Code Geass R2 Episode 6 (Pacific Surprise Attack Operation Or Loli Bonanza)

Setting The Tone…..NOW!

When are you going to write the article Kaioshin?!  When are you going to do it? Huh huh huh?  Right now, but first I want to give a shout out to the Canadian team for managing to blow a 2 goal lead in the IIHF Finals.  I don’t know how you managed to lose the game, but it’s definitely something only the Canadian team can ever manage.  Time and time again they’ll have all the cards and just through them all away for no good reason.  Bloody underachievers.  Still I have my miniature Canadian flag ready to celebrate Victoria Day and a cop out hockey team isn’t going to stop the celebrating.  So with that out of the way let’s get this started.

Summary: The episode begins where it left off last time with Lelouch talking to Nunally on the phone and Suzaku waiting to see if Lelouch reveals he knows her.  Lelouch thinks Suzaku has him trapped, but suddenly Rolo uses his Geass to allow Lelouch the time to tell Nunally that he has to pretend to be a stranger and that he loves and will come get her.  (By the way I love the ballroom dance music here, but how did Rolo know to through up his Geass anyway?)  When Suzaku wakes up from the Geass Lelouch says that he thinks she has the wrong person and Lelouch refers to her as “your highness” when returning the phone instead of Nunally which visibly upsets her.

A Rare Glimpse Inside The Holy Empire That Isn’t Just The Palace

Good Old Lloyd Knows How To Have Fun On The Job.  He And Gino Must Be Related Somehow….

Meanwhile Guilford is arguing with the leader of Nunally’s honou guard telling him that he must not underestimate Zero, but the man tells Guilford instead that he was dealing with an imposter and that he disgraces Cornelia in worrying about the situation.  Speaking of disgrace, Lloyd shows up referring to the his position as “the emp’s direct subordinate” which embarasses Cecil and infuriates the new Honour Guard captain.  Lloyd has brough several unit’s from Schneizel’s line (referring to the Vincent) however so his presence is necessary which the captain seems to regret deeply as he will set a bad example for Nunally.  Meanwhile Nunally worries that something might have happened between Suzaku and Lelouch.

How Many People Did This Scene Totally Own On The Moegasm Front?  This Is The Official Start Of The Loli Bonanza For This Episode By The Way

What Did He Catch Her Before Bedtime Or Something?

After the opening it’s back to Japan where the news broadcasts are giving conflicting reports about the new governor general and who holds power in the region and made all the decisions up till now.  Somer reports think that Gao Hai might have been responsible, while others go as far as to state that Zero could be playing the cards.  Whatever the case there’s a huge power struggle going on for Area 11 right now and Satoko Kaguya is in the Chinese Federation to try to explain it to Empress Tenshi who has never stepped foot outside the palace and wants seems to want to get involved.  Unfortunately Kaguya has to leave today and Tenshi starts to cry.  Lelouch meanwhile has indeed moved in to the school basement like he intended to (that just sounds weird typing that….like who would want to do that?) and is talking with C.C who asks if he will be able to fight Nunally, which Lelouch takes as a crude joke.  He reaffirms that he will create a peaceful world for Nunally and not allow her to be used as a pawn, asking C.C where V.V is.  Unfortunately the he’s out of reach right now, whereabouts unknown, and C.C warns to be be of V.V as he was Charles very first ally.  In other words they have sworn to each other and are very close….

As In We’re Sworn Brothers Like C.C Said

So close in fact that they are standing next to each other at the Sword of Akasha where V.V asks Charles why he didn’t tell Nunally about Zero and the Geass.  Charles says it was not necessary and V.V says that Charles is still young and has much to learn, to which Charles asks his “brother” if that’s so.

Kaioshin:  Ahem, heh folks.  I just wanted to mention that by brother Charles actually means that he and V.V are sworn brothers, which is a term often associated with a Chinese Kinship ritual for to men so close in relationship that they might as well be brothers anyway.  This does not mean that V.V is Lelouch’s father (Jason) nor does it mean that V.V and Charles are related by blood since that would be impossible as V.V has been alive much much longer then Charles.  Here’s an essay I found that should hopefully explain the concept in better detail.

