stick and let the screen scrolling do the work for you as you bounce over the fireballs.  Then you make a quick jump to the left and escape throught the pipe before you smash into a wall with a Kanji just before it made out of blocks that I assume says “Haha you lost”.

It’s pretty instense, but I love that it challenges your mind as well as your reaction time instead of just being a random clusterfuck of obstacles.  I just hope the quality of the puzzle mechanics keeps up.

I also plan on making a go at the Parallel Worlds rom hack of A Link To The Past which also replaces the original game with brand new layouts and puzzles and I hear ups the difficulty exponentially:

A Small Sample Of Legend Of Zelda The Parallel Worlds

What a way to spend my time.  On the less ass raping side of my time wasting is the new Sengoku Rance Slash Burst Three Card Game which shows how to make good use of the concept of cards unlike some other ideas.  No no no, good card ideas are as such.

Anyway, so back to the Rance Game.  This one pits three Sengoku Rance ninjas in Kanami, Suzume and Princess Sen against an assortment of enemies and is freeware if any Sengoku Rance fans are interested.  All the info is on the Alicesoft website for it as well as the download links.  Do note that the Alicesoft website is NSFW if you are unaware of the nature of their products.  And thus without further ado I be getting back to my nightmare.


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