Kure-Nai ~ Episode 7 ~ Life lessons from Tamaki

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Lesson 1: “Shinkurou is a lolicon”

And just when you think the DRAMA should be letting up since what happened with the previous episode should be pretty hard to top off; we get another helping of our weekly recommended DRAMA needs in one episode. If last episode was just a one off crack pot then things are definitely back on track and everyone is returning back to normal (In normal cases I would be saying “thank god” but this series is rather special for me).

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Ahhh, relaxing days

Well, the episode actually started off pretty laid back with Tamaki, Yamie and Murasaki all enjoying an afternoon of cheesy soap operas. But words of wise from Tamaki are never far whenever there is a pure, innocent soul to corrupt as the discussion from talking about good guys moving onto Shinkuro being a good guy then moving onto how he is a lolicon. Lolicon, another new word Murasaki has learnt this week but yet again her definition of the term is weirdly twisted based on Tamaki’s ideals.

Basically, the way to describe the phrase “Shinkurou is a lolicon” to Murasaki is simply “he likes you” (which is kind of true in one sense, but horribly under defined).

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Murasaki is like a kid in a candy shop, that curious personality of hers will take her far

Moving on, Tamaki decides to take Murasaki to her university and what I love about this section of the episode is how Murasaki continues to learn the world that is years ahead of her. Whether knowledge can ever be enough is open for debate but it is just fascinating for Murasaki to learn about the adult world, especially from Tamaki. Her responses and queries are so interesting to watch, it brings back memories to when I was at that curious age.

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Lesson 2: “Stay away from sluts (especially the ones who uses inches of makeup)”

But yea, the adult world can be dangerous as Murasaki learns when Tamaki is hit by a slut. *Tsk tsk* don’t you just hate it when violence is used when you can’t beat the opponent down with words. Interestingly though, Murasaki did get a great jab at the slut.

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This punk ass kid is a wimp. I hate wimpy males, just burn in sacred fire

Tamaki continues her teachings to Murasaki in the ways of romance. Pretty interesting stuff here which I am sure Murasaki will be committing to memory and using for future reference. However, the DRAMA begins when some punk named Satoshi turns up and begins his parting speech to Tamaki.
This was one thing new to me. For one thing I never knew Tamaki had a boyfriend, especially so when she keeps smooching all over Shinkurou. But it turns out that this punk is spitting up with her because he is a wimp. Oh my god how I HATE wimps. He even said it himself that he can’t protect Tamaki.

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Better yet,

Lesson 3: “GO PUNCH HIM!”

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And so Tamaki’s heart was smashed. I felt really sorry for her during the following scene at the café where she is all depressed. It is also a wonder seeing a 9 year old trying to tutor Tamaki about how to get over love problems, “just grab a can of beer”.

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Cheer up girl, you will find plenty of better guys *nudges Shinkurou*

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Male searching, Murasaki style..

Unfortunately, her amazingly cute efforts came to an end when Tamaki sees the punk again with another girl. Oh the heart pain to anyone who has suffered a breakup, my heart is out there for you.
It is interesting though, Tamaki continues let her emotions out for Murasaki to hear but somehow that convinces Murasaki that Yuuno is also one of these girls who deceive the opposite sex. And with that she erratically tries to save Shinkurou from the clutches of a fox.

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Poor girl ;_;

However, the DRAMA is not over yet as the main part is to come. Murasaki was accidently spotted by one of the guys sent to find her and oh boy, did this open a can of worms. This is turning out to be a significant turning point in my opinion as sooner or later, the army would be sent in to retake Murasaki.
Random note for this scene, Tamaki is obsessed with people being lolicon.

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Man: “Do I know her from somewhere…oh SHI~ its oujo sama O.o”
Tamaki: “quit it now! She’s only 9 you lolicon >.>”

But anyway, an important part of Murasaki’s past was revealed soon after. It turns out that Renjou (Murasaki’s dad) is as misunderstood as Tamaki in his romance affairs. It turns out that even though he was treating Souju (Murasaki’s real mother) badly, it seems like he was just a victim in his own right. Not being allowed to do otherwise, the whole flashback scene showed that he really did love Soujou but the family customs were just too binding.

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He does love her…

Then the scene where Murasaki was crying her eyes out at the sight of her mother’s corpse. Gosh, that scene gripped me as emotional. Renjou on the other hand also showed more emotions than expected. It is also revealed that Murasaki knew who her real mother was and the will from Souju that she wanted Murasaki to live a normal life. Renjou is honouring the last will of the woman she loved. I guess he is on the surface trying to recapture Murasaki, but on the other than he was also responsible for her freedom in the first place. In any case the cover is blown and even he admits that it may all be over sooner than expected.

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See!? He isn’t a bad man ;_;

I really feel that this is going to be brewing into some scene where Shinkurou will be fighting off a whole army to protect Murasaki. Looking forward to more emotional rollercoaster moments, in fact, I am addicted to it.

And just before I go, I have to mention the delightful scene where Murasaki valiantly tells Shinkurou that she needs to get away from Yuuno just because she is the better woman and that is the casue of Shinkurou being lolicon. Absolutely LUL WUT!? Worthy.

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“You love me so you are a lolicon!”

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3 Responses to “Kure-Nai ~ Episode 7 ~ Life lessons from Tamaki”

  1. 1 Chaos2Frozen May 17, 2008 at 4:31 am

    Lol, I can’t help but feel bad for Yuuno to be disliked and labeled like that ^^; The way I see it, growing up in the Hozuki family, Yuuno might have wish to be like a normal girl once in awhile, and she can do that around Shinkurou =D

    But while she’s sweet and girly in public around Shinkurou, Shinkurou probably knows best how ‘strong’ she can be ^^;

    Anyway back to the show…

    I was really caught off guard by Tamaki’s drama, at first I thought she was just acting out that role… Then I realize that it was real @_@

  2. 2 deathkillz May 17, 2008 at 1:57 pm

    Just what I was thinking, I couldn’t believe that Tamaki had a boyfriend but there you have it. Too bad such a weak minded fool was able to break Tamaki’s heart, she deserves better ;_;

    And yes, poor Yuuno…I wish Murasaki would cut her some slack.

  3. 3 RedWolf May 18, 2008 at 8:37 am

    Well Renjou loving Murasaki’s mom is taboo in itself in both Kuhoin’s and society in general.

    Tamaki being Murasaki’s teacher in womanly things and the strange circumstances of Kuhoins would lead Murasaki being clingy to Shinkurou.

    You could say that Yuuno is the loudest rival of the girls in Shinkurou’s life hence Ginko’s dislike.

    Muraski does not want to end up like her mom. That little girl would be claiming her stakes early. Not that different from the other two just that Shinkurou is utterly oblivious.

    On Tamaki pegging Shinkurou as a lolicon. Who wouldn’t be suspicious if you brought in a little girl who is unrelated to you and her name is Murasaki.

    As in Lady Murasaki of the Tale of Genji. A young girl kidnapped to be raised as a perfect wife.

    Though I can see why the author named the girl Murasaki with multiple meanings in terms of plot in reference to the Heian epic.

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