No, No Anya, You May Be A Part Of The Loli Bonanza But That Isn’t Clever At All.  Go Back To Your Game Like A Good Little Girl

The Battle Gets Under Way

And I’ll Make It Real Easy Like To Track Me Through Here…..Follow The Trail Of Blood

Meanwhile at the Chinese Embassy Li is confirming to Suzaku that Zero and the Black Knights have disappeared and offers to share intelligence with him as a sign of good faith from the federation.  Suzaku seems to feel that Nunally is in danger and sure enough the Black Knights appear before her transport in the skies on what have to be the most improvised flight devices ever seen in a mecha anime.  Lelouch says the objective is to kidnap the new Governor General and not to harm her no matter what before the BK unleashes it’s attack at last.  Not long into the attack the Britannian leader makes the mistake of having his a wing of his forces follow the BK into a cloud of smoke that Lelouch had unleashed to mask there assault on the ship and Lelouch has the cloud of smoke ignite, thus sinking them.  Meanwhile Lelouch has already made his way into Nunally’s ship as Zero and we see that he has left Rolo back at the academy.


Reinforcements Justice Rocket Backpack Rocket Rocket Fire!

Because The Last Part Of The Loli Bonanza Has Arrived.  Interestingly I Was Watching Gaogaigar Final Again The Other Day And Loving The Little Zoom In They Did Towards Hana-Chan.  I Was Wondering If I Was Ever Going To See Another Quick Zoom In Of A Loli Like That Ever Again, But Here We Are.  Interestingly That Was An OVA And This Is A TV Series So That Just Shows How Far Sunrise Has Come In Terms Of Application Of Overall Animation Quality In The Last 10 Years

Soon reinforcements arrive and Karen recognizes the unist as Vincent’s, much to her shock.  Guilford who is piloting it says it’s time for the curtain to fall and Cecile is again admonishing Lloyd for charging the production cost of the units to Schneizel without telling him.  Meanwhile Karen and the gang have a problem, without the ability to fly they can’t officially become the worlds strongest robots are at a disadvantage to the Vincents, but Karen is fine with that.  The honour guard captain isn’t however who worries about the credit going to Guilford instead of him for fending off the attack on the new Governor General.  Meanwhile Lelouch at last enters Nunally’s garden.

Now That’s A Neat Trick.  The Harkens At Last Come In Critically Handy Rather Than Just Looking Cool

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! OHhhh!  Wow…..Ouch….

Does Gino Remind Anybody Of Zidane From FF IX…I Mean Both In The Way He Acts AND Fights?

SRW……Gundam Virtue Versus Mordred.  NOW DAMN YOU BANPRESTO!

Lelouch has his meeting with Nunally as the security team monitoring Nunally’s garden is killed off or geassed and she asks if the person in front of her is Zero and if he’s come to kill her like he did Clovis and Euphemia.  She asks if so then to give her one moment to explain why she thinks he’s wrong.  Outside Karen and Todou are improvising by using Harkens to allow her a pathway to attacking the flying Vincents.  Things turn bad though when the KOR show up and take out some BK members.  (One of whom ejects and for some reason his jacket inflates so it looks like he has breasts…..I’m sorry I’ve got nothing on this one folks.  There isn’t even air in the cockpit so it makes no damn sense)  Things get even more dangerous when one of the crashing ships threatens to hit the main carrier, but luckily Anya is able to take it out with her Mordred’s giant GN Beam Launcher Quad-Hadron Cannon before it can hit it.  Gino tells her to ease up lest she kill the governor and Anya protests quitely that she just saved her.  (I like this girl.  Very dry….like moi)  Llloyd is also getting Lancelot ready so he can join the battle as well.

  Nunally Unknowingly Trembling Before Her Own Brother, Yet Asking For Him To Lend Her Courage Has To Be One Of The More Interesting Results Of Two Converging Plotlines In The Series Thus Far

Show Me A Man Alive Who Can Resist Her Offer And I Will Declare Him The Strongest Man In The World….I Think It Can’t Be Done

As if things couldn’t get more hectic, Upson (Nunally’s Honour Guard Captain) worrying about his position, takes to a cannon and ends up shooting his own engine to try and kill Toudou, who retaliates in disgust at Upson’s disregard for his mission.  (Toudou’s a man of honour and a borderline samurai so attacking ones own Lord is a big no no)  Inside the ship Nunally reveals to Lelouch that she is not being used for her impairment to garner sympathy for the empire and rather volunteered for the position of Governor General to try and make the world more peaceful in a kinder gentler manner by following in Euphemia’s footsteps and reviving the Special Administrative Zone, wishing for Zero to help her in doing so. (He also sees a vision of Euphemia as she stretches out her hand to invite him) 

Don’t Forget To Pose Before Launching Folks

Karen Defeated?

Sooo…….Cold……….God I Love This Loli Now……I’ll Be Back In A Sec

Meanwhile outside Senba meets his end by Gino and Toudou and Guilford prepare to square off and Suzaku is preparing to launch to rescue Nunally from what Lloyd calls a “dip in the ocean” with the new Lancelot Conquista and a briefing from Cecile.  Just like old times eh?  He opens fire on Karen first with his nift new  Hyper Mega Launcher type weapon, saying he won’t ask for her forgiveness…..but he might never get the chance as her Guren Nishiki is knocked by the resulting blast down towards the ocean.  As her escape mechanism malfunctions her wingmate is almost killed by Anya’s Mordred crushing it’s head.  (The armor on it is so thick that a sword cut glances right off it)  As Karen faces certain death she is rescued by the timely arrival of Laksharta who fires up some new upgrades for the Guren.

You Ever Notice That Whenever Everyone Else Is Happy That C.C Is Not?

Final Fusion?

Gatling Driver?

Karen Channellng The Spirit Of The Hero

Sunrise Fails At This Moment.  Only Lolis Are Allowed To Do The Stepping In My Book.  You’re Failed Me Worse Then That Hockey Team From That Country With The Fireworks Going Off All Around It Right Now

And The Winner Is?

With A Shining Finger….

Karen Kuzouki! Take That Hit Suzaku And Expect Some More Before This Is All Said And Done

The Funniest Moment Of The Episode Blablabla Lloyd Screaming Pain Blablabla I’m A Blogger Nyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer Aha ha ha!  Seriously Though It Was Hilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarious……..

Notice How He Says For Now.  Yeah….This Girl Better Have Good Survival Instincts


In a sequence that reminds me of the Gundam Seed Destiny Gaogaigar Final Fusion and Gatling Driver Sequence, Karen docks with the new flight units and resumes her attack.  Guilford makes to go after Toudou but doesn’t even get that far before he finds out that the new Guren is capable of using it’s Radiation Surge from a distance now.  He manages to eject and Suzaku warns the now attacking Gino and Anya that the pilot of the Guren has defeated Jerimiah (was a bullfrog) before.  Gino get’s about as cocky as the losing Canadian Hockey Team (forgive me god for pulling sports reference here like Jason) and ends up missing the Guren and Anya misses as well and get’s stepped on in the process.  After that the Guren emits a surge of energy so powerful it disables the Mordred and Tristan temporarily while Karen slips by to face Suzaku and rescue Zero.  They scuffle a bit but both eventually head off to rescue their respective leaders.  Inside the ship Lelouch is having trouble going against Nunally’s desires and realizes that he can’t take of his mask either.  As he ponders this Suzaku bursts in to take away Nunally as she cries out to him much to Lelouch’s utter dismay.  Speechless he is sucked out of the hole in the ship while screaming to her and about to be rescued by Karen as the episode ends.  Nunally also seems to recognize his voice as she looks over and gasps.


Well this was probably my favourite episode so far and it’s not just because it contained no less than four great loli characters.  Not only was there an excellently animated and choreagraphed battle to follow up on the ones from Gundam 00, but a lot of plotlines ended up converging this episode too to form a new arc, which I am hereby dubbing the Governor Loli arc.

For starters China definitely wants in on Japan as is evidenced by Li playing up to Britannia early on and the ever scheming Eunuchs keeping Empress Tenshi in the dark about everything.  I’m surprised Kaguya managed to get herself into the castle, but they definitely didn’t seem very welcoming of her as they were looming over the conversation.  Tenshi seems like a nice if naive and pampered girl who is every bit the puppet leader, and she seems to know it too.  She seems to have taken a liking to Kaguya though and if Li can get her into a position of power like he’s planning then I can see her lending the Chinese Federations help to the United States of Japans cause.

Althought the United States of Japan might not exist anymore because a) the BK gave up the territory to the federation again and b) Nunally plans to make her own zone similar in purpose to Zero’s which would effectively cancel it out.  It all depends on who the Japanese trust, Nunally Vi Britannia, or Zero the Liberator.  *Whisper* My moneys on the latter given what happened last time an idea like this was presented *Wink*.  That’s just the political front coming to a head, the combat front has Lelouch of course “welcoming” Nunally to Japan by trying to bring her back.  Once he realizes she’s there of her own volition though that plan kind of falls apart.  I’m amazed how many commentators online failed to grasp why it was that he couldn’t do anything but stand there and watch her get rescued.  It’s so damn simple though when you think about it.  His entire goal was to create world where he and Nunally can live together peacefully, but now she’s out their trying to do the same on her own.  Lelouch loves his sister dearly and would never force her to do something against her will.  Basically he was stuck though and I think the only reason people are so sore is becaust he lost.  Thing is, that losses happen in the game of war and you just have to take them.  It’s not bad writing when a character screws up, it’s just a tough break. 

What a loss for the BK it was though, losing almost all of their KF’s but for the Guren and Ougi’s team.  If it weren’t for the lucky upgrade for Karen’s Guren then things would have probably been a whole lot worse though.  Honestly the new version doesn’t strike me as that overpowered though.  It’s basically now on par with a KOR unit with a reply to the Hadron Cannon in it’s new projectile form Radiation Surge.  It’s deadliest weapon is actually it’s ability to disable units now, but you can be guaranteed that Lloyd and his team of scientists are going to have a counter measure to that before long.  if the Tristan, Mordred, Vincent, Lancelot Conquista, and Guren showcase anything, it’s that the next generation of KF’s has arrived at last and the older BK and Britannia units just aren’t going to cut it anymore.  Laksharta better get to producing some new units for the BK and Lloyd better still have Schneizels’ credit card number as well.  Of course one can whine, moan, bitch and argue for the sake of it that Great Oni Sunrise is just trying to promote model kits with all these new units, but really these suits have been a long time coming since the Lancelot kicked off the current generation of KF’s last season in episode 02.  It’s all in the plot ladies and gentleman and it’s not just an excuse to plug for Bandai.  Yeah it’s really time people stopped having reflex reactions to things and instead started putting some thought into them.  I’m a little tired of having to be the explanation gentleman all the time.

On the character side of things which is the last topic I’ll talk about as it’s getting late where I live, we are reintroduced to Lloyd and Cecile as well as Nunally which I mentioned.  Lloyd hasn’t changed at all really and neither have Cecile and both get right back into the groove of things with Suzaku.  I wonder if Cecile is going to notice the changes in Suzaku later on and try to talk with him about what happened with Euphemia.  I could see it happening as she’s always had a maternal relationship towards him.  Lloyd ends up grating on everyone’s nerves as usual and nobody can believe that he’s actually an Earl.  I’m left to wonder if he’s going to end up talking to Millay at all or if he’s completely forgotten about her entirely.  Hmmm….. And then there’s Nunally who seems to have grown a little bit stronger and less dependent then she used to be over the last year.  Despite that I feel she’s being set up for a major fall and I just hope she doesn’t come out of it mentally scarred as she’s far to nice and caring to deserve something like that.  Thing is that this is a Sunrise mecha series and quite often with those bad things can happen to good people and it’s really depressing.  Then there’s Gino and Anya who appear again and showcase their usual cockiness only to be humiliated by Karen.  I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes right now, that’s for sure as this is likely to make the nightly news and result in a huge blow to the Britannian propoganda front.  I find myself still liking Gino though and Anya I’m really starting to like as it turns out her quietness is actually just a brutally dry personality with a hint of sadism underneath.  I hope to see more of the two soon enough and hopefully they can get some back story equally as soon.

And that’s a wrap for this one.  Tune in next time when Lelouch gets in touch with his inner conductor of war and hits low note in with his refrain.   What am I thinking, nobody’s going to get that……

Rating: Nine Out Of Ten


7 Responses to “Code Geass R2 Episode 6 (Pacific Surprise Attack Operation Or Loli Bonanza)”

  1. 1 Jblackgle May 19, 2008 at 8:02 am

    Good read. thanks:)

  2. 2 Not Quite Amazing May 19, 2008 at 5:11 pm

    After reading the self-glorified shit on Riuva and Jason’s trainwreck, I think you saved my feable little mind from their superior intellect which finds it ‘good enough’ to write a critical review with the intellect or vocabulary of an imbecile. I swear, the internet has made everyone think they are either a Roman Emperor or some well versed/respected critic. At the very least they could learn the English language better and use a few more synonyms… or grammar for that matter. Grammar is good.

    Well, thanks for the good read. I managed to excersice my mind beyond thinking just how many more times the word trainwreck or capitalization spam can be abused. Adieu.


  3. 3 RmX May 19, 2008 at 6:04 pm

    >>And I’ll Make It Real Easy Like To Track Me Through Here…..Follow The Trail Of Blood

    Fire up that track from the FF7 OST, and follow it up with One Winged Angel in 5 minutes.

    >>Does Gino Remind Anybody Of Zidane From FF IX…I Mean Both In The Way He Acts AND Fights?

    Just realized that now. Although twin scythes are way more badass than a pair of matching daggers.

  4. 4 Myssa Rei May 19, 2008 at 6:22 pm

    I found it funny that, at least in this episode, Lulu’s love for his sister becomes his undoing. Must have been a psychological kick to the ‘nads when Nunnaly called out for Suzaku to protect her.

    And the lolis keep on coming it seems. I’m sure Kaio will juuuuuuust love Kaguya’s proposed Zero Harem, with C.C. and Kallen as the ‘concubines’ taking care of business while she, the ‘wife’, is away.

  5. 5 Kaioshin Sama May 19, 2008 at 9:37 pm

    @NQA: Most bloggers have instant reflex reactions to the anime they are watching and need storylines written real simple like for them or they get really confused and start calling it poor writing so they can try to avoid looking completely lost and isolated when they don’t get it. Unfortunately it doesn’t work on people who aren’t just as confused.

    I liken them to a really simple C++ program with only “if” and “else or” functions. Paying attention to the events of an anime? What? No that get’s in the way of whatever they plan to write about. Actually the internet has turned most bloggers into meme spewing self-congratulatory automatons. I think people are finally starting to realize it too which is why we’ve seen an explosion of new blogs these past few months. It’s time for some alternative analysis instead of copy/pasting what everyone else has to say about an episode or those reflex blogging posts that I mentioned.

    @RmX: Zidane gets some Swallows later on too. In fact his Ultima Weapon is a swallow.

    @Myssa Rei: I knew some people would eventually catch on to what happened in this episode. For the past week in between work shifts I’ve been arguing it out with people about why Lelouch didn’t try to abduct or forcibly coerce Nunally after meeting with her like he initially planned. It has a little something to do with love and respect for ones sibling. Even I know this and I’m an only child. I’m starting to wonder if the reason some people are lashing out at the show and Hajime Yatate now because it’s actually to complicated for them to grasp the intermingling plotlines and character webs without it being immediately obvious.

    Somehow I blame years of straight moe shows with archetypal characters for eroding the comprehension of a little something I like to call complex character development. More on this next article with a very special guest commentator.

  6. 6 Myssa Rei May 20, 2008 at 1:18 pm

    Kaioshin: Not exactly, but I think that many viewers these days have, well, less patience. The plots for a series like Geass, unravel over the course of anywhere from 10-12 episodes, barring the occassional sidetrek (D&D lingo), and I doubt many would either have the patience to follow them through for that long (call it semi-ADHD), unless a marathon session was done. Ah, the age of instant-gratification…

    It’s funny though, for all the plot threads in Code Geass R2, they’re no where as hard or confusing to follow as XxxHolic/Tsubasa Chronicles, which I compare to a literal spider’s web that someone has to have a darned flowchart to make sense of.

